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Han Yu

Han Yu (768 - 824 December 25th) retreated. Henan Heyang (now Henan Province Mengzhou People. Claiming to be "Changli," the world is called "Han Changli" and "Mr. Changli". Tang dynasty Excellent Litterateur , Thinker , philosopher , Politician

Zhen Yuan Eight years (792 years), Han Yudeng Jinshi The two term of freedom Official promotion Tired official official in charge of the discipline of public functionaries Later, he was derogated from Yangshan, because of his argument. History compilation , Chinese scholar And so on. Yuan and twelve years (817 years) served as prime minister. Pei Du Of Marching Sima Participate in smoothing " Chaos in Huai Xi " Later, because of admonition. Buddha bone The matter was derogated to Chaozhou. From old age to Minister of Ministry It is called "Korean Ministry". Changqing four years (824 years), Han Yu died, fifty-seven years, the gift Minister of Rites , Posthumous title "Wen" is known as "Han Wen Gong". Yuanfeng In the first year (1078), he was enlisted in Changli. Confucian Temple

Han Yu was the Tang Dynasty. Ancient prose movement An advocate of the future. Eight Great Men of Letters of the Tang and Song Dynasties The first and Liu Zongyuan Also called " Han Liu " Wen Zhang Ju Gong "And" Hundred generations of literary circles Name. Later generations took it with Liu Zongyuan. Ou Yangxiu and Su Shi It is called "four masters of all ages". He put forward the idea of "unity of literature and Tao". Full of vitality "," go all the way, " Readable and fluent The writing theory of other essays is very instructive to future generations. Author of Han Changli collection And so on.

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Hardship childhood

Big calendar In three years (768 years), Han Yu was born. His grandfathers were officials in the north or in the place, his father. Han Zhong Qing Secretary of the time. When Han Yu was three years old, Han Zhongqing died. He's from his elder brother. Han Hui Bringing up adults.

In the twelve year (777 years) of the Da Li, the Korean Association was affected. Yuan Zai Implicate or depreciate Shaogu Governor Shi, who had been in office for a long time, died of illness. After the early death of Han Hui, Han Yu first buried his elder brother with his younger sister in the original place of Heyang, but he could not stay long. He had to stay in the south of Xuanzhou with his younger sister Zheng. Han Yu spent this period in hardship and sufferings. Han Yu himself is an orphan. He studies hard from urination, and needs no encouragement.

The way of imperial examination

Zhen Yuan In two years (786 years), Han Yu left Xuancheng and went to Changan alone. In the meantime, Han Yufu River Central Government Office (that is to say, Pu Zhou, today's Shanxi Yongji) rush to the brothers. Han Kong In order to get In the middle of the river Hun Zhen No recommendation.

Zhen Yuan in three (787) autumn, Han Yu achieved Xiang Gong After qualification, go to Changan again. It was in the year that Han Yu fell in Changan and had nothing to rely on. At the end of this year, Han Yu was able to visit Peiping Wang by chance. Ma Sui Get his help. Han Yu used to be "cat milk" to feel his virtue.

In the three to five years (787 years - 7, 8 years), Han Yu attended three times. Imperial Examination Examinations failed. In the five year of Zhenyuan (789 years), Han Yu returned to Xuancheng.

Zhenyuan eight years (792 years), Han Yu fourth times to participate in Jinshi Finally, the exam. Jinshi Next year Department of clerks Of Erudite The exam failed. In the same year, Mrs Han's wife died, and he returned to Heyang. Mourning Five months.

Zhenyuan ten years (794 years), once again to Changan to participate in the erudite macro examination, failed.

Zhen Yuan in eleven years (795 years), third participated in the erudite macro examination, still failed. During the three time, he did not reply to prime minister. In the same year, he left Changan. Tongguan Go back to Heyang County So he went to east capital. Luoyang

Two into shogunate

Zhenyuan twelve years (796 years) in July, Han Yu suffers. Xuanwu governor Dong Jin Recommended. Secretariat School Book Lang And served as Xuanwu's mission observation. Official promotion

During his three years in office, Han Yu was under guidance. Li Ao , Zhang Ji When young people learn literature, they should use every opportunity to publicize their own ideas about the innovation of prose.

Zhen Yuan fifteen (799) in February, Dong Jin died, Han Yu left with Dong Jin's coffin. Four days after Han Yugang left, the Xuanwu army mutiny. Lu Chang Yuan When he was killed, the army was in chaos. Han Yu was forced to leave because he left first. Han Yu arrived in Luoyang with Dong Jin Ling coffin, and then arrived in Xuzhou at the end of February. In the autumn of the same year, Han Yu should be the governor of Xu Si Hao. Zhang Jian Feng Hired as a member of the imperial examinations. Synergy Lang In the same winter, Zhang Jian Feng sent Han Yu to Changan. Chao Zheng Han Yu talked frankly and frankly, never feared or avoided anything, acted steadfast and pure, but was not good at dealing with general affairs.

In the sixteen (800) spring of Zhen Yuan, Han Yu returned to Xuzhou, leaving Xuzhou in the summer and returning to Luoyang. In the same winter, Han Yu went to Changan for the fourth time.

Relegated repeatedly

Zhenyuan seventeen years (801 years), passed select after evaluating qualifications In the following spring, Han Yu was appointed the Imperial College. Four doctors He had gone back to Luoyang on leave. Huashan Mountain Play.

In nineteen years (803 years), Zhenyuan was promoted to Han Yu. official in charge of the discipline of public functionaries at that time guanzhong region After the drought, Han Yu found that the victims were displaced and begged everywhere. Han Yu was grieved to witness the serious disaster. At that time, he was in charge of Beijing Administration. Jing Zhao Yin Li Shi blocked the news, lied about the grain harvest in Guanzhong, and the people lived in peace and contentment. Han Yu, who was angry in the "drought and hunger", was attacked by Li Shi and so on. He was demoted to the same year in December. Lianzhou Yangshan County Order.

Zhen Yuan in twenty (804) spring, Han Yu arrived in Yangshan County inauguration.

Zhen Yuan in twenty-one (805) spring, Han Yu won. pardon Left in Yangshan County between summer and autumn. In August, he was awarded the law Cao of Jiangling. Join the army

Yuan he In the first year (806 years), Han Yu was recalled to Changan in June. Quan Zhi Dr. Guo Zi.

Yuan and three years (808 years), Han Yu officially became Dr. Guo Zi.

Yuan and four years (809 years) in June 10th, changed to Dou Guan. Wai Wai Lang , Division Tung capital decision Ancestral temple

Yuan and five years (810 years), Henan county magistrate. At that time, Wei, Yun, you, town four Fan Town Each set up his left mansion, secretly planted soldiers and harboured fugitives. When Han Yu wanted to expose their illegal activities, he deployed government officials to break their contacts with the people in advance, and so on.

In Yuan and six years (811 years), he returned to Changan.

Yuan and seven years (812 years) in February, re appointed Dr. Guo Zi.

In Yuan and eight years (813 years), Han Yu thought that he was very talented, but he was repeatedly demotion. Learn to learn Come regard oneself as After seeing the prime minister, he sympathized with Han Yu. He thought he had knowledge of history, so he adjusted Han Yu as his In comparison with the Ministry History Museum edit , Ordered to write Shun Zong records "

Yuan and nine years (814 years) in October, Han Yuren Kao Gong He is still a historian. In December of the same year, official in charge of secretarial matters

Yuan and ten years (815 years) first month, promoted to Chinese scholar And then it was bestowed. Fish bag Not long ago, Han Yu was disgusted with the fact that he first passed the Jiangling Cao Cao time. Jingnan Jie Jie Pei Jun kept him in a thick room. Pei's son, Pei e, is a mediocre and shallow man. When Pei Er visited his father, Han Yu still called "Pei Er" in the preface of his article for Pei e. This statement aroused great repercussions in the court officials, so Han Yu was converted to Prince Edward. Right bastard

West Huaixi

Yuan and twelve years (817 years) in August, Prime Minister Pei Du Ren Huai Xi's consolation and treatment Yi Yi Jun Envoy Han Yuren Marching Sima Give purple bags to the goldfish bag. Han Yu suggested that Pei Du sent thousands of soldiers into the CAI state from the path, and they could catch Wu Yuanji. Pei Du did not do so. Li Wei Wen Cheng (now Henan Tanghe) has been introduced to Cai state in the snow night, and indeed Wu Yuanji has been captured. The soldiers of the three armed forces are all sorry for Han Yu. Concerning Han Yu's divine tablet, the matter of Han Yu's recommendation on Ping Huai and West is doubtful. ) Han Yu also said to Pei Du: "now, by virtue of the pacification of Huaixi, the town is located. Cheng Tsung Wang Words can be persuaded, not soldiers. " He found it. Bai Qi Dictating Cheng De Jie Jie Wang Chengzong's letter, written by Bai Qi, took the letter and entered the town of Xiao Yu Wang Chengzong. Wang Chengzong was shot at Bing Wei, and he presented two states of Germany and Di to the court.

In December of the same year, after the Huai Xi was settled down, Han Yu returned to Pei with Pei, and gave him due to his work. assistant minister of ministry of punishments Xian Zong ordered him to write " Ping Huai West monument There is a great length of description of Pei Du's deeds. At that time, Li Su took the lead in entering Cai state to capture Wu Yuanji, and he was most indignant. He was indignant at Han Yu's writing. Li Suzhi's wife went to the palace to tell the inscription of the tablet and the facts. The emperor ordered that the inscription written by Han Yu be written. Wen Chang Du Re write stone as a tablet.

Yuan and thirteen years (818 years) in April, Shang Shu Zuo Pushe Zheng Yu Qing He was appointed to the court for his knowledge of laws. ceremony Good luck and bad luck Five rites It should be revised. Han Yu was cited as a deputy to take part in the revision work.

Admonish Buddha's bones

In the first fourteen years (819 years), the emissaries of the Zong faction sent for Fengxiang Welcome Buddha bone Changan launched a wave of faith and Buddhism. Han Yu, regardless of personal safety, resolutely went to " On Buddha's bone Watch "Strongly persuasion, that the worship of Buddha bone is absurd, demanding that the Buddha bone burn down, can not let people in the world be misled by the Buddha bone. Xian Zong read after playing anger, to use Capital punishment Kill Han Yu, Pei Du, Cui group While others strongly urged, the emperor was still angry. For a moment, people were shocked and amazed, and even the royal family thought that Han Yu had too much to add to the crime, and that he was deposed into Chaozhou's imperial history.

When Han Yu arrived in Chaoyang, he played to defend himself. The emperor said to the prime minister, "yesterday, when Han Yu arrived in Chaozhou, he thought he was admonishing the Buddha's bones. He really cherished me." But Han Yu, as a minister of human beings, should not say that the man is in charge of Buddhism and is short of life. I hate him for being so hasty. The purpose of emperor Zong's reusing Han Yu is to start with the matter and observe the attitude of the prime minister. but Ping Zhang Huang Fu The hatred of Han Yu was quick for his heart, and he was afraid that he would be used again. He replied in a preemptive way: "Han Yu is too careless and careless. He may consider transferring to another county." at the very time amnesty The charter is convenient for October of the same year. Volume shift Han Yu is Yuanzhou (now Jiangxi Yichun) governor.

In Yuan and fifteen years (820 years), Han Yu arrived in Yuanzhou. According to the custom of Yuanzhou, the daughters of the common people are mortgaged to be servants and slaves, who do not redeem the contracts beyond the contract period. When Han Yu arrived, he tried to ransom the men and women who were not slaves, and let them return to their parents. Therefore, it is forbidden to buy such a custom.

In September of this year, Han Yu entered the post of office. Guo Zi Jiu Jiu He returned to Changan in winter.

Governor town

Changqing In the first year (821 years), Han Yu transferred to office in July. Minister of war At that time, Town state (now Hebei Zhengding) mutiny, killing new Chengde Jie Jie Tian Hong Zheng Know all about the army and horses. Wang Ting Ju Claiming to stay behind and asking the court for help battle-axe as a symbol of a military commander's authority

In the two years (822 years) of Changqing, in February, the court reparoned Wang Ting and soldiers of Chengde, and ordered Han Yu to be Comfort Relief Go to town.

When Han Yu was about to leave, all the officials were worried about his safety. zhen Say, "Han Yu is a pity." Emperor Muzong of Tang Also regret, life Han Yu to Cheng De Jun After the border, we should observe the changes of the situation first, and do not rush into the country to prevent accidents. Han Yu said, "I am going to suspend entry to the emperor. This is because I am concerned about my personal safety because of benevolence and righteousness. However, it is my duty to serve as a subordinate without fear of death." So I went resolutely.

After arriving at the town, Wang Tingcou picked up a knife and opened a bow to greet Han Yu. After Han Yu arrived at the guest room, the officers and soldiers still had their arms in the hospital. Wang Tingcou said to Han Yu, "the reason why they are so impertinent and rude is all these soldiers do, not my original intention." Han Yu said sternly, "the emperor thinks you have the talent of generals, so you are appointed as a tougher, but you do not think you can command these soldiers!"

A soldier took his arms and said, "first." Imperial College (refer to Wang Wu Jun Fight for the country Zhu Tao His blood coat is still here. What part of our army has failed to court, so that it has been taken as a traitor? " Han Yu said, "can you remember the first teacher? He started rebellion, and then he went back to the imperial court and promoted his duty. Therefore, is it far away from treason to be a blessing? from An Lushan , Shi Ming reach Wu Yuan Ji , Li Shidao Are there any people who live and become officials? The crowd replied, "No."

Han Yu added: "Tian Hong is raising Wei Bo to return to the court, although his descendants are still. Childhood But they were all high officials. Cheng Yuan Wang He was returned to the imperial court by virtue of virtue, and was appointed as a Jie Shi when he was not yet an adult. Liu Wu , Li you At first, he followed Li Shidao and Wu Yuanji in rebellion and later surrendered to the court. Have you heard of all this? " The crowd replied, "Tian Hong is so mean that our army is uneasy."

Han Yu said, "but what is the truth that you people have killed Tian Gong and destroyed his family?" All people commend Wang Tingcou was afraid that the officers and men would waver and command them to go out. Then, he said to Han Yu, "what do you want me to do this time?" Han Yu said, " Divine strategy The generals of the six army, such as Niu Yuanyi, are not in the minority, but the court must take the whole situation into account and not throw him away. Why do you still encircling Shenzhou, and let him out of town? " Wang Tingcou said, "I'll let him out of town right away." Then he and Han Yu had a feast together, when the cattle fled. Collapse Out, Wang court did not catch up.

Life in old age

Changqing two years (822 years) in September, Han Yu transferred Minister of Ministry In June of next year, he was promoted. Jing Zhao Yin Concurrent imperial censor After hearing the news, the officers and soldiers did not dare to break the law, and privately said to each other, "how dare we break the law if he even dares to burn the Buddha bones?"

Soon after Han Yu took office, he did not pay any attention. Eunuch Being Imperial Minister Li Shen Impeachment. Han Yu refused to accept that the move was approved by mu. The two of you came to me and argued. Prime Minister Li Feng Ji The court called Li Shen to take the opportunity to play the two party relationship. observer Han Yu was also changed. Minister of war Soon after, Mr. Mu learned about the reasons and then became Han Yu's minister.

Die at home

In four years (824 years) of Changqing, Han Yu left for illness in August. In December 2nd of the same year (December 25th), Han Yu died at the home of Jing'an, Changan, at the age of fifty-seven. Receive Minister of Rites , Posthumous title Wen. The following year in March, he was buried in Heyang.

Yuanfeng The first year (1078), Song Shen Zong Han Yu was appointed as Changli's uncle and allowed to sacrifice. Confucian Temple

Main achievements



Han Yu is Ancient prose movement Advocates of the pre Qin and Han Dynasties Prose Tradition is opposed to speaking exclusively of phonology but neglecting content. Parallel prose Han Yu's article is imposing, thorough, logical and respected. Eight Great Men of Letters of the Tang and Song Dynasties The first. People have the reputation of "Korean". Du Mu To associate Korean with Du Fu is called " Korean poetry of Du Fu "; Su Shi Call him " The decline of the eight dynasties " Han Liu advocated the ancient prose movement, opening up the development path of ancient prose since the Tang Dynasty. Han Shi Li seeks novelty, imposing momentum and originality. Han Yu took poetry as a poem, introduced the new ancient language, Zhang Fa and skills into the poetry circle, enhanced the expressive function of poetry, expanded the field of poetry, and corrected it. Big calendar The mediocre poetic style since (766 - 70 - 80). In feudal ideology and morality, he also made a unique contribution to Confucianism. He advocated Confucianism in order to inherit the Confucian orthodoxy. Neo Confucianism The harbinger of home.

One of the characteristics of Han Yu's article is "speaking truthful, without fear" or "saying no harm", that is, daring to speak and dare to tell the truth. This characteristic is inseparable from his positive political attitude. Several of his memorials are bold enough to expose facts and dare to say that "ministers have never said anything". " On the Yushi platform, the hungry people were hungry. "And" Huaixi matter "has this characteristic. Of course, the most representative article is " On Buddha's bone Watch " It is said that "ministers do not speak their rights, but censors do not take their losses". In feudal society, it is a great courage to dare to say what others say and not to say. Therefore, such articles like Han Yu also have contents, depth and strength. Moreover, Han Yu's language art is extraordinary, and it becomes a great article of great momentum.

Han Yu's article "speaks truthful and without fear" is not only manifested in his courage to speak the truth in front of the monarch, but also in his disregard. Confucian In the traditional sense, dare to speak against the old saying, or even contradict other articles. For example, "read Mo-tse" once said " Confucius Must use Mo-tse Mo-tse must use Confucius instead of ink. " Such remarks are clearly respected by him. The doctrine of Confucius and Mencius There are some contradictions. For this kind of speech, predecessors referred to as "thorns", but this is exactly how Han Yu respected Confucianism but did not stick to it.

Han Yu's article "speaks truthful and without fear", not only dares to disregard Confucian traditional ideas, but also dare to break through the vulgar view of society at times. For example, he wrote " Cover up Article 1 is specially designed for Li He No comment should be made. Li Hezhi's father's name is Jin Su, and "Jin" and "Jin" are homophones. Jinshi Han Yu is disapproving of such a worldly view. Therefore, he wrote "an examination of the classics, the quality of the law, and the code of state".

Han Yu's Teacher said Article 1. It is also a different article. Liu Zongyuan In the reply to the book of neutrality, he once said, "there is no teacher in this world. Only Han Yu ignored the vulgar custom, laughed and insulted, and summoned after studying. Anti face And for teachers. The more it is, the more crazy it is. Another newspaper "Yan Hou and Shu" said: "servant can be bravely inferior to Han Tuizhi, so he is not a teacher." From this we can see that in that era, it is a bit daring to ignore vulgar, not afraid of laughter and insult, and to write an article like "Shi Shuo" is quite bold.

Another feature of Han Yu's article is not only genuine and bold, but also impassioned and impassioned. From all the articles of Han Yu, anyone who talks about talent is often angry and uneasy. For example, Miscellaneous remarks "The theory of injustice for human beings is not for the world," Send the warm men to the Heyang army order It is also a great theory of propaganda and selection of talents. It is Han Yu's ardent hope for the state to use the so-called "the emperor to win the court in the imperial court." " Shao Nan Xu Dong It is also a sad and generous article. Han Yu himself tried repeatedly and did not want to be in the company. Therefore, he felt sorry for Dong Shaonan in the article. Sad and generous, from the heart.

Han Yu also has an article similar to "haiku", which is expressed in essence. Learn to learn " All previous theorists say that this text is derived from Dongfang Shuo " Answer difficult questions And Yang Xiong " To make fun of " New Tang Dynasty book "This biography also says that" he was not only high number of officials, but also moved down. In fact, the meaning of this article is much broader than that of "self metaphor". Among them, "self metaphor" is not only a "self metaphor", but also a propaganda and selection of talents.

Another feature of Han Yu's article is not only genuine, bold and impassioned, but also natural and informal. Such articles and his " Original road "," Original nature "The faces of different articles are different. They do not sit around and talk about things, but talk with their hearts, without restraint and liveliness. And Cui group Book "," Meng Dong Ye book "," answers to Cui Li Zhi "," Li Shengbi And so on, all belong to this kind of work. For example, "Chui Chuan Shu" first said that he knew Cui Qun's understanding of others, and that the sages did not sigh. Essay

In Han Yu's eyes, Cui Qun is a friend who has no shortcomings in his life. But there are doubts about such friends. Han Yu was very exclaimed. He said, "since ancient times, few virtuous men have been few, but self introspection has come. They also see that sages are invariable, but not sages are green. What is the meaning of the creator? I wonder if I do not know how to live or die. It's not known. " From Cui Qunzhi Yin, he said that sages do not meet. Such articles are very similar. Sima Qian " Biographies of Bo Yi " Liu Da Kui He said: "the public and Cui know each other best, so they have this common sense of their own nature, and the sense of a wise man in the middle is not so familiar. This is a traditional topic in the past dynasties. Han Yu's article is more extensive than that of "the unknown."

Another characteristic of Han Yu is to break through traditional writing. For example, the style of epitaph is quite new in Han Yu's writings. It is even different from "one person" (Li Tu's essays). Similar to the epitaph, there are also mourning sacrifices. Han Yu is also original and unusual. For example, the memorial to Zhang Zhang of Henan. Mao Ke It was rated as "a surprise." Yao fan Think "no other people". Liu also said: " Funeral oration It is good to retreat. " As for " Sacrifice twelve Lang Wen " Zeng Guofan Although it is considered that this kind of article is "rhyming appropriate", he added: "Han Gong is like a dragon. That is to say, Han Yuzhi's writing of the funeral oration is also uncertain.

Han Yu's essays are also unique. In the Tang Dynasty, the preface is a common style. Wang Bo , Chen Ziang , Li Bai , Ren Hua The order is excellent. But from the perspective of most articles, there is no such thing as a format. First narrate the love, the suffix landscape, the emotional state, still like. Six Dynasties first major translator of Western fiction and one of the last important prose writers in the classical style The so-called "habit in the Six Dynasties" refers to this category. But in Han Yu's writing, there are many different kinds of texts.

Some of Han Yu's preface articles are almost argumentative. This is a prominent feature. Lin Shu once said: "Han Changli concentrates on no history, and when he gives up the original Dao, the essays are mostly included in the preface and the book. For example, the order of "sending water and land transportation to Korea to rule the Imperial Army" is regarded as Zeng Guofan's "essay on current affairs".

Han Yu's "game" is also a new body. Former generation Haiku Text comparison has new characteristics. For example, Mao Ying Chuan "It is a wonderful piece of writing, which can not be seen as an ordinary haiku. Liu Zongyuan's answer to Yang's book, Yun, said: "under the Han Dynasty's" biography of Mao Ying ", the servants are very curious. They are afraid of the world. There are hundreds of words in this book. But at the same time, Pei Du But he is not satisfied with this kind of haiku. In his book "Li Ao Shu", he regarded Han Yu's haiku characters as "taking literature as a play".

Now, it seems that there is more than one Pei Du. Like Liu Zongyuan, there is not much doubt about such works as Mao Ying Chuan. Liu Zongyuan's "amazing book" is not for no reason. Because, since the Six Dynasties, haiku has been written by Aman Chang. Yu Wen " author of an epochmaking work in phonology The "bamboo grove, the banana leaf" and so on, although implied meaning, is not far reaching. And Mao Ying Zhuan is different from the previous ones. Though it is written only a "rabbit pass", it actually writes a person who is capable of being able to be discarded. At the end of the article, Han Yu had infinite sympathy for Mao Yingzhi's "old opinion and sparse". This once again reveals Han Yu's consistent thought of deplored talent. This kind of haiku is unprecedented.

In addition to the originality of the above style, Han Yu's writing is also an important aspect. Predecessors and modern people have commended this aspect. For example, in the article of "entering into learning", Efficiency comes from diligence "," Scrape the dirt off an object and make it shine "," Be greedy of much and determined to meet one's desires "," Study and relish the beauties of literature "," Difficult to articulate "," Different tunes rendered with equal skill "," Be blamed for whatever one does "," Incorporate things of diverse nature "," Stay idle And so on. They are all popular. idiom There are also some idioms such as " Pick out the essentials and extract the essence "," Burn a candle to lengthen the midnight oil in hard study "," Profound idea and a good style of writing "," Cry from hunger and cold And so on, and also condensed from this sentence.

Since ancient times, an article has been able to elect such a large number of idioms which have been handed down from ancient dynasties. The reason why Han Yu's essays are so popular that he has been taught by one generation is an important reason for his exemplary language. This kind of rhetoric has seldom been achieved before and after him.


Han Yu's literary achievements are mainly written in literature, but his poetry It also has its own characteristics, which will have a greater impact on future generations. Han Yu's many ancient poems, many of which reveal realistic contradictions and express personal disappointment, such as " Return to Pengcheng "," Dirty Most of them are written smoothly and smoothly. He also wrote fresh, rich and charming poems, similar to those of Tang people. Late rain "," Five basins "Especially" In early spring, there were two out of eighteen. One of them.

However, Han Yu's most original and representative works are poems that are famous for their vigorous and strange images. He "little Shang Qiwei" ("county Zhai has Huai"), "search day is rich." Answer Zhang Che "Born" is a kind of male strong and bold and unconstrained qualification, and his personality is full of the impulse to pursue the fresh and fantastic, magnificent and beautiful things. His repeated advocating "Nourish Qi" theory has made him improve his self-cultivation and add a spirit of being bold and aggressive.

Han Yu used his heart and soul in his life. He had a strong sense of right and wrong, and his character was straight and upright, and he refused to yield any more. In this way, he had been attacked repeatedly in the political whirlpool after entering officialdom. On the other hand, his aesthetic taste could not be indifferent to peace. The development of Han Yu's poetry style is strange. Zhen Yuan In the middle and late stages, Yuan he The medium term has been finalized. On the one hand, the huge political pressure greatly aggravated Han Yu's psychological conflict. On the other hand, he pushed the strange southern landscape to the poets. The interaction between the two was an important condition for Han Yu's poetic style. During this period, he wrote "Dragon Palace Beach", "Chen Kou also gave two pieces", "dragon shift", and " Yueyang Tower Dou Si Si Zhi "Fifteen nights in August, Zhang Gongcao," Gate of Yue Yue Temple Among other poems, the most frequently used words are agitation, horror, secluded and vicious words, such as "induced electricity", "thunder", "angry wave", "big wave", haunted "dragon", "mourning", "frightening" monster "," ghost "and" ghost ", all of which converge on the pen end, forming a thrilling image.

In the way of poetry expression, Han Yu also made bold explorations and innovations. He wrote poems by using the method of writing Fu, spread out the columns, and painted them with thick colors. Nanshan poetry is a masterpiece in this respect. The 102 rhymes of the whole poem are as long as more than 1000 words. They use seven overlapping sentences and 51 poems with "or" characters to write the high and steep Southern Hills and the change of the scene at four. Although it is very detailed, it is rather cumbersome. Another example is the famous Lu Hun mountain fire. Huang Fu With his rhyme, he wrote a fierce and fierce mountain fire. This is a kind of creation which is more than usual. It is extraordinary, so it is strange to be born new. The strange pursuit of Kiki is the main pursuit of Han Yu's poetic art.

But Han Yu's new characteristics for poetry are not expressed in such works, but in his "poetry in writing". Such as Mountain stone "On the fifteen day of August, he presented Zhang Gong Cao" for many times. Fang Dong Shu " Chao Yan Zhan "The former part is" ancient Chinese handwriting ", and the latter is" ancient writing style ". Such "handwriting" and "calligraphy", and early Tang dynasty , Prosperous Tang Dynasty There are obvious differences among the older poets. Therefore, Ye Xie " Original poem "Han Yu is one of the great changes in Tang poetry". The so-called "big change" is exactly the new characteristics of Han Yu Zhi's poetry.


Han Yu entered the Imperial College as a doctor. Worship in Imperial College To recruit disciples, to teach students' studies, left behind the essays to inspire future generations and bring up talents. Han Yuli changed his sense of shame to be a master teacher.

In his thesis on education, he stressed the importance of seeking teachers, and considered that only those who are knowledgeable are their own teachers. The maxima It explains how to identify talented people and how to use talents.


Han Yu is an important thinker. In the eyes of Confucianism, Confucians and Mencius were Han Yu. In the popularity of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, he made great achievements in his efforts to revive Confucianism. The ancient prose movement advocated by him is actually an important means to revive Confucianism.


Han Yu opposed the separatist regime in politics. Han Yu's attitude towards the separatist regime, scholars Guo Heng Heng Points out: Han Yu Ping Huai West monument "The main tendencies" are "opposing the separatist rule of the town and praising the victory of the rebellion, praising the main war faction, and criticizing the peace group", and think that Han Yu's firm stance against the separatism of the town should not be written down because of the inscription. Li Wei It has been devaluated, and his "opposing the idea of separatism" has not only manifested itself in the temporary incident of Huaixi, but also runs through this series of articles.


The Tang people called Han Yu a historian's pen. Shun Zong records The five volume is Han Yu. Wei Chu Hou The three volume is written on the basis of the book "Shun Zong Shi Lu". He "cuts away the common events, and is tied up with the politicians, compared with the old records, ten benefits six or seven, and Zhongliang is outstanding. It can be seen from the fact that he rebuked the palace city, criticized salt and iron, and revealed the crimes of Jing Zhao Yin Li, and so on. After the record was delivered, many people were strongly opposed to it. The reason is that "Han Yu wrote" Shun Zong Shi Lu ", saying that the prohibition was quite straight and the internal officials were evil, and the two came forward repeatedly. So "tired of imperial edict to repair". Wen Zong Ling Lu Sui After rewriting and twists and turns, he finally followed the will of the book. De Zong Shun Zong Chao emperor's living quarters The matter is "published in detail".

Character evaluation

Tang Dynasty

Pei Du Han Yu, Changli, knows what is old, and his faith is beautiful. Near or sniffing all kinds of clouds: relying on their feet, often bold and unrestrained, do not make the system of writing, but take the text as the play.

Bai Juyi It is academic, brilliant, vigorous and vigorous. Ban Gu (horse) Sima Qian It is hard to get wind for a while. We should be honest and upright in nature, be careful in observing, do not make snobbish, and become famous. It can make Jane, as a historian, a chronicle of calligraphy.

Huang Fu The martial arts of sir. On the basis of their own body, they should be followed. Living in Qiu Qiu, the danger is calamity. I am so shy. It is forgotten that the sky is stingy. The rising is decadent, and the heart is sad. The voice was loud and loud. Hundreds of thousands of years, new in bamboo and silk. My inscription is on the tablet.

Li Ao The hover and the Korean officials are the allies of the article, while the Lun, Wei Liu Yi, Cao Zongyuan ( Liu Zongyuan (Liu Binke) Liu Yuxi Ear.

Liu Yuxi: the mountains are infinite. Humanities are endless. Dian Xun is an apprentice. At that time, all of them came out. The ancients seek the enemy, but the enemy few. In Zhenyuan, Emperor drums smoked the harp. The golden horse is like a forest. From the valley to the high Cen. A sound of Luan Feng, the sound of leather. Hold the handle of a document, and look at the world as a whole. Weigh the low and see where I am. In the past thirty years, he was named after heaven. Gong Ding Hou tablet, Zhi tunnel table Qian. The price of a word is golden. The power is fierce, and the others are tiger. Let's open the door and let the people die. Relatives are old but suitable for their birthday examinations. The theory of heaven and man can be related to Tao. The two is not to whom. Heaven and man, good and evil. He is wise and brave. He often plays the sword and makes me confused. Children grow in pen. Hold your spear and lift it. The time is thick and the story is full of words. Praise is joyful and solid is not Yan Yan. Magnificent and upward, Xi Nong returns. There will be no need for words.

Zhao de Changli public, saints' disciples! Wen Gao came out with the same ancient relics. The way to do it is Yao , Shun , Yu , soup (Wen) King Wen of Zhou (Wu) King Wu of Zhou (Zhou) Zhou Gong (hole) Confucius ) Meng Ke , Yang Xiong It is also true that the service is granted. There is no miscellaneous biography. Lao Tzu (Zhuang) Chuang-tzu Yang Zhiyan can not do his thinking and enter his writing. The light is greater than the present, and the stone and stone are chic and brilliant. Virtue and Taoism are almost ancient.

Pei Jing: in the name of the text, if Chen Shiwei ( Chen Ziang (Su Si ye) Su Yuan Ming Yuan Rong state ( Meta junction ), Xiao Sucao, Korean official department and so on.

Si Kong Tu It is hard to see the song and poetry of Han officials, but if they drive the thunder and pick up electricity, they will rush to the earth.

The five generation

Liu Wei (1) Han and Li ( Li Ao (two) Wen Gong, at the end of the late imperial period, had no choice but to have benevolence and righteousness. He was determined to uphold the world norm, and wanted to become a human culture. In order to suppress Yang and ink, release and old, though they are not in the right way, they are also devoted to the heart of scholars. 2. Heaven and earth are economic. The more you fly, the more you speak.

The two Song Dynasty

Han Qi The famous scholar of Han Yutang looked at the world and thought that he would not use it.

Ou Yangxiu It is impossible to give up the pen and try to use poetry as the end of the article. However, its chatting and laughing can help to banter, to describe human feelings, and to form things in a poetic way. Yu Yu and Sheng Shu ( Mei Yao Chen This is to say that a good horse is a good horse. As for the water seal and Xu Zhong's day, many of them fall into the world.

Song Qi (1) in the great calendar and the Zhengyuan period, the United States came forth in large numbers, and the truth of Han Yu was advocated. Liu Zongyuan, Li Ao, Huangfu Shi and so on were ranked by hundreds. (2) Tang Xing, Cheng The five generation Subdivision, Wang Zheng does not outline, poor quality, poor and mixed. The world has decided to cut down the pests and seek for Confucianism, so as to promote the Confucian classics, to promote the constitution, to fumigate, to contain and soak for nearly 100 years. To Zhenyuan, yuan and harmony, the more successful they were. Six Classics The article is advocated by all Confucianism, with the barrier and the last flow, the opposition being simple, the false and the false true. However, the only way to do this is to look at Sima Qian, Yang Xiong and Ban Gu. When it comes to its essence, the essence is out of the right. It is published in the past. Its cover is better than Meng Ke's. Xun Kuang Yang Xiong, rather than honest, would rather not believe it? To admonish Chen Mou, to overcome difficulties and to be alone, to punish the thief, Yu Renyi is a gentleman. From the Jin Dynasty to Sui Dynasty, the old Buddha showed clearly, and the holy way was endless. The Confucian scholars are relying on heaven and earth to help them. The more alone he is, the more he leads the saints and the confusion of the four seas. Though he laughs and laughs, he starts to lose his faith. Xi Meng Ke refused Yang and Mo to Confucius for two hundred years. The two row is more than a thousand years old. It is not only bad but bad. Self healing does not mean much. Scholars like Taishan and Beidou clouds. 3. Liu Liuzhou (Liu Zongyuan) is used as a text, or used by predecessors, but not as a Han official.

Su Xun Han zi's article is like the big river of the Changjiang River, and the flow of Hun Hao, the fish and dragons are dragons and dragons. They are so strange that they are not confused, but they can not hide themselves, but people can see the light of their abyss, the color of the green, and they are afraid to avoid it.

kuo The poetry of retreat, the rhyming words, the body and the rich, are not poetry at all.

Lü Huiqing I don't think poets are like those who retire.

Su Shi : (1) self Eastern Han Dynasty Since then, Dao has lost its merits and heresies. Since the Han Dynasty began to dress and dress and talk and laugh, the world has been returning from the public to Yu Zheng for three hundred years. The decline of the eight dynasties And when the world is drowned by the emperor, the anger of the inmates and the brave of the three armed forces are won. Is it not about heaven and earth, the rise and fall of Hao Ran, and independence? (2) Du Fu Poetry, the text of retreat, Lu Gong ( learned scholar Books are all Epitomer Also. (3) the ancient prose of Tang Dynasty began with Han Yu. (4) Liu Zi's thick poem Tao Yuanming Next, Wei Suzhou is on the top; retreat is bold and unconstrained, but it is too dangerous for Wen Lijing.

Su Che (1) former Han Zhi Jia Yi Talking about beauty, ending in Hou Xiang And Chen Ping The genus is actually three counsellors of state The Tang Dynasty Han Yu, the word is angry, finally Beijing Zhao Yin, and Pei Du's Lun, actually Xiang Fu. Chen Ping and Pei Du had no idea of writing, but Han Yu and Jason were often sad. Second, when the poetry of the Tang Dynasty is pushed to Han, Du, Han Shihao, Du Shixiong, Du Du Zhi can also be Han Zhihao.

Chen Shidao (1) retire from poetry, there is no solution, only high and good. 2. Huang Shi and Han Wen are interested in working, but left and Du have no jobs.

Huang Tingjian Lao Tu wrote poems, but no writing was left. Later people read less, so it is called Han and Du themselves.

Qin Guan : hook Zhuang (Chuang-tzu), column ( The Works of Liezi It is very small. Su Qin (Zhang) Zhang Yi Debate, Sima Qian and Ban Gu. Qu Yuan (song) Song Yu This is the English version of the book. poetry "," book It is written in Kong, which is written by Han Yuzhi. There are many authors in front of the cover, but no one is prepared for the better; the latter is also more numerous than the others.

Wang Jie After yuan and he had written, Han Yu's writing style was strange. Fan Chung Shi

Cai Qi: retiring poems, heroes, heroes, and heroes, have their own family.

Hui Hong It is natural to have a taste of the poem.

Ge cube Pei Pei Ping, Huai Xi, the greatest achievement. Han Yu Ping Huai West monument "The world's best. It is not enough to be a better writer.

Hu Zi Han Tuizhi's poem, Shan Li Ting's broken, has become a law itself, but the fan of the arm is waiting for the crown to wear.

Liu Gong These five gentlemen ( Zhu Geliang Du Fu, Yan Zhenqing, Han Yu, Fan Zhong Yan They are different from each other, but they are different from each other. However, their hearts are all fair and upright. They are so clear and bright that they can not be ignored.

Zhang Jie Han Tuizhi's poetry is half love and hate. The lover thinks that although the duer is not as good as the beautiful, the one who does not love thinks that he has no income from poetry. Most of the poems in retreat are more talented than others, so they are able to catch up and reverse things. Let it be like the great river of the Changjiang River, the billows and billows are surging and rolling, and they will not be poor; they will be concealment, but they will not be able to appear at all. Poetry, calligraphy and painting are mostly out of the mind. Retired articles and attendants, so their poems and essays are Gallery Qi. The poetry of retreat is just the same as Taibai, but two heroes do not stand side by side, but third when they retire.

Luo Da Jing There are many similarities between Han and Liu Wen. Han as jade, willow as fine gold; Han Rujing female, Liu as name Shu; Han Rude Ji, Liu as Tianma. Europe is like Han, Su is like Liu. In the Han Dynasty, he took several korean books in the broken basket, and began to understand the composition method after reading. Although Dongpo moved overseas, it only took two sets of pottery and willow. Each has his own understanding, and each one is cool.

O Tao sun Han is like a bag of sand and water. Hanxin Alone.

Zhao Bing Wen Han Yu is a poem with the overflowing of ancient prose.

Liu Wei For a long time, he sighed the jinghazel, and saw it out. Can not bear to decline in the Central Plains Zuo Xi Gan, looking for the Southern soil as a tired official. After all, Zou Ke did not succeed in his work. The universe wants to flee, the empty mountain and the wood are sad.

Chen Pu This is the area of Yang Mo snake dragon. Retreat is also without integrity. Feng Chan Book.

Xu Jun Kong Meng rejects heresy and pushes the original human nature to conquer Xun Yang. Life is full of courage.

Yuan Ming Qing Dynasty

Tao Chung Yi Tong Six Classics One hundred schools of learning, the composition chapter and Meng Ke Yang are in the same position.

Xin Wen Fang The birth of the public and the great Wei is the only name in the world. Alone in the wild, colorful words, Qi, Liang Qiyan, all donated. There is the air of the crown jade, the sound of the palace, the stone and the stone, so that it can be a substitute for Wen Zun, so that the decadent will recover. If the song poem is tired of hundreds of articles, and if the driving force is lifted, if the thunder and lightning go off, it will be supported by the heaven and the earth.

Gao Gao This view of Changli is extensive and literary, advocating six classics, and collecting Baishi, and its poetry hiring and driving momentum is strong. If we lift thunder and decide the electricity, we will go all the way to the other cities.

Wang Yi In the Tang and Song Dynasties, Han Wen Gong and Ouyang Wenzhong Gong were mentioned in the article. Ou Yangxiu On political affairs, Lu Xuan Gong ( Lu Ji ) Fan Wenzheng Gong (Fan Zhongyan).

Luo Guanzhong Han Yu's Buddha bone is a watch. It is more than enough. However, it can not be moved by the suspects of the constitution. Don't worry about it.

Sun Cheng en The way of mourning is fading. Repel the old Buddha, play Zhu Si. There are hundreds of families and six sources. Beidou Taishan, Baishi Cheng.

Xue Ying Qi Lu and Han Yu were soon in the dynasty.

Wang Shi Zhen Han Gong Yu Epitaph The most magnificent, powerful, and very ancient, and those who do not get rid of the path, are reluctant to give up when they want to overcome the old but not win. It is charming and lively. Chao CuO ), Jia (Jia Yi), the argument is not enough. Zhang Heng (direction) Liu Xiang ) It is best to have a book with a person, who has many children (Sima Qian). Remember the order or thick or light, and care about the difference between harmony and disagreement, but not at all. The so-called "original" is only a "Original Dao", and the so-called "discrimination" is only a "taboo". Guan Gong was very shallow in six Confucian classics, but in the book of Buddhism, it was more bitter. And his ejection can not be much more than the middle school.

Zhong Xing Tang: Vinci broke up, and went back to pound. The poetry of Tang Dynasty is very elegant, but it is difficult to return to the Olympic Games. Poetry and prose can never be attacked. To his Yuefu, the satire is deep, gentle and honest, and truly elegant.

Xu Xue Yi (1) the poems of the Tang people are all accomplished by understanding. If 57 words are old, though they are dangerous and open, they are quick to show their heart, and they are strong in their abilities. As a matter of fact, five words are the best and the seven words are inferior. 2. 57 words, ancient words, strange words and dangers, all have their own original.

Hu Zhen Heng Han Gong Ting has negative poetic power and little charm. The source is not only poor in transportation but also rich in storage, so he is guilty of evil, rhyme and strange. Those who think that rhymes are used.

Wang Fuzhi In the four years of his life, he was a gentleman. Li Shen Han Yu, too.

Ye Xie (1) Han Yu is one of the great changes in Tang poetry. Its strength is great, and its Sihong rise is the ancestor. Song Zhisu, Mei, Europe, Su, Wang and Huang are the most prosperous. (2) one of Han Yu's articles is that there is no visible bone in his face. He can look down on everything. He can't enter the court. He will not be willing to be good at the wild, evil and strict. His face is also Han Yuzhi's face. Du Fu's poems are unique in the past and in the past. In addition, over the past thousand years, the author has been born, but Han Yu and Su Shi can compete with each other for three. Han poetry without a word, such as Taihua cut, can not climb. If it is vulgar, it will be ten and five or six.

Qian Liang Yi Tang: since Li Du Jueqi, he has tried to make up the Six Dynasties. After the birth of Changli, it has done away with the law of the past and created a strange language.

Shen de Qian (1) the hero of Changli wants to learn to cross Li and Du through learning. However, there are many changes and few changes. Only four words, such as "Yuan He Sheng De", "Ping Huai Xi Bei" and so on, Yi Shan's so-called strange words and phrases, and those who modify and modify, although Sima's long Qing also should collect hands. (2) Changli's poetry can not be neglected if it makes good use of its talent. If we want it to be right, it should be in the right direction, with a broad scale and a consolidation of bones. For everyone, who is not suitable?

Xue Xue Han Changli has a great learning power, overlooks the group of Monggol, the heart of a gentleman, a meal, and a moment of unremitting thought; but the evil is too strict to enter and not to be used, and the love of talent is thirst, and the retreat is not only good, but it is called direct Kong Mengxin's biography.

qianlong emperor Han Yu's writing has declined since the eight generation, and his poems are also. un-matched in the past and the present Scholars often use poetry to cover up their poems, or even say that they do not understand poetry. There are many famous poets in Fu Tang people, who are less famous for literary essays. His life is devoted to poetry. Li Bai And in the navigation of water, grinding the blade of heaven, generously pursuing and admiration, sincere desire to effect, it will shock the universe, all kinds of mausoleum, and then get the best of it. It is far from being clear, and the elegance of Wen Gong is not enough to make the best of it. Trying to read Korean poetry from now on, its strong waves are unrestrained and restrained. It is full of boundless and boundless wealth. But the wind and the wind are strong, and the wrist strength is changed, so that the God of Li Bai does not attack the appearance, but also draws himself out of the two sons.

Zhao wing Han Changli: in the life of Li Bai, he is the two hero. When he arrived in Changli, Li Bai had made great efforts to change his mind before he could make another path. However, there is still a chance to expand the shauling odd danger place. Changli's attention is also there. However, there are risks and losses. Gushao's talent came to him by accident, but Changli only wanted to win it. There are differences between heart and mind. As a matter of fact, Changli has its own character and is still in the "literary style". It is rich in nature and unpredictable. Changli is not aware of it. If a person asks for Changli in a strange danger, he will lose it.

Ma Yun Gang In the middle of Tang Dynasty, Han Changli disdained to catch up with Li Bai and pursued him alone. Today's poetry is 57 words and ancient, directly to shauling, Yu body is also hard pen to bend the plate, the power of the atmosphere is strong, but the intention has been attributed to the positive, and the legacy of the elegant song, has the quality of the code, not at the same time Liu Zi Hou, Liu Meng can do, and the Li Bai, not too.

Chen Hang That is to say, Changli takes poetry as its poetry, but does not know Korean. It is said that Changli has no poetry of near verse. When we know that Changli does not agree with the six classics, it is also simple and elegant.

Fang Dong Shu (1) Han Gong should be aware of its "raging tide". Not only does it have a superficial view, but its writing can not stop. When we think of its intestines and stomach, we can drive the five mountains, spirit and spirits, and all of them know their jobs. 2. Han Gong poetry has many styles, but its spirit is proud, its tone is deep, its writing style is relaxed, its image is broad-minded, its image is broad-minded, its characters and characters are extraordinary, and it goes all the way through the ages. 3. Han Gong has strong writing skills, creates strange language, takes a wide range of things, and has a long way to go. The usage varies widely, and there are hundreds of families across it. 4. There is no one in Han poetry, but there are many more. Although Han poetry has not been able to catch up with Li Bai, he has seen a lot.

Modern times

Zeng Guofan Han Gong is like a dragon.

Liu Xi Zai (1) poetry and literature. There are positive and unusual poems in Changli, which are written by the so-called "six meridians". Secondly, Changli's poetry is a must. 3. Changli Qi Gu was asked for the description of the meaning and the strength of the syllable. So that it is called "TSE Liang" is not finished. (4) Changli poetry often uses ugliness as its beauty, but it should be applied to the old style. Every word is true.

Shi Fu Hua : (1) the five ancient times, a hard language, an appropriate row, the opening place too young mausoleum, but not a change. After the middle Tang Dynasty, it was very weak, and had to retreat and resurgence. Second, Han Meng joint sentences, word creation, for ancient times, scholars can not be changed. (3) after the flourishing Tang Dynasty, only the Shaw and the tyrants were the only ones. Han Gong seven ancient times, each has the power of male strong Qi Jie. (4) Shaw, seven ancient times, duality, duality. It is too hard to strike back, but not too weak. 5. Shaqin ancient seven years, the use of Bi Xing; retreat is pure Fu.

Zhang Zhuqiao: Changli's poetry is not lost. Jia Dao , Meng Jiao The old people are all fighting against the mountains.

Ding Yi His poetry is strict in style and refined in Ancient Rhymes. In the complete works, "Qin Cao" is the best. The ancient poetry is empty and the joy is wonderful. It only takes talent to be a hero. It is too tired to turn to sleep. When poetry comes down to Han and Wei dynasties, it is not unusual to write a narrative, or take one side. And the people in the Tang Dynasty began to develop their artistic conception. They began to be extravagant, but also slightly embellished. The more important things are, the more they are used, the more they use the grammar as the poem, the more galloping they are, the more they win, the longer they are, the more complicated they are, or the rash ones. The elegance of the verse is still older than that of the ancient poetry, but it is not enough. Ju Ju is better than five words, and seven words are solid, so it is less windy. It's impressive. The work of "Tongguan" is under Ge Yu fan. The poets of Zhao and song, each master, took the law from the bottom of the law.

Song Yu Ren Its origin is Lu Shiheng and its appearance. It is hard to speak English, but it is dangerous to choose words. Suburb, island and Lu Tong. Five words long, do not see the row of ears.

Mao Zedong It is believed that literary works, including poetry, should not be exhausted, and Han Yu's essays and poems are finished.

Pan Xiang Li As a writer, he dares to take the lead in writing for the first time. He is a man of poetry. He is a man of life. He is upright and brave. He is a man of great character and sincere as a great husband. In this way, Luen Feng is also an emotional person, not only extremely emotional, but also sensitive to many subtle pleasures or annoyances in life, and has a humorous side.

personal works

Han Yu's works are very rich, with more than 700 poems and extant articles, including nearly 400 essays. His works such as Fu, poetry, theory, theory, biography, recording, recording, praises, books, prefaces, lament, funeral oration, epitaph, form, table, essays and other genres have made remarkable achievements. The author of the book, Li Han, wrote the forty volume of Han Yu collection. Han Changli collection It was handed down.

" Han Yu Anthology In the ancient books, Wei Huaizhong's "five hundred voices Bian Changli's collected works" and "Wai Ji" were the best in the Ancient Song Dynasty. Ying Chung Liu This is the most popular version of the book "Changli's collection", "Wai Ji" and "Qian Wen" (Ming Xu Shidong Ya Tang). the Qing dynasty Gu Si Li , Fang Shi Ju Each has its own collection of poems. Han Ji Ji, who collated annotations today Ma Tong Bo Notes on the collection of Han Changli's works, Qian Zhonglian "Han Changli's poetry collection", "Tong Ji De Han Ji". In addition, there are song collation or supplement notes for Han Ji. Fang Song Qing , Zhu Xi Qing Dynasty Chen Jing Yun , Wang Yuan Qi , Shen Qin Han Fang Cheng and today Xu Zhen

" Complete Poetry of the Tang "Compiling ten volumes of his poems," The whole Tang Poetry There are 12 poems in the Tang Dynasty.


TSU nun

When Han Yu came to Chaozhou, he met a monk in the street one day. His face was very fierce, especially the two tusks of his mouth. Han Yu thought it was not a good man. He was thinking of knocking his tusk. When Han Yu returned to Yali, the watchman brought a red envelope and said it was a monk. Han Yu opened his eyes and saw that he had a pair of tusks, exactly like the two tusks of the monk. He thought, "I want to knock off his teeth without saying it." how did he know? Han Yu immediately sent people to look for the monk everywhere. After meeting and talking, Han Yucai knew that he was a famous Lingshan temple in Chaozhou. Great Britain The monk is a man of great learning. Han Yu was ashamed to look at others with his looks, and apologized to him. Since then, the two have become good friends. In order to commemorate the friendship between Han Yu and the great monk, the descendants built an apartment in the city. TSU nun "

Water laid cloth

In ancient times, the rafters in Hanjiang, Chaozhou, both had to carry fir trees, but also had to row the fir, and then jumped down to the river and climbed to the shore. Their clothes were wet, dry and wet, and often suffered from stomachache and rheumatism. So they worked simply and naked. Every day, women who pick up water and wash clothes on the riverside see the discharge workers naked. After the negotiations, the rafters had to put on their clothes. When Han Yu came to Chaozhou to hear about this incident, he ran to the riverside to check the arrangement of the workers. Han Yu thinks that the rafters wear clothes all day and are easily ill. After he returned to the yamen, he told people to go to the riverside to inform the workers. In the future, they could row and row their elbow, but they could not wear clothes. This piece of cloth later became the bathing cloth on which Chaozhou's discharge workers and peasants worked, and the Chaozhou people called it "water cloth".


Han Yu is open-minded, open-minded and sociable, and his attitude remains unchanged whether he is successful or poor. When young Meng Jiao , Zhang Ji Friendly, two people's reputation status is not high, Han Yu does not avoid cold weather, in the public praise praises them. Zhang Ji finally won the imperial examination and won Guan Lu. Later, although Han Yu was a dignitary, every time he finished his official business, he talked with them, banquets, and wrote poems as well as before. And he looked at those powerful men as if they were servants. Han Yu is very good at inducing and encouraging to go backward, and stays at home and treats guests as much as six or seven. Even though he can't eat breakfast, he still doesn't care about it. He always takes the promotion of fame and cultivation and the promotion of benevolence and righteousness as his duty. There are nearly ten marriages of orphans who help both inside and outside their friends.

Clerks lock

Han Yu once served Minister of Ministry At that time, the clerks in the Ministry were in charge. Decree history The power is the most important, because officials often used to be locked up, and officials waiting to be appointed were unable to meet them. When Han Yu took office, he would turn off the lock and let the candidates go in and out. He said, "people are afraid of ghosts because they can not see ghosts. If they can be seen, people will not be afraid of ghosts."

The hawk flies and fish leap

In the fourteen years of Qing Dynasty (1888), Shi Bingzhang, a magistrate in Lianzhou, from the Yangshan mountain to Han Yu's authentic work, carved the four words of "flying fish in the sun" into the Wolong stone on the right rear side of Yanxi Pavilion. After that, there was a postscript to He Jian's regular script: "Han Gong" is rare in the world. Qianlong Ren Yin, Jian Bing duo Yang Shan, got four words in the native land. Han Yu's "carved fish and fish jump" stone inscription was seen in Shandong Weifang ten wat garden, Guangdong Chaozhou Han memorial hall, Guangxi Hezhou small West Lake, Zhaoqing Qixing rock and other places, and has a wide impact.

Lead a horse through a mountain

Han Yu arrives Chaozhou It was a heavy rain and flooding in Chaozhou, and the countryside was white. When he went out to inspect the city, he saw the mountain torrents coming up in the north. So he rode on the horse to the north of the city. He looked at the water potential and looked at the topography. Then he told Zhang Qian and Li Wan to follow his horse. All the places where the horses had passed were plugged with bamboo poles as a sign of the dike line. Han Yu inserted the dike line and told the people to build a dyke on the pole. The people were very glad to hear it. They rushed to see the north of the city. They saw that the place where they had planted bamboo sticks had already crossed a mountain range and blocked the flood from the north. Since then, there is no longer any flood. People have been saying: "Han took the horse to lead the mountain." This mountain was later called "bamboo pole mountain".

Expel crocodiles

When Han Yu was derogated to Chaozhou as a provincial governor, there was a river in Chaozhou. There were many crocodiles in the river, which became a local pest. Many people crossing the river were eaten by them. One day another man was killed. Han Yu was worried: the crocodile must not be eliminated. So Han Yu ordered the sacrifice and decided to go to the riverside to set up an altar for the crocodiles. After offering the sacrifice, Han Yu shouted to the river: "crocodiles! Crocodiles! Han Moulai is an official here in order to benefit the common people. You are making waves here, and now you are restricted to three days to go to the same clan to go to sea. Time can be extended to five days, or even seven days. If you don't go for seven days, you must be strict. " Since then, there has never been any crocodile eating in Chaozhou. Han Yu is known as "Han Pu" as a place for offering crocodiles. The ferry is known as "Han Du". This big river is known as the Han River, and the mountain opposite the river is called Han Shan.

Dream swallow Dan seal

Han Yu once had a dream when he was young. There was a man and a Dan Dan seal in his dream. He was forced to swallow the Dan seal, and there was another person laughing in the palm of his hand. Suddenly he felt frightened and woke up.

After waking up, Han Yu only felt that the stomach seemed to be choking with objects, and he could still memorize one or two words. After that, you can see it. Meng Jiao I always felt deja vu, and I was surprised to find out that Meng Jiao was the one laughing in the dream. This is recorded in the biography of strangers. Long Cheng Lu "The record is also more detailed, it is said that after Han Yuxing," writing is not a human book. After understanding Meng Jiao, it seems to be familiar with the eyes, thinking is the smiling side of the dream.

The "Dan seal" in the dream is Taoist charm, often written in the book of Dan sand, and is written in a cloud. Han Yu clearly opposed Buddhist belief, but he was very good at teaching Dan medicine. As for the Daoist spell, there is actually no interest in it. For Han Yu's dream, there will be "Dan seal", which can be understood as two points: the first is the nightmare produced by Han Yu's pursuit of literature. He pursues a distinctive calligraphy and has a special writing style. So it is shown in the dream with the common "Dan seal". Second, it may be a metaphor of the "ancient prose" interest advocated by Han Yu and others. A writer and a thinker, whose behavior and thoughts can affect the situation in their dreams, is called "thinking in the day and thinking in the night".

This dream is what Han Yu told people after his attention, so he did not exclude any additional elements. And Meng Jiao's smile in his dream is encouraged rather than ridiculed. It was probably Han Yu's subconscious desire to have such a friend that later when he saw Meng Jiao and had a close relationship with him, he naturally linked the "laughing and laughing" person with his close friend Meng Jiao.


kuo In " Mengxi pen conversation It has been recorded that the world draws Han Yu, with a small face and a beautiful beard and a gauze cap. This is actually the Southern Tang Dynasty. Han Xi laden In the Northern Song Dynasty, there was also the preservation of Han Xizai's paintings at that time. Inscription Very clear. Han Xizai's posthumous Wen Jing, Jiangnan called it Korean, so the world mistakenly thought it was Han Yu. Han Yu is fat and short beard. After that, Han Yu shared Confucius, and all the Confucian Temple in all counties painted Han Xizai. Since later generations could not distinguish, Han Xizai was always regarded as the portrait of Han Yu.


According to records, Han Yu indulge in sexual desire and his wife and concubines, resulting in the decline of sexual function. He often takes it. Aphrodisiac In ancient times, most of the aphrodisiac drugs had sulphur content, which was harmful to food. Han Yu listened to others' suggestion that he should study sulfur to feed the rooster and wait for the cock to grow up and then eat the chicken, so that the rooster first absorbed the toxicity of sulphur, thereby indirectly gaining the effect of sulphur. Song Dynasty Tao Gu " Qing Dynasty "It is recorded that:" the public in Changli is quite fat in the old age, so it can be eaten; it can be eaten with sulphur and porridge, and the chicken male is not allowed to make a thousand days.

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according to Li Zhao " Tang Dynasty history supplement It is recorded that Han Yu had shared with guests. Huashan Mountain After reaching the top of the mountain, it was found that the surrounding area was extremely rough. Written in panic. Suicide note I burst into tears. Where is Huashan? Huayin County The county magistrate tried every means to save it.

Later, Zhao Wenbei, a 100 year old Shanxi old man, swam to Han Tuizhi's post office. He felt the anecdote of Han Yu and laughed. Later people inscribed "Cang lung Ling han to cry out," Zhao Wenbei, a hundred year old laughing at Han. Later, in the Qing Dynasty, Li Bai climbed up to this point. In the face of crying and laughing, he showed another mentality and made a poem. Han Lao cried, Zhao Lao laughed, a cry and a smile passed two wonders. Li Bo did not laugh nor cry, but he roars on the independent ridge. "

Document record

" Book of Tang Volume one hundred and sixty. Biography 110th.

" New Tang Dynasty book Volume one hundred and seventy-six. Biography 101st.

" Tang Cai Zi's biography Volume five "

" History of books Volume five "

Related disputes

About Han Yu's birthplace, today Bian Xiao Xuan Zhang Qinghua and Yan Qi Biography of Han Yu I think it's in Changan. But there is no obvious evidence for other references.

Commemoration of future generations

Grave site

Han Yu cemetery (Tomb of Han Yu) is located on the north half ridge slope of Han Zhuang village, 6 kilometers west of Mengzhou City, Henan province. The north of the Yellow River is a hilly area.

The tomb is huge, with brick and stone walls, green cypresses, luxuriant trees, splendens, and jujube trees. In front of the tomb were Han Yuci, Ming Dynasty architecture, three courtyards, and statue of Han Yu sitting in the shrine. It was first built in 825 ad (the first year of Baoli). In the hilly area of the cemetery, the tomb is more than 10 meters high. There are ancestral halls in front of the tomb. There are three dining rooms and three gatehouses. There are 13 stone tablets in the shrine, including Han Yu's life story. There are two cypress trees in the front courtyard. They were planted in the Tang Dynasty. There were inscriptions on the tomb of Qiu yuan in the county of magistrate during the Qing Qianlong period: "Tang Bai Qi", left plant height 5 Zhang, surrounded by 1.2 Zhang, right plant height 4 Zhang, surrounded by 1.1 feet.

In November 1986, Han Yu's tomb was published as a cultural relic protection unit in Henan. by National AAA level tourist attraction

Han Temple

Korean Memorial Hall (Chaozhou Han Yu Memorial Hall), located in Guangdong. Chaozhou City East foot of penholder, Ad 819 (yuan and fourteen years), Han Yu was demoted to Chaozhou. Governor's history In the seven months since the crime, Han Yu took the advanced culture of Central Plains to south of the Five Ridges, set up education, drove crocodiles, and done many good deeds for the people. He was regarded as God by the tide people. He changed the name of Beacon Hill to Han Shan and changed the name of crocodile Creek under the mountain. Hanjiang

Xian Ping Two years (999 years). Yao Yao Chen Under the advocacy of the Korean Temple. The temple is high and open, with an elegant structure and an area of 328 square meters. Its lower floor is the exhibition hall, the upper level is "Han Yu Memorial Hall", and the front of the stone platform is 1 meters tall with 2 meter tall Han Yu. There are two entries in front and back, and two corridors. The backward building is built on the platform which is several meters higher than that of Han Yu. There are couplets on the hall: "the Buddha is tired, and the snow is cold and blue, and then the Confucian wind opens the ridge." to the official only in August, the Chao Ping crocodile, now incense all over Yingzhou. There are 36 pieces of tablet inscriptions in the ancestral hall, the earliest of which is Su Shi. Chaozhou Han Kung Temple Monument From the south of the city to the south wall of Zheng Tang. In front of the temple, two columns were placed in front of the temple. Han Temple relies on the mountain to face the water, solemn and dignified.

In 1988, the former servant hall pavilion was newly built as a "servant court" (because Han Yu served as the Minister of the Ministry of criminal law). Around the Han Dynasty ancestral temple tablets and Han Yu handwriting. What is interesting is the inscription of "preaching and writing". Because of its special shape, there are many kinds of reading methods. The courtyard has stele Gallery, preserving modern celebrities to evaluate Han Yu's calligraphy tablets. The hillside is the servant's court. Han Yu's stone carving head is in front of the pavilion. The pavilion is the exhibition hall of Han Yu's life.

In March 5, 2001, the Korean ancestral hall was listed as the provincial level of Hebei province. Cultural relics protection unit

On 2006 05, 25, the Korean ancestral hall was destroyed. The State Council Approved for inclusion in the Sixth Batch National key cultural relics protection units Name list.

Memorial Hall

Yangshan Han Yu Memorial, located in Guangdong. Yangshan County It was built in memory of Han Yu, a former great writer of Yangshan County Magistrate. The exhibition hall is full of Han Yu's handwriting stone inscriptions on Yangshan and the rubbings of Han Dynasty poetry by scholars. In the exhibition hall, there is a precious rubbings of Han Yu's whole body. In the memorial hall, there are poems and poems in Xiao Bingkun's rubbing.


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