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Changlong Tourist Resort, a national AAAAA scenic spot, covers an area of 10,000 mu. It is a large enterprise group integrating tourist attractions , Hotel catering, entertainment and leisure. It is located in Yangcheng Guangzhou.

It has 9 subsidiaries, including Changlong Happy World, Changlong International Circus, Changlong Xiangjiang Wildlife World, Changlong Water Paradise, Changlong Bird Paradise, Changlong Hotel, Xiangjiang Hotel, Changlong Golf Practice Center and Xiangjiang Restaurant.

Historical culture

Changlong Group is the "Demonstration Base of Cultural Industry" of the Ministry of Culture and the "Popular Science Education Base" of Guangdong Province. It has been awarded the honorary titles of "Excellent Private Enterprises", "Advanced Private Enterprises" and "Demonstration Site of Civilized Scenic Spots of Guangdong Province" by provincial and municipal governments successively.

As a leading tourism enterprise group in Guangdong Province, Changlong Group has received many party and state leaders and international politicians, in addition to many social celebrities.

In 2004, the Brazilian National Football Team visited China and designated Changlong Group as the reception base. Ronaldo, World Football Professor, highly praised Changlong's products and services. In addition, the International Supermodel Competition and the International Miss Chinese Competition are also held in Changlong. CCTV News Broadcasting, Zhengda Variety, Chat of Quyi, Hunan Satellite TV Happy Base and other major events such as Changlong Circus and Changlong's introduction of the Australian national treasure Koala are reported on many occasions. It also tailored 20 episodes of the TV series "Circus of Life" according to the resources of Changlong Group.

geographical environment

Main attractions

Chime-Long Paradise

Changlong Happy World is located in the center of the first batch of 5A-class tourist attractions in China, covering an area of about 2,000 mu. It is the international leader of Changlong Group in integrating riding, recreation, stunt theatre, tour performance, ecological leisure, featured catering, theme shop and comprehensive service, which is invested 2 billion yuan. Entering the technology and management level of the world's top theme amusement park.

Changlong Happy World has more than 70 sets of recreational facilities. It is a large-scale global amusement park with the largest investment in equipment and introduction in China. Most of the amusement equipment is imported from Europe, and its design and technology remain the world's leading level, among which there are eight unique Asian and world top, including: vertical roller coaster, 10-ring roller coaster, motorcycle roller coaster, Pegasus family roller coaster, U-type skateboard, super water battle, stunt show, super pendulum and the world. To the advanced four-dimensional cinema. Among them, the vertical roller coaster and the 10-ring roller coaster are the only ones in the world, while the single investment of the vertical roller coaster is more than 200 million yuan, which is provided by Intamin, a world-renowned entertainment equipment provider.

In addition to the amusement projects, the park also invites the professional team of North American logging performance that embodies the strength of American Niuzi to join in. In addition, there are more than 200 elite entertainment tours from more than 20 countries and magic performances of "Joy Theater" for tourists to watch.

Changlong Wildlife World

Guangzhou Changlong Wildlife World is the largest wildlife theme park with the largest animal population in the world. The Park covers more than 2,000 mu. It has a large area of primitive ecology of subtropical rainforest in South China. It is the largest primitive zoo in China at present.

There are more than 50,000 rare and endangered animals, including 10 giant pandas, 22 koalas, 150 white tigers and other national treasures of the world. Rare animal species in the park live in the form of population, which enables the whole species to multiply and thrive. Animal model, self-driving Park covers an area of nearly 1 million square meters; has the world's most powerful performing lineup of the White Tiger show and other four major animal show. It has the world's top dynamic high simulation dinosaur park.

Chimelong Water Park

Guangzhou Changlong Water Paradise covers an area of 450 mu. It is jointly designed by WHITE WATER, an international company, and FORREC, a world-renowned theme park design agency. It is a well-known water park in China and the world. As the world's largest, most advanced and largest water amusement park, almost all the equipment of Changlong Water amusement park is imported from abroad, and there are many top projects winning international awards in the equipment.

In order to make the visitors to Changlong Water Park have a perfect experience trip, keep pace with the times, and strive to create high-quality services, besides adding the world's top recreational equipment, Changlong Water Park also enriches and supplements the park's leisure facilities, beautification and decoration and scenic area management, in order to meet the needs of all kinds of tourists. At the same time, the water treatment system in the park introduced the world's most advanced ozone water recycling system, making the water in the park more pure, safer and more secure.

In order to let Chinese and foreign tourists and the general public have a new water-playing experience in the hot summer, Changlong Water Paradise will be fully considered and planned every year, so that each device brings each visitor a completely different experience. It not only brings children the fairy tales of "Baby Water City", "Water Labyrinth", "Small Trumpet", "Glacier Tunnel" and so on, but also experiences the family journey, happy journey of "drifting river", "super wave pool", "Hawaii Water City", "family reunion slideway", "centrifugal slideway" as well as the experience of falling, flying flowers to chase waves, and enhance emotional "super". Big trumpet, big skateboard, race, vertical limit, jet slide, beast bowl, etc.

Changlong Happy World is located in Yingbin Road, Panyu, Guangzhou, with nearly 70 recreational facilities. Happy World has introduced Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United States and other leading companies in the field of recreational equipment, including: vertical roller coasters, 10-ring roller coasters, motorcycles, U-skateboards and super water car battles. Changlong Happy World adopted the European style design, and initiated the first European-style amusement park model in China. Most domestic amusement parks emphasize theme packaging over amusement equipment, while Changlong Happy World emphasizes amusement equipment and natural ecological environment. It adopts the first-class and most advanced amusement equipment in the world, with a high scientific and technological content and a long combination. Longban has its original natural and ecological characteristics. Changlong Happy World enables tourists to experience stimulation, enjoy pleasure and relax themselves in the beautiful natural ecological environment. Changlong Happy World is divided into six main themes: Habi Kingdom, which is suitable for the whole family to play mainly in children's amusement projects, screaming zone with large-scale thriller stimulating equipment, cyclone island with medieval European style, Happy Water World with water as its theme, central performing Plaza with performance as its main theme, Baihu Street with leisure as its main theme. Park. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of children's all-weather recreation, a large-scale indoor children's playground with constant temperature has been established.

In April 2012, Guangzhou Changlong Water Paradise New Area Hot Wave Valley has been grandly opened! Two world-class recreational facilities, Giant Flood Gorge and Boa constrictor, have been newly introduced into the new area, with huge waves bursting out and exploring bends. The hot wave valley covers an area of 50 mu, which is different from the design concept of many water parks in the past. The hot wave valley pays more attention to the overall sense. The design mainly focuses on the Hawaiian landscape style, highlighting the feeling of coconut trees, magnificent Hawaiian volcano decoration, ingenious Hawaiian traditional thatch houses, and characteristic children's water playing area. Changlong Water Paradise brings new surprises.

Another feature of the hot wave valley is the introduction of outdoor warm water system for the first time in Asia, so that tourists can enjoy the same pleasure in late spring and early autumn. It is planned to add indoor thermostatic water park in the future to maintain the leading position in the global water park industry.

After the completion of the new zone, the total area of the park reached 450 mu. It is estimated that the new area will operate 15,000 people per hour and receive 50,000 people per day. With the operation of the hot wave valley, during the 180-day operation period, the annual reception of tourists is bound to exceed 2.3 million and become the world's first water park.

Changlong International Circus

Changlong International Circus is located in the national AAAAA scenic spot of Guangzhou Changlong Tourist Resort. It has the world's first real-life circus stage, tens of millions of huge funds to create the most luxurious advanced technology of dancing beauty, and hundreds of millions of huge funds to build the world's largest circus theater, which can accommodate nearly 8000 spectators to watch at the same time. The world's top stage facilities and theme programs are naturally accompanied by a huge international performing team, with over 300 Circus Elites from more than 20 countries across Asia, Europe, America and Africa performing on the same stage. In addition, there are as many as 40 species of more than 500 rare animals and Circus Elites on the same stage.

Since its founding in 2000, Changlong International Circus has been leading the trend of world circus after more than ten years of innovation and development, and has become the benchmark of world circus and enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad. It has been awarded "Guangzhou's most competitive cultural brand", "Yangcheng Night Tour First Choice" and "Chinese Cultural Business Card" for many times.

Changlong bird paradise

Changlong Flying Bird Paradise (formerly Guangzhou Crocodile Park) belongs to the first batch and the only 5A national tourist resort in Guangzhou. It is a rare large Wetland Ecological Zoo Park in Guangzhou with over 2,000 mu of green land. It has dozens of rare wetland birds and is graceful. At the same time, it is also the world's largest crocodile theme park, with a total of more than 100,000 crocodiles. The park includes several zones, including Pelican Bay, Crane Bay, Swan Bay, Diaoyuan Island, Crocodile Corridor, Reptilian Science Museum and other exhibition areas, which integrate animal viewing, science education and ecological sightseeing. Ten wonderful wetland animal performances are interesting and entertaining.

Practical information

Scenic route

Qi: Changlong Happy World

Peer Tour: Happy atmosphere, free from constraints, close heart distance, and share the joy of adventure with friends!

Recommended amusement equipment: (Tornado Island) U-type skateboard - Hurricane flying chair - (Joy Theater) dazzling miracle - Kaka Tiger Joy Mobilization - Magic - (Scream Zone) Ten Ring roller coaster - (Tornado) - Motorcycle roller coaster - (Habi Kingdom) Joy Jump - (Rainbow Bay) - Vertical roller coaster - (Joy Water World) - Super Pendulum - (Joy Water World) Boundary) The rapids advance bravely - pirates drift, etc.

Model 1.U skateboard

Features: The unique U-shaped skateboard in Asia is the perfect combination of jumper and roller coaster, feeling the most fashionable skateboard activities, and experiencing the most dynamic physiological limit.

2. hurricane chair

Features: Take the magic flying chair, take you in the air constantly changing high and low speed.

3. show off miracles

Features: Kakahu Joy Mobilization's dazzling miracle program combines a series of wonderful performing elements such as large-scale youth singing and dancing, magic, shoulder ballet, acrobatics performance and African tribal original ecology. The singing and dancing are amazing, shoulder ballet is trembling and other performances are moving. In just 30 minutes, you can experience the moments of dazzling miracles brought about by different performances! uuuuuuuuuu

40 ring roller coaster

Features: The Guinness World Record Limit Ten-Ring Roller Roller is the world's longest 850-metre roll-in roller coaster, with more rolls than any other roller coaster in Asia. It will take you to dive rapidly, to hover up the clouds, to turn dangerously, to drop sharply at times... Centrally connected rotations have more wonderful concentric inertia. The rings are interlocking and exciting, and the rings are full of surprises, such as driving the galloping dragon, which arouses waves in the heart. What will happen next? There are always unexpected stimuli!

5. motorcycle roller coaster

Features: Heroic fighters, driving the first high-speed motorcycle in the Eastern Hemisphere, comparable to F1 racing cars, like racing drivers in the lane, excitement, addiction, surprise.

6. joy jump

Features: Family amusement facilities with dynamic experience have become the classic amusement facilities of family type, parent-child interaction type and young fashionable people, which are loved by friends of all sizes. It is suitable for tourists with height of 1.2m-1.95m.

7. vertical roller coaster

Features: Free and easy fight, free flight, rainbow painted real experience, so that people can enjoy the world's most sophisticated recreational facilities without going abroad, let's enjoy the world's roller coaster king's peak feeling together.

8. super large pendulum

Features: The world's newest and most dazzling large-scale mobile amusement facilities, known as "the world's largest swing, between the whirlpool, experience the strong melody of the storm of joy, challenge the psychological endurance limit.

9., advance with great courage

Characteristic: You will ride a raft boat and descend from the sky in the rapids, arousing waves and surprises.

10. pirates drifting

Characteristic: Pirate Drift lets you play a pirate of the Caribbean, traverse the rainforest, take an adventure and win the treasure in your heart. When you get on a floating boat and feel the pirates going to sea along the river, you suddenly rush into the skeleton forbidden area by mistake. On the way, you see all kinds of disaster scenes encountered by other pirates'ancestors. Finally, you enter a confused world. After several turning points, you finally see the location of the treasure and win the treasure of the brave!

Partner tour: Happy summer, relax, and share the new experience of water with your friends.

Recommended Tour Items: Big Beast Bowl, Big Python, Big Hongxia, Baby Water City, Drifting River Rapid Area, Centrifugal Slide (Outlet), Jet Slide, Vertical Limit, Hawaii Water City, Parrot Watching Area, Super loudspeaker, Super Wave Pool, Big Skateboard Slide, Hejiahuan Slide, Race Race - Baby city.

Qi: Changlong Wildlife World

1. North Gate of Wildlife Park

Guidelines: In the morning, take exit E of Hanxi Changlong Station of Metro Line 3, take Changlong free shuttle bus, and drive on time at 9:30 to the north gate of Changlong Zoo.

Note: Before entering the door, we should open the package and check it. No water and food are allowed. So please check your bags. ~There's a free map at the entrance of the wildlife park. Mom won't worry about losing my way anymore.

2. Swan Lake Plaza

Features: Swan is a winter migratory bird, like to live in groups in lakes and marshes. Because of its white plumage, graceful posture, moving call and loyalty, the white swan is regarded as a symbol of purity, loyalty and nobility in both Eastern and Western cultures in Eurasia. Here you can enjoy the beautiful and noble swans, oh ~I can't help humming "Goose and Goose" when I see these beautiful swans.

3. bus tour area

Features: Driving to visit animals, which is the first in the country, combined with the management experience of many top nature reserves abroad, Changlong launched a driving zoo. It covers an area of more than 1 million square meters and is divided into eight regions according to geographical location and climate. It allows visitors to experience the most primitive animal world in one day, across the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, from grasslands to plateaus, from Asia to Africa, across five continents, walking with animals and laughing together.

Tip: Travel across five continents and walk with animals. Let your eyes shine, the scenery is at a glance, must play Oh ~

4. Jurassic forest

Features: In the dense ancient tropical jungle, the ancient fly traps are deployed to wait for the arrival of prey, and pythons are hoarsing around dead trees... Is this a dream? No This is the Jurassic Forest of Changlong Wildlife World, the world's top dynamic high simulation dinosaur park! "I've been here since 1956, and a wrong operation brought me across time and space. In the process of traveling through time and space, I found a big secret. Originally far away from Jurassic, dinosaurs once lived in this area. Are you interested in exploring with me? "At the Jurassic Forest Entrance, blue robots from the future take you into the Time Tunnel in this innovative way. The beautiful Jurassic scenery is truly presented! What's going to happen next? There is a rustling sound in the quiet grass. Please pay attention to the dinosaurs. They are right beside you! uuuuuuuuuuuu Pterosaurs suddenly flew out of the forest in front of you and peeped out their heads from the trees. Dinosaur eggs dangling out of the grass, you had already stepped into the nest of Raptor! uuuuuuuuuuu All the way amazed, step by step amazed: triangular dragon, onychosaurus, comodosaurus, double crowned dragon, ancient giants have appeared, let you suddenly do not know when and where you are. In the mysterious and empty cave ahead, there is a deafening roar. The formerly ferocious giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and its powerful enemy Thornosaurus are about to launch a prehistoric confrontation in front of you.

Tip: I've been longing to meet dinosaurs in the forest since I was a child. If you have a dinosaur dream, don't miss it. Oh, surprise, step by step.

5. rain forest trail

Features: The "Rainforest Wizard" of the largest interactive three-dimensional ecological rainforest exhibition area in China is amazing and open, innovating three-dimensional hierarchical display mode to refresh the past visual experience, from the ground anteater, to the gorgeous hornbills and solar parrots in the woods, and then to the Yellow gorillas on the treetops... Explore the magical and wonderful three-dimensional rainforest animal world, in the "Rainforest Wizard"!

6. Golden Snake

Features: Snakes are mysterious, dangerous and frightening cold-blooded creatures in people's cognition, but their lifestyle and eating style often arouse people's extreme curiosity. Many people love snakes, and some people take pythons as pets. "Golden Snake Secret Land" combines with the original ecological snake living environment to create close contact conditions with snakes for tourists, experience the colorful and spiritual spirit of the snake world, and discover their affinity, beauty and auspiciousness.

7. giraffe Plaza

Features: Giraffe Square can have close contact with giraffes, feeding giraffes their favorite mulberry and banyan leaves. When their slender heads reach in front of you, their long eyelashes and big, watery eyes seem to say thanks to the tourists. Giraffe Square, where giraffes live, they have long eyelashes, big eyes and slender neck, long thighs, worthy of the animal world's top models.

Tip: This is the giraffe feeding table. You can buy leaves to tease these lovely giraffes. Oh, it's so funny. I finally touched the head of the giraffe. Haha, is there a feeling that you are taller than a giraffe? Just think about it. Be proud. Don't miss it.

8. koala Garden

Features: We are happy little koalas. We sing together every day. We are 50 Australian national treasure koalas living in Changlong wildlife world.

Tip: Play until 12 o'clock! You may be a little tired and hungry! You can stay here in Koala Garden. There are Koala Latin American Restaurant. There are eight value-added packages: Sichuan Fragrant Chicken Steak, Black Pepper Steak, Black Pepper Denim Bone, Eggplant Juice Pork Steak, Spicy Steak, Braised Pork Hand, Chicken Wing Rice. Delicious and delicious dishes make people linger on and forget to return.

9. Giant Panda Center

Features: Located at the heart of Changlong Wildlife World, Changlong Giant Panda Center is the best giant panda Pavilion in the world. In the early morning of July 29, 2014, Chrysanthemum Panda gave birth to three cubs at Changlong Wildlife World Birth in Guangzhou, the only surviving panda triplets in the world.

Tip: The only surviving panda triplets in the world, you have to watch Uh Chao Meng.

10. Elephant Park

Features: Elephant Garden in China is a natural and ecological exhibition area which integrates exhibition, interaction and performance. The elephant garden is surrounded by flowing water and green trees. There are many pools in the elephant garden, as well as an elephant stadium and interactive area. Here, visitors can not only see the warm feeding of mother elephants to baby elephants, but also the elephants can play in the pool. Besides visiting elephants, visitors can also feed by hand. After feeding, smart elephants will also use their noses to express thanks. And here you can enjoy the wonderful elephant show. Here you can see the smart side of the largest animal on land.

Tip: There's an elephant show at 14:00. If time permits, don't miss it. See if you can guess who will win the title of Prince Elephant. The performance time of the Elephant Theatre is 12:30, 14:00 and 15:30 respectively.

11. sheep Garden

Features: Pleasant, Changlong hundreds of sheep wish you a proud year of sheep.

Tip: See if you can summon all the sheep in front of the "babbling" cry of the sheep. Next to it is the Changlong Ark Theatre. The Animal Carnival is on time at 16:30.

12. children's world

Features: Entering the children's world, like Alice sleepwalking in Wonderland, the traditional merry-go-round horse has been replaced by large birds of different shapes, including running ostriches and flying parrots; beside the turning car has also become a game of lion and tiger chase, and the cute turning model makes children and big friends forget to return.

Tip: Sit on the merry-go-round, let me recall the little drops of childhood, feel a lot, together to review those long-lost childhood fun bar!

13. mountain exhibition area

Features: The mountain gorilla, also known as the ghost gorilla, is a world class of protected animals, mainly produced in central and Western Africa (Thailand, Vietnam, South Asia are distributed for unknown reasons). The bigger the tusks, the higher the status. The Male Mandarin has a fierce temper, changeable temperament, great strength, and great aggression and danger! uuuuuuuuuuuu

14. flamingos Island

Features: Tourists can choose two routes: the green road around the lake or the tropical rainforest trail. The greenway can enjoy the rainforest panorama, and the trail is also a unique scenic spot, along which they can enjoy a variety of rare plants. Walking along the core of the rainforest trail to the core of the rainforest area, in order to simulate the humidity and ecology of the rainforest, high tech sprays are installed along the way. Even in hot summer days, walking along the rainforest trail is as cool and humid as walking in a real tropical rain forest.

15. African forests

16. African tribes

Features: On the endless prairie, horses and zebras move in groups, and under the baobab tree lie a few lazy lions. Running gazelles alarmed the black rhinos gnawing leaves under the trees. On the small dirt slopes in the distance, the Muggle family was busy digging the earth. The standing Muggle watched the world outside the entrance of the cave vigilantly, unpredictable. This is the African prairie where the jungle preys. This is also the African tribe of Changlong Zoo. With an area of more than 30,000 square meters, African tribes are home to a variety of African animals.

Tips: At 15:30, the Hippo Theatre has an animal show. If time permits, don't miss it. Wonderful Yo-Hippo Theatre performance schedule: 11:45, 13:00, 15:30. Suggestion: You can go to Huaguoshan Theatre at 15:00, and then go back to African tribes to see the Hippo Theatre. The distance between the two theatres is relatively close, so you don't have to worry about walking too hard.

17. flower and fruit hill

Features: This is the "ape kingdom" of Changlong wildlife world, where many "orangutans" gather together, which can be called "orangutans" shining. There are more than 20 species of primates from all continents of the world, tenor singers from Southeast Asia, known for their loud and loud calls, White-cheeked gibbons, black-crowned gibbons, silver-white gibbons, white-palmed gibbons and other rare Gibbons in the Asian Garden. They can be said to be of gymnastic family origin, because gibbons are born with super arm strength, have super long arms and flexible hands, swing alternately in the woods with one arm, come and go freely, empty and leisurely into no one's land.

Tip: The Huaguoshan Theater next to us can see monkeys performing. Oh, it's funny and amazing. I won't be dramatic. The acting time is 11:00, 14:00 and 15:00, respectively. After watching the Huaguoshan Theatre, there are still many wonderful pictures of the performance in mind. I want to see the performance again, right? Go back to the last attraction, African tribe, to watch the Hippo Theatre, and the wonderful performance awaits you.

1 thousand and 800 Hushan

Features: White tiger is the treasure of Changlong Wildlife World and the mascot of Changlong Group. Changlong wildlife world has more than 150 white tigers, which is the largest park in the world and deserves to be called the world white tiger kingdom. In addition to the white tiger, there are more than 300 tigers of six tiger species, including South China tiger, Golden tiger, Silver tiger, Bengal tiger and Northeast tiger, living in Changlong wildlife world.

Tip: Athletes can see the diving. Have you seen the animal diving? 10:30-17:30 You can enjoy Baihu Diving here.

19. animal kindergarten

Features: Do not know, the original baby orangutans and human babies, like the constant greenhouse care, like fluffy toys, and even wrapped in baby diapers. So we need to take care of these lovely animals even more.

20.18:00 Beimen Garden

Note: If you want to leave the park from the South gate, you can take the battery car in the park. After leaving the park, you can catch the subway at Hanxi Changlong Station of Metro Line 3.

Qi: Changlong Water Paradise

1. Super Bowl

Features: The Super Giant Bowl, which won the award of "Best New Water Amusement Equipment in the World", will bring you unparalleled pleasure in playing with water. You will first dive through the Amethyst Channel and come to an unparalleled giant bowl. When you feel a little smooth and look up to the blue sky and white clouds, suddenly you find a huge black hole in the bowl of the beast sucking you in, and suddenly you are caught by the sudden change. Shouting is the only thing you can do in time. Before the shouting is over, you will find that you have successfully crossed the black hole and come back to reality.

2. Python

Features: The Python slide is an adrenaline shock ride, which will always be filled with "What will happen next second?" New experience. From the curved hovering slide, you will enter a fully enclosed slide up to 6 meters, MEGA tube, which will give visitors a unique experience, a collection of twist, spiral and vibration feeling, can absolutely make you happy to forget.

3. giant hung Gorge

Features: Giant Flood Canyon surrounds the whole "heat wave valley" area, bringing visitors a tremendous wave experience comparable to the Hawaiian Valley! In the narrow canyon, only huge waves accompany you, in the ups and downs to challenge the surge of mountain torrents, to appreciate the pleasure of being thrown to the top of the waves.

4. baby City

Features: Baobao Shuicheng is composed of four parts: Shuicheng, Water Labyrinth, Parent-Child Skiway and Water-Playing Area. It consists of four special water theme zones: various and colorful cartoon characters, colorful fruits, beautiful flowers and sea fish. Parents and children can not afford to play with water together. The water maze is decorated with various marine organisms and various translucent children's slides. Clear water splashes in the bucket make the children feel refreshed and cool.

Features: The Africa Forest exhibition area covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. The overall design is highly restored to the landscape of African forests. More than 30 black and white verruca monkeys and smart chimpanzees settle down in African forests and interact closely with you. In addition, there are a variety of small animals in the African forest through the forest, the best moving black and white lemurs, the most elf white cheek gibbon appears around you, giving you the most special and closest to your own experience. There are also original drum music performances brought by Kenyan aborigines, so that visitors can fully experience the rich African flavor.

5. rafting River

Features: The drifting river winding around the whole water park is the longest drifting River in the world at present. Tourists take a float circle along the way to enjoy the six water landscapes and feel the Hawaiian rainforest landscape. Through the Ice Age Tunnel, visitors can see the cartoon modelling of the distant Ice Age animals and unique landscape in the cave. The cold water drops from the top of the cave make you even more uncertain whether you are going back to the Ice Age or in the real world.

6. centrifugal slide

Features: Centrifugal slideway along the high hillside, winding, tourists ride a specially designed double floating ring, through the 110-meter pipeline, all the way rotating acceleration, fully feel the centrifugal force, then through the curved pipeline, rush into the pool below. It is most suitable for the experience of male and female friends.

7. jet slideway

Features: Jet slideway is also known as the "water roller coaster" by tourists, and won the "Gold Ticket Award - Best Water Project Award" in the international tourism industry. The slideway is driven by high-tech electromagnetic jet water column, and the float circle moves up and down like a roller coaster in the slideway, bringing incredible taxiing experience to tourists. It is very suitable for tourists who like challenges.

8. vertical limit

Features: Vertical limit has three completely different feelings of the slide, yellow slide down speed can reach nearly 40 km, blue slide for the rotating slide, experience strong centrifugal impact, orange slide verticality is the highest, let you experience the feeling of splash.

9. Hawaii Shuicheng

Features: Hawaii Watercity has won the International Tourism Industry Association's "Honorary Recommendation Project". As the largest single facility theme water play area in the world, Hawaii Watercity has a variety of water slides and water-playing activities, which can be used by tourists of different ages to sprinkle enthusiasm, infinitely close to the cool water world, especially for children. The children are laughing and playing, and the whole family is happy and relaxed.

10. super loudspeakers

Characteristic: Super loudspeaker is the slideway that wins the "Golden Ticket Award-Best New Project" in the international tourism industry. It's exotic and pleasant. Friends and family are sitting in a four-person four-leaf float, starting from a platform of six stories and many floors, like being slipped by a tornado and sucked into a huge loudspeaker. It's fast. In the speed skating, everyone will cheer as soon as possible. The loudspeaker will let your voice spread to the whole park. At the same time, the staff will take a picture of the "most passionate moment" for you as a souvenir. It is especially suitable for enthusiastic tourists who like to experience novelty.

11. super wave pool

Features: The world's largest wave-making pool, from the trickle of small waves to the ripple of nine waves to bring you a comfortable feeling of the whole sea, such as family and friends in the floating circle enjoy like a good journey in the waves. The stage of wave-making pool presents wonderful performances for tourists, and enables them to experience exotic performances in cool water at close range!

12. slide skateboards

Features: The shape of the big skateboard slide is a huge slide with a huge U-shaped skateboard. Six people sit in a floating circle, from the top of the equipment to the bottom of the fast slide, then continue to slide upward with great inertia to almost 90 degrees upward slide, and then slide freely from the almost vertical slide to the gentle section by gravity. Throughout the course of taxiing, people sitting in the buoy will not only feel the ups and downs of the stimulus, but also the buoy will rotate on its own in the slideway, which is very exciting!

13. family slide

Features: The Family Joy Slide allows a family to ride in a huge floating circle and experience three thrilling stages of tumbling and sliding together. Tourists sit on the prepared float and scream all the way from the top of the equipment to the bottom of the equipment's pool on the ups and downs of the slide. It is suitable for the whole family to play together.

14. galloping slide

Features: Rapid taxiway is the original race facility, which consists of four independent and identical taxiways. Four tourists can choose one taxiway to enter from the tower end 20 meters high and start to take a quick taxiway. Tourists lie on a flying carpet-like skateboard, complete a complete loop in a fully sealed sink, enter the open straight dive section, and stir up splashes all the way, which is very interesting! uuuuuuuuuu

15. competition slide

Features: Race slideway is an upgraded one of the original race facilities. It consists of four fully open slideways. Tourists are lying on a flying carpet skateboard, running and dive directly, speeding up into the pool and enjoying the excitement of the race. Let's ski farther than anyone else. It takes skill!

From: Guangzhou Crocodile Park

Peer Tour: Happy atmosphere, free from constraints, close heart distance, and share the joy of adventure with friends!

Tour routes: Crocodile Park Main Gate Animal Elves Amphibian Reptile Hall Crocodile Gallery Crocodile Play Pelican Bay Crane Bay Crane Restaurant Night Habitat

1. Crocodile Park main entrance

Features: Gulf crocodile, also known as cannibals, is ferocious in nature and has a record of attacking humans. Adult Gulf Crocodiles can reach 3 meters in size, while Crocodile King is 6 meters in length, 40 years old, open mouth, two rows of bright white teeth make people shudder. Fortunately, this guy only eats chicken, and then stays in his exclusive dragon palace, lazily watching tourists. The group lined up word by word in front of the crocodile king, shouted "eggplant" and sunned their teeth with the crocodile king.

2. wetland wizard show

Features: Guangzhou Crocodile Park's brand-new wetland fairy wonderful show for you! Here, you can not only enjoy the wonderful performance of the wetland elves, but also have close contact with them! Magic elves - high crown chameleon, pink elves - corn snakes, survival elves - crocodiles, elegant elves - cranes, beautiful elves - pelicans, sweaty BMW elves - hippos, dream elves - Dream horn frogs, love elves - Mandarin ducks. In the wetland of Guangzhou Crocodile Park, sweaty BMW elves and big hippos are singing for you with their big mouths open; mysterious snake fairies greet you with happy letters; changeable Cafe chameleons change the color of New Year's joy and happiness, old cranes, spiritual frog princes, sweet ducks are waiting. You...

3. Amphibian and Reptilian Museum

Features: A row of exhibition halls next to the animal family, inhabited by a variety of reptiles, golden pythons, looking like venomous snakes and mistaken for green green bamboo leaves, green slender snakes, gray king snakes, black Burmese pythons. These cold-blooded animals are sitting on trees, beside stones, posing various S-shaped shapes, together with colorful, which attracts the attention of many spectators. The reptiles house a variety of reptiles including snakes, including lizards, frogs, chameleons and so on. The exhibition hall is nurtured and displayed in glass boxes, and is equipped with billboards so that visitors can better understand the species and habits of reptiles while watching.

4. crocodile Gallery

Features: Look at crocodiles, birds and wetlands. The microclimate of the wetland makes the temperature of the Crocodile Park cooler than that of the central city by 2 to 3 degrees. The trees are shady, the water is rippling, the grass is rippling, the winding paths are quiet, walking along the lotus pond path of Xianhe Bay, and watching the cranes and Black-necked swans in the lotus pond are full of poetic and picturesque feelings.

5. crocodiles for drama

Features: Crocodile play, watching master crocodile tamer whole maggot crocodile is very interesting, although there is no courage to dance like master crocodile tamer, or to have a zero-distance kiss with the crocodile. But come close, take the camera in hand and Mr. Crocodile to take a big picture, there is no problem.

6. Pelican Bay

Features: Hanging a big mouth, swaying on foot, funny and lovely big bird pelicans are best at swimming and fishing. Hundreds of pelicans have settled down in Guangzhou Crocodile Park, the largest wetland animal theme park in the world, bringing more joy and different wetland bird watching experiences. It's the big leather bag under the mouth that makes people recognize them at a glance. It's his prey weapon. In the brand new Pelican Bay, visitors can enjoy the wonderful performances of these fishermen with their own eyes. Don't be confused by their silly appearance. They have eagle-like keen vision and strong explosive wings. They can easily enter the water from high altitude like artillery shells. Their posture can be comparable to that of divers. When it comes to the crux, they have a big mouth like a net pocket. Fishing seldom falls empty. In Guangzhou Crocodile Park, you will be deeply impressed by the water survival they have.

7. crane Bay

Features: Xianhe Bay is located on the left side of the entrance of the ticket price information crocodile park, with an area of hundreds of mu. It is a paradise for all kinds of birds.

8. crane Restaurant

Features: Crane Restaurant is located in Crane Bay. The dining environment is beautiful. At the same time, you can see all kinds of rare birds in Crane Bay, dancing cranes, Black-necked swans with curved necks singing to the sky, passionate flamingos and noble and elegant red-crowned cranes.

9. night club

Features: Guangzhou Crocodile Park National Initiative Night Animal Museum has been grandly opened. Tourists traverse the dark world under the sun in an unprecedented way. You will experience the secret of the night in the night museum! Night animals turn jet lag one after another and play the mysterious world of night animals with you for 8 hours during the day. Owls shuttle among trees, interesting monkey-faced Eagles hover in the air from time to time, they wake up in the night, there are lovely flying rats, giant lizards and other nocturnal animals have jet lag, the most active side, the best state to meet your arrival, so rare experience, how can you not come!

Tickets for scenic spots


Traffic information


1. Take Metro Line 1 and transfer to Metro Line 3 at Sports West Road Station to reach Hanxi Changlong Station, and take free shuttle bus from Exit D or Exit E to all parks.

2. Metro Line 2 can be transferred to Metro Line 8 at Changgang Station, to Hanxi Changlong Station at Hancun Station, and to parks by free shuttle bus from Exit D or Exit E.

3. Take Metro Line 3 to Hanxi Changlong Station, and take free shuttle bus from Exit D or Exit E to all parks.

4. Take Metro Line 4 and transfer to Metro Line 7 in the south of University Town to reach Hanxi Changlong Station, and take free shuttle bus from Exit D or Exit E to the parks.

5. Take Metro Line 7 to Hanxi Changlong Station , and take free shuttle bus from Exit D or Exit E to all parks.

Free shuttle bus for Changlong Tourist Resort:

Changlong Metro Plaza - Changlong Animal World South Gate - Changlong International Circus (Changlong Happy World North Gate) - Changlong Water Park East Gate (Summer Opening) - Changlong Hotel - Changlong Wildlife World South Gate (19:40 stop).

Driving time: 8:50-22:15, departure interval: 15 minutes.

Travel time

Changlong Tourist Resort is located in the subtropical zone. There is no heat in summer, no cold in winter and pleasant climate in all seasons. Guangzhou is wet and rainy in spring, slightly hot in summer, there will be typhoons; autumn temperature is suitable, cool and windy, suitable for tourism throughout the year, April-November is the best.