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Han Xin (about 231 - the first 196). The Warring States period Han Xiang Wang Ji Kun Shu sun, in order to avoid the military strategist with the same name, Huaiyin Hou Hanxin Mixed up, historical books are often called them. King Xin of Han The Republic of Korea After being destroyed, she has been living in the hometown of Korea. chief counsellor of Liu Bang After entering the post of general general, he became a South Korean captain and took over the territory of Korea. After the South Korea was settled down, the king of Korea was captured. And Liu Bang beat Xiang Yu to calm down the world.

After the world is calm down, dynastic title of Liu Bang Liu Bang It is believed that Hanxin's fief is a strategic place, and its mandate is transferred to Taiyuan Soon after the relocation of the Northern Territory, the capital of Korea Ma Yi cover Xiongnu Surrounded by Han Xin's repeated requests to the Xiongnu, the court doubted its existence. Alien heart Hanxin then rebelled against the Huns. Han Gao Zu Liu Bang took charge of the army himself, and Han Xin fled to the Huns, and attacked the Han Dynasty several times. Chen Chan Rebellion, when it was another attack on the Han Dynasty, was general. Cai Wu Kill in the joint venture.

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Follow Liu Bang

Han Wang Xin is the original. Han Xiang Wang His grandson is eight feet five inches tall. To the descendants of the king of Chu. Chu Huai Wang At that time, Yan, Qi, Zhao and Wei Guodou had already set up their own kings. Only South Korea did not set up their descendants, so they set up the Heng Yang Jun and Han became king of Korea. Xiang Liang stay Dingtao Died in defeat. Han Cheng Go to Chu Huai Wang. Liu Bang When troops attacked the Yangcheng, they were killed. chief counsellor of Liu Bang In the presence of South Korea's Stuart, he conquered the original site of Korea, got Han Xin, appointed him a general of South Korea, led his army to follow Liu Bang into Wu Guan.

The princes who were sealed by Xiang Yu went to their respective fief. Han Cheng Because he did not follow Xiang Yu's campaign, he did not have any merit, nor sent him to the manor to change him to the emperor. When Xiang Yu heard that Liu Bang sent Hanxin to take the Korean land, he ordered Wuxian county magistrate to travel to Wu area. Zheng Chang Be king of Korea to resist the Han army.

In the two years (205 years ago), Han Xin set down a dozen cities in South Korea. Liu Bang arrived in Henan, and Han Xin attacked Wang Han Chang in Yangcheng. When Cheng Chang surrendered, Liu Bang set up Hanxin as Han Wang. Since then, Han Xinchang led the Korean army to follow Liu Bang.

Three years ago (204 years ago), Liu Bang withdrew. Xingyang Han Xinhe Zhou Gu Others defend Xingyang. When the Chu army broke through Xingyang, Hanxin surrendered the Chu army, and soon escaped and returned to Liu Bang. Liu Bang once again set him up as king of Korea, and finally beat Liu Bang to defeat Xiang Yu.

In the five years (202 years ago) of Han Gao Zu, Liu Bang wrote letters to Han Xin, and officially sealed him as Han Wang, the fief in Ying Chuan.

To seek refuge with Huns

In the six years (201 years ago) of Han Gao Zu, Liu Bang believed that Hanxin was strong and brave, and the northern part of Luoyang was close to Gong county and Luoyang. The South was close to Wan county and Yexian County, and the eastern side was Huaiyang. These are all strategic points of the world. Han Xin wrote, "my country is close to the border, and Huns invaded many times. Jinyang is far away from the border. Ma Yi " Liu Bang agreed, and Han Xin moved the capital to Ma Yi. In this autumn, Hun nun was surrounded by Hanxin, and Hanxin sent many messengers to the Huns. The Han Dynasty sent soldiers to rescue, but suspected that many private envoys of Han Xin betrayed the heart of the Han Dynasty and sent people to blame Han Xin. Han Xin was afraid of being killed, so he agreed with the Xiongnu to attack the Han Dynasty and set up a rebellion to capitulation. Xiongnu And the army attacked Taiyuan.

Battle of Baideng

During the seven years (200 years ago) of Han Gao Zu, Liu Bang personally attacked the army and defeated Hanxin's army at d (dike), and killed Hei Wong by his ministry. Hanxin fled to the Hun, and his ministry took the white clay man, the courtier, Wang Huang Others like to have generations of King Zhao. Zhao Li For the king, he also collected the defeated army of Hanxin, and negotiated with Hanxin and Huns alone to attack the Han Dynasty. The Xiongnu dispatched around more than 10000 kings and Wang Huang and others to the south of Guangzhou to arrive at Jinyang. They fought with the Han Army and defeated them by winning the battle. The Huns once again gathered troops in the area, and Han gazu ordered the chariot troops and cavalry to defeat them. The Huns often retreat and run away. Modu Chanyu Stationed in Dai Gu, Han Gao Zu sent a person to spy on him in Jinyang, and the reconnaissance officer came back and reported that he could attack. Liu Bang also arrived in Ping Cheng. Liu Bang stepped out of town. White mountaineering Being Xiongnu The cavalry was surrounded by Liu Bang. Chen Ping Plan to send many gifts to the queen of Huns. He then advised him to say, "now that we have captured the land of the Han Dynasty, we still can not live in it; let alone the monarchs of the two countries are not besieging each other." Seven days later, the Hun cavalry gradually dispersed.

At that time, heavy fog, the Han Dynasty sent between the white mountaineering and Ping Cheng, Hun did not notice. Chen Ping said to Liu Bang: "Huns use long guns and arrows. Please order soldiers to take two arrows outside each strong bow and slowly withdraw from the surrounding areas." After the withdrawal of the Ping Cheng, the Han Dynasty's reinforcements arrived and the Hun's cavalry came to the rescue. The Han Dynasty also returned troops. Han Xin sent troops to the Hun to attack the Han Army in the border area.

Defeat by defeat

In the ten years (197 years ago) of Han Gao Zu, Han Xinming, Wang Huang and others persuaded him. Chen Chan To make it mistaken. In the spring of eleven, Han Xin invaded and joined the Hun cavalry against the Han Dynasty. Han Dynasty dispatch Cai Wu Before the attack, Chai Wu wrote to Han Xin: "the emperor's majesty is generous and kindhearted, although some princes are betraying and escaping, but when they come back again, they always restore their original title of nobility, without killing them." You know all these things. Now you have fled to the Xiongnu because of defeat. There is no big sin. You should hurry up and come back! "

Han Xin replied, "it's a great honor for me to lift the emperor from my lane to make me king in the south. In the battle of Xingyang, I can not be loyal to death and be imprisoned by Xiang Yu. This is my first count. When the Huns invaded Ma Yi, I could not stick to the city and surrender the city. This is my second count. Instead, they are fighting for the enemy, fighting with the general and fighting for the end. This is my third count. record type , Fan Li No crime, but after success, one was killed and one escaped; now I have committed three counts against the emperor, and I want to live in the world. Wu Zi Xu stay Wu kingdom The reason for being killed. Now I run away from my life and hide in the valley, and I live to the barbarians every day. I think of my heart, and the paralyzed people do not forget to walk upright. The blind do not forget to open their eyes, but the situation is not allowed. So the two armies fought, Chai Wu Tu Ping joined the city and killed Han Xin.


When Han Xin took refuge in the Xiongnu, he went with his prince to wait for the decadent city and gave birth to a son. Prince Han also gave birth to a son named "baby". To Emperor Xiaowen for fourteen years (the first 166 years). Han ruidai And Han Ying led his subordinates to the Han Dynasty. Han Dynasty seal Han ruidai For the bow Hou Hou, Han baby is Xiangcheng Hou. When the chaos of Wu, Chu and seven kingdoms was pacified, Gong Gong's military power was higher than that of other generals. The son of the knighthood was sent to his grandson. His grandson had no son, and the Marquis was cancelled. Han Ying's grandson was disrespectful and the Marquis was cancelled.

Han Rui as an evil child Han Yan The youngster was the playmate of the emperor. When the prince was in favour, he was jealous of the Empress Dowager and was sent to death by the queen mother. His younger brother Han said, Han Rui when his grandson died because of the war, he was repeatedly appointed as the general and finally became the case Hou Hou. The son inherited the Marquis and was executed for more than a year after breaking the law. More than a year later, Han's grandson, Han, was named dragon's Hou, who inherited the title of Han.

Historical evaluation

Sima Qian "Hanxin, Lu Ju In a world of virtue and good fortune, the power of a moment is changed, and success is achieved by fraud. It is very doubtful to see that it is strong enough to rely on foreigners to think that they are willing to help. They will not be sad when they are going to go to the Xiongnu.

Ban Gu "The rooms are bad, and the princes are exhausted at the end of spring and autumn. Qin destroyed six countries, but the ancient relics were swept away. At the time of Chu and Han, Hao Jie Xiang Wang is the only one. Wei Bao Han Xin, Tian Jian After brothers are old countries, they are all body and body. At the same time, the guests can't stand alone, but they can't support themselves. Han's bow is very high and it's very close. " "Xiju Zu decides the world, the hero is different and the king is eight. Zhang Er , Wu Rui , Peng Yue , Cloth , Zang Tu Lu, and two Han Xin, all of them had a contingency at a time. They succeeded by cheating, and the South was isolated. When we see doubt, we are strong, and we do not feel secure. We are forced to do things by force, and finally we are destroyed.

Si Ma Zhen "Han Xiang's sin came from Hanzhoung. The south of the profile is north. When he returns to the country, he will be meritorious. Lu, dear, many ministers do not agree. Old swallow is king and East Hu is poor.

Historical records

Records of the historian ninety-three Han Xin Lu biography thirty-third

Han Shu volume thirty-three Wei Bao Tian Tian Han Han Xin Chuan third.


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