Guo Ziyi

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Guo Ziyi

Guo Ziyi (697 - 781 years), Zi Zi Yi, Iowa Zheng county (now Shaanxi) Weinan city Hua Zhou District ) People. The famous Tang Dynasty Politician , Militarist

In the early years Wu Ju In the first place, he joined the army and moved to the imperial court. An Shi rebellion After the outbreak, worship Shuo Jie Jie Shi King of the army, recover Hebei and Hedong area. minister of war , Ping Zhang Two years (757 years) to assist Wang Ping Wang. Li Wei Recover two Beijing, move Situ To seal the Duke. In the first year of Qian Yuan (758 years), the book of worship was written. In the two years (759 years) of Qian Yuan in May, he was responsible for the defeat of Xiangzhou. In the early years of the first year of the Baoying (762), after the mutiny of Hedong, it was called king of Fenyang. In the first year of Guangde (763), in the winter, when Changan was attacked by the Tubo, it was ordered to deploy troops and expel the enemy of the Tubo. In the two years (764 years) of Guangde, when he had led the Tubo and Hui to invade, he was convinced to return to the army and destroy the Tubo.

In the fourteen year (779 years) of Dali, Tang Dezong took the throne. Tai Wei , Zhong Shu Ling By filling the imperial tombs, the number of "Shang Fu" will be given to increase the food estate and deprive the real power. Jianzhong two years (781 years) died at the age of eighty-five. Imperial College The posthumous title is loyal to Wu, which is provided with the ancestral temple and the tomb.

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Early deeds

Guo Ziyi participated in his early years. Wu Ju With the result of "difference", he was appointed to the left guard. According to " Guo Jia Temple tablet Inscription on the tablet The biography of the official historian is the history of the left guard. Shanyu Protectorate Deputy Du Hu, Zhen Wu Jun, deputy secretary of Anxi, and North Court deputy. Tianbao eight years (749 years) in March, Guo Ziyi was promoted. General left wing Wei (positive three products, According to the tablet inscription of Guo Gong Miao, The biography of official history is " General David left "," the army of the cross, the deputy of the north and the north of the army. Tianbao thirteen (754 years) spring, Guo Ziyi served as governor of the nine Yuan county (Fengzhou), the city of West surrender, the imperial court of the nine yuan County, and the right side of the right horse. Soon after, Guo Ziyi's mother died, and he died.

Calm down an Shi

Crusade against the rebels

Tang Xuanzong Tianbao fourteen years (755 years) in November, the outbreak of an Shi rebellion, Guo Ziyi was in the filial piety period by the court "seize the situation" to open, the closure of Wei Wei Qing, Shan Yu an North Deputy metropolitan protection, Lingwu County prefect, and photographed Yu Shi Zhong Cheng, as the Deputy Secretary of the Shuo square, the rate of Shuo Jun Dong to discuss the mountain. Guo Ziyi recovered the quiet border army (now Shanxi Youyu county), and killed the rebel leader. Defeated the rebel Gao Xiuyan in Hequ, so he recovered the clouds (now Shanxi Datong), Ma Yi (now Shanxi Shuo county), opened the East Xingguan (in the southeast of Dai County, Shanxi), and sealed the imperial censor.

Tianbao fifteen years (756 years), the rebels broke Changshan county (now Hebei Zhengding), occupied the whole territory of Hebei. At this time, Li Guangbi attacked Taiyuan from east to Changshan and conquered Changshan. Guo Ziyi took the army out of the Jingxing pass and broke up with Li Guangbi tens of thousands of troops and settled Gaocheng. He also attacked Zhao Jun (now Zhaoxian County, Hebei) and captured four thousand enemy troops. He sent them away to kill Guo Xianqiu, a rebel appointed leader, and returned to Changshan.

Guo Ziyi returned to Changshan, and Shi Siming massed tens of thousands of soldiers. After that, he went to Xingtang County. Guo Ziyi chose five hundred cavalry and came out to challenge. Three days later, the enemy troops receded. Guo Ziyi took the enemy's fatigued machine and defeated the enemy troops in Shahe. An Lushan added troops to reinforce Shi Siming. Guo Ziyi said, "if the enemy increases strength, he will despise me, despise me, and he will not be firm in his heart, and will be able to conquer enemy forces in a war." During the war between the Tang army and the rebels, Guo Ziyi killed the enemy one step and declared his own officers and men. The officers and men fought to death, so they defeated the enemy troops, decapitated two thousand ranks, captured five hundred people, and captured the same number of horses. So Guo Ziyi led the war in the daytime and destroyed the enemy's fort in the evening. The enemy could not rest, and the morale was weak. Thus, with Li Guangbi, Mau Wynn, Hun HSI, Chen Huiguang and others, they defeated the enemy troops in Jiashan, beheaded forty thousand ranks, and got tens of thousands of horses. Shi Siming fled to being. So all counties and counties in Hebei have killed the rebel guards to meet the court troops. Guo Ziyi was seeking to Fan Yang in the north. At that time, Gosuha was defeated in Tongguan, the son of heaven entered Shu, and Prince Li Heng joined the army in Lingwu. So Guo Ziyi and Li Guang Bi rushed to the side of the Shuo side by fifty thousand.

Tang Zong Zong Zhi Deyuan (756 years), in August, Guo Ziyi and Li Guangbi two people rushed to Lingwu, Tang Su Zong appointed Guo Ziyi as the Ministry of arms, Shang Shu, and the middle of the Shuyun door (the prime minister). Tang Zong inspected the army, sent troops to the South and arrived at Peng Yuan. Prime Minister Fang Fang volunteered to fight against the rebels. In the defeat of Chen Tao, the Tang army lost more than half. Tang Zong only relied on the Shuo Fang army as the foundation. The enemy took Asna from the rites and the five thousand cavalry, and lured the tens of thousands of troops such as the nine government of Hequ and the six tribes of Hu state. Guo Ziyi and the leader of the Hui Hui Ge Luo branch joined in the attack, captured tens of thousands of cattle and sheep, and finally settled Hequ.

To recover two Beijing

In the two year (757), in Tongguan, Cui Qianyou was defeated by the enemy and defeated by Cui Qianyou. At this time, Yongle Wei Zhao Fu, Hedong Si Jia joined Han Jun, Shi Shi Jing and imperial clan Zeng Feng in the city, plotting as a response, Guo Ziyi attacked Pu Jin, Zhao Fu and others cut the wall and opened the city gate. Cui Qianyou fled to Anyi, and Ann Yi accepted him. Cui Qianyou's army entered the city halfway into the city. The county gate sent soldiers, and Cui Qianyou escaped. The enemy fought Anri Chumorinagatoyokura and his son, Guo Kuo, to kill the enemy ten thousand, and Guo died. Tang Jun captured the Yongfeng warehouse. So we got through the road from Tongguan to Shanxi.

Ann Lu Shan was killed by his son An Qingxu, and the court wanted to attack in large numbers. Tang Zong Zong Guo Ziyi returned to Fengxiang. In April, Guo Ziyi was admitted to Shiguan and vice admiral Hedong. In May, Guo Ziyi sent troops to Beijing. In the Qing canal (West of Xi'an) and the rebel guards, the war broke out, and the army lost all their weapons. Guo Ziyi gathered the rest of the army, and returned to the Wugong (now Shaanxi Wugong northwest), went to the emperor's office to ask for a crime, and asked for a demotion.

In August, Guo Ziyi was promoted to deputy marshal of the world's armed forces. In September, Guo Ziyi served as deputy commander of the Chinese army, followed by Wang Ping Wang, commander of the world Marshal Li, and the one hundred and fifty thousand of Han troops to recapture Changan. Arrived in the west of Changan, garrison in the Xiang Ji Temple (now the southwest of Changan county) east of the North Lishui river. Li Siye was the former army, Guo Ziyi was the central army, and Wang Sili was the rear army. The rebels were stationed in the northern part of the Tang army one hundred thousand. The rebels attacked the Tang army together, and the Tang army backed away, and were defeated by the rebels. Li Siye said, "if we do not use our body to seduce the enemy today, our army will lose." So he took off his clothes, took long knives, stood in front of the battle, shouted and fought, stopped his enemy troops from being killed, and Li Si killed dozens of enemy troops. So the former army of Li Si Ye held a long sword and pushed forward like a wall. All know that the soldiers and horses make it rare for the king to save their good will, and the enemy is caught in the eyebrows, and the skin falls down to cover his eyes. Wang rarely pulled out his arrow, pulled off his face, and was still fighting forward. The rebels trooped cavalry on the east side of the battle. They wanted to attack the Tang army from behind. They were reconnaissance by Tang army, and the left side of the Shuo army made the soldiers to attack the rebel ambush, which destroyed the enemy ambush and the morale of the rebel troops declined. Li Siye also attacked the rebel forces with the Hui army, and attacked the rebels with the positive Tang Jun. From noon to the eleventh hour, Tang Jun decapitated the rebel class sixty thousand, captured twenty thousand enemy troops, and many rebels died when they fled to the ditch, and the rebel army was defeated. Zhang Tongru turned away from the city and fled to Shanxi. On the second day, Tang army entered Changan. The people cheered and shouted, "I didn't expect to see the army again today!" After three days of dressing, Li Chu continued his eastern expedition.

An Qingxu dispatched Yan Zhuang to one hundred thousand troops to the state of Shaanxi and Zhang Tong Ru to fight against the Tang army. The rebels heard the Tang army coming and stationed all their forces in Shanxi. Guo Ziyi attacked the rebels with a large army. The Hui troops climbed the mountains behind the rebels and met a hidden rebel in the mountains. The Hui soldiers missed the deadline because they fought with the rebels in the mountains, and the Tang army retreated slightly. The rebels broke up three thousand troops and broke the way of the Tang army. The army of the Tang army wavered and Guo Ziyi directed the Hui troops to attack and kill all the rebels. Li Siye and the Hui army attacked the rebels from the rear, and flew over the dust from the dust. More than ten arrows went to the rebels, and the rebels were shocked and said, "Hui Hui is coming!" So the rebel army was defeated, and the bodies were everywhere, Yan Zhuang and Zhang Tongru fled to Luoyang, and then fled to Xiangzhou with Anqing Xu (now in Henan Anyang). Guo Ziyi recovered troops to recover the capital of Luoyang.

Two years (757) in December, most of the lost land in Hedong, Hexi and Henan had been recovered. Guo Ziyi had been forced to seal up the strolls and the Duke of the state for the sake of his work. The remaining officials were still in office, and one thousand families were added to the city. When Guo Ziyi entered the imperial court, he was greeted by people on the Ba River, and he was condolences to him: "national reconstruction is your credit." Guo Ziyi kowtow and thanked him. Soon, Guo Ziyi was ordered to return to Luoyang to run a rebellion in the north.

Defeat in Xiangzhou

Emperor Su Zong In the first year of the Yuan Dynasty (758 years), in August, Guo Ziyi captured the rebel general of the Yellow River and defeated the rebel army. He was captured to the capital and sent to Changle post to welcome him. Zhong Shu Ling Then, the nine orders of emperor Su were ordered. governor of one or more provinces They all worked together to beat An Qingxu, because Guo Ziyi and Li Guangbi were all heroes. Fish in favour of kindness In order to observe military capacity Comfort Relief But no marshal was set up.

Guo Ziyi passed the army from Apricot Garden to the Yellow River, defeated the rebels in Huojia, decapitated four thousand ranks and captured five hundred prisoners. The defender fled to Wei state defense, and Guo Ziyi besieged Wei Zhou (now Henan Jixian). Lu Jiong from Yang Wu, Ji Guangchen, Cui Guangyuan from jujube, and Li Siye together Guo Ziyi in Wei Zhou, Anqing will be divided into three armed forces, Cui Qianyou led the army, Tian Chengsi led the next army, Qing Xu self rate of the central army, to rescue. When the war was about to begin, Guo Ziyi first selected the three thousand shooters to lie in the camp, and told him, "when our troops retreat, the rebels will seize the opportunity to attack the barracks, and you will shout and shoot arrows." Shortly after the battle between the two armies, Guo Ziyi pretended to be defeated, and the rebels pursued and pursued the camp. The ambush went to the base immediately. It was raining like a rain. The rebels were frightened to retreat. Guo Ziyi was defeated by the army. The Anqing army was defeated, and the rebels were beheaded 40 thousand. In this war, the Guo Ziyi army gained hundreds of thousands of armor and killed Anqing brothers, Anqing and conquered Wei Zhou. An Qingxu fled, Guo Ziyi and other troops pursued to Xiangzhou (Ye Cheng), Xu Shuji, Dong Qin, Wang Sili and Hedong soldiers and horses led Xue and other training leaders to come one after another, and Anqing collected more than thirty thousand rebels from the rebel army and the army. An Qingxu then went to the city to stick to it. Guo Ziyi and others were surrounded by Ye City, and zhangshui flooded the city. The city was flooded for two hours and could not be broken. Food is eaten in the city, and man eats man. An Qingxu was so embarrassed that he had to send someone to Shi Siming for help. Shi Siming sent three hundred thousand troops to rescue Ye City.

In the two year of February (759), Shi Si Ming sent troops from Wei Zhou To help Anqing. In March, Shi Si Ming fought against the army. Li Guangbi, Wang Sili, Xu Shuji and Lu Kyung first fought with Shi Ming, and the number of both sides was almost equal. Liu GUI Liu injured and withdrew from the battle. Guo Ziyi's rate is not yet ready to be deployed. Suddenly, the gale suddenly rises, and the wind and sand draw up the wood. The Tang army and the rebels were all shocked. Every soldier abandoned his army and began to retreat to the South and the rebels to the north. Various departments of the Tang army were cited. Guo Ziyi's retreat Heyang (now Henan Meng County South), Suu Tsung appointed Guo Ziyi to stay in the eastern capital of Tokyo. Shannan Road Marshal of Henan and other road marshals. Watching the army, fish and Chao en have always been jealous of Guo Ziyi. He took the opportunity to push the responsibility of Xiang Zhou's failure on Guo Ziyi and put forward a slander in the face of emperor Suzhou. In May, he summoned Guo Ziyi to the capital and appointed Zhao Wang Li as his department. Commander of the world Li Guangbi is the deputy commander.

Fang Jie Shi. Although Guo Ziyi was deprived of his military power, he remained loyal to the court.

Arms again

In the first month of the first year of the Yuan Dynasty (760 years) in the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Su Zong appointed Guo Ziyi as the two Jie Jie of the Ning Ning and Fang Fang, but still left him in the capital. In April, at the request of 100 officials, Emperor Su was ready to order Guo Ziyi to take the battle.

In September, Emperor Su Tsung appointed Guo Ziyi as the ruler of all the Darma horses. He ordered his troops, such as the British army, the Weiyuan army, and the Hedong and Hexi forces to take Ning Ning, Shuo Fang, Datong, Yokono, and then take Fan Yang, but they were obstructed by the fish.

In the two years (761 years), Li Guangbi and Mau Wynn defeated the Mangshan, and Shi Siming attacked Luoyang again in February.

In the first year of Baoying (762 years), in February, all the military forces in Shuo Fang were unified. Li Guo Zhen Hedong Jie Jie Deng Jing Shan One after another was killed. The court feared that the two armies were united with the rebels, so he used Guo Ziyi to run the camp for the Shuo Fang, the river, the North Court, Lu, Yi, Ze, Qin and other states, and Vice Marshal of Xingping, Ding Guo and other military forces. Fenyang County Wang, garrison Kiangchow

Emperor Su Zong was seriously ill and did not see 100 officials. Guo Ziyi asked, "the old minister is going to die in the field. If you do not see your majesty, you cannot die. Emperor Su asked people to invite them into the bedroom. "All the things in Hedong are all for you." And gave him horses and other things. After Guo Ziyi arrived at the site, dozens of people, such as Wang Yuanzhen, were killed and killed. Xin Yun Jing They also killed all the insurrection, and all the generals were afraid and no longer dared to stir up trouble.

Repeated slander

Emperor Daizong of Tang Can eunuch, eunuch Cheng Yuan Zhen He thought he had the power to support himself. He was worried that the veteran would not be able to overcome it. Guo Ziyi was removed from the position of deputy marshal, and the seven hundred of the real family were lost, and served as the emperor's Tomb of emperor Su Zun. Guo Ziyi presented all one thousand imperial edicts to Emperor Zong to show his loyalty. Dai Zong saw and comforted Guo Ziyi. "I am ashamed to worry the heavy officials. You should not worry from now on. "

At this point, Shi Chaoyi Still occupy Luoyang, Dai Zong wants to send Guo Ziyi and Yongwang Li Shi to the eastern army. Because of the slander of the fish and Cheng Yuan Zhen, Dai Zong finally gave up the plan.

Changan again

In the first year of Guangde (AD 763), the Tubo entered the country in the winter, and Cheng Yuanzhen concealed the military situation. Because of the previous jealous generals of the Tang Dynasty, the Ministry of military affairs had been slandered and killed, resulting in almost no military defense in Changan. At this time, Li Guangbi, a Tai Wei and assistant marshal of Xuzhou, who was stationed in Henan, did not dare to send troops into the Korean army for fear of calumny. He was rebellious in Xiangzhou, Shannan East Road, and Liang Chong Yi in Ping Zhang, while the deputy marshal of Hebei, who was stationed in Fenzhou, and his wife, gwyne, recalled secretly that Tubo invaded Hexi, invaded Kou Jing state, and invaded Fengtian (now Shaanxi Qianxian County) and Wu Gong. In the Tang Dynasty, Li Shi was appointed as commander in chief in the Tang Dynasty and Guo Ziyi as deputy marshal in Xianyang. Before, Guo Ziyi was dismissed from the Imperial Army, and his division was scattered. When he received the imperial edict as deputy marshal, he had only 20 cavalry under Guo Ziyi's command. Guo Ziyi has just arrived in Xianyang. The Tubo army has crossed Wei River, along the south mountain, and Guo Ziyi has made Wang Yanchang play. Please add more troops to him, but Cheng Yuanzhen is prevented from seeing the emperor see Guo Ziyi and Wang Yanchang. By the time the Tang Dynasty began to rule the army, the Tubo army had already crossed the temporary bridge, and the Tang Dynasty hurriedly was at a loss. Later, the Tang Dynasty fled to Shanxi prefecture (now Henan Shanxian), officials hiding and the army fled. After hearing the news, Guo Ziyi hurried back from Xianyang to Changan, and after the arrival of Changan, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty had already left. In the Tang Dynasty, Zong came out of the palace gate, crossed the Chan River, and shot the king to give him four hundred. The cavalry defected to Changan and coercion Feng Wang Li and other ten kings to greet the Tubo in the West. In the open door encounter Guo Ziyi, Guo Ziyi reprimand Wang Xianzhong, Wang Xianzhong dismounted, said: "now the emperor fled East, the country has no owner, you as a marshal, abolish standing in your sentence." Guo Ziyi did not respond, and Li Gong went on to say, "why do you not speak?" Guo Ziyi rebuked him and sent troops to escort the imperial clan to the Tang Dynasty.

Tubo entered Changan, and many officials and civilians in Changan fled into the valley.

Guo Ziyi rate thirty cavalry from the Royal Su Chuan along the mountain to the East, Guo Ziyi and Wang Yanchang said: "most of the officers and men fled to Shangzhou, now hurry to convene, and send the guards of Wuguan, a few days, go north to Lantian to Changan, Tubo will escape." When Guo Ziyi arrived in Lantian, he met with the commander in chief, Yu Hou Zang Xi, and Fengxiang Jie Jie, who gained nearly 1000 soldiers. Guo Ziyi and Wang Yanchang said: "the escaped soldiers go to Shangzhou, and officials must escape and hide." Wang Yanchang was sent directly to the state of Commerce to appease. When the officers and soldiers indulged in the plundering of soldiers, they heard that Guo Ziyi had arrived and were delighted to hear Guo Ziyi's orders. Guo Ziyi was worried about Tubo attacking the Tang Dynasty. Seven checks Three days later, he left for Shangzhou. After he arrived at Shangzhou, he collected soldiers and combined four thousand guards. At that time, the Baoying army made Zhang Zhi Jie meet Guo Ziyi in Luonan, a large parade, and stationed in Shangzhou and Megatron. Guo Ziyi then told tears in tears that all the officers and men wanted snow and national humiliation to restore Changan, and all the officers and men were moved and subjected to Guo Ziyi's restraint. Guo Ziyi appointed Prince Edward guests to provide food for the grain. The emperor of the Tang Dynasty sent Guo Ziyi a decree, expressing concern that Tubo came out of Tongguan in the East and summoned Guo Ziyi to the line. Guo Ziyi said, "if the minister fails to recover Changan, he will not face his majesty. If I send out the blue sky, the enemy will not dare to go eastward." The emperor of the Tang Dynasty was allowed. In addition, Duan Xiushi, who was a judge of the Jie Fang, told the governor that Bai Xiaode would join the army in seeking a rebel. Bai Xiaode took the lead in the same day and rushed south to Changan.

Earlier, Guang Lu Qing Yin Zhongqing recruits in Lantian, used Guo Ziyi to Shangzhou, did not know that Yin Zhongqing recruits in Lantian, Guo Ziyi sent people to check the enemy's situation. The eldest son of the general Lin asked for two hundred of the cavalry. Guo Ziyi also made the prince's guest, Dai Qi Qi, take the position of Beijing Zhao Yin to recover Changan together. Guo Ziyi also made the Baoying army continue to make Zhang Zhi Jie soldier. The eldest grandson and other people came to the Han Gong heap, drumming in the daytime and setting fire in the evening. Yin Zhongqing discovered that the forces of the army were stronger. So he matched each other with the eldest grandson, and reported the situation to Guo Ziyi. Yin Zhongqing rate two hundred cavalry wandering, directly through the Chan Shui. Tubo was frightened and asked the people. The people cheated them and said, "Guo Ziyi recovered from Changan, and the army did not know how many." Tubo believed that the army was numerous, so the troops returned and the rest remained in the city. The army came to the king's court and Wang Zhongsheng, the imperial physician, who came in from the court. He beat the drum and shouted. Yin Zhongqing went into the city again, and all the Tubo soldiers fled. Guo Ziyi took the opportunity to drum up the drum into Changan, and the people gradually settled down. The total time for the Tubo troops to occupy the capital is only fifteen days. Guo Ziyi wrote to the emperor of the Tang Dynasty and told him to recover the details of Changan. The Tang Dynasty appointed Guo Ziyi to stay in Changan.

Since the Tang Dynasty was in a dilemma, all the officials had blamed Cheng Yuan Zhen for his repeated impeachment. Cheng Yuanzhen was so frightened that he persuaded Dai Zong to make his capital in Luoyang, and Dai Zong agreed. After hearing the news, Guo Ziyi advised the above table and put forward countermeasures. After reading the table, he said to the courier, "Guo Ziyi is a loyal official of the country. I decided to return to Changan." Dai Zong returned to Changan to consolate Guo Ziyi. "I appoint you too late to reach this point." To Guo Ziyi Iron coupon And hang his portrait. a Tang hall of fame Up. Not long after, Guo Ziyi was appointed deputy marshal of Hedong, and he was observed in the middle of the river. He was in the middle of the river.

Resistance to Tubo

In the first two years (764 years) of Guangde, Guo Ziyi was rebellious, and the soldiers were looted, and in the Fen county and the Tang Dynasty, he was appointed as the governor of Ling Zhou, Dou Yu Zhen Bei Dou, and Ambassador of Shuo Fang. Zhang Weiyue, the son of servant Kwun, was killed by the Ministry in Yuci, and the army of the first imperial army and the loyal army were surrendered to Guo Ziyi. When he was scared, he left his mother and fled to Ling Zhou. In September, Guo Ziyi, the former Emperor of emperor Dai Zong, was enlisted as a Tai Wei. He was appointed to the North Road Ning Ning, Jingyuan, Hexi Tong, and Tubo and Shuo Fang to observe the Causa, and Guo Ziyi resigned from the appointment of Tai Wei.

In the same year, he was attracted to Tubo and Hui. Tangut Invading the Tang Dynasty. Dai Zong ordered Guo Ziyi to be stationed in Fengtian and asked the enemy's general plan. Guo Ziyi replied, "though he is strong and brave, he is unpopular. And the soldiers are my former subordinates. Will they not bear to attack me? " Soon, the Hui and the Tubo army advanced into Fengtian. The crowd will ask for an attack. Guo Ziyi said, "the enemy is deep in our territory and is conducive to quick war. His subordinates have been subjected to my kindness for a long time. If I do not attack them, they will naturally change their minds. Dare to say the battle! " And defend the enemy by holding the camp, and the enemy troops retreat. The Shuo Fang made the Hun and the Hun, so that Bai Yuanguang was able to defend the Fengtian, and the Tibetan troops were attacked by two hundred cavalry. Hun captive an enemy will ride the horse back to camp, the following cavalry are not injured. The soldiers in the city saw courage. Tang army attacked every day, and the Tubo army suffered many casualties. Later, Tubo received troops and camps, killing the enemy thousands of times by attacking the troops at night. Before and after the battle with Hun, the more than 200 rounds of decapitation were five thousand. Guo Ziyi's third sons, the Shuofang camp troops, made Guo Xi defeat the Tubo army in Jingshui. In December, the court appointed Guo Ziyi and vice admiral of the river, and entered the order of the Shang Shu. Guo Ziyi was moved to the court for the three time.

In the first year of Yongtai (765), Guo Ziyi commanded Henan road to run in a new camp. Mugu Wyn lobbied for Tubo, Hui, dun, Tu Gu Hun, nu La and other countries, and gathered three hundred thousand armies, invading Jingzhou, Fengxiang and Liquan, invading the spring of spring (now North of Shaanxi Liquan) and Fengtian. Dai Zun ordered Li Zhongchen to set up the Wei bridge, Li Guangjin stationed in Yunyang, Ma Ma and Hao Tingyu stationed at the temporary bridge, Luo Fengxian, Li Yue Vietnam troops stationed in the army, Li Baoyu stationed in Fengxiang, Zhou Zhiguang stationed in Tongzhou, Duan Mian in the Fang Zhou, and Dai Zun stationed himself in the court, and the ten thousand troops were stationed in Jingyang and ten thousand troops.

When Guo Ziyi arrived in Jingyang, the enemy troops besieged the city.

Guo Ziyi's ministry ordered Li Guochen, Gaosheng, Wei Chuyu and so on to be on the same side, and he was riding two thousand men in and out of the array. Hui Yuan thought that Guo Ziyi had died and the emperor had been killed. Now that Guo Ziyi is alive and well, he knows that he has become a servant. Guo Ziyi went to see the Hui chieftain again, and was responsible for the great righteousness, and Hui and Guo Ziyi were reconciled. It was just when the enemy died, and the enemy did not have a leader. The Tubo army saw Guo Ziyi and Hui Hui coming and going, suspicious in their hearts and leaving them all night. Guo Ziyi sent the Ministry to pursue Bai Yuanguang and the Hui army, followed by his own army, and broke the Tubo army in the west of Lingtai (today's Gansu Jingchuan border), cut off the first rank of fifty thousand, captured thousands of people, and captured numerous women and horses.

In the first year of the lunar year (766 years), in December, Zhou Zhiguang, a Chinese governor, rebelled against Guo Ziyi. Tongzhou and Hua generals heard Guo Ziyi send troops, so they killed Zhou Zhiguang and sent their leaders to the court. In the two year (767 years) of the Dali period, Tubo invaded Jingzhou and Guo Ziyi was ordered to move to Jingyang. Guo Ziyi intercepted Tubo in Ling Zhou and beheaded twenty thousand. In the three year (768 years) of Dali, Guo Ziyi returned to the river in March. In June, the imperial court once again sealed the book of the Middle Kingdom, which made Guo Ziyi a Stuart. Tubo once again invaded Lingwu, Guo Ziyi was fifty thousand troops stationed in Fengtian, and Bai Yuanguang was defeated in Lingwu.

At that time, people in charge of government affairs in the court, such as Prime Minister yuan Zai, thought that "Tubo was invaded frequently, and Ma Ma was hard to resist". He was transferred to the Jingyuan Jiedu, and was transferred to the central book order and Guo Ziyi, the ambassador of the Shuo Fang Jie, and moved to the state.

Life in old age

In the eight year (773) of Dali, Guo Ziyi commanded Shuo Fangjun to defeat the Tubo army in Ling state and win the court in October.

In the nine year (774 years) of Dali, Guo Ziyi entered the din Dynasty in February. Yan Ying Hall See the emperor. The monarch and his minister were very generous to the play, but when it came to the great power of Tubo, Guo Ziyi was running out of tears. He also appeared on the table of "begging bones" (retired) without permission from Dai Zong.

In the fourteen year (779 years) of Dali, in May, Dai Zong died and Dzong succeeded. Guo Ziyi was transferred back to the imperial court by de Zong. He took the imperial order, and served as the imperial mausoleum. Shang Fu "And the addition of food to two thousand families led to the removal of other posts and Deputy marshals.

In the two years (781 years) of Tang Dezong's founding, Guo Ziyi was seriously ill. Tang Dezong is king of life. Li Yi Guo Ziyi was unable to kowtow to visit him, but he could only make a bow. In June 14th, Guo Ziyi died at the age of eighty-five. Imperial College The title is loyal and martial. Catering Ancestral temple Jian Ling On the five day of the death of de Zong, the ministers paid their respects to each other and kissed the Fu gate of Ling'an, and went beyond the rites.


Honest fish

When Guo Ziyi resisted Tubo

When the fish showed mercy, he was asked to dig his father's grave. The ministers were worried about his rebellion. After Guo Ziyi entered the imperial court, Dai Zong told him about this. He cried: "I am a soldier for a long time. I can not prohibit soldiers from damaging the tombs of the people. Others dig my father's grave. This is a punishment from heaven. No one can't get along with me." Later, the fish invited Guo Ziyi to dinner, Prime Minister. Yuan Zai He was sent to him to say that fish would be bad for him, and his subordinates would follow. Guo Ziyi did not agree. He took only a dozen family members to go. "Why are your followers so small?" asked the fish. Guo Ziyi told him what he had heard. The fish moved to tears and cried: "if you are not an elder, can you not suspect?"

Letter of appointment

In the two years (764) of December, Guo Ziyi was appointed by the emperor of the Tang Dynasty as the order of the Shang Dynasty, and Guo Ziyi refused to accept it. Dai Zong ordered the five hundred cavalry to take care of the halberd and urged him to take office. Guo Ziyi still refused to accept the appointment. Taizong The emperor had been in office, so the emperors were not appointed. Crown prince Ren Yong Wang, the only way to grant this official is how to favor me and violate important regulations. Moreover, after the rebellion, there were many people who claimed gifts, or even a few jobs. They wanted to gain promotion and disgrace. Now that the rebels are basically settled, it is time to straighten out the law and discipline censors. The emperor of the Dai Dynasty was helpless, but had to agree, and handed over his deeds of thanks to historians, and ordered them into the history of the country.

Return to traffic alone

Fu Gu Wynn led Hui and Tubo to join the army, and Guo Ziyi was stationed in Jingyang. Enemy troops besieged the city, and Guo Ziyi went into battle himself. The Hui soldiers asked curiously, "who is this man?" After knowing that Guo Ling was surprised, he said, "is Guo Ling Gong still there? Servant Gu Wynn said that the emperor of the Tang Dynasty died, and the Kuo Ling Kun died. Is Guo Ling Gong alive now? Is the emperor of Datang still alive? After knowing that the emperor was alive, he said, "we were deceived by servant Gu Wei." Guo Ziyi sent people to the Hui people: "in the past, you traveled far and wide to help us calm down the rebels and recover Changan and Luoyang. Now what do you do to abandon your old friends and help the rebelliers? The Hui man replied, "we thought that Guo Ling Gong had passed away, otherwise he would not have come here. If we live, can we see him? " Guo Ziyi would go out to meet the city, and his subordinates would discourage him. Guo Ziyi said: "the enemy is dozens of times ours, we can not defeat the enemy, I want to move them in good faith." The man shouted, "Guo Ling Gong is coming!" Guo Ziyi, who had dozens of cavalry out of town, met the Hui leader first, and said, "we shared our troubles together. How can we forget this friendship now?" The Hui people laid down their arms and bowed down, and said, "indeed, we are our fathers." Guo Ziyi called them to drink together, to send silk and silk to make friends, and swear to be as friendly as before. Then he said, "Tubo is a country that is related to the Tang Dynasty. There are hundreds of miles of horses in the Tubo. If you fight against Tubo, you will be able to get rid of the opportunity. In addition, we should not take two birds with one stone if we pursue the real benefits of the foreign race and continue to be friendly with our country. After hearing this, the Hui people promised to withdraw their troops.

Pay a full salary

The Hui people were asked to sell to ten thousand horses in the Tang Dynasty, and the court was prepared to buy one thousand only because of insufficient expenditure. Guo Ziyi said: "Hui people have great merit, they should repay their support, and they also need horses in the country. I ask for a year's salary to help them out." Although the Tang Dynasty did not agree, they still received praise from others.

Not swayed by personal considerations

Guo Ziyi had banned the horse riding in the military camp without reason. The son of Guo Ziyi's wife, the wife of Mrs. Nanyang, was violated by the ban. Du Yu Hou The baton killed. Guo Ziyi's sons cried before him, accusing him of being overbearing and arrogant, and Guo Ziyi repulsed them. The next day, Guo Ziyi told his staff about this and sighed, "my sons are all slaves." They do not appreciate their father's fate. Instead, they deplore the mother's son, not a slave.

Convict of prisoner

Guo Wen Zeng he Princess Shengping There was a quarrel, and he swore, "are you an emperor by your father? My father doesn't care much about being emperor! " The princess was furious and told her father back to the palace. Zong Dao: "he said nothing wrong. If Guo Ling Gong wanted to be emperor, the world would not be our home." And ordered the princess to go home. When Guo Ziyi was informed, he turned Guo off to himself and asked the emperor for a crime. Acting Zong Dao: "as the saying goes," do not be deaf, do not be a member of the family. " When Guo Ziyi came back, he beat dozens of Guo's staff.

Strong fan's fear

Tian Cheng Si When Wei Zhou was separated, he was arrogant and rude. But Guo Ziyi sent him to Wei Zhou But he bowed to the West and pointed at his knees to the messenger. "This knee has not been worshipped for a long time. Today, I will pay a visit to Guo Ling Gong." Li Lingyao occupies Bian Zhou No matter whether they are public or private, they will be seized only if they pass through Bian Zhou. When Guo Ziyi's property passed through his jurisdiction, Li Lingyao was not afraid to detain him, but he was also sent to escort him across the border.

Character evaluation

General comment

During the war in the peace of peace, Guo Ziyi commanded or participated in the command of the war in Hebei, the battle of two Beijing, the war of Ye City and other major operations. After the rebellion of an history, he retreated the Tubo and the two in Changan, persuaded the Hui to defeat the Tubo, and took the rebellion to the east of the river. He has lived a life of meritorious service. History books called him "recreating the royal family, honing the generation" and "taking the world as a safe person for twenty years". Guo Ziyi is not only good at martial arts, but also good at observing, thinking and dealing with problems from a political point of view. He is also a member of both martial arts and wisdom, so he can make outstanding contributions to complex battlefields at that time.

Past appraisal

Li Heng: (1) to prepare for civil and military affairs, to be loyal and loyal, to watch the macro and to be transported. In order to be a fierce and ugly person, Yun Lei has begun to hold the law of the Jung, and the emperor has been able to do so. Or in the East, in the two cities, or on the north side of the border, the the Great Wall will be ten thousand miles away. 2. There is a feeling that the stars are born. Hold the posture of Wen Wu, and cherish the device of economy. Since the fierce and mischief, the district has not been able to be loyal and loyal. With his knowledge, he is ambitious and deep in strategy. Zhang Fei is the enemy of all men, but he is the commander of the three armed forces. Therefore, we can clear up the strong invaders, recover two Beijing, and build the great Honda to become my Wang Ye. 3. On behalf of the prince's son, he is idle, and the rock corridor is valuable. We should have profound knowledge, broad mind and good strategy. Through the difficulties and obstacles, we can recover two Beijing and make a thousand miles. Jue Rong is a great soldier. He always works hard and starts to work hard. The hope of man is also given by heaven. Today, the remnant Kou Xinning has a wide range of teachers. There are differences between the system of guarding and guarding, and the means of planning must be absolute. The general's speech is not based on home, but on the side of the prime minister.

Li Yu: 1. Tai Hyun From the beginning to the end, it is difficult to overcome the difficulties, and the atmosphere of Yu Hai is in the order of heaven. Being sensitive and taciturn, doing things with respect is simple. (2) he is loyal to his virtues, loyal to his prose and martial arts. For the emperor of the community, the good and the subordinate of the real Taiwan. Yuan Tai Wei is promoted to Guan Bai Liu, six Fu Ming Ming, and 9 Ding to gain weight.

Li Shi: (1) in the season of Tianbao, pilfer mausoleum, Cui Hua South levy, Tongguan does not observe; in the meantime of Guangde, Rong Yi, the emperor's East patrol, and the palace palace strike police, if there are still father and son, and so on, it will be ugly, but the imperial clan will be in the same place. 2. I emperor emperor of the Dragon Emperor Fei Ling Wu, Jian Bao whale salamander, the public is the banner of Yang Xuanwei, Zuo Qing Liuhe. I Emperor of the great empire Fu Jun Gong Luo recaptured the city, while the public destroyed all the invaders and washed away the two rivers. In addition, they were invaded into JINGLUE, while the public stood alone in the battle field, and they beat back the poor and ugly, Wei Xiong seven extracts. There is no police in Yongkang. When I was attacked by a fierce man, I was in the dark, and the public and the outer hundred were in the four dimensions. Wan Shu rely on the office, the performance of its coagulation, all the inquiry, will ye Yin Liang. In addition, from the words of "Jing and Jia", the spirit of the earth is favorable. Hong Xuan five religions, training and coordination of life; Guang Zhao seven Germany, Wei Su disaster. 3. Father and son are the masters of the world. How difficult is it? a branch of the Xiongnu For disaster, salt and Qin are out of danger. The public is able to support the emperor in the summer. In the state, it is necessary to work hard, and to get rid of it. The security of the family must lie. Crimson Hou The Qiang and Rong were not more than full. Jiang Tai Sui's scattered crowd, Jingyang fell to one hundred thousand prisoners. Xun Gao today, the name of the barbarian, and Rao Zheng Town, two Ji Yu.

Miao Jin Qing In the case of the Kun Fu, the king's teacher is going to turn against him. After the capture of the enemy, Changshan became the six army in the beginning of Lingwu. It is to wipe out the invaders in the Qin Dynasty, to restore Fengtian; the captive of the Shanxi suburb is to collect Luoyi. Under posaka, on the top of Qi water, destroy the land. Two, there is no danger in the city. If the teachers do not delay, they will fight. This is due to the sacrifice of the state, the courage to lose loyalty.

learned scholar Zi Yi Shuai, who is so strong, is a great pioneer. Taking Jing Luo Luo as a supplement, he is very cruel and cruel. Compliment Decree The emperor's assistant minister. It is known for its innocence that it often lives on economy. With the Fu of the state, the weak crown suddenly took the lead of generals. Four, to raise the highest rank, to have a voice before; three as a general, and then to a large county. Long drive Heluo, Bi Cheng Rui diagram, reinventing the soul, clear the sky. In the summer, the world is restless. To be loyal to the country and filial piety is at home. Sheng Dezai's things are broad and benevolent. Shen's secret is in heaven and earth. To push sincerity and win the country, we will take the lead. At the beginning of the crash, the eagle was above the temple. Two calendar Ding division, two liters of the seat, four as marshal, nine years of book, calendar events two holy and juldewei Mao, easy to meet twenty and receive deep. When GAC restores all of them, he decides the Tokyo people, and the rest of his city, the city of shame, has to destroy the front, and not the number of weeks.

Pei Ji Fenyang is honest and sincere. When it comes to the next city, it will gain a lot of attention. Before and after they were killed, Cheng Yuanzhen, the fish, and the emperor, he destroyed all the troops. When he was strong, he was forced to fight, or the enemy was called. Dai Zong, when he was in Shaanxi Province, ordered dozens of riding thieves, and in Jingyang, and was trapped in Hu's tight encirclement. All of them made a living in their own country. He was very rude and insolent. He sent his son to the west to worship him. "According to the state of Li Lingyao, the public, private and financial resources are all suppressed," he said. It is for the Jackal tiger. Veteran veterans Li Huai Guang Ten members of the family are Wang Houzhonggui, and Zi Yi moves forward and backward, like servant Li. The shogunate flourishing in modern times. Beginning with Li Guangbi's fame, he was generous and generous. The annual salary is twenty-four million yuan, and private profit is absent. Its residence is in the benevolence, it occupies 1/4 of its home, the Tong Tong Lane and the family three thousand. Before and after giving the beautiful fields, the famous garden, the pavilion, the sound and the color, the accumulation and the overflow. Dai Zong is not named, he is called minister. The world has been in danger for twenty years. There are four of the twenty books in the school. The power of the world is not to be avoided, but the power of a generation should not be doubtful. Prosperity and longevity, prosperity and prosperity, the end of sorrow and glory, the prosperity of humanity. Only by slander anger, falsely play the judge's office, Zhang Tan's staff to kill it.

Lu Ji In the season of Tianbao, Kou was trapped in two Beijing, but when he was in charge of the imperial court, he took the emperor's emperor, and decided to rebuild the area.

Li Wei In the past Cao Mo Three defeats will eventually recover. Meng Ming Run again, snow and Qin shame. In modern Fenyang, the father of the sun and the Tai teacher of Xianning were also disadvantaged.

Liu Wei (1) the days of Tianbao were stolen from the tomb. Tian Zuo Tu De, born in Fenyang. He is a teacher in Kansai. He is a jackal tiger. In the past seven or eight years, it has been diligent to rebuild the royal family. And the national prestige revival, the small group slandered, the position is serious, the disgrace, no resentment. Unfortunately, when you are in danger, you invite your father, not to regret it, but to be loyal. Since Qin and Han Dynasty, the power of Sheng is beyond compare. Yi Yi Fenyang, Gong Fu Hao Cang. With benevolence and justice, iron heart and stone. The four dynasties are quiet and chaotic. For the minister's day, dare to tell Zhongliang.

founder of the Song dynasty Tang Li Jing and Guo Ziyi are all Confucian scholars.

Zhao Pu Yuan yuan, the founder of the far column, built Taiping. Wang Chun, upstairs, is waiting before Naga Rashi. If you refuse to take a prisoner, you can apply three wonders. National reconstruction, only the power of image, image Ling

The smoke cover favors the glory.

Meng Zheng Lu The gift of Rong Jin Zi is highly praised. Article Kong Meng, career followed Xiao Cao. Zun Fu excellent three strategies. All doors are full of flowers.

Wang Dan In the past, he was always respected by his father. Every Shi Sheng De Tang Zuo, when the wind is blowing around the emperor. The article of the meritorious service shows the sun and moon. Emperor Jung's mercy wave, Wu Wu Long has Hou queen.

Fan Zhong Yan The crown of fame. Xiao He Chang Mu stores you more. The heart and the barbarian will be ready. Jun Heng repeatedly points out the importance of the tripod. The country is like Ling Yan as the first.

Wen Yan Bo As a public official in the Tang Dynasty, he was a master of Tao. The only reason for this is to be loyal and loyal. The evil party is suspicious of pollution. National reconstruction is the most popular and painted like Lingyan and Mai Lun Lun.

Ou Yangxiu The first thing is to be honest and sincere. Fortunately, Cheng Yuanzhen and his fish were short of destruction. When the army was in danger, they were still in the army. Tens of thousands of veteran generals will be valuable. The sixty remaining people of shogunate were all officials of the general assembly. Be equal to Li Guangbi and be generous to others. Zi Yi's salary is two hundred and forty thousand yuan. The house is 1/4 in the family, and three thousand in the family. Before and after, the fields, the beauty vessels, the famous gardens and the armour hall are all well preserved. Dai Zong is not named, he is called minister. In order to be the world's safe person for twenty years, the school book test is twenty-four. Eight sons and seven son-in-law are all valuable. Tens of thousands of grandchildren could not know everything, and asked for peace. Wealth and longevity, and the beginning of sorrow, there is no shortage of people. Second, Tianbao has stolen the mausoleum and blocked the internal conflict. Zi Yi raised the isolated army from Shuo Fang and fought to fight north. When it is time, the emperor goes West, Tang takes the trouble, but he can help the prince and rebuild the royal family. And the great difficulty is a little bit flat, and is slandered, and the enemy takes the handle. And surrounded by Jingyang, they ride alone to see the prisoners. Although Tang Dynasty Fang Yong is also loyal to the sun and the moon, God helps the people. And Guang Bi, such as fear of forcing the end, and the son of the end of the name of the high section, alone in the dead, Fu Lu forever, although Qi Huan, Jin Wen compared to it. Tang Shichen Pei Pei said: "the power is overwhelming and the world is not to be avoided." Alas! Honesty knows everything. Most of his descendants are famous for their fame and success.

Zhang Bei: Sun Zi said, "leisurely and laborious." Zi Yi Yang and the thief can not rest. And he said, "do it with interest, but with death." The son is in the middle of the wall. He said, "the three armed forces are doubtful and confused, and the Lords are hard to reach." Zi Yi and Guang Bi are not responsible for their work but fail. He said, "strong and avoid it." The son is called the thief to fight fast, and the wall to wait. He said, "though the enemy is numerous, it can make no fighting." Zi Yi shows sincerity and feelings.

Wang Anshi Wings: Fenyang. After the end, the spirit was built in Tang Dynasty. Enjoy the world and flow like the sea.

ranked next to Zhu Xi The country only depends on old Fenyang. The officials will follow the rules of Dehua, and the bureaucrats will listen to Su Chao gang. The prisoner, rob, called his father. Iron coupons pass the official spectrum, and the sons and daughters are gracious.

" Seventeen Shi Bai Jiang "Sun Zi said," leisurely and laborious. " Zi Yi Yang and the thief can not rest. Moreover, he said, "we must act in accordance with our interests, and we shall wait for it." The son is in the middle of the wall. He added, "the three armies are doubtful and confused, and the Lords are hard to carry on." Zi Yi and Guang Bi are not responsible for their work but fail. He said, "strong and avoid it." The son is called the thief to fight fast, and the wall to wait. He said, "though the enemy is numerous, it can make no fighting." Zi Yi shows sincerity and feelings.

Chen Yuan Liang Tian Zuo has a Tang Dynasty. Ning has no luck, Chura. In the middle of the day, comet died. Visual crossflow and heart competition. The only way to help Tianzhu is to rely on Fenyang. The snow will sell the altar to the emperor township. But the teacher is the father, but the eagle. The graphics are worthy of the ancestral temple.

GUI you Guang In order to cultivate the people and rely on the people to rely on them, the loyal and loyal officials also rely on them. It is in ancient times, if you pay, take off, turn over soup, spit noodles, and so on, you can be honest and honest. The big ones are Cao Shen, Zhou Bo, Bing Ji, Di Renjie, Guo Ziyi, Pei Du, Lv Duan, Wang Dan and Han Qizhi.

Wang Fuzhi Non Han letter name of Xiongnu ruler during Western Han Not to show off Shi Jing Fu The evil law is not horizontal, such as Guo Ziyi and Tubo, Hui and Hui have the edge of fire but no heart, there are no two people.

Emperor Kangxi: since the Han and Tang Dynasties, the honors were most successful, and Fu Zuo Ke was named by Guo Ziyi. It is not only those who deserve it but also those who are modest and modest. They dare not take pride in their deeds, so they can be proud of their lives for the rest of their lives. It is the curse of heaven to say that we must not suppress violence. It is far from being ambitious.

qianlong emperor Since ancient times, ministers have come to the stage, and for the sake of national security and danger, they must be loyal and virtuous, capable of making the best of the world and setting up great achievements. The two is to be loyal and mature, and to do what is expected of the world. In ancient and modern times, we should not falsely accuse it. When the Tianbao rebellion, the emperor was fortunate, Shu and Su were born, Henan and Hebei were all thieves. It is not allowed to rake the comb, but the son of the Shuo army pacified the Central Plains and recovered two Beijing. The world is a bit flat, the general situation is decided, and the slanders serve the plan and seize their military power. However, when the evening comes to life, there is no cashmere in mind, and riding alone is a good faith. Those who love to move heaven and earth and weep and ghosts can. All things in life, loyalty, forgiveness, kindness, and honesty, so that we should know the truth. Cheng si used to worship the wolf with the pride of the wolf, and the Hui and the leopard were leopard and envious.

Zheng Guan Ying (1) the ancients are the masters of the ancient world. They are able to learn from each other, to strive for courage. They can get people, know people, love others, and make people; save the opportunity of heaven and time, observe the geographical needs, and follow the situation of people and feelings. All the ancient and modern gains and losses are in disorder, the changes in the tactics are meticulous, the military's true and false are sharp, and the instruments are thick and clever. In the spring and Autumn Period strategist of the Warring States period , Li Mu Han Hanxin , conqueror of northern Viet Nam , Ban Chao , Zhu Geliang Tang Li Jing Guo Ziyi, Li Guangbi, Song Dynasty Chung se , Yue Fei Ming Dynasty Military leader famed for combat against Japanese pirate invaders , Yu Da you And other famous generals, no matter the history of books, know the art of war, know the geography, and concentrate the equipment. 2. The so-called "generals" of ancient times were called "Confucian scholars". Yue Yi , Yang Hu Zhu Geliang, Xie an , Wei Lu Yue Fei, etc. Feng Yi , Wang Meng , He ho Bi Li Jing, Guo Ziyi, Cao Bin , Xu Da And so on. Sun Bin , Wu Qi , White , Geng , Yang Su , Murong, Sao Chung Li Guangbi, Ma Sui And so on. Ying Bu , Wang Ba , Zhang Liao , Liu Zhen Zhi , Cao Jing Chung , Gao Cao Cao , Zhou Dewei , Expanding timber And so on.

Zeng Guofan The ancients called Lide, meritorious service and lien as three immortals. Lide is the most difficult, since Zhou Han, rare German propagator. Meritorious service such as Xiao, Cao, Fang, Du, Guo, Li, Han, Yue, Liyan, such as horses, classes, Koreas, Europe, Li, Du, Su and Huang, how many people have there been in ancient and modern times?

Later status

Tang Zhaojian in three years (782 years), etiquette made learned scholar It is suggested to Tang Dezong that sixty-four ancient famous people should be followed up and set up a temple for them, including "Tai Wei Zhong Shu Ling, Shang Fu, Fenyang Jun Wang Guo Ziyi".

In the five years (1123) of Xuan song in Northern Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty chamber was in accordance with Tang dynasty In practice, seventy-two temples include Guo Ziyi.

The book of the Northern Song Dynasty Seventeen Shi Bai Jiang Guo Ziyi is also among them.

Twenty-one years (1388) of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty. Ming Tai Zu Take the ancient and modern heroes thirty-seven people to enjoy Temple of the Past-Ages Emperors Among them is Guo Ziyi.

During the Qing Dynasty, during the Kangxi years, he followed the example of the Ming Dynasty, and took forty-one ancient and modern heroes. Temple of the Past-Ages Emperors Among them is Guo Ziyi.

During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, Changle County Li Temple sacrifices Guo Ziyi.

personal works

Please declare the thrift list.

"Please change the yuan number table".

"Honour list"

Above Queen Zhang Jing Posthumous title

"Let the Tai Wei watch".

"Let the second watch of Tai Wei"

"Let's order".

"Let the second order of the Shang Shu order"

The imperial decree before and after the imperial decree

"Please drive back to Beijing."

"Black headdress"

On the book of Tubo

Member of family

The six generation

The six generation of ancestors: Guo Zhi, Taiyuan Jinyang (now Shanxi Taiyuan). From the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty to the secretary general, the prefectural governor of Zhongshan and the governor of Yingzhou. (see "Sui Guorong tablet")

The five generation

The five generation: Guo Jin Western Wei Dynasty Tongzhou Sima, Sui Tai Bao Qing Guo Hui di. (see "yuan and surname", "New Tang Dynasty Prime Minister Genealogy Collection school")

Gao Zu

Bo Gao Zu: Guo Rong (547 - 614), Chang Rong, Sui Tai Bao Qing, the son of Gong Guo Hui County of Ancheng County, Dr. Zuo Guanglu of Sui Dynasty, the General Commander of the right Hou Wei and Pucheng County Gong, and gave the Ministry of arms to Shang Shu. (see "Sui Guorong tablet", "yuan and surname compiling", "New Tang Dynasty Prime Minister Genealogy Collection school")

Great grandfather: Guo Lvqiu, the son of Guo Jin, joined the army in Jinzhou in the Sui Dynasty. (see "yuan and surname" and "New Tang Dynasty Prime Minister genealogy table collection"), which can be corrected "the new Tang Dynasty Prime Minister genealogy table".

Great ancestor

Great grandfather: Guo Chang, son of track ball. Born in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, officials joined the army in Liangzhou. (see "Guo Gong Miao inscription" and "yuan and surname compiling")


Grandfather: Guo Tong, the son of Guo Chang, from Tang Yonghui to 650 (655), from the official to the main part of the original county of the mega County, and the emperor of the Tang Dynasty (758) in February, Guo Ziyi was awarded the Ministry of war. (see "Guo Gong Miao inscription", "yuan and surname compilation", "New Tang Dynasty Prime Minister genealogy table collection school")


Father: Guo Jing Zhi , Iowa Zheng county (now Shaanxi) Weinan Hua Zhou District People, who served as the four prefectures of Wei Zhou, Ji Zhou, Suizhou and Shou Zhou, and Emperor suzong in the first year of Qian Yuan (758) in February, were awarded for the sake of Guo Ziyi. Tai Bao The title is "Zhen Yi".

Mother: Xiang people, Hanoi people of Huai Prefecture, who first sealed the plains Jun Jun and Tang emperor Zong Zong Yuan first year (758).


Elder brother

Guo Zi -

Younger brother

Guo Zi Yun

Guo Zi Ying

Guo Zi -

Guo You Xian

Guo you ju

Guo you Ming Once appointed Shao Fu prison After death grand tutor of the heir apparent

Guo you Zhong

Wives and concubines

Wang Shi, Jing Zhao Wan Ren, seals Langya County Jun, enters Taiyuan County Jun, Huo country lady, Dagon state. dadudu The daughter of Wang Shouyi.

Li, a native of Shanzhou, Ledu, is Mrs. Feng Liang.

Zhang is the wife of Nanyang.

Han, Mrs. Feng Jin Jie.




Guo Ziyi has eight sons. According to the wife of the king of Fenyang, Wang's sacred tablet, six of them were born by Mrs. Wang.

1. Guo Yao Kaiyang Prefecture Wei Yi Guo Yi With Guo Ziyi settling down on an Shi rebellion, he served as Wei Wei Qing. Taizi Zhan , Prince Shao Bao It sealed Taiyuan county and then attacked the Duke. After death, he presented Prince Taizu, a posthumous filial piety.

2. Guo Gan died in the expedition of an Shi rebellion.

3. Guo Wei Guo Ziyi has recovered two Beijing with outstanding military exploits. He served as Hong Lu Qing. Palace Supervisor Shang Shujian, Ministry of works Prince Edward guest Zhao Zhao Gong. After death minister of war

4. Guo.

5. Guo met.

6. Guo Wen Marry the daughter of generation Princess Shengping Worship Prince Consort Successive imperial examinations and checks left To wait for a ride Tai Chang Qing, the first male in Guangyang County, entered the Qingyuan County Hou, and later attacked the Duke. After death, he presented the left hand of the Shang Shu and gave it to him. Tai Fu

7. Guo Shu Once appointed Si Shao Shao Qing After that Disorder of Zhu and Zhu Neutrality has a military merit, and has been promoted to the left Jin and Wu Wei general, and sealed Qi Guo Gong.

8. Guo Ying, Prince Zuo Yu de.


The new Tang Shu called Guo Ziyi eight sons and seven son-in-law. But according to Wang's wife, the wife of Fenyang's wife Wang, Wang has eight daughters.

1. The eldest daughter married Chengdu county magistrate Lu Jin.

2. Two daughters, married to Ezhou observer Wu Zhongru.

3. Three women, married Wei Wei, Zhang Jun.

4. Four daughters, marry in the temple and supervise Li Dongqing.

5. Five women, married Si men Zhong Zheng Hun.

6. Six women, married Fenzhou Don't drive. Zhang Yong.

7. Seven women, married and Zhou Shi Zhao Zhao.

8. Eight women, married Tai Chang Temple Cheng Wang Zai.


Guo Feng, son of Guo Yao.

Guo Gang, the eldest son of Guo Kun, was appointed Minister of the Shuo Fang. Du Xi Quan The deputy, who was the agent of Feng Zhou, refused to be sent to the capital, and was sent to Beijing to die.

Guo Jun, second son of Guo Xi.

Guo, the son of Guo.

Guo Zhu, the eldest son of Guo Xiang, attacked the Dai Gong Gong.

Guo Zhao The second son of Guo was born in Shengping princess. All previous Zuo Jin Wu general and check school. minister of public works , Ning Ning Jie Jie , Si n Qing The three cities of Heyang City, Jijie, Hezhong Yin and the Ministry of military affairs, Shang Shu, Tang Wenzong, who gave the Si Kong and Jiannan Xichuan jiitu, joined the imperial court as Tai Chang Qing and checked the Szeto.

Guo Wei Guo Aidi, the three son, was born and married. Tang Shun Zong Daughter of Princess of Hanyang He was appointed to the imperial examination. Guo Zi Jiu Jiu The general of the right Jin Wu, the prince's affairs, and the stables. Imperial court makes After the death of the prince of Taiyuan, he donated the left hand to the Shang Shu.

Guo Qi, Guo Aidi's four son, married Tang Shun Zong's daughter. Princess Xihe He was appointed to the Imperial Palace, the prince and the palace yard.

Guo, Guo Yang's eldest daughter was born in Shengping princess. Emperor Tang Xianzong Imperial concubine, Emperor Muzong of Tang The birth mother was later respected. Empress Dowager Posthumous title Empress Yi


Guo Baoyu, Guo Dehai and Guo Kan were three generals of the great Mongolia.

Guo Xi Ming Hongwu In the early years, Guo Xiu was ordered to win the battle in the south. governor's office

Historical records

" Book of Tang Volume one hundred and twenty. Biography seventieth.

" New Tang Dynasty book Volume one hundred and thirty-seven. Biography sixty-second.

Tomb Memorial

Tomb of Guo Ziyi

Tomb of Guo Ziyi In Shaanxi Province Liquan County Po Yang village, two kilometers southwest of Jian Ling.

Fenyang King Temple

786 years, Ning Ning Jie Jie The left servant of Shang Shu Han you Wei The temple for Guo Ziyi was built in the state of Binxian County (today's Shaanxi Binxian County), to commemorate the "Saint De Fang" and "forever stay in Xixia". The Fenyang king temple is the oldest known temple in Fenyang. Unfortunately, it was later destroyed and lost in the dust of history.

In the 910 year, a temple of Fenyang king was built in Changle, Fujian. It is the most well preserved and oldest temple in Fenyang.

During the Wanli period in the Ming Dynasty, there was a king temple in Fenyang, Fenzhou, Shanxi.

Fenyang King Memorial Hall

The memorial hall of the king of Fenyang is built by the Fenyang municipal government in memory of Guo Ziyi, the king of Fenyang. It is located in the City Museum of Miqian street, Fenyang City, Shanxi province. There are Guo Ziyi statues in the middle of the hall, with eight portraits hanging on both sides. The memorial hall of the king of Fenyang has become a place for the descendants of Guo to worship Guo Ziyi at home and abroad.

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Xi He Da

Drum Romance in Yue Tang Dynasty " Guo Ziyi As the main role, the classic bridge section includes "noisy mansion", "bow to drop the Warcraft", "grab the peach chain," "go to the horse to shoot money", "whip an Lu Mountain", "gun pick iron Tianzhu" and so on.

Traditional opera

Chaozhou Opera Ma Ma Po In Guo Ziyi, Tang Minghuang was excommunicated, and he was driven out of the capital by ANN Lu Shan and Yang Guozhong. After the army launched a rebellion, Guo Ziyi broke the ranks of the rebels by beating his hands and beating up the rebels.

In the Cantonese Opera "Guo Ziyi's birthday", Guo Ziyi's birthday, Princess Guo Kuo's wife, Shengping princess, not only did not go to celebrate her birthday, but set up a red light to make Guo Kuai difficult, Guo Kuo was intolerable and drunk. Guo Ziyi learned that night after night tied into the palace to apologize. Tang Wang and Queen's Princess of responsibility taught the little couple to reconcile.

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" Convincing Arguments Warning the World "Ninth Volume" Li Zhexian is a terrible book. In Guo Ziyi's early years, he was an official in the state of Changan. After being escorted by crime, he beheaded and met him on the way to the execution ground. Li Bai It was saved by Li Bai. Later Li Bai is king forever. lin Aides were suspected of Lee rebellion. After setting up a rebellion, Guo Ziyi released the message of saving his life and released Li Bai.

The story of Li Bai and Guo Ziyi in " Romance of the Sui and Tang Dynasties It is also mentioned that Guo Ziyi is the governor of Longxi. Ge Shu Han Subordinates will be partial.


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