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Gucun Park is located in Gucun Town, Baoshan District, from north to Shapu, south to Jiazaobang, and adjacent to Huanbei Avenue of the Outer Ring Road, from Shanghai-Tailu Road in the east to Chen-Guanglu Road in the west. The total planned land area is about 430 hectares (planned construction area is 350.3 hectares). It has been built and is the largest country park in the city, equivalent to the size of three-century parks. The park is an important part of the ecological planning system around the city of Shanghai, one of the core of Shanghai's green ecology, and also the main project of the ecological special project in Baoshan District. The completion of the park will provide a place for leisure and recreation for the citizens, contribute to the harmonious development of Baoshan's society, economy, culture and ecology in the future, and add a new bright spot to the construction and development of Shanghai's surrounding city ecology and even the whole city.

Park overview

Gucun Park is a large-scale urban country forest park with functions of ecological protection, landscape appreciation, leisure and fitness, cultural entertainment, tourism and vacation. It is an important part of Shanghai Outer Ring Eco-engineering. The total planned land area is 430 hectares, divided into two phases with the Central River as the boundary. The water system, wetland, plant community and pastoral scenery in the park meet, and integrate and inherit the history and humanity, reflecting the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. The park is located in the north of S20 of Shanghai Baoshan Outer Ring Line, starting from Shanghai Tai Road in the East and Chen Guang Road in the west. Gucun Park Station of Metro Line 7 is located in the park, and the traffic is very convenient.

The total planning area of Gucun Park is about 424.7 hectares. The planning orientation of Gucun Park is a large-scale urban country forest park with ecology, leisure and entertainment as the main body to create a harmonious coexistence of man and nature. The park is bounded by the Central River and implemented in two phases. The first phase covers 180 hectares and the second phase covers 244.7 hectares. The layout of the first phase of the park construction is "one axis, one belt, three districts and seven gardens", that is, the landscape development axis of Yuelin Avenue (formerly Chen Fu Road), the outer 100-meter ecological shelter forest belt, the landscape service supporting areas of the three main entrances in the south-east and north, and the seventh garden is the country forest garden, the exotic garden, the forest walk park, the forest barbecue garden, the children's forest carnival, the forest leisure sports park and the botanical ornamental garden. 。

The second phase of the park planning includes "one arc, one axis, two zones, three zones, five centers and ten zones", i.e. characteristic landscape arc ecological corridor, Yuelin Avenue (former Chen Fu Road) landscape development axis, planning S6 and S7 elevated sides of the 100-200 meters wide ecological shelter forest belt, "three zones" for Yuelin Lake forest waterscape area, health farm area, forest expansion area, "five centers" for Yuelin Lake landscape. View Center, Youth Activity Center, Healthy Activity Center, Health Farm Leisure Center, Forest Development Activity Center, "10 districts" are Yuelinhu Lake Scenic Area, Central Wharf Scenic Area, Forest Meadow Area, Water Forest Scenic Area, Health Activity Area, Youth Activity Area, Flowers and Gardens Exhibition Area, Health Farm Area, Forest Development Area, Qishi Park and other theme parks with different shapes. The ecological landscape effects show the ecological effects of plant communities. At the same time, the park also integrates Baoshan industrial culture and international folk art culture, inherits regional historical context and highlights the cultural connotation with Baoshan characteristics.

Sakura Festival

Time: 22 March - 21 April

Venue: Gucun Park (4788 Hutai Road, Gucun Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai)

Cherry varieties: the "American Cherry Blossom" with pale red single petals; the "Junhetai Cherry Blossom" with large white single petal and strong verdant fragrance; the "Eight Red Branches" with natural drooping branches and leaves and strong color; the representative cherry blossom of Japan-Yoshino Cherry; the "Red Lily Cherry Blossom" with umbrella-shaped and double-petaled large pale red; the double-petaled Cherry Blossom with deep red and drooping buds; and the deep purple Cherry Blossom; (3) Taiwanese cherry and chill cherry with fishing bell-shaped flowers; formerly beautiful eight-petaled Pine-Moon cherry growing in Tokyo's wasteland embankment; erect branches and upward-flowering "Tianchuan cherry"; yellow cherry with green-yellow multi-petals; oval lanceolate calyx, pale yellow-green to pale purple, with stalks on the inside; Shendai cherry, Sichuan Cherry Blossom, Early Spring Cherry Blossom-Hejin Cherry, etc. .

lotus festival

Time: July 5 - August 10: Gucun Park (4788 Hutai Road, Gucun Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai)

The lotus leaves are infinitely green and the lotus flowers are very red in the sunshine. A lotus appreciation activity will be held in Gucun Park in the summer of 2014.

Three main themes of summer lotus appreciation activities are as follows:

1. "Heart, Hand and Lotus"--Parent-child Tour

During the summer vacation, the park cooperated with other supporting projects such as Children's Paradise, Paleontological Fossil Museum, 4D Cinema, and jointly launched the "Buy big send small" lottery package. The package ticket covers the above scenic spots, and you can easily visit the summer scenery of Gucun Park by battery car. On the morning of the weekend, Gucun Park held a "reciting poems and lyrics to send a set of tickets" activities. Children who recite "Elaine Says" fluently at designated locations can get a set of family tickets and participate in Lotus fan DIY activities. Hengshan North Suburb Hotel has launched a number of group buying packages, taking family members to Gucun Park for summer vacation, lotus appreciation, delicacies, children's playground, as well as gifts for children, ice cream, etc. It is very suitable for family outings in summer vacation.

2. "Lotus Fragrance and Fragrance"--Yueyou

(1) Poetry and Painting Photography Poetry Matching Competition

In order to enhance the cultural connotation of lotus appreciation in Gucun Park, show the beautiful scenery of lotus flowers, hold a photographic poem matching competition to attract tourists to participate.

(2) Opera Salon

Shanghai Opera, Kunqu Opera and other opera performers are invited to perform in Lotus Pavilion to show the charm of traditional opera culture. Tourists can also interact on the spot.

(3) The Works of Famous Viewers

The Baoshan International Folk Art Exhibition Hall is on fire to display Song Gang's "Ink and Wash Retrospective Works Exhibition". Visitors can enjoy the art feast.

3. "Lotus delicacies"--gourmet Tour

Hengshan North Suburb Hotel will launch the "Midsummer Night Seafood Barbecue Buffet" concessional activities, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of lotus while feeling the delicacy on the tip of the tongue. In addition, Beijiao Hotel also promotes the "Lotus Group Buying Package" on several well-known group buying websites. The rich buffet and set meals give tourists more delicious experience. Come to Gucun Park in Shanghai to see the lotus flowers, which are more than 20,000 square meters white as jade. They are on the water surface of Qingling Ling. The breeze is blowing, the petals are shaking slightly, and the fragrance of the flowers is fragrant. There is a kind of fresh and refined beauty. Walk along the lotus pond with your family in the sunshine, sunshine or moonlight, and enjoy the elegance of the fragrance.

Park characteristics

The park also has the characteristics of "small jasper" in the gardens of the south of the Yangtze River. The river meanders through the park, and there are distinctive bridges on the river. Pavilions and pavilions are scattered on the riverside and hillside of the park. Acorus calamus, Miscanthus tenuifolia, Yumei and other aquatic plants, ornamental grass and grass flowers are planted beside the rocks.

"Wild fun" is another feature Gucun Park wants to create. Gucun Park retains some of the rivers in the original village. The natural slopes and banks of the park are slightly carved and perfected to show the wetland landscape. Walking on the wooden trestle road stretching into the woods, the reporter entered the woods. Although there is a hot sunshine outside the woods, the woods are like air conditioning rooms, which are cool and comfortable. From time to time, the blackbird's voice came to my ear. A bird flew past in the cold.

Along the wooden trestle road, to the river, the original rivers, ditches were cleared, planted calamus and other aquatic plants, the riverside placed a few stones, more natural charm. Standing on the wooden bridge, the grass-smelling breeze blowing in the face, looking across the river, the abundant plants along the bank also attracted many birds, sparrows, blackbirds, white-headed quails and so on, leaping up and down in the forest. Workers in the park said that if they were lucky, they might encounter small animals such as weasels.

The second phase of the park will cover 245.6 hectares of land, of which Liuzhong Lake scenic area will have about 10 hectares of lake surface and coastal forest wetlands, including water wharf, bird island, wetland, fishing, cable bridge and other scenic spots; in the future, in the fruit park, tourists will be able to experience a variety of agricultural activities, including digging bamboo shoots, picking fruit and planting vegetables; in the body-raising area, a herbal garden of more than 100 mu and traditional Chinese medicine will be built. In the agronomic experience area, a number of wooden houses will be built, where tourists can stay and participate in various farm activities.

There are also 4D cinemas to see.

Garden catering

Gucun Park is rich in restaurants. Apart from ordinary restaurants, it also has a forest barbecue area full of recreational and wild fun, an ant restaurant full of childlike fun, and a tourist center (Hengshan North Suburb Hotel) which provides recreational food for tourists. The barbecue area has 48 ordinary barbecue tables and 12 VIP barbecue tables. Tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery of trees and rivers while barbecuing, and enjoy delicious food. It is an excellent place for family, friends and group gatherings. The Ant Restaurant with elegant view is the main service building of Children's Park. It has 312 seats and has a good dining and landscape environment. The tourist center (Hengshan North Suburb Hotel) has 168 rooms, 8 conference rooms and 100 tables in Chinese and Western restaurants. It has all the functions of tourism, vacation and business reception. The buildings are scattered and beautiful, surrounded by rivers, and the scenery is picturesque.

Peripheral facilities

Gucun Park Hotel

Hengshan North Suburb Hotel is one of the key supporting facilities of Gucun Park. There are 168 rooms and 8 conference rooms. The Chinese and Western restaurants can accommodate 100 tables. The functions of tourism, vacation, business and reception are all available. The buildings are scattered and delicate, surrounded by rivers and shaded by trees, giving people a quiet, fresh and pleasant feeling.

Meilan Lake

The second largest artificial lake in Shanghai. (The largest man-made lake in Shanghai is the dripping lake on the coast of Pudong.)

Located in Luodian Town, Baoshan District, Meilan Lake is located east of Hutai Road, north of Meilan Lake Avenue, west of Roffin Road and south of Medan Road. It is the largest artificial lake dwelling house in Shanghai: Wanke Amber Junior Garden, Longshi Green Island, Meilan Lake Ridge, Meilan Lake China Garden, Meilan Lake Summer Palace, Meilan Lake Golf Villa, Shunchi Meilan Lake, etc. At the same time, as a large outdoor park, Meilan Lake is also the base of wedding photography in Shanghai and surrounding areas, attracting a large number of new people to take wedding photographs here.

Meilan Lake Summer Palace

Meilan Lake Summer Palace is located in Luodian Nordic New Town, Baoshan District. It faces Dijing River in the east, Meiai Road in the South and Roffin Road in the west. Its total building area is nearly 150,000 square meters. It plans multi-storey and superimposed villas. On the premise of fully respecting the overall planning idea of the new town in Nordic, the community has continued the planning style of "Summer Palace", integrating people, culture, mountains, water and architecture, and creating a modern garden community of "sunshine green space, blue water, blue sky and flowing water of bridges".

Vanke Amber County Garden

Vanke Amber County Park, located in the core of Luodian Nordic New Town, gathers the surrounding leisure, entertainment, culture and other integrated resources, completely open to you. One of the "three cities and nine towns" built by the Shanghai Municipal Government with a focus of 5.5 billion yuan is the nearest town in the "three cities and nine towns" to the city center. It is a modern ecological central town with typical Nordic residential, transportation and environmental characteristics. Half of them are residential areas and half are gardens. Their planning and establishment represent the development direction of the future noble human settlements in North Shanghai. About 3.4 million square meters of original eco-secluded environment. Around 36 holes of international golf, 110 mu of Nobel Science Park, 280 mu of Lake Melan. The trees are shady, the waterfowl in the lake play, and the natural elegance, choose to live in it. Three-dimensional traffic, rail transit line 7 station.

Haoyuan Life Square

Haoyuan Life Square, located at the intersection of Baoju Road, Julian Road, is convenient for parking. It provides supermarket shopping, entertainment, catering and dry cleaning services for healthy clothes.

Practical information

Ticket information

Adult fare: 20 yuan per person

Price for Primary and Secondary School Students: 10 yuan per person

Free objects: 1. Retired cadres, active servicemen, disabled persons, the elderly over 70 years old

2. Adults can bring children under 1.3 meters (only 1 person) into the park free of charge.

3. Retired military cadres, family members of martyrs, etc.

Opening Hours

Summer (April 1-June 30) 05:00-18:00

(1 July to 30 September) 05:00-19:00

Winter (October 1-March 31) 6:00-18:00