Gudong Waterfall

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Gudong Waterfall

Gudong Forest Waterfall Group Tourist Area is located at the foot of Butterfly Mountain - Lawn Road, Gudong Village, Dayuan Town, 8 kilometers away from Guilin City, on the other side of Lijiang Foreign Affairs Wharf. Gudong Waterfall River is clear and dry all the year round. The average sediment concentration in the river level is only 0.1 g/cubic meter, and the annual average discharge is 5 cubic meters/second. The waterfall is divided into 13 grades with a drop of 90 meters and an average width of 20 meters. The forest coverage of Gudong Forest Waterfall Group Tourist Area is 96%, covering an area of about 3000 mu, of which 2000 mu is the original growth forest. The ancient trees in the forest area are towering and the red maple is attractive. The rattan twines the tree, the tree twines the rattan, wild interesting. Beautiful scenery, birds and flowers, fresh air. It is the closest, widest and most distinctive Forest Park to Guilin city. It is also a good place for mountain climbing exploration and forest seclusion.

Forest resources

The forest coverage of Gudong Forest Falls Tourist Area is 96%. There are more than 3000 mu of maple forest in China, including 2000 mu of primitive growth forest.

This is Gudong Forest Falls. The biggest harvest is that there is a mountain forest full of maple trees. Every year in late autumn, that is, about the end of November, there are many colorful maple trees, the red maple leaves are continuous, and the magnificent scenery can not be found anywhere else in Guangxi.

Gudong Forest Waterfall Forest Area, ancient trees towering, red maple attractive. The rattan twines the tree, the tree twines the rattan, wild interesting.

Beautiful scenery, birds and flowers, fresh air. It is the closest, widest and most distinctive Forest Park to Guilin. It is also a good place for mountain climbing exploration and forest seclusion.


Gudong Forest Waterfall Scenic Spot includes mountain springs, local chickens and ducks, bamboo shoots and wild vegetables, farmhouse flavor, pure green, visitors can enjoy the delicacy of nature.

Gudong Forest Waterfall is the ecological environmental protection education base designated by Guangxi Science and Technology Commission.

Gudong Forest Waterfall is located in the outskirts of Guilin City. It is a AAAA scenic spot in China. It is also one of the few places where waterfalls can be played. It is a natural oxygen bar and smoking is not allowed.

Before arriving at the waterfall, visitors can take a BMW to ride on Mercedes-Benz, which is made of local bamboo rafts. There are 12 people on the raft. There is also a rafter who takes visitors to the waterfall. The pool is 11 meters deep. Here is the paradise of carp. Tourists can buy food and feed it. Fish can be touched when they walk along the bamboo raft and reach into the water. There are beautiful women on the island who ask for a folk song. They sing it well and throw embroidery balls to give it. The mountains and rivers are compatible. The carp and the folk song are opposite, and they seem to be in a fairyland when they are in the situation.

Gudong Forest Waterfall has this beautiful scenery and natural interest, so it feels like time flies by quickly. After arriving at the shore, prepare straw shoes and take photos, because most of the tourists wear straw shoes for the first time, so they are curious and fresh. With the guide of tourists marching towards the waterfall, they will keep in mind the importance of protecting the environment along the way. The sound of the water rippled in.

Gudong Forest Falls is about 17 meters high, with chains on each side for tourists to use as handrails. The spring water is cool and the feet fall into the water are refreshing. In fact, after climbing the waterfall, no one is not wet. In the words of the tour guide, it is impossible to get to Guilin without getting wet. Climbing a waterfall is a brave activity, although there is no great danger, but it is always a splash to make the tourists exert their strength, and it is difficult to follow others. It is difficult to climb quickly. The two feet turn upward. Some people urge the tourists to climb. The more they want to climb, the more they can't get up, the more they can't get up and the chains swing in the air. Occasionally, the people behind help the people on the top to help them to climb together. It is also a team spirit of unity and cooperation; along the stream, the water is deep and shallow.

The second waterfall is obviously much smaller than the first, so it passes quickly.


Gudong Forest Waterfall Group Ecological Scenic Spot; Scenic Spot combines Youwaterfall, Bitan, Hongfeng to win, primitive ecology, geological wonders, fresh air as a whole, group friends in the scenic area, you can personally touch the waterfall with your hands, feel the magic of nature.

It is also possible to stand on the suspension bridge of nearly 100 meters high and more than 200 meters long in the current scenic spots of China to see the unique 3,000 Mu pure red maple forest in China.

This is a touchable waterfall. A pair of straw shoes can set off for tourists. In the intimate contact between tourists and water stones, the physical and mental palpitation and happiness of tourists can not be described. It is the inevitable outcome of the "wet body" of tourists.

Go up and down and ask, "Go to the water pool" and visitors will "sit and watch the clouds rise". Here, special hydrophilic invite special tourists; here, beautiful in the natural landscape.

Gudong Waterfall: It is the only known and developed multistage series calcified waterfall group formed by underground spring. Tourists can climb up to appreciate the charm of the mysterious water, and wear a pair of anti-skid straw shoes to climb between the eight waterfalls and nine pools, poetically tracing the stream. In addition to seeing and walking in the forest, there are new experiences: in close contact with the forest, visitors will feel more than the forest.

The hustle and bustle of the city has eroded the simple memory of childhood. Small gatherings, rewarding employees, annual meetings, customer friendships are activities organized by many enterprises every year. However, the usual conference rooms, resorts and Karaok halls are already common. It will give people a new feeling to choose the place of activities in the beautiful scenery and less tourists in the field.

A new way of gathering featuring outdoors: in this way tourists arrange a wealth of interesting outdoor games and group events for tourists.

When the scenery is beautiful, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant, the integration of certain development projects and team games projects will not only delight the body and mind, but also promote deeper emotional exchanges, increase communication under non-working conditions, form a positive and coordinated organizational atmosphere, and improve the cohesion of the team as a whole while fully entertaining.

Outdoor leisure - healthy and pleasant leisure activities, development - focus on new types of exercise experience, enjoy nature, relax mood; teach in fun, melt the team.

There are also "one unique, two strange, three gods, four strange" in Gudong scenic spot, one unique natural Guanyin in Gudong, which is "natural Guanyin, the only one in the world". The other is the thousand hectares of red maple and Yongquan cascade waterfall in Gudong. Jiangfeng in Gudong autumn can be called Guilin Xiaoxiangshan.

The forest coverage of Gudong is over 98%, which is also the natural oxygen bar of nature. If Amazon is the lungs of the earth, then the ancient East scenic spot of Lijiang River is the lungs of Lijiang River. The three gods are the eyes of Gudong, the travertine tortoise and the Sansheng God stone. Four strange things are: the stone is the tile cover (peculiar geological structure), the foot of the waterfall is stepped on (taking waterfalls and waves, originally created by the whole country); the green vegetables in the bird's nest (plants appearing in the bird's nest). An elephant; a stepmother's love (a parasitic phenomenon of trees).

Practical information

Tour time: Tour time is 2 hours. You can get off by Gudong Forest Falls on Guanyan Special Line. (Warm hint: Gudong Waterfall Tour is generally combined with Guanyan Tour - Guanyan and Gudong Waterfall Ecology Tour 150 yuan per person per day)

Tickets for scenic spots: 60 yuan (half price for children with height of 1.00m-1.40m, no tickets for children under 1.00m)

Opening time: 8:00-17:30 in summer and autumn, 8:30-17:00 in spring and winter

Best time: spring, summer and Autumn

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, you can take a car and a slippery rope similar to a bumper car.

Best travel time

Gudong Waterfall is suitable for sightseeing all the year round. The best time for sightseeing is summer. Gudong Waterfall is located in Guilin, Guangxi. Guilin belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is mild, summer is long and winter is short, annual precipitation is plentiful, sunshine is abundant, annual average temperature is 19 degrees, and north wind is the main factor throughout the year.

April-October is the best time to travel in Guilin every year. Of course, if you travel in the off-season, you can better enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

Traffic information

Traffic Guide: City Traffic: Guilin City has Gudong Waterfall tourism special line. Scenic Area Transportation: The bus terminal can get off at Gudong Forest Falls by Guanyan Special Line, about 20 yuan.

Self-driving traffic: From the Yushan Bridge east of Guilin City, go to Guimo Expressway, and then pay attention to the signs on the road to reach, the distance is more than 20 kilometers.

Bus: Guilin Bus Station to Gudong Special Line (Guilin departs at 7:30 at the earliest and Guanyan returns at 18:30 at the latest) reference time is about 50 minutes, reference fare is 25 yuan per person.


1. In December 2009, it was awarded the Top Ten AAAA Tourist Scenic Spots by Guilin Tourism Bureau.

2. In November 2008, it was awarded the second "Honesty and Credit Unit" of Guilin City by Guilin City.

3. In November 2008, it was awarded by Guilin Tourism Bureau and TV Station as a well-known enterprise of high-quality tourism service in 2008.

4. In December 2007, it was awarded a famous brand scenic spot by China Brand Research Institute and Guilin Tourism Bureau.

5. In April 2007, it was awarded the high-quality service brand unit by Guilin Labor Competition Committee.

6. In March 2007, it was awarded by Guilin Tourism Bureau as a trustworthy tourism enterprise in 2006.

7. In October 2006, it was awarded by Guilin Tourism Bureau as "the most favorite scenic spot for tourists in Guilin".

8. In October 2006, he obtained the 4A Scenic Spot Certificate issued by the National Committee for the Quality Registration and Assessment of Tourist Spots.

9. In December 2005, he was awarded the second-class prize of advanced collective environmental protection work by Guilin Environmental Protection Bureau.

10. In September 2005, Guilin Tourist Scenic Spots and Leisure Enterprises Association awarded the board of directors.

11. In September 2005, he obtained the membership certificate of Guilin Tourist Scenic Spots and Leisure Shopping Enterprises Association issued by Guilin Tourist Scenic Spots and Leisure Enterprises Association.

12. In August 2005, he obtained the certificate of quality management system issued by Shenzhen Quality Certification Center.

13. In August 2005, he obtained the certificate of environmental management system issued by Shenzhen Quality Certification Center.

14. In August 2004, he received the honorary certificate of the window of civilization issued by Guilin Mental Civilization Construction Awareness Committee.

15. In 2003, he was awarded the second prize of the system of responsibility for ecological environment protection objectives of tourist attractions in 2002 by Guilin Environmental Protection Bureau.