Guilin two rivers and four lakes

Home Scenery 2018-10-12

Guilin's "two rivers and four lakes" refer to the Lijiang River, Taohua River, Mulong Lake (including Tiefotang), Guihu Lake, Ronghu Lake and Shanhu Lake. The water system around the city is 7.33 kilometers in length and the water surface area is 385,900 square meters. The project was first formed in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), when Ronghu, Shanhu and Guihu were in full swing, and visitors were thriving.

Guilin, four rivers and two lakes constitute an important part of Guilin Scenery beauty. The article gives a detailed description of the general situation, social benefits, planning process and the dazzling scenery of the two rivers and four lakes in Guilin.

Due to the long history, some Hutang has been filled up. In order to reproduce the prosperity of the "water city" in Guilin and restore the urban tourism mode of the Song Dynasty, the conception of the "two rivers and four lakes" project in Guilin was first put forward by the Guilin Municipal Government on September 18, 1998. After more than 1000 days and nights of arduous struggle by builders, Guilin "two rivers and four lakes" in the morning of June 2, 2002 to achieve navigation. Liu Kezhuang, a famous poet and poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, praised Guilin's dream of "a thousand mountains surrounded by the wild, one water embracing the flow of the city".

On September 18, 1998, the Communist Party of China Guilin Municipal Committee and Municipal People's Government put forward the idea of building a water system around Guilin City, which links the Lijiang River, Taohua River, Ronghu Lake, Shanhu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake in the Central District of Guilin, namely the "two rivers and four lakes" project. The project was officially started on August 23, 1999. On May 2, 2002, the water was opened and the trial navigation was successful. On June 2, 2002, the first phase of the two rivers and four lakes project was completed and officially opened to traffic.

The two rivers and four lakes project is a large-scale environmental protection project, a large-scale urban infrastructure construction project and a large-scale tourist attraction construction project in Guilin. The first phase of the two rivers and four lakes project has fundamentally improved Guilin's ecological environment, improved the city's functions, opened up a new pattern of downtown tourism, inherited and carried forward Guilin's long history and culture, and upgraded the city's grade and taste.

In May 2002, a branch of Guilin Huancheng Water System Construction and Development Co., Ltd. was set up, which mainly deals in water recreation projects of two rivers, four lakes and around the city. The company consists of six departments: office, finance department, Cruise Shipping Management department, sales department, business department and wharf management department. It has more than 200 employees and more than 40 cruise ships. It has the reception capacity of more than 6000 people per day.