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Shenzhen Guanlanhu Leisure Tourist Area, in May 2011, was awarded the National 5A Tourist Scenic Area, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

In 1992, the Guanlanhu Golf Club in Shenzhen Guanlanhu Leisure Tourist Area and Dongguan bordered by nearly 20 square kilometers of wild mountains and ridges, developed a five continental style, with 12 international-class courses, and was recognized as the world's largest golf club by the "Guinness World Records Organization" on the scale of 216 holes.

Over the past 20 years, the investment in sports and leisure tourism in Guanlanhu Leisure Tourism Zone in Shenzhen has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Guanlan Lake has visited 2 million domestic and foreign visitors every year, and successfully promoted to the 5A national tourist attraction in 2011.

Take Bus No. 312 from Futian Bus Station to the entrance of the club. Members and guests will take shuttle buses to and from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the club. At Huanggang Port and Lok Ma Chau on the Hong Kong border, shuttle buses are connected every 20 minutes.

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Guanlanhu Golf is the only golf course in the world with the style of five continents, which is designed by the world's twelve golf superstars. Guanlan Lake also has golf villas, Asia's largest rural club, Guanlan Lake Spa Resort Hotel, International Conference Center, David Liebert Golf College and Cindry College, Asia's largest spa center, featured Chinese and Western cuisine and a variety of leisure facilities. Guanlanhu Golf Club has nearly 10,000 high-end members. They are well-known entrepreneurs and senior people from all walks of life. They gather valuable business information resources and opportunities, as well as the experience and wisdom of entrepreneurs.

Resort Hotel

Shenzhen Guanlanhu Leisure Tourist Area has excellent five-star Golf Spa Resort Hotel and Sevena Hotel, which are located in the center of the course, each with a terrace overlooking the course and a view of the course scenery. Guanlanhu Spa Resort has launched a new "Zunshang Floor" with the theme of SPA leisure, becoming a famous resort hotel in the Asia-Pacific region.


On July 27, 1997, the first China Guanlan Lake Sports Industry Economic Seminar was held.

On November 4, 2005, the club won two five-star awards, the World Best Golf Development Award and the China Best Real Estate Development Award.

In September 2007, with the opening of Zhang Lianwei and Beidai Stadium, Guanlanhu again won the Guinness World Records No. 1 ball club with 216 holes and 12 stadiums.

Successful promotion of National 5A Tourist Scenic Spot in 2011

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Ticket information

Public Playground: Tickets: 30 yuan per member, Hotel guest, storage card or quarterly card holder free practice ball: 20 yuan/50 ball storage card or quarterly card holder free of charge; Rent pole: 10 yuan/piece (member, storage card or quarterly card holder) 20 yuan/piece (hotel guest, general guest) green fee: 20 yuan/bit/hour Members, deposit or quarterly card holders are free of charge.

Accommodation information

Guanlanhu Resort Hotel, with a total floor area of 113,000 square meters, consists of 23 floors. Looking out of the hotel, you can see the lakes and mountains.

Catering information

Food and beverage service in Guanlanhu tourist resort (2) Guanlanhu Special Mountain View Pavilion and Qianshuli Restaurant mainly provide a variety of local classics and world-wide western cuisine, and Japanese cuisine in all seasons. Many celebrities visiting Lanhu such as Zeng Zhiwei, Ren Dahua, Li Keqin, Chen Daoming and Li Xiaoshuang are loyal supporters of the chef Pei Qinbo. Junhao Xuan and Taoyuan Chunxiao offer traditional Chinese snacks, Asian specialties, and authentic Chinese cuisine such as Guangdong, Shanghai and Sichuan. The Milan Bar in the hotel has Brazilian self-service barbecue to meet the dietary needs of different guests.