Guangan scenic spot

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Guang'an scenic spot

By 2018, there are 24 A-level scenic spots in Guang'an City, of which Deng Xiaoping's hometown is a national 5A scenic spot, and six scenic spots, including Huaying Mountain tourist area, Shenlong mountain Ba Ren stone city, baozhensai, Tianyi Valley, Baiping Feilong Rural Revitalization demonstration area and Wuhua mountain tourist area, are national 4A scenic spots. There are 1 national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, 2 demonstration sites, 2 provincial rural tourism demonstration counties, 16 demonstration towns, 30 demonstration villages, 136 star level farmhouse entertainment, 1 provincial strong rural tourism County, 1 Characteristic Township, 2 boutique villages and 21 characteristic business forms. Guang'an is not only the hometown of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, but also the birthplace of "Red Rock Soul", forming unique red tourism resources. It has become one of China's 12 "key red tourism areas" and 30 excellent red tourism routes. It is the leader of Sichuan Red Tourism and an important destination of national red tourism.

As of 2014, Guang'an has 2 national agricultural tourism demonstration sites, 1 national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration site, 1 provincial rural tourism demonstration city, 13 demonstration towns, 25 demonstration villages and more than 400 farmhouse entertainment.

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