Gudou Hotspring Resort

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Gudou Hotspring Resort

Xinhui Gudou Hot Spring Resort is located in Gudou Scenic Area, 55 kilometers away from the Capital City, 5 kilometers away from the entrance and exit of Xinhui Cliff South Section of the West Coastal Expressway, and there is a bus from the Capital every 15 minutes. The traffic is very convenient.

Introduction to hot springs

Tourist Resort integrates mountains, springs, lakes and seas to attract tourists with its unique style of "green, deep and strange". There is a 150-meter-long artificial cobblestone River in the middle of the hot spring valley. The large stage of the central water area and the large and small bubbles are connected. The architectural community in the valley is naturally divided into three regions: the European-style "Roman Palace" in the north, the Japanese-style "Dongying Pavilion" in the East and the Tang Palace in the south.

Xinhui Gudan Hot Spring Resort, located at the southwest end of Dahui, near Zhuhai and Macao, not far from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, 55 kilometers away from Huicheng, 10 kilometers away from the south entrance and exit of the Coastal Expressway in Western Guangdong, is situated under Gudan Mountain. The water here is 0.7 cubic meters of mineral water per second, with two kinds of mineral water at the same time. Hot spring resources of the same type: beauty and skin care hot springs (hydrogen springs) and health hot springs (marine hot springs) similar to the water quality of Huaqing Pool. It is a tourist resort integrating natural scenery, history and culture, entertainment and leisure, fitness activities and business meetings.

Main attractions

Japanese-style guest rooms are designed in accordance with the traditional Japanese style, with bright floors, thick tatami and unique wooden niche lamps, which radiate an elegant and concise style.

Outside the Tang Palace, there are nine sets of open-air bubble pools, the most characteristic of which is the "Eight Diagrams Pool", whirling constantly. On the opposite side of the Tang Palace, a bathroom statue of Yang Guifei, about two meters long, was built with hot stone slabs.