Guangan transportation

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Guang'an transportation

Located at the junction of Sichuan and Chongqing, Guang'an is an important passage from east Sichuan to Chongqing and southward and eastward. It is also an important node on the national "five vertical and seven horizontal" traffic trunk lines. It has been integrated into Chongqing 1-hour economic circle and Chengdu 2.5-hour economic circle. With the implementation of the strategy of building a comprehensive transportation hub in Western China, Guang'an has been identified as one of the three secondary transportation hubs and 12 regional secondary transportation hubs in Sichuan Province.

In 2019, Guang'an City will complete the construction of highway and water transportation with an investment of 5 billion yuan. The feasibility study of Tongjiang Guang'an section of Zhenguang Chongqing Expressway has been completed and passed the industry review of the Department of transport; the Chengkou Xuanhan Dazhu Linshui expressway has been incorporated into the provincial highway network adjustment plan; the east ring line of the transit Expressway and the Qianfeng Chongqing section of the Chongqing Guangzhou Expressway branch line have been fully started and their construction has been accelerated. A total of 78.5 kilometers of national and provincial trunk roads have been built, 939.3 kilometers of village roads have been built, 4 bridges have been built, 6 dangerous bridges have been reconstructed, 6 bridges are under construction, and 278.9 kilometers of security projects have been constructed. The total mileage of the highway is 13961.6 km, and the grade highway is 13320.4 km. Among them, 162.5 km of class I highway, 486.9 km of class II Highway, 389.3 km of class III Highway, 12281.6 km of class IV Highway, and 279.3 km of substandard highway. The highway passenger traffic volume was 38.195 million person times, the passenger turnover volume was 766.299 million person kilometers, the highway freight volume was 32.778 million tons, and the cargo turnover volume was 2661.03 million tons.