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Guilin Lemandi theme park Gudong Waterfall is suitable for sightseeing all the year round. April-October is the best time for Guilin tourism. The scenic spot is located in Guilin, Guangxi. Guilin belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is mild, summer is long and winter is short, annual precipitation is plentiful, sunshine is abundant, annual average temperature is 19 degrees, north wind is the whole year. Mainly.

Guilin Merryland Resort World Guangxi is currently the largest foreign investment in tourism projects, covering a total area of 6000 acres, was officially opened on December 25, 2000, including fashion, dynamic, excitement and joy coexist in the theme park. This is the first national 5A level scenic spots. More than 6000 acres of land in the lake scenic spot of Xingan County, the Guilin Scenery of the United States and Guangxi fusion of ethnic art and culture Merryland Resort Hotel, leisure and elegant, clear hidden hills, enjoy the natural characteristics of American hills; international standard 36 hole golf course, monopolize Guilin Scenery spectacular, very extreme challenges your glory; Colorful theme park, fashion, dynamic, excitement and joy. These constitute the set of noble, natural, romantic, leisure and pleasure as one of the resort Guilin Merryland resort world. Guilin rawmand holiday in the world, the total project investment of 3 billion 100 million yuan, built by the world's largest Chinese securities business, Mr Ma Zhiling's investment. Guilin Merryland Resort World project completed in three phases, the first phase of the project has been completed and put into operation in December 25, 2000 of all, including theme parks, resorts, golf club.

As a high-grade, large scale, varied and abundant large integrated tourism resort, Gui Linle Montreal holiday to fill the gaps in the world of Guilin city landscape and high-tech park, played a positive role for the Guilin, Guangxi, Southern China and even the whole area of the tourism market, and injected A fresh vitality. Guilin Merryland resort world from Guilin only 63KM, journey from the 6 lane highway connected to the national level. Music from Guilin to Montreal by car only 45 minutes from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport to Lemandi drive time is about 55 minutes, along the way can enjoy the idyllic forest landscape in northern Guangxi unique Karst landscape and.

 Main scenic spots

Western United States

Entering the western part of the United States, we can see the western customs of the pioneering period of the 18th century in the United States everywhere. The main recreational facilities are:

Rapids: Rapids are built to simulate the magnificent shape of the Grand Canyon in the United States. When you take a raft to go deep into the Colorado Valley to challenge the rapids, cross the waterfalls and indulge in the magnificent scenery of the Grand Canyon, the Indians suddenly attack, followed by a trap you absolutely can not escape, three big ones. The barrel falls hundreds of gallons of water from the top of the hill, and after crossing the bridge, there are repeated heavy artillery attacks, gunfire and splashing water. At this time, you just want to flee quickly, but the warriors in the West will always challenge you again. The boat is about 400 meters long. It uses high-tech equipment to control the flow rate and create swirls. The speed of the ship is 3-4 m/s. The thrilling journey takes only 3 minutes. Each ship can ride eight warriors.

Hollywood stunt show: more than 10 meters without wire rope to the ground, combat, as well as on-site gun battles, explosive effects.

Pioneer's Home: Selling American pioneer jeans'costumes, cigarettes, wine utensils and daily necessities, Indian handicraft products (feathers, paints, tattoos).

Hamburg Shop: The authentic American fast food here makes people deeply feel that they have arrived in the western part of the United States. The town walks or rides cowboys. On the left is the beer house. On the opposite is the dazzling jeans costume and the Indians everywhere.

Ghost and Horse Elf: also known as Sound and Phantom House, is the latest virtual digital game introduced by theme park. In the "Sound and Phantom House" full of classical European and American flavor, tourists are invited to enter the guest room and bring a special headset. By listening to the holographic digital audio effect from the headset, they will cross time and space into the gloomy and terrible. The close communication between the castle and the elves was tricked by "ghosts".

Tien Lei: When the tourists sit in their chairs, the huge pulling force instantly lifts the tourists up to 30 meters. It is like a huge heat wave when the thunder explodes, which lifts the tourists up to the clouds. Before they can respond, it falls vertically from the high altitude at the speed of galloping and lightning, and it has the experience of extreme weightlessness again and again.

South Pacific Region

The style and atmosphere of the area are designed in the tropical style of the South Pacific island countries. The service staff in the area wear flower shirts. The main recreational items in this area are:

South Pacific Dance: In the Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific, women's enthusiasm and hospitality are impressive. Whenever important festivals or special days come, they always celebrate by dancing, singing and dancing.

Airship surfing: Airship surfing is located in the north of the island, another landmark in the South Pacific Ocean. Airship climbs slowly around the Hawaiian volcano. When the airship crosses the top of the mountain, tourists find it impossible to turn back. They climb up the 15-metre peak. They can see no end in sight. They are shocked that the river has come to an end. Then they rush down at a 55-degree dive angle and are shocked. The scream crossed the sky, and the hull of the ship sparked huge waves, which sprayed wildly on the thatched huts of the island country. The splashing water had already spread all over the body.

Wave-breaking roller coaster: Wave-breaking roller coaster has a peculiar shape and is a colorful clam shell. Wave-breaking roller coaster is a small roller coaster, the track length is 199 meters, the highest point is 7.4 meters, there are 13 cars, each can take 2 people, play once takes 3 minutes. Although the roller coaster is small, but the bend is very large, forming an 8-shaped, in high-speed operation, there will be a feeling of being thrown out. The car body travels at high speed on the track, and there is a feeling of being thrown away at every corner.

Bungee jumping: 50 meters high, originated in the South Pacific Bungee, happy bungee jumping is the largest bungee jumping site in China.

Great Barrier Reef Climbing: The rock wall is up to 15 meters, which can be climbed by tourists.

Happy Chinatown

The architectural style of this area is full of ancient Chinese characteristics, such as the wall of the Great Wall and pavilions and pavilions. The main recreational facilities in China are:

Wind-Fire Wheel: For large-scale air rotating equipment, facilities up to 14 meters, lifting height of 2.6 meters, visual rotation speed of 14.5 revolutions per minute, rotating diameter of 16 meters, maximum linear speed of the suspension chair is 6.32 meters per second, each can seat 48 people. The whole facility will be themed by the well-known Chinese mythological figure, Nazao, and externally packaged with the main image of "Wind and Fire Wheel" in order to integrate with the thematic atmosphere of the region - Chinatown. The wind-fire wheel is installed on the Bank of Linghu Lake, a large lake near the park.

Sharpshooter: There are 17 guns, using the principle of laser induction, aiming at the target, starting the machine on the gun, sending out infrared rays, the red dot on the shooting object - infrared sensor receives, it will respond to the sound.

Tornadoes: When the facilities are running, clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation alternate with each other. Strong energy storms accompany extremely fast rotation, which brings tourists up to 10 meters, and then glides fast on U-shaped tracks.

Shenma Cinema: It integrates sound, light, film and special effects. The chair dances and vibrates according to the plot, and the real touch of airflow, smoke, water spray and even small animals crawling into the trousers feet instantly makes the audience in virtual reality.

Merry-go-round: Tourists can ride a Pegasus and spin in the sound of music. There are 40 Pegasus in total.

Linghu Yanbo Pavilion: The mascot Peso family is waiting for tourists here, and collects and sells souvenirs, film, cameras, rain gear and other conveniences in various thematic areas.

Nostalgia Photo Gallery: Visitors can wear fashionable nostalgic clothes, hold broken flower umbrellas and take pictures with long-admired idols, and carve their own images on mugs, porcelain plates and pebbles to make exclusive and eternal memorials.

Hanxiang Folk Art Museum: Show Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting culture and folk crafts. Tourists may bring home some of their favorite works of art.

Silk Road Station: It is rich in traditional Chinese characteristics and sells silk, embroidery and batik clothing with folk customs and customs.

Elegant and funny house: Selling young people's personality ornaments, juvenile children's fun dolls, visitors can also participate in hand-made scene.

Huchunge Mingyuan: Sales of tea, teapots, refreshments, tea.

Linghu Inn: There are about 180 seats in Linghu Inn. It takes the form of self-service consumption. It collects delicacies from different parts of the country, such as gold-medal roasted wax, stew and soup, delicious snacks and desserts from north to south.

Pirate Village

The area is dominated by Caribbean-style landscape architecture. The waiters will wear pirate costumes and take tourists to play. The main facilities are:

Racing for Peak in the Nuhai Sea: Tourists can feel the dizziness of the rapid rush and the complex pleasure of overweight and weightlessness of jumping up and down.

Surging waves: Several huge booms slowly rotate up and down, driving the cockpit to turn up and down at great speed.

Pirate ship: The highest swing arc is 90 degrees, up to 17 meters, each can take 30 people, running for 2 minutes.

Gold and Silver Island Carnival: A collection of different games.

Bay Fair: All kinds of pearls, tortoise shells, corals and perforated shells for tourists to wear.

Port Restaurant: This is a Western Restaurant that can accommodate 200 people at the same time. It is also the largest restaurant in the park. It provides tropical delicacies, optional meals and special vegetarian meals to serve vegetarian tourists.

Pizza shop: Italian pizza is sold.

Dream world

The theme of the Dream World Area is the dream fairyland in Western fairy tales. The buildings here are mostly irregular in shape, decorating some entertainment and service facilities into trees, mushrooms and other strange shapes. The main recreational facilities in the area are:

Dream Water World: There are pools, slides, water cannons, fountains accompanied by sprays falling from the sky.

Magic Light Wheel: Magic Light Wheel is a large track-like facility similar to a roller coaster. Its circling track is 325 meters long and its highest point can reach 11 meters. There are 3 cars, two cars can take 4 people, and one can only take 3 people due to malfunction.

Natural Skills: Natural Skills set up eight interesting competitive games.

Haunted House Adventure: Let tourists ride in ghost cars, shuttle in strange scenes, inside the thrilling scenes are gloomy and horrible.

Collision Car: There will be no need to obey traffic rules here, but it will always make tourists safe.

Flying Bus: The Flying Bus Show will invite visitors to the crazy ride.

Jumping fountain: There are bouncing columns of water coming and going.

Happy Theatre: The Happy Theatre has a unique shape and can accommodate 1000 people to watch the performance at the same time. Dance, fountain, dazzling lighting effect, magnificent stage scenery and aerial stunts, more integrated into the large-scale vision magic.

Happy Train: The train will take tourists and your baby around the world.

Wizard House: Selling exquisite cartoon characters, jigsaw puzzles, snow houses, octave boxes and other Western-style toys with magical wooden house architecture.

At the same time, in the dream world, there will be lovely and lively mascots appear from time to time to play and take pictures with children.

European Region

This area is the Gothic architecture of Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. The towering spires, piers, gabled castles and retaining walls, cross vaults and fountains all reflect the European architectural style.

Europe has the most exciting and heartbeating amusement facility in the park, the "jihadi cavalry".

It is one of the latest large-scale recreational equipment in the world. It can ride 30 tourists at a time, like the pendulum swing around, while it will also rotate at a high speed of 25 kilometers per hour, with a maximum swing of 120 degrees. The tourists will be sent to the height of 17 meters, and can experience a strong sense of weightlessness and centrifugal force.

Venice Store: Selling gifts in medieval European style.

Mantuo Garden

New Eight Sceneries of Happy Land-Eight Sceneries of Mantuolo Garden

Scene 1:

Second Scene:

The third scene: uuuuuuuuuuu

Fourth scene:

Fifth Scene:

Sixth Scene:

Seventh scene:

The Eighth Scene:

Ling Hu

Linghu Lake is a natural lake, known as the Little West Lake. Its surface is 780 Mu wide and its deepest place can reach 30 meters. Its water comes from the Haiyang River in Haiyang Township, Lingchuan County, Guangxi. The water is clear and cold, and the reflection lake of green pines, cypresses and cypresses around it is like a light landscape ink-splashing painting. "The water is bright and sunny, and the mountains are cloudy and rainy."

Practical information

Ticket information

Adults 150 per person;

Half-fare 75 per person can be purchased for 1.2m-1.5m juveniles, elderly people over 60 years of age, disabled persons and active servicemen.

No ticket is allowed for those under 1.2 meters.

Relevant discounts and promotions are available on important festivals. See the official website for details.

Price includes

1. The ticket holder can ride most of the park's amusement facilities and watch performances free of charge (except coin-tossing, bungee jumping, etc.).

2. Excellent tour guide service.

3. Cluster for air-conditioned tourist cars. Independent group for the Santana car or 11 vans. Chartered tours are limited to the scenic spots stipulated in the itinerary. If you want to increase the itinerary, the cost should also be corresponding.

Price does not include

1. all meals.

2. All private consumption.

3. Airport transfer costs. If necessary, cars (1-4 people) cost 80 yuan a trip and 11 vans (5-9 people) cost 150 yuan a trip.

4. Tickets for children of 1.1M-1.4M height. Purchase separately according to different preferential policies of scenic spots.

Opening Hours

The park is closed on New Year's Eve and is open every day throughout the year.

March-October 9:00-17:30

1, 2, 11 and 12:00-17:00

Best travel time

Guilin Lemandi theme park Gudong Waterfall is suitable for sightseeing all the year round. April-October is the best time for Guilin tourism. The scenic spot is located in Guilin, Guangxi. Guilin belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is mild, summer is long and winter is short, annual precipitation is plentiful, sunshine is abundant, annual average temperature is 19 degrees, north wind is the whole year. Mainly.