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Guang'an Education

As of 2019, there are 1198 schools at all levels in Guang'an City, including 696 kindergartens (including 119 public kindergartens), 194 primary schools, 235 junior high schools, 6 special schools, 1 work study school, 42 ordinary senior high schools (including 14 provincial demonstrative general high schools), and 23 secondary vocational schools (including 4 key secondary vocational schools above the provincial level), One university. There are 602281 students, including 110112 kindergarten students, 237556 primary school students, 123850 junior high school students, 649 special education schools, 33 work study schools, 73453 ordinary senior high schools, 41584 secondary vocational schools, 15044 colleges and universities, and 44979 teaching and administrative staff.