Health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine

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Health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine

Health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine refers to a kind of medical activity that can prolong life by taking care of life, strengthening physique and preventing diseases in various ways. Health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine focuses on integrity and systematicness, with the aim of preventing and treating diseases. The famous representative work of TCM theory is Huangdi Neijing.

On June 7, 2008, Chinese medicine health preservation was approved by the State Council to be included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Modern Development

1. Combination of Chinese and Western Medicine

After the founding of New China, Chairman Mao Zedong put forward the instruction of integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine. On the surface, this is still a political development of medicine. The reason behind this is that under the constant impact of modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine has not really lost its market. The therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine on many diseases has become the basis of its existence. The complete system of TCM conforms to the thinking mode of the Chinese people, which has become the cultural basis for the existence of TCM, or because of the existence of TCM culture. The combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, more importantly, is manifested in the clinical use of Chinese and Western medicine technology at the same time independently.

Health concept

The relationship between health preservation and life determines the multifaceted view of health preservation. So, what is health preservation? Why to keep fit? How to keep fit? Let us appreciate the long history and rich connotation of health culture from the wonderful speeches of experts at the summit forum of health culture.

Health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine mainly includes prevention view, holistic view, balance view and dialectical view.

1. Prevention before illness and adoption before old age.

2. Heaven and man correspond and have both form and spirit.

3. Adjusting Yin and Yang and remedying the shortcomings.

4. Constant, harmonious and moderate movement and stillness.

Health Preservation Law

Health preservation is a kind of comprehensive activity of strengthening health and prolonging life, which is realized by means of nourishing spirit, adjusting diet, exercising physique, being careful about house affairs and adapting to cold and temperature.

Deep Thought

Firstly, the concept of the unity of heaven and man. According to TCM, the world is a big universe, the human is a small universe, the heaven and the human are interlinked, and people are not affected by the heaven and the earth all the time. Just like fish in the water, water is the whole of fish. The change of water will certainly affect fish. Similarly, all the changes of the heaven and the earth will affect people. Therefore, health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the integration of heaven and man, and the method of health preservation should be adjusted appropriately with the climate change of the four seasons.

Secondly, the health concept of Yin-Yang balance. The most healthy person is the one who balances Yin and yang. The goal of health preservation is to achieve the balance of yin and Yang in body and mind. What is Yin? Yin is the material basis of the body. What is Yang? Yang is energy, Yin and Yang are relative. Every upward, outward, active, feverish belongs to Yang; Every downward, inward, cold belongs to Yin. The reason why the body is sick is that the balance between yin and Yang is out of balance, resulting in excessive or excessive yang, Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency. As long as we try to reduce the excessive side and increase the excessive side, so as to restore the original balance between yin and Yang again, the disease will naturally disappear into the invisible. Therefore, health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine highly emphasizes the balance of Yin and Yang and a healthy life.

Thirdly, the holistic view of physical and mental integration. Health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine focuses on both physical and mental aspects. It pays attention not only to physical physical exercise and maintenance, but also to spiritual cultivation. The body will affect psychology and the mind will also affect the body. Both are two sides of one body, and they are indispensable.

Extend life

The first problem of Huangdi's Inner Classic is the decline of relationship function and longevity in the beginning of "On Innocence in the Ancient Times": "People who have heard of the past are all centenarians in the Spring and Autumn Period, but their actions are not fading in the present age, but they are all declining in the past one and a half years. Who will lose it?" Shennong Materia Medica Classic constantly puts forward the concept of "not old". Nie Wentao pointed out in his book Seeking Shennong Wisdom that the development of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine did not rely on accidental accumulation of experience, but on the exploration of a large number of sages in pursuit of a higher level of health.

The Tao Te Ching once said that people who are good at keeping in good health know how to avoid physical and mental harm. They know how to avoid disease through proper diet and healthy lifestyle, so as to achieve health, and will live longer than the average person. When people can stay away from illness, they can naturally delay aging and prolong life span.

influence factor

Firstly, health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine depends on morality, which is the most important condition for health and longevity. Traditional Chinese medicine has always attached great importance to mental health. As early as 2000 years ago, in the medical book Huangdi Neijing, it was stated that "tranquility and nothingness, true Qi follow suit, spiritual integrity and safety of illness always" clearly put forward that health preservation should pay attention to mental maintenance. In ancient naivety theory, virtue cultivation is mainly embodied in the contract and Tao, virtue is not endangered, and Chunde is the whole Tao. Only in this way can it be conducive to the life of the world and the life of Tao. The ideal realm of immortality and longevity must be transformed from illness of life style and illness of social mode. It must be reformed from the fundamental point of human physical and mental quality and moral quality. Corporal with negative growth of physical and mental quality and moral quality should be reformed and pursued vigorously, and ordinary people (sergeants) and bodies should be transformed. With superior mental and moral qualities, the superior Sergeants are benefiting themselves and altruism from the happiness and longevity of the sages, saints, the best, the real and the saints. This is the scientific revolutionary achievement promoted by the contract and Tao, the virtue is not endangered at all, the Chunde is the whole Tao and its Taoist students.

The second key factor in keeping fit is regular exercise. People who are sick need exercise, and people who are not sick need exercise to prevent them. At the same time, it can strengthen the body, strengthen the will, promote digestive circulation and enhance immunity.

The third point is to maintain mental, emotional and psychological health. Health preservation requires us to cultivate healthy spirit and stable mood so as to avoid extreme spirit, psychological fluctuation and emotional instability. According to the viewpoints of Chinese medicine on hurting the liver, joy and sadness, missing the spleen, grieving the lungs and fearing the kidney, it further illustrates that emotional and mental health care is an important part of human health. Among all the adverse factors affecting human health, the most lethal one is bad mood. People's mental state is normal, the body's ability to adapt to the environment and resistance to disease will be enhanced, which can play a role in disease prevention.

Healthy and balanced diet is also a necessary factor for health preservation.

The World Health Organization puts forward the four cornerstones of health: balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, adequate sleep and good mentality. The first choice of dietary balance is individualized scientific dietary therapy. After checking partial diet, we can make up for lack of food and limit excessive food to achieve dietary balance - treating different diseases at the same time. Individualized scientific diet therapy can prevent nearly a hundred common mental and physical diseases, and promote the rehabilitation of patients.

For thousands of years, healthy food and balanced diet have been identified as the key factors for longevity, while unreasonable eating habits have been considered the root cause of health problems. Disease prevention is also an important part of health preservation. Through regular exercise, correct use of medicines, proper dietary supplements, and other healthy activities, everyone can achieve the goal of strengthening the body and delaying aging.

Female Health Care

1) Reasonable arrangement of three meals. Breakfast with only high-fiber cereals and low-fat fresh milk, especially with natural plants before meals, not only helps to eliminate excessive fat intake.

And can reduce fat, but also will not hinder the healthy intake of nutrition, is also a natural lean waist food, can be lean waist in a short time, as for meat, seafood is reserved for Chinese food, dinner can be light, vegetables to account for the majority, Amorphophallus konjac is more suitable for women's health vegetables. Snacks can eat more sour horn, passionflower.

2) Stand for half an hour after meals. In fact, the biggest reason for women's waist fat is negligence, because of busy work and study, there is no time to rationally adjust life, arrange their own diet and living. Standing for at least half an hour after meals can avoid the trouble of fat depositing on the belly, and save making up after the meal.

3) Fasting 5 hours before bedtime. One of the big taboos of losing weight is eating before going to bed. When you sleep, your body doesn't need to exercise. All the food you eat will be absorbed by your body and stored up as fat. If you are too hungry to bear, you can only eat a small amount of boiled vegetables or fruits.

4) Don't get up in a hurry. When you wake up in the morning, lie on your back and stretch out. Then, the four limbs landing, arched back, so that the spine also has "wake up" time, which can avoid low back pain, maintain good posture, in a happy mood to start every day.

5) Clean up the kitchen. Don't sit down or lie down immediately after dinner. Clean the table, wash the dishes and find other jobs. Anyway, after dinner, force yourself to exercise for 15 minutes. This is another simple and effective way to maintain weight stability.

Male Health Care

Chinese traditional medicine holds that the root of men lies in the liver and kidney, in which the kidney is water liver and water can produce wood. Therefore, Chinese medicine holds that the most fundamental thing for men is kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine advocates kidney-nourishing should focus on energy-nourishing. Now let's look at the five methods of male essence nourishment in traditional Chinese medicine.

Have few desires

There are in traditional Chinese medicine, the emotion is kidney movement, kidney movement is fine. In order to ensure adequate kidney qi, we need to control delicacy, so that the heart will not move. So widowhood is the first way for men to nourish their kidneys.

conserve one's energy

One should not be overtired. According to TCM, refined in blood is the realization of blood. So protect your blood.

Calm down

Anger hurts the liver, the liver holds blood. If people get angry, they will hurt the liver and consume energy. Therefore, we should control our temper, control our anger and learn to accept people and things calmly.

Quit drinking

Wine can bleed. Alcohol has the nature of germination, less drinking can mobilize the body's germination opportunities, but excessive drinking will cause disorders of Qi and blood, so drinking should be moderate.

Cautious taste

Caution means not to overeat, but to nourish the essence with five grains. There is a sentence in traditional Chinese medicine: Five grains nourish essence most.

Health Care for the Elderly

Not greedy

Old people pay attention to eating white rice noodles for a long time. If they eat less cellulose, they will weaken gastrointestinal peristalsis and easily suffer from constipation.

Not greedy for meat

The excessive meat fat in the diet of the elderly can cause nutritional imbalance and metabolic disorders, and is prone to hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia, which is not conducive to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Don't be greedy

The gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function of the elderly is weakened. If they eat hard or poorly cooked food, they will easily suffer from indigestion or stomach disease over time.

No greed, no tardiness

Three meals should be eaten sooner rather than later, which is conducive to food digestion and rest after meals, and avoid food accumulation or hypoglycemia.

Not greedy

Old people's diet should be warm rather than hot, because hot food is easy to damage the mouth, esophagus and stomach. If the elderly take long-term hot food stimulation, they are also vulnerable to gastric cancer, esophageal cancer.

Not greedy

Old people because of tooth loss is not complete, if the diet is greedy, chewing not rotten, will increase the digestive burden of the stomach. At the same time, it is also prone to accidental accidents such as fish bones or pork bones and squid throats.

No gluttony for alcohol

Long-term drinking will cause myocardial degeneration, loss of normal elasticity and increase the burden of the heart in the elderly. At the same time, the elderly drink more alcohol, but also easy to lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

Matters needing attention

Quit smoking and alcohol

Smoke will consume people's fresh air, and wine, it will make you hot and humid, diarrhea, beer is cold and humid constitution of human beings. Long-term drinkers who take many medicines are almost ineffective. It's better not to drink. As for red wine, the health preservation of yellow rice wine is also useful under many restrictive conditions. If you are not taking Chinese medicine with yellow rice wine as medicine, don't use this as an excuse.

Lose one's temper

Getting angry or quarrelling will basically make your efforts soak in soup for a month. It's very hard to eat Chinese medicine or acupuncture. It's basically not worth getting angry about anything. Don't torture yourself with other people's mistakes. When you want to lose your temper, take 30 deep breaths and it usually passes.

Food temperature

Fruits should not be eaten after meals. Please find a separate time between two meals to soak in warm water before eating. All items taken directly from the refrigerator are forbidden to be eaten directly.

Decoction of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine is usually the first time that all medicinal materials are boiled in a big fire and turned into a small one half an hour later. The liquid is poured out and boiled in water for the second time. The mixture of the liquid and the first boiled is poured out and then taken twice. Hair medicines should not be boiled for a long time. Take them while they are hot (such as cold medicines). Drugs for tonifying deficiency usually take longer to boil. After prescribing the medicine, remember to ask the doctor if there are any special boiling precautions. For example, the time of taking the medicine. Some doctors prescribe the time required for gas and blood flow. Spleen and stomach medicine at 9-11 am, kidney tonic medicine at 5-7 p.m. will be good. In addition, the disease is usually taken after meals above the mid-coke (stomach), and after meals below the mid-coke.

Eat less at night

It's better not to eat meat for dinner. Sweet potato porridge is best. And a bowl of green vegetables. Dinner is based on the principle of not hungry. Don't think about it when you are full. Eat it before 7 o'clock. If you have a flatulent stomach, you can see the effect in a week. People's spleen and stomach are really hard. It's up to you to help them lighten their burden at night. Everyone works hard all day and eats a good meal at night, but gradually shifting the payment to noon is the most effective investment for your long-term health. Taoism says, "If you want to be immortal, there will be no excrement in your intestines." You smolder so much food residue until morning, your body is very painful.


No more than one cup of coffee and all drinks, (300ml-500ml)

Frequency of Love

Well, it's totally self-conscious. Modern people generally regard sex as a way of decompression. But if our kidney qi is weaker (fatigue, cold hands and feet, low back pain, white complexion, feeble legs) then we should adjust the frequency of love and let the body's kidney qi adjust to the end. Tibetan state.

Cold cold

Once you catch a cold, basically your conditioning process will be interrupted, and then start again. Don't despise colds. Many diseases are the result of severe colds. So in the first time (within 3 hours) to find themselves cold, we need to take measures. (Ginger, Perilla leaves, onion, rice soup, foot soaking, proper sweating, light diet) so that colds can not really form. If you have a cold, Chinese medicine with nourishing effect must be suspended. And after sweating must use a lot of porridge or rice soup to replenish body fluid. It is recommended to take perilla leaves and ginger bags with you when you have frequent colds, so that you can find a cup of hot water. Develop the habit of observing the tongue. If you find that the tip or edge of your tongue turns red, you will have a higher probability of catching a cold. Be careful.

Too much sweat

The recommended amount of exercise is to walk for more than an hour a day. (Accumulate or concentrate, just slightly fever and sweat.) In addition, do not sweat when the wind, or sweat after fever to drink ice drinks.

Take tonics indiscriminately

Complementation is carried out on the basis of smoothness. The body of modern people is basically based on all kinds of stagnation. Only when it is smoothly replenished can it be effective. Otherwise, it's hard to say that there are no side effects. Therefore, it is a more responsible attitude to find a professional and trusted doctor to give a reasonable long-term adjustment plan (methodologies, steps).

A good doctor is actually very good at identification, not fame or professional title. A good doctor will make you feel at ease, ask you all kinds of details patiently, think carefully, give a diagnosis, and patiently explain his strategy and tactics to you. Please note that in the process of conditioning is not always a comfortable response to you, "illness comes and goes" are the same process, not how comfortable, illness is the way out of evil, so it is difficult to adhere to good communication with doctors. (Don't be such an idiot as to test a doctor's level by killing him without saying a word, which has no effect other than killing yourself). If you don't even see a doctor who hasn't more than 10 eyes from beginning to end, you can't expect any good results from his amazing medical skills. Also, don't rely too much on doctors. Doctor-patient relationship has always been a delicate and complex relationship. It is the right way to treat three diseases and seven nutrients, or to keep healthy for a long time.

Basic principle

In order to grasp the theory of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, it is necessary to summarize and summarize it, and put forward some basic principles to guide the practice of health preservation. In fact, the various forms of health preservation methods produced over the centuries follow these basic principles.

Coordination of Zang-fu organs

Coordination among the five organs is achieved through interdependence, mutual restriction and restraint. A dynamic balance can be maintained in order to ensure the smooth progress of physiological activities.

The physiology of zang-fu organs is characterized by orderly "hiding" and "purging". Five Zang-organs are the main physiological functions of metaplasia and storage of essence, spirit, qi, blood and body fluid, while six Zang-organs are the physiological functions of receiving and transmitting water valley and excreting dregs. Only when proper Tibet and diarrhea are available can the body have adequate nutritional sources to ensure the normal progress of life activities. Failure in any link will affect the whole life activities and cause disease.

Unblocked meridians and collaterals

Meridians are the channels through which Qi and blood circulate. Only when the meridians and collaterals are clear, can Qi and blood flow continuously throughout the body. Only when the meridians and collaterals are clear can the viscera, Yin and Yang be connected, and the internal and external organs be connected, so as to nourish the viscera, invigorate blood, distribute body fluid, spread dregs and imperial spirit, so as to ensure the smooth progress of life activities and the vigorous metabolism. Therefore, the meridians are used for the purpose of unblocking, and unblocked meridians are closely related to life activities. Once the meridian blockade, it will affect the coordination of viscera, Qi and blood movement is also hindered. Therefore, "Su Wen Tiao Jing Lun" says, "All the five zang organs are derived from tunneling, so as to carry out blood gas, blood gas discord, and all diseases are caused by changes." Therefore, unblocked channels and collaterals are often used as a guiding principle for health preservation, which runs through various health preservation methods.

Calm and refreshing

In the process of metabolism, all kinds of physiological functions need to be regulated by God. So God is very vulnerable to injury and damage. Therefore, it is particularly important to nourish the mind. "Su Wen Qi Yishi Ji" pointed out: "God uses too much to work, its hidden in the heart, quiet to maintain it. The so-called "quiet to keep it", mainly refers to the quiet mind without thinking, cultivation but not use, both use God, but also to prevent the use of God too much. In Su Question Bi Lun, it is also said that "quietness leads to divine concealment, while restlessness leads to extinction". Quietness does not mean thinking, but God does not use it. Clear flow of body and mind helps keep the spirit in its hidden cavity. On the contrary, excessive use of air and agitation are often easy to wear and tear, which will affect the health of the body. Therefore, "Su Q. Ancient naivety theory" said: "spiritual conservatism, always safe from illness", emphasizing the health care significance of tranquility and restoring the spirit.

Abstinence preserves essence

Because sperm plays a very important role in life activities, it is very important to nourish sperm if we want to keep healthy and healthy and keep vigorous vitality. The Internal Classic clearly points out that "a good health keeper must treasure his essence, a fine one is full of vigor, a vigorous one is full of spirit, a full body is healthy, a healthy body is less sick, a strong spirit, old and strong, all of which are based on the essence". The significance of preserving essence can be seen here.

Regulating breath and nourishing qi

Maintaining Qi is mainly from two aspects. One is to maintain Qi, the other is to regulate Qi. If you have enough vitality, your life will be vigorous. If you have smooth qi, your body will be healthy.

Maintaining healthy Qi, first of all, living in the four seasons, carefully. If the human body can adapt to the four seasons, it can protect Yang Qi and not cause wastage. That is to say, the theory of Su Wen Qi Tong Tian said: "The spirit of heaven is quiet, will govern, follow the Yang Qi solid, although there are thieves and evil, it can harm. This is the order of time. Therefore, all the methods of health preservation and living and health care in the four seasons are based on the maintenance of vital energy.

Maintain healthy qi, mostly to nourish the acquired day, to maintain the congenital basis, dietary nutrition to nourish the acquired spleen and stomach, so that the grain is delicate and rich, to provide gas. And abstinence and avoidance of injury are the methods and measures to protect the innate vitality.