Guanlan Mountain and Water Pastoral

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Guanlan Mountain and Water Pastoral

Shenzhen Guanlan Mountain and Water Pastoral, National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot,

Shenzhen Guanlan Mountain and Water Pastoral Tourist Park covers an area of 300,000 square meters. It is located in Guanlan Street, Longhua District. It integrates food, housing, hot springs, recreation, performing arts, development and water park. It is natural and interesting. It is a tourist attraction featuring Lingnan Hakka water village, ecological pastoral interest, folk culture and traditional Chinese painting industry. It is the only eco-tourism scenic spot in Shenzhen that integrates catering, guest rooms, hot springs and recreation.

In December 2009, it passed the evaluation of the National Tourism Administration and was approved as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. In May 2010, the Landscape and Pastoral Branch of the Sixth Cultural Expo was successfully held, and was recognized as Shenzhen Cultural + Tourism Demonstration Park (base). At present, a tourism and cultural industry park has been built, which integrates eco-culture, Hakka culture and rural folk culture as its main background, cultural entertainment, leisure and health preservation, meetings, performing arts and so on. It is also the first "China (Guanlan) Landscape and Chinese Painting Industry Base" with the theme of tourism and vacation painting creation. Landscape Painting Workshop, Chinese Painting Exhibition Hall or by the mountains and rivers, winding paths lead to secluded places, suddenly see the museum; "Painting in the scenery, people in the middle of the painting", to achieve the integration of human, landscape and painting, forming a harmonious and dynamic three-dimensional landscape painting.


Scenic Spot Level: National 4A Scenic Spot

Characteristics of scenic spots

Landscape Food, Pastoral Food

The unique natural conditions of the farm, "landscape and pastoral catering" has become a unique charming scenery of the farm. Farms cook unique Lingnan "Hakka dishes" and "farm dishes", a variety of exquisite cooking skills, salty, spicy, original taste, green environmental protection, "eating in the landscape pastoral" reputation has been recognized by more and more tourists. Landscape is the bone and culture is the soul. Dining in the garden and water restaurant with lush flowers and trees, breaking away from the noise of dust, the intestines and stomach will surely stretch and become the most authentic spiritual enjoyment. Food and natural ecological lips and teeth are interdependent. This is the greatest charm of "landscape and pastoral catering" - the return to authentic catering culture.

Choose mountains and rivers to live in

Landscape and idyllic guest rooms are based on the traditional architectural style of the Oriental Hakka. They are based on the architectural concept of simplicity, harmony, perfection and environmental protection. They are built with pavilions, pavilions and pavilions, logs, mountains and waters. They are simple and natural, adhering to the traditional national style and possessing the quintessence of modern convenience and comfort. "Country Maolu", "deep bamboo forest", "between mountains and rivers" live in the water, or tea tasting, or rod fishing, mountain scenery is full of fun; "Qingfeng Mingyun", "Pastoral Holiday" villas according to the quiet mountains, Linqing Lingying water, all elegant and magnificent, but without losing the primitive nature, deduce the harmony of traditional Eastern culture and natural landscape and pastoral.

Happy and Healthy Forest Mineral Water Therapy SPA

Modern urbanites who have lived in the reinforced concrete jungle for a long time always hope to find a quiet and elegant place like a paradise, away from the noise of the world, throw aside the common customs and wash their souls after their busy work. Shenzhen's first "forest mineral spring hydrotherapy SPA" and "hydrotherapy traditional Chinese medicine valley" with the fresh breath of nature are hidden in the green embrace of landscape and pastoral areas, and SPA has become a wonderful flower in the field of health and beauty. In the SPA of forest mineral spring hydrotherapy, you can build up your body, beautify your face, cultivate your mind and health, feel the moistening of flowers and plants and the gentle care of massage therapists. After a bath, the pleasant fragrance of SPA blows to you from the body, heart and soul to care for and comfort, care for your face, care for your physical and mental health, so that you are full of vitality and vitality from inside to outside. The so-called: water depth and shallow go with it, healing heart to talk about the future.

Entertainment activities full of variety and interesting

Although there are no exciting drifting activities here, in the landscape pastoral areas, besides fishing, River fishing, boating, archery and other activities, you can also enjoy wonderful National Customs performances and interesting animal performances. Wonderful, beautiful folk art performances and classical national instruments play a lasting and lasting charm for you. Piglets, diving pigs, racing ducks, cockfighting and other animal performances make you laugh and forget. Leshan is a benevolent man, and water is a wise man. For tourists who love nature, one side of the landscape and pastoral area may be enough to comfort the soul.

Landscape and pastoral farms, the perfect combination of the classic oriental traditional culture and natural landscape, come to landscape and pastoral farms for leisure and vacation, so that you can fully integrate into the beauty of natural landscape, enjoy the pleasure of farming and pastoral. All staff of the farm are warmly welcoming visitors from all directions with excellent service and full enthusiasm.

Traffic information

Bus M288, M258, M354, M339 to the landscape farm.