Harbin Polarland

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Harbin Polarland

Harbin Polar Museum is the world's first polar entertainment park, one of the four major scenic spots of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, the national 4A-level tourist attraction, China's first amusement park with the entertainment performance of polar animals as the core, with the most comprehensive variety of Antarctic and Antarctic animals and the world's top polar animal performance show, was selected as "the world's outstanding landscape" by the world's largest tourism website "Trip Advisor". Zone".

The "Polar Whale Glamour Orchestra" is a great contribution. Famous polar animal stars from all over the world gather at the Harbin Polar Pavilion to lead the world's top seven thematic performances. The world's only underwater performance show of polar beluga whale, China's first beauty trainer and Beluga Mila jointly deduced the world's dream Legend - "Heart of the Sea", selected by the Huffington Post "50 Historical Moments in the World"! Manbo, the world's first Antarctic Penguin born in an inland city, is a happy angel full of fantastic ideas and a mascot of Harbin's urban tourism. China's best performing polar bear brothers Tangji and Kode, youth comedy group "silly walrus" Eno and Eva, deepwater miracle ray dancer hand in hand with mermaid to present you a fantastic polar show...

Major attractions

Greater Khingan Range

The Da Hinggan Mountains exhibition area is to use high-tech sound, light and electricity display technology and skills to depict a primitive landscape of the Da Hinggan Mountains: rotating windmills, red old fireplaces, cheerful old water trucks, as well as deer heads, hunting guns, bows and crossbows hanging in the hunter's cabin, showing the true life of forest hunters. In the distance are the barren snowy mountains, near the gurgling water, there are all kinds of rare freshwater fish in the water - Sturgeon, Russian sturgeon, mountain trout, golden trout, anchovy, eel, yellow catfish and so on, more than 100 kinds, nearly 1,000 tails.

Fisherman's Wharf

The Fisherman's Wharf was carefully constructed following the original appearance of the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, USA. The scenic spot depicts a romantic scene of coconut trees, blue sky, coast and beach. There are also dozens of rare fish, nearly a hundred, which are all sea fish, such as butterfly fish, fairy fish, fox fish, shell fish, clown fish, etc. There is also a special "hydrophilic zone" for children. Children can enter freely, see clearly the stratified section of the sea water, feel the sea from another angle, understand the sea, and establish the consciousness and responsibility of protecting the sea. There are also fishermen's cabins with distinctive features, which display more than 20 precious photographs of fishermen's lives, and truly reproduce the primitive fishing and hunting life of seaside fishermen more than a century ago.

Penguin Island, Antarctica

This Penguin exhibition area is actually an artificial "Little Antarctica", in which 17 king penguins and white-eyed penguins are kept, including 15 white-eyed penguins and 2 king penguins. The penguins arrived in Harbin on December 11, 2005, after traveling from Antarctica through New Zealand, Japan and Dalian. Fifteen white-eyed penguins ranged in age from 2 to 7. Two king penguins, one male and one female, were 6 years old and the female was less than 1 year old. It is worth mentioning that she is the first Antarctic King Penguin successfully bred in China.

It simulates the natural living environment of penguins in Antarctica, and uses superb lighting and artificial ice and snow to create polar day and night, sunrise and sunset, rare snowstorms, and even extreme day and night. In addition, the trainer of the Polar Pavilion monitors the whole area 24 hours a day to ensure that the temperature of the exhibition area remains at - 5 C. On the other hand, to ensure that the domestication of penguins is safe. Especially during the penguin breeding season, domesticators will be more careful in their supervision and care to ensure that these penguins from Antarctica can live normally in Harbin in the northern hemisphere and reproduce their offspring.

On the opposite side of Penguin Island, there is a special "Southern Hemisphere" globe, through which the distribution of penguins in the Southern Hemisphere can be further understood.

In addition, in this area, we have also restored the real scene of Antarctic science and technology supply station, such as polar tent, Argo amphibious exploration vehicle, science and technology materials storage point, etc.

Moby Dick Show

Since the introduction of Moby Dick "Mira" and "Nicola", the Harbin Polar Museum has devoted itself to the innovation of underwater performance of Moby Dick. After the performances of "Kiss of the Sea", "Angel Halo" and "Underwater Waltz", the underwater performance of "Heart of the Sea" was launched during the Spring Festival of 2009, and the 2010 classic "Kiss of the Angel" also met the audience. The Harbin Polar Museum has been in the leading position in the field of polar animal performance and training. It has continuously introduced new performances, bringing one surprise after another to tourists.

Arctic Animal Home

Corresponding to the Antarctic Penguin Island, it is the Arctic Zoo Home. There are two polar bears, male from Russia, aged about 3 years old, each weighing about 500 kilograms.

Scenic spot honor

Winning Trip Advisor in December 2015 "Traveler's Choice" in 2015

Best Service Window of Harbin "Optimizing Development Environment Cup" Competition in March 2011

Pioneer Unit of Tourism Work in Harbin in February 2011

December 2010 Heilongjiang Science Popular Education Base

December 2010 Harbin City's Fourth Glorious Business Selection-Glorious Enterprises

April 2010 National Science Popular Education Base

February 2009 Harbin Science Popularization Base

Pacesetters of Civilized Units in July 2009

National 4A Class Tourist Scenic Spot in October 2009

Advanced collective honorary title of the 24th International Ice and Snow Festival in February 2008

In May 2008, the penguin "Mambo" officially became the mascot of Harbin's urban tourism

Nov. 2008 One of the Ten Favorite Tourist Spots in Harbin

In February 2007, Harbin Polar Museum was awarded one of the top ten ice and snow attractions in Heilongjiang Province.

In April 2007, Harbin Polar Museum was awarded a scientific and technological education base for minors'ideological and moral construction.

In May 2007, Harbin Polar Museum was awarded the base of popular science education in Heilongjiang Province.

In October 2007, Harbin Polar Museum officially became one of the four major ice and snow scenic spots of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival.

Harbin Polar Museum was awarded Harbin Science Popularization Base in May 2006

Advanced Workers of the 22nd Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, China, August 2006

National Marine Science Popular Education Base in September 2006

Thematic performance

Show Time

Moby Dick Show Time

10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

Sealion and walrus show time

11:00, 13:00, 15:00

(Show time will be slightly different in off-season and peak season. Please take the time of announcement as the standard.)

"Polar Whale Delight (Lre) Group" is leading the world's top seven thematic performances

Beluga whale performance

An Undersea Dream Tour: Heart of the Sea

The world's only legendary feast, the world-famous polar beluga whale Mira and Nikla, fell in love with their beloved beauty trainer, Princess Whale. Romantic "angel kiss" and eternal "ocean heart", you will also be intoxicated in the sweet love of the ice sea, under the protection of the angel halo, pray for a beautiful life.

Walrus and Sea Lion Show

A Polar Rhapsody --"Crazy Sea Lion Mobilization"

In the happy sea lion kingdom, the powerful sea lion star celestial troupe is full of enthusiasm: singing and dancing emperor Peter, Magic Talent Billy, passionate boy Milu, crazy Spicy Mei Debe, which will bring you to experience the hot passion and humor of the sea lion kingdom.

A Pair of Youth Funny Combinations --"Funny Walrus"

Russian walrus "Ino" and "Eva" are born comedy masters. They are more funny than dull, talented, handsome and cool. These two little elephants, even sitting there doing nothing, make people want to laugh! Look at the performance of "Funny Walrus". Don't hold back, just enjoy yourself!

Skate performance

A Beautiful Dance Show: Raja's Ice Sea World

The world's first "Ice Sea Raja Show" pioneered cartilage fish performance. Raja dancers fly "Angel Wings" to bring you "Raja" and a variety of deep-sea wonders!

Polar Bear Sitcom

A Bear King Competition: Polar Bear Sitcom

Two of the world's best performing polar bears, Tangi and Kode, compete happily every day. Fists and feet, pattern renovation, for you to stage a world-class "Bear King Competition".

Seal Training Hall

A Happy Show Island - Seal Training Hall. Do you want to be an excellent seal trainer? Would you like the seal to follow your gesture, spin and kiss? "Seal Training Hall" allows you to interact with seals.

Penguin sitcom

A Nurturing Story of Net Red --"The Penguin Mambo's Family"

Manbo, the world's first Antarctic Penguin born in an inland city, is not only a tourism mascot for Harbin, but also a popular star. The extreme cold weather led the penguin family to take a slide, make headlines overnight, and brush the photos of the circle of friends. You must have seen it, too! uuuuuuuuu Come to Penguin Island, Antarctica to see the Mambo family, and have a close contact with "Polar Net Red".

Disney on Parade

A fantastic Carnival Party - "Happy Cruise" the most creative performing team in the world to bring you dazzling and colorful joy cruise. Dressed whales are dancing fiercely and enthusiastically, inviting you to revel happily together!

Recent activities

On July 15, Harbin Polar Museum made its debut with sea lions and walruses.

On May 15, Harbin Polar Pavilion is the world's first polar entertainment park. The only polar Pavilion in China with entertainment theme can be seen here as the only legendary feast in the world: beluga whales fall in love with their beloved trainer. Romantic "angel kiss" and eternal "ocean heart" will make you indulge in sweet ocean love.

Traffic information


The city can take bus No. 29 (Friendship Road of Flood Control Memorial Tower - Sun Island) for about 40 minutes, or take No. 13 bus, No. 88 bus, No. 119 bus, No. 126 bus to "Sun Island Road Pass/Science and Technology Museum" stop, and then transfer to the Polar Museum free bus.

Free shuttle bus for scenic spots

There are free short barge buses between Harbin Polar Museum and Ice and Snow World. The return journey from the Polar Museum is by ticket. The departure time is 10:35, 11:35, 12:35, 13:35, 14:35, 15:35, 16:35 and 17:10.

Practical information

Admission ticket

Standard ticket is 160 yuan; children with height of 1.2-1.4 meters, elderly people aged 65 and over and disabled persons with valid certificates can enjoy privilege tickets of 110 yuan; children with height of 1.2 meters and below are free of tickets.

Opening Hours


(Business hours are different in the off-peak season, whichever is publicized in scenic spots)

Food and Beverages

Polar cuisine - sea lion fast food.

Shopping mall service

Dream Elf Store - Sea Lion Castle Mall.

Polar impression

Polar Impression specializes in providing image and other related services for tourists.

Characteristic service

Annual Card Processing, Tourist Consulting, Free Deposit, Newspaper Publications, Wheelchair Cars, Fast Order, Search for Persons and Things, Mailing Service.

Other information

"Heart of the Sea"

In the deep blue sea accompanied by the Titanic theme song, two beautiful women and a pair of polar beluga whales embrace each other affectionately. White holy whale body heart shape, with body language telling a sad love story... The world's only combination of beauty trainers and polar beluga whales jointly deduce the aesthetic and romantic "heart of the sea" .

"Angel Halo"

In the mysterious Arctic, there is an old legend about a man who had the privilege of seeing the "angel halo" of the beluga whale and offered his sincere blessings.

Happy sea lion kingdom, smoke of smoke, sea lion star team convened the martial arts conference. China's only sea lion 360-degree high-altitude rotary jump, inverted top double-ball PK "Kung Fu Walrus Three Brothers", brilliant! Across the Pacific Ocean, in the snow-covered Antarctic continent, embrace the world's first inland baby penguin, Mambo. How can we miss the most active polar bear brothers competing for ice sheet hegemony across the polar poles to the mysterious Arctic zoo home? Feel the world's coldest eyes, pure wild Arctic wolves shocked...