Guilin Yaoshan Scenic Area

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Guilin Yaoshan Scenic Area

Yaoshan is located in the eastern suburb of Guilin City, 8 kilometers away from the city center. The main peak is 909.3 meters above sea level and 760 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in Guilin City. It was named after the temple of Emperor Yao built in the mountains during the Zhou and Tang Dynasties. Yaoshan Scenic Spot is the first batch of national 4A class tourist scenic spots and the first batch of Guilin civilized scenic tourist demonstration sites, and is the Youth Civilization Unit of Guangxi Autonomous Region.

Development history

According to historical records, Yaoshan was originally an island in the ancient sea of Guilin, and it was also the only earthen mountain in Guilin at that time, the highest and largest.

"County Records" Yun: Yaoshan, Guangzhou, 4,000 feet high, seen from Panyu and Jiaoshan. There is a hurricane, windbreaking trees and turning lakes.

Yao Temple, Houshou Buddhist Temple and Baiyun View were built on Yao Mountain.

At an elevation of 200 meters, Zhu Sheng'an (also known as Maoping Temple) was built in the Ming Dynasty; at an elevation of about 650 meters, Bailu Zen Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, which is the former residence of Bailu Zen Master (also known as Yuhuang Pavilion).

At the foot of Yaoshan lies the Tomb of King Jingjiang of the Ming Dynasty and Zhang Tongguang, an anti-Qing hero.

Origin of Yao Shan

The mountain extends from north to south, tall and vigorous, like Funiu, commonly known as Niushan. Since the Indosinian movement 200 million years ago, the Yanshanian movement 70 million years ago and the Himalayan movement 2 million years ago, the Yaoshan Mountains have continuously pushed upward, becoming the highest peak of the Guilin mountains. Yuanyun 1.6-800 billion years ago, Yaoshan was originally a seabed. About 400 million years ago, the movement of Guangzhou uplifted to land, and then fell to shallow sea. 360 million years ago, it was composed of sandstone and shale. After millions of years of physical weathering, rock mass was slowly destroyed, forming a gentle "earth mountain", and the surface debris deposits still exist in the hillsides and foothills.

Characteristics of Yao Shan

Yaoshan is famous for its unpredictable and colorful four-time scenery, and Huaihe is the best place to appreciate Guilin's landscape. Yaoshan is also a treasure land of geomantic omen. There are the most complete tombs of the Ming Dynasty vassal kings in the whole country, Jingjiang Mausoleum, which is magnificent in scale. The plum bottle unearthed here is famous all over the world.

geographical environment


Yaoshan is located in the northeast of Guilin City, which borders Lingchuan County. Four seasons scenery

Yaoshan hills undulating, momentum, lush vegetation, azaleas everywhere. There is snow at the top of the mountain in winter. The Mingya earthquake straightens the poem cloud of "Winter Snow on Yaoshan Mountain": "The new wind comes from the east, blows down the distant snow and sprinkles on the top of Yaoshan Mountain, which looks most extraordinary to each other." Yaoshan is famous for its unpredictable and colorful four-time scenery.

In spring, the azaleas all over the mountain dress up a mountain with mountains and peaks in purple and bright red; in summer, pines and bamboos, green waves, rivers and rivers, lush and lush; in autumn, Maple cypress purple, wild chrysanthemum all over the country, golden yellow and green; in winter, snowflakes, white snow, icy jadeite trees, there is a special interest, standing at the top of Yaoshan, looking around like a mirror in front of the mountain, the water field is like a village house. In the painting, the scenery of Guilin, surrounded by thousands of peaks and green fields, enclosed by water and flowing through the city, has a panoramic view. The mountains and rivers of Guilin are like bonsai in front of you. On the top of the mountain, you can see the huge natural reclining Buddha, and you can also drink the spring of the divine spring, relieve the fatigue of the journey. When you go down the mountain, you can also take a taxiway, shuttle through the flower sea jungle, and experience the pleasure of flying close to the ground. Yaoshan also has the most complete Ming Dynasty vassal tomb group - Jingjiang Wang Mausoleum, which is magnificent in scale. The plum bottle unearthed here is famous all over the world. It will surely make you feel the pride of "seeing all the hills and mountains in a panoramic view". Yaoshan is a famous historical site in China.

Entertainment items

Yaoshan ropeway has introduced the advanced technology of DOPPE LMATYR ropeway company from Austria. It is equipped with automatic alarm, TV tracking and other safety protection systems. The ropeway is 1416.18 metres long and 423.3 metres high. There are 175 suspension chairs and booths. The upper station is near the TV transmitter on the top of the mountain. The next station is near the King's Mausoleum of Jingjiang. The one-way running time of the ropeway is 20 minutes and 38 seconds. The ropeway runs from the bottom of the mountain to the top of Yaoshan Mountain. It has a good view of the scenery of Guilin mountains and rivers.

Yaoshan's slideway belongs to the Fuster slideway, which is rarely seen in China. It winding around Yaoshan, most of which are located in dense forests. Many places are difficult to reach on foot and pass through two culverts. There are many strange pine stones and famous flowers and plants on both sides.

The total length of the slideway is 1000 meters, there are 18 bends, the difference between height and height is 150 meters, the average slope is 15 degrees, like a giant dragon. The maximum design speed of the slideway is 80 km/h, which is now limited to 35 km/h. The slideway is jointly constructed by Shenghua Group of Hong Kong and Guilin Cableway Amusement Company. German experts are invited to survey and design the slideway. All the slideways are built with advanced technology and equipment of Weigang Company of Germany.