Hanover Manor

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Hanover Manor

Hannuo Manor is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, located in the southeast suburbs of Shanting District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. It is located on the front alluvial slope surrounded by mountains, north of Yunshan Mountain, the first peak in southern Shandong Province. It has an average elevation of about 300 meters. It has beautiful natural ecology and environment. It has been appraised by experts as the lowest latitude area suitable for grape cultivation in the world, that is, the southernmost vineyard in the northern hemisphere.

Hannover Manor is a grape planting technology research and development, grape seedling breeding and planting, wine brewing, hot spring bathing, leisure tourism, catering reception, business negotiation, eco-agricultural sightseeing, golf, under the personal planning, design and guidance of two famous German wine experts of SES. With tennis practice, mountain biking and many other functions in one of the modern, comprehensive tourist attractions.

Hannover Manor covers an area of 2,200 mu. It consists of Hannover Winery and Hannover National Fitness Park. Its winery includes winery workshop, wine cellar, vineyard demonstration, grape corridor and so on. It has complete hardware facilities, perfect service functions, centralized private rooms, Western-style restaurants, wine evaluation, product exhibition, tourism, leisure and entertainment, business meetings and many other functions in one. It is the only mountain pavilion, first-class Zaozhuang, the province's unique European style catering eco-leisure tourism scenic spot.

brief introduction

Hannover Manor has a beautiful environment, pleasant climate and a long history of grape cultivation. It has been appraised as one of the most suitable regions for grape cultivation in China by experts at home and abroad. Hannover Manor grapes have been certified as organic food by the state. It has more than 10,000 mu of high-quality grape planting bases at home and abroad. It has introduced German high-quality special grape seedlings and brewed them with German technology. Our favorite medium and high-grade wines.

Scenic spot

With the help of Yinshan Natural Landscape, Vegetation and Mountain Natural Trend Planning, Hannover Group has built Otthano Wine Castle, Hannover Manor European Love Park, Log Ecological Gate, Welcome Pine, Welcome Grape Avenue Cultural Corridor, Mr. Noble Statue, Grape Sightseeing Corridor, Hannover Fitness Park, Hannover Fishing Center, Canadian Cabin, Hannover Wine Hot Spring, European Music Fountain, Big and Big Silver. Mountains, underground wine cellars, breweries, testing centers, Hannover Story Culture Hall, Hannover Wine Exhibition Hall, Hannover Silver Fish Park, Hannover Tennis Court, Hannover Stone Garden, Garden Pavilion and other supporting landscape facilities. It is a modern European manor scenic spot with many functions such as grape seedling breeding, wine brewing, dairy products processing, European hot spring bathing, leisure tourism, catering reception, business negotiation, eco-agricultural sightseeing, modern industrial production, Golf and tennis practice, mountain bicycle and so on.

Tourist routes of scenic spots

Tour routes of scenic spots:

A: You can take the battery car from the original ecological gate Vineyard Gallery Dongyuan Road Vineyard Dongyuan Road Four Branches Vineyard Jiubao East Road Vineyard Jiubao East Road Vineyard Otthano Wineburg Silver Fish Park Music Fountain Xiyuan Road Vineyard Golf Driving Range Visit and Experience Golf Course Hanno Red Wine Hot Spring European Love Garden Hotel tastes delicious wine and delicacies.

B: You can take the battery car from the original ecological gate Vineyard on Manor Avenue Music Fountain Square Otthano Wine Castle Wineburg East Road Vineyard on East Garden Road Vineyard on West Garden Road Golf Practice Course Golf Tour Experience Commercial Villa Hanno Red Wine Hot Spring Along Yinshan Road to Dalian. Xiaoyinshan Euro Love Garden Hotel tastes delicious wine and delicacies.

C: From the original ecological gate to the Vineyard Avenue Vineyard, Music Fountain, Silver Fish Park, Hannover Story Culture Hall, Hannover Wine Exhibition Hall, Underground Wine Cellar, Big and Small Silver Hills, First Service Platform of Avenue 1, Nobel Memorial Hall, Golf Club, Golf Drilling Ground, Grape Growing Area, Music Fountain, Oux Garden Hotel. Taste delicious food.

Scenic spot honor

The reputation of Hannover Manor is increasing day by day. In 2012, Hannover Manor Wine won the Gold Prize of the First China Spring Festival Tourism Products Exposition; in 2013, Hannover Manor Dry Red and Dry White Wine was named Shandong Brand; in 2014, Hannover Manor Riesling Dry White Wine Sixth Asian Wine Quality Competition Silver Prize; in the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, the film "Six Sisters of Yimeng" and "Pomegranate is Red" The TV series "Down to the South" and other large-scale entertainment activities such as the first Wine Model Competition, "Hannover Cup" International Miss Tourist Competition and the selection of Shandong directly under the competition area were successfully held in Hannover Manor, and the scenic spots were successively awarded "Shandong Province European High-quality Grape Breeding Demonstration Base" and "Shandong Province European Grape Cultivation and Wine Technology Demonstration and Promotion Base". Honorary titles such as "Shandong Industrial Tourism Demonstration Site", "Shandong Top Ten Most Suitable Places for Film and Television Plays", "Shandong Province Introducing Foreign Intellectual Achievements Demonstration and Promotion Base", "Shandong Top Ten Key Intellectual Introduction Projects" and so on.