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Hefei Normal University

Hefei teachers college is located in Anhui province. Hefei City It is the first batch of "national special needs professional degree postgraduate" training pilot units, "national training program" demonstration training project implementation units. Excellent teacher training program "Pilot units," 13th Five-Year "application oriented undergraduate education integration project" was implemented in universities. Anhui higher education revitalization program The first batch of "Local Application-oriented high level universities" set up institutions of higher learning and entrepreneurship colleges.

The school was formerly Anhui Institute of Education, founded in 1955, and converted into a provincial general undergraduate college in 2007.

As of March 2018, the school had three campuses of Fairview, Binhu and three Xiao Kou, with a campus area of 1294.75 mu (800 mu of Binhu campus not completed), 153 million yuan of teaching equipment and 1 million 120 thousand copies of paper books, 769 full-time teachers, 200 teachers of Higher Vocational titles, 15225 full-time students, 15 colleges and 4 public teaching departments, and 200 undergraduate majors.

Historical development

In 1955, Anhui secondary school teacher training institute was founded.

In 1956, Anhui secondary school teachers' Further Education Institute was divided into Hefei normal school and the first industrial and agricultural middle school in Anhui Province (with Anhui middle school teachers' Further Education Institute).

In 1957, Fuyang middle school teachers' Further Education School (Chinese Mathematics) merged into Hefei normal school.

In 1958, Hefei teachers' College, Anhui Normal College (Chinese / history / foreign language) merger upgraded to Hefei normal college.

In 1959, Hefei Normal College (Mathematics / Biology / Physics) was merged into Anhui normal college.

In 1960, the first industrial and agricultural middle school in Anhui and the middle school teachers' Further Education Institute in North Anhui were changed to Anhui Institute of Education .

In 1962, Anhui Academy of Art (formerly part of Wannan University) merged into Hefei normal college.

In 1969, Anhui Institute of Education Incorporate into Anhui labour University (created in 1962).

In 1970, Hefei Normal College (part) merged into the Anhui industrial and Agricultural University.

In 1972, the Hefei teachers' college was revoked and merged into Chinese / history / geography / politics / education / arts. Anhui labour University .

In 1978, at the former Hefei teachers' College and Anhui Institute of Education And so on. Anhui Institute of Education .

In 2007, it was converted to a provincial full-time undergraduate college, renamed Hefei normal college.

In October 2011, it was approved by the State Council as a pilot unit for postgraduate education of master of education.

In December 2014, the national excellent teacher training plan reform project was selected. In the same year, he was selected as a local high level university in Anhui province.

In December 2016, Hefei football academy It was officially unveiled in Hefei normal college.

Teaching construction

· quality engineering

As of December 2016, the school had 8 specialties in Anhui Province, 13 excellent courses in Anhui, 1 outstanding talents training programs in the national level, 7 outstanding talents training programs in Anhui, 2 innovative personnel training centers in Anhui, 6 6 professional comprehensive reform projects in Anhui, 7 7 demonstration training centers in Anhui Province, 7 professional transformation and new professional construction projects in Anhui, 1 1 virtual simulation experimental teaching centers in Anhui Province, 3 projects in the practical education base for school enterprise cooperation in Anhui Province, 4 online demonstration projects on large-scale online open courses (MOOC), 1 teaching materials in Anhui Province, and a Provincial Center for applied teachers' teaching ability development.

The first batch of training units for the national special needs graduate training program, the first batch of national training program demonstration training projects, the first batch of "national training program" demonstration units, the first batch of national "outstanding teacher training plan" experimental units, the first batch of "local application high water level universities" in Anhui Province, the first batch of colleges and universities in Anhui Province, the first batch of entrepreneurship colleges in Anhui Province, are the main units of the "National Central and western primary and secondary school backbone teacher training base" and the basic education curriculum reform in Anhui province; Anhui primary and Secondary School Teachers Continuing Education Center, Anhui education management cadre training and guidance center, Anhui Teachers Qualification Accreditation Center; lead the establishment of "Anhui basic education development alliance"; and cooperation with Hefei Luyang District, Baohe District, and open district government to establish "experimentation area for teacher education comprehensive reform". School is the whole country.

Anhui Characteristic Specialty : fine arts, mathematics and applied mathematics, Chinese language and literature, electronic information engineering, electrical engineering and automation, biotechnology, physical education, sports training.

Anhui excellent course : Ancient Chinese, chemical and chemical literature retrieval and application, database principle (resource sharing), office automation foundation (resource sharing), Marx doctrine (resource sharing), high frequency electronic circuit (resource sharing), organizational behavior (resource sharing), opera appreciation (video public), Tao Xingzhi's educational thought and Practice (video disclosure), probability theory and mathematical statistics (video disclosure), calligraphy training (video disclosure), University Sports and health (resource sharing), College Chinese (resource sharing)

National excellent talent training program Excellent primary school general teacher training program

Anhui Province Excellent talent training plan Excellent primary school general teacher training program, excellent secondary school chemistry

Teacher training plan, excellent statistician training plan, excellent software engineer training plan, and electronic information engineering excellence engineer training plan. Excellent teacher education and training program for ideological and political education, and training program for outstanding teachers in musicology.

Anhui province talent training innovation experimentation area Hefei normal college students' professional skills training mode innovation experimentation area, "excellent primary and secondary school teachers" personnel training innovation experimentation area

Anhui comprehensive reform pilot project The comprehensive reform of art and design major, the comprehensive reform of computer science and technology, the comprehensive reform of musicology, the comprehensive reform of English major, the comprehensive reform of photoelectric information science and engineering specialty, and the comprehensive reform of financial management specialty.

Anhui Demonstration Laboratory (practice) training center : Teachers' skills training center, biotechnology practice training base, demonstration training center, animation creative and planning demonstration experiment and training center, business management experiment and training center, IT applied personnel training experimental training center, engineering training center.

Professional transformation and new specialty construction projects in Anhui : Electronic Information Engineering, network and new media, physics, software engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, Internet of things engineering, hotel management.

Anhui virtual simulation experimental teaching center Electronic information system simulation laboratory

Anhui province school enterprise cooperation practical education base Art and design specialty, school enterprise cooperation, practice education base Hefei Normal College - Hefei Changhong Industrial Co., Ltd. school enterprise cooperation practical education base, Hefei normal college Anhui Lin Lan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. practice education base

Anhui planning textbook " financial management "Modern and contemporary art trends", "Applied Undergraduate Electronic Information Series", "western art theory selected readings".

· Teaching cooperation

As of December 2016, schools and Troy University , Athlone Institute of Technology And so on, to carry out "2+2" and "3+1" undergraduate training. Hildesheim University And other 15 countries and regions to carry out student exchanges and exchange of teachers, and the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and so on to build the first football academy in Anhui province. Hefei football academy And Taiwan Ming Chuan University To work together to build Liu Mingchuan Institute and introduce the relevant core courses of Ming Chuan University, some students have the opportunity to go to Taiwan Ming Chuan University to study in the third academic year, to master the degree in the University of Michigan in the United States, and to build an experimental school in collaboration with the Hefei open district.

· Training base

As of December 2016, schools and China Electronics Technology Group thirty-eighth Research Institute, Anhui new media group, Anhui Hui Wang Group and other cooperation to establish "soul core" DSP laboratory, PCB and SMT production line, blueberry deep processing production line and other school internship training base 5, and Hefei, Mingguang City, Jinzhai County, Dangshan County, Mengniu Group, people and group, Changhong electronics and other cooperation, the establishment of the external industry university research cooperation education base more than 110.

· Student achievement

As of December 2016, the school students in the past three years in the "Challenge Cup", mathematical modeling, robotics, Asian Games, World University Games and other provincial competitions, 924 awards.

· Teaching achievement

As of December 2016, nearly three years, the school has won 15 teaching achievement awards in Anhui.