Guangzhou soup

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Guangzhou old fire soup is a traditional and famous dish, which belongs to Guangdong cuisine.

Soup is a compulsory course for housewives in Guangzhou. No authentic Guangzhou people do not like to drink soup, whether it is made at home or sold in large and small restaurants, Guangzhou's old fire soup is nothing more than a purpose - nourishing! In summer, summer melon and stewed pork ribs and lentils, and red beans to reduce fire.

The so-called old fire means that the time for stewing or boiling soup should be at least one hour or more, so as to thoroughly mix the tastes of various soups and form a unique delicacy. Of course, we should choose different heat according to the different soup. Generally, the soup with meat should be cooked for at least one hour. At first, it is heated with large (martial) fire. After boiling water, the ingredients are added, and then the small (Wen) fire is slowly boiled for one or two hours. The soup boiled in this way has a strong bottom, a delicious taste and a good fire. It is really a great tonic.

Cantonese soup boiling has many fastidious points, among which the old soup is usually boiled in small fire for 2 to 4 hours, and stew for 4 to 6 hours (fruit stew for 1 hour), while the boiling soup is boiled in large fire for less than half an hour (many for 10 minutes), and soup, etc.

Spring soup to nourish liver, wet weather to get wet, such as wolfberry cotyledon rolling pork liver, radish bamboo cane water, horseshoe grass root water, soil Poria cocos praising turtles, these are heat-clearing and detoxification soup, but in addition to soil Poria cocos praising turtles is old fire soup, other belong to rolling soup or clear soup.

Summer soup to relieve the heat and nourish the heart, pork bone, winter melon and coix rice soup is the most common, as well as lotus leaf, old winter melon soup, kelp mung bean soup, refreshing cooked chicken, coconut cooked chicken (or stewed chicken), dried tea tree mushroom, kite chicken, overlord flower cooked pork bone.

In autumn, when the weather is dry and the temperature difference is large, the soup water can nourish and enrich Qi by boiling quail (or stew) with American ginseng, pork bones with lotus root and mung bean, double snow stewed with almonds in the north and South (Sydney and snow ear), and ribs rolled with Western vegetable (or boiling).

For the purpose of increasing nutrition and cold resistance in winter, peanut Mei Dou stew pork tail (or chicken feet), ginseng stew chicken, Cordyceps militaris stew duck, chicken snake stew















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