Guang fan Lu

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Guang fan Lu

Bian Guang fan, Zi Yi, was born in the first year of Tang Zhaozong's Tianfu (901 years). Emperor Taizu of Song Kai Po six years (973 years), and the state of Yangqu (now Shanxi Taiyuan Yangqu), he has considerable talent, and modest and easy, officials can observe the people's feelings, solve the public worries, the Tang Dynasty, Jin, Han, Zhou, Song 5 dynasties, all occupy important positions, outstanding achievements.

Life story

Ming Dynasty in late Tang Dynasty In two years (927 years), Bian Guang fan set up the order of Yuci (now Yuci, Shanxi) and called it Zhong Dian Cheng. The four years (933 years) of Changxin changed to Chang Cheng Cheng. Later Jin Dynasty He is a member of the Ministry of inspection, Mr. Wai Lang, a judge in Beijing. Great ancestors in the Late Jin Dynasty Tianfu two years (937 years), Bian Guang fan, Xiao Qing of the Bai government office, wrote a letter about the current malpractice, and soon, Bian Guang fan moved to the secretarial supervisor and Yu Shi Zhong Cheng. He worshipped Shao Qing, Dali. It was the year when the Jin Dynasty moved to the capital of Kaifeng prefecture (now Kaifeng, Henan). Shi Chonggui Kaifeng Yin, Kaifeng Bian Guang fan as Wei Wei Shao Qing, filling Kaifeng magistrate. In the eight years (943 years) of Tianfu, Shi Tiu Chi ascended the throne. For the less emperor, Bian Guang fan called on the right side to advise the doctor, he knew the Kaifeng government office and served as the chief executive of the capital and moved quickly to the matter. At that time, due to the plague of locusts and poor grain harvest in the capital, Bian Guang fan was ordered to go to Bozhou to borrow military food. He bid fair and orderly, and he was not praised for being ordered by the emperor. Later Jin Dynasty Qidan When the relationship broke down, Bian Guang fan was ordered to be sent again. In the first year of the first year of transportation (944 years), Bian Guang fan knew Zhengzhou, and left to wait for a ride. After the next year, he became a straight Bachelor of the Privy Council and became the most trusted senior official of the emperor directly involved in state decision-making. One day, Jin Shao emperor and ministers visited the banquet. When he saw that he was under the Imperial Academy, he immediately worshipped him as the Minister of rites. He knew that he was a master of Imperial Academy, and still kept straight to the Privy Council. Liu Zhi Yuan build Later Han Dynasty In order to comfort the place, the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of criminal justice, Wei Weiqing and Shang Shu, should also carefully select good talents. For two years (949 years), he visited Yucheng and Ruzhou Xiangcheng in succession to learn about the disaster there and winter for Wu Yue.

Later Zhou Dynasty In the late Han Dynasty, Bian Guang fan knew Chen Feng and moved immediately. Imperial Minister And worship the Minister of ceremony. Bian Guang fan took office in the ceremony, and was in the autumn election trial. He thought he was weak in learning and talent, and was unable to do the job of selecting talents. He resolutely rejected the responsibility of selecting responsibility. Post Zhou Shizong Accession to the throne, changed to the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of justice, the right to know Kaifeng government office, and moved to the Ministry of household affairs, responsible for civil affairs. In three years (956 years), he was ordered to visit min Tian for five years. To song Zhou Pu, all the taxes were fairly flat. Zhou Shizong praised him after he heard the praise of the people.

Related events

The first year of song Jianlong (960 years), Li Jun According to the soldiers in Zhe, Lu and Song Dynasty, Song Taizu took charge of the troops, and ordered the frontier light fan to transport the former army, so as to prepare the grain and grass of Zheng, Luo, Ru, Meng, Huai and other states. Bian Guang fan quickly completed the task. Jianlong four years (963 years), Song Ping Jinghu, Xiangzhou Jigong Murong Murong Zhao Zhao levy Hunan, because Xiangzhou is just the main road of transportation, the geographical position is very important, the army's southern part of the supply of grain and grass must be guaranteed, then sent the edge of fan Quan know Xiang state, successfully hit the city. In three years (965 years), song was ready to attack Sichuan, and tens of thousands of troops passed through Xiangzhou. In five years (9S7), song tazu was sentenced to serve as governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi. He was also responsible for various roads and roads. In the past, the government of the Xiang Autonomous Prefecture was responsible for the appointment of the court officials, which amounted to six or seven times a year. After each appointment, hundreds of people had to be transferred. Bian Guang fan also served as Xiangzhou Bridge Road. After that, he changed the way he used to do. Instead of collecting migrant workers by state pawns, the government provided tools and work values to make roads worse and worse, and maintained well, without disturbing farmers' normal farming. After listening to Song Taizu, the imperial edict praised the United States. Kai Po four years (971 years), Bian Guang fan has been transferred back to the central government. He was sentenced by the Ministry of civil affairs, Cao Cao, and he was sentenced to Yushitai shortly afterwards, until he died.

Historical evaluation

Bian Guang fan has many incapacity in his life. No matter in central or local, wartime or peacetime, he is able to handle government affairs well and properly, and everywhere he goes, he has a political voice. Not only his remarkable talents are valued by the rulers, but also the spirit of helping the people relieve their worries and benefiting the people in the turbulent times of war.