Guilin Yijiang Margin Scenic Spot

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Guilin Yijiang Margin Scenic Spot

Guilin Yijiang Rim Scenic Spot is situated on the northwest tour line of Guilin with long corridor. It is 32 kilometers away from the urban area (321 National Highway Lingui Wutong Town Section). It is planned according to the national AAAA Scenic Spot standard, relying on the clear Yijiang River. The whole village is based on the primitive simplicity and matched with the perfect deduction of the unique customs of Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang ethnic minorities. It is also a unique folk handicraft. The corridor, as well as the delicious "Hundred Families'Banquet with Style", has a large-scale ethnic theme scenic spot with an area of more than 1,000 mu, forming a unique and beautiful tourist landscape in Guilin, which is known as "the first village with Guilin Style".

Introduction to scenic spots

Yijiang Margin Scenic Spot is located in Wutong Town, Guilin County, which is the only way to the world famous scenic spot of Longji Terrace along the Northwest Guilin tourist line. The scenic spot of Yijiang Margin, which has a long corridor, gathers more than ten minority nationalities, such as Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang. The primitive forests, alpine waterfalls, Canyon torrents, grand terrace scenery and fiery folk customs in the magnificent mountains are intermingled to form Guilin. Unique and beautiful tourist landscape, has the reputation of "Guilin style first village".

The edge of Yijiang River is a large scenic spot with Lingui culture as its background and minority customs in Northwest Guangxi as its theme. Here, we can have a close look at the unique farming style, farming culture and pastoral scenery in Northwest Guangxi, and also appreciate the "Yijiang scenery" of Lingui's top eight scenic spots; Yijiang scenery and performing waterway, can sing with our Zhuang song fairies and listen to the "Dong song" "The sounds of heaven and the strange customs of Yao people's long hair can also be appreciated, as well as the various customs and architectural landscapes of ethnic minorities on both sides of the Yijiang River. There are also dozens of traditional handicraft techniques of ethnic minorities in Yijiang Margin Folk Art Corridor. Long Street Banquet is a place you will never forget. Hot national performances and exotic national food make you forget yourself and Carnival together.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Custom performance waterway - Yijiang scenery, Miao Lusheng greeting performance, Zhuang song fairy folk song performance/couplet song, Tujia flower drum performance, Longsheng Changfayao performance, Dong song performance, fishermen fishing performance in Yijiang valley. The picturesque Yijiang edge scenic spot on the river, gathers the essence of the interpretation of the customs of minority nationalities in Northwest Guangxi. Bamboo platoon down the stream, we can meet with the Zhuang family song boat, experience the hot and melodious folk songs of the Zhuang family song girl. No, they won't let you go.

Tujia's flower drum is another kind of taste. Many tourists say that only after seeing flower drum can they realize the meaning of women like water.

Have you ever seen long hair dance? Have you heard their vernacular? Have you ever seen them dressing up by the clear river side uuuuuuuuuuuu

Bronze drums are ringing. Bai Kuyao has danced for two thousand years to welcome you. Come near them to understand the mystery of this minority nationality.

Heyi River is integrated with fishermen, fishing steaks, cormorants, River fog and remote villages in the Yijiang River basin. It is a beautiful scenery of Yijiang River.

Handicraft Folk Art Corridor - Yao embroidery, Zhuangjia bamboo ware/grass production, Miao silverware/clothing/Lusheng production, Dong miniature wooden architecture/batik art, Lingui three-bark painting/grass weaving art and other handicraft demonstrations. It's like the old village streets, the sound of looms, the delicacy of ginger candy, the singing of embroidered girls and the children playing barefoot. You haven't been here, but it's like the memory of childhood. Even a small comb has a light feeling. Will you sink in it?

Happy / Gourmet Long Street Banquet - Ethnic Minority Cuisine / Snacks, China's most mysterious / primitive ethnic group - Baikuyao large-scale performance. Among the minority nationalities in Guangxi, there are the most grand activities. Every major festival, every family brings out their own good dishes and places them on the long table of hundreds of meters. While tasting the ethnic minorities'customs and delicacies, tourists can sing and dancing together with the original ethnic minorities, and participate in entertainment activities with various ethnic characteristics.

Other information

Features of the scenic spot: The waterway of folk customs and performing arts, the corridor of handicraft arts, the long street of happy delicacies, and barbecue activities can be carried out.

Tour time: 30 kilometers away from the city, 2 hours.