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Guan Yu

Guan Yu(? - 220 years), the word is long, then changed word cloud length. Hedong County Jie county (today) Shanxi Yuncheng People are called "beauty beard Gong". Early follow Liu Bei In the distance, Liu Bei was moved around, and her brother and Zhang Fei were in love with each other. Therefore, although Cao Cao was well treated, Guan Yu still took the opportunity to leave Cao Cao and follow Liu Bei. Battle of Chibi After that, Seki Hasuke, Liu Bei and Zhou Yu attacked the South County where Cao was stationed. Then Liu Bei's influence grew stronger, and Guan Yu kept Jingzhou in the long term.

In the twenty-four years of Jianan, Guan Yu gradually gained the upper hand in the military friction between Cao and Ren. Then he went to Xiangyang and attacked Fancheng, and used the heavy rain in autumn to flood the seven army to rescue him. Yu ban The war was completely annihilated and encircled Fancheng. Guan Yu Wei Zhen and Huaxia made Cao Cao once think of moving the capital to avoid Guan Yu's sharp edge.

But then Sun Quan sent Lu Meng and Lu Xun to attack the rear area of Guan Yu. Mi Fang , Shi Ren They all abandoned Guan Yu. At the same time, Guan Yu is in the same direction. Xu Huang Defeated in the battle, he finally fell back and was defeated. Posthumous title Zhuang Miao Hou

After Guan Yu's death, he was gradually deified and respected by the public. Guan Yu In the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was regarded as "loyalty and righteousness, spirit, spirit, mercy, courage, and prestige." Woosung "And" great writer " Confucius Equal reputation. " Romance of the Three Kingdoms "Respecting it as the head of" five tiger general "in Shu Kingdom. Mao Chung Gang It is called "righteousness and distinction" in the romance of romance.

Paul Mauriat's History

Follow Liu Bei

Guan Yu, the word is long, later changed word cloud length, early cause Commit a crime Run away from home You Zhou Zhuo County Liu Bei and Liu Bei and Zhang Fei became brothers, feeling good enough to sleep together. When Liu Bei served as the plain, he appointed Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as Sima of other parts, and divided into two parts. When Liu Bei attended the event, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei waited for Liu Bei to protect Liu Bei.

The first year of Xingping (194 years), Cao Cao because Cao song Killed and angry Tao Qian So they sent troops to attack. Xuzhou Tao Qian asked for help from Liu Bei, Liu Bei and Guan Yu to rescue more than 1000 people. Cao Caobing stepped back, Tao Qianbiao and Liu Bei Yuzhou Guan Shi, Guan Yu and Liu Bei stationed troops Xiao Bei Then, under the second phase of Tao Qian and others, Liu Beiling Xu Zhou Mu

First year of Jianan (196 years), Liu Bei was Yuan Shu , Lv Bu After the attack and the loss of Xuzhou, Guan Yu went to Cao Cao with Liu Bei. After hunting with Cao Cao Xu Tian, Guan Yu advised Liu Bei to kill Cao Cao, but Liu Bei thought that Cao Cao was trying to help the Han Dynasty and felt that he had killed him.

Jian an in December three, in December (199 February 7th), Liu Bei and Lv Bu captured Lv Bu. Xia Pei Win Xuzhou Guan Yu and Liu Bei followed Cao Cao's class teacher. Xuchang Cao Cao was appointed. Vehicle helmet The Xuzhou provincial governor. Yuan Yuan went north to yuanshao, and Liu Beifeng and Cao Cao were intercepted. Yuan Shu In Xuzhou, Liu Bei took the opportunity to attack and kill Guan Yushou. Xia Pei (now Jiangsu Province Suining County Ancient Pei town On behalf of the prefect, Liu Bei returned to Xiao Bo (now Jiangsu). Peixian )

Yan Liang in battle

Jianan five years (200 years), Cao Cao school Liu Dai , Wang Zhong Attack Liu Bei, but was defeated by Liu Bei. Cao Cao then called the troops to fight, and Liu Bei fled. Yuan Shao Guan Yu was defeated and captured and forced to surrender. Cao Cao was appointed as a general by thick ceremony.

Later, Yuan Shao faction was the General Commander. Yan Liang , Chun Yu Jun , Guo chart Wait for the East County guard Liu Yan In white horse. Xin you Put forward Make a feint to the East but attack in the West And the light troops attacked the strategy of the white horse. Cao Cao accepted Xun Yu's advice and personally helped the army rescue. Yan Liang surprised and hurried. Cao Cao's life Zhang Liao And Guan Yu as a forward. Guan Yu saw Yan Liang's caps and ran a horse to charge Wan Jun. He pulled out a knife and cut the head of Yan Liang and returned it. Yuan Jun's generals could not be stopped, and the confining of the white horse was sealed. Hanshou Pavilion Hou

Before Kanba Naomi killed Yan Liang, Cao Cao appreciated Guan Yu's personality very much. In order to know whether Guan Yu had any intention of staying for a long time, he asked Chang Liao to ask Guan Yu with his personal feelings. Guan Yu sighed to Zhang Liao, "I know Cao Gong's kindness to me, but I was vowed by Liu Bei to swear to death. I will not stay at all. I will leave after I have done credit for Cao Gong. Zhang Liao showed Cao Cao's intention. Cao Cao therefore praised Guan Yu: "the king does not forget his book, the righteous world." Cao Cao also asked Zhang Liao to guess when Guan Yu left. Zhang Liao Knowing that Guan Yu is the man who knows the truth, he assures Guan Yu: "the plume is accepted by the public, and it will be effective to report to the public and then go." Cao Cao knew that Guan Yu would leave, but he gave him a reward again, trying to keep him. But later, Guan Yu gave Cao Cao's reward, left his books to leave, and returned to Liu Bei. Cao Cao wanted to kill him or her, but Cao Cao thought he was trying to stop him. Folk culture calls this story "riding a thousand miles".

Guarding Jingzhou

Jianan thirteen years (208 years), Liu Bei refuge Liu Biao Soldiers stationed at Newfield Cao Cao led the army down south, and Liu Beinan fled. Jiangling (now Jingzhou, Hubei) rendezvous, but Liu Bei is on the way. Dangyang (now Yichang, Hubei) Chang ban Po was pursued by the Cao Cao army. Fortunately, Guan Yu arrived. Hanjin (now Hubei Jingmen), take a boat together to Xia Kou (now Wuhan, Hubei).

After Liu Bei and Sun Quan beat Cao Cao, Cao Cao stayed. Cao Ren Wait for Jingzhou to defend. So Liu Bei and Sun Quan are generals. Zhou Yu The attack on Cao Ren, the fate of Guan Yu, North Road. Later, Liu Bei attacked the south again. Jingzhou Four counties in the South ( Changsha , Lingling , Wuling , Guiyang ) Guan Yu was worshipped as a Grand Admiral, and was appointed general of Xiangyang and general general. At this time, Xiangyang is actually Cao Cao's sphere of influence. Yue Jin Stationed, so Guan Yu stationed in Jiangbei. During this period, Guan Yu rebuilt the city of Jiangling.

Jianan sixteen years (211 years), Liu Bei went to Shu to help Liu Zhang defend Zhang Lu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Zhu Geliang and Guan Yu. Jingzhou

Jianan nineteen years (214 years), Liu Bei and Liu Zhang Break up, attack Cheng City (now Sichuan Guanghan), military adviser Pang Tong Liu Bei was called Zhang Fei. Zhao Yun , Zhu Geliang In Jingzhou, only Guan Yu is stationed. After Liu Bei settled down the Shu area, Guan Yu was governor of Jingzhou. Authorized to control Liu Bei control in Jingzhou, including four counties in southern Jingzhou and borrowed from Soochow. Sundgau Jiangling and nearby Public Security Guan Yu actually guarded five counties in Jingzhou (South County, Changsha County, Lingling County, Wuling County, Gui Yangjun).

Guan Yu heard Ma Chao Liu Bei, who had no acquaintance with Ma Chao in the past, wrote to Zhu Geliang and asked Ma Chao Wu Yi what talent he could compare with him. Zhu Geliang knew that Guan Yu was proud of his heart, so he replied, "Ma Mengqi has both military and martial qualities. He is fierce. He is a generation of heroes. He belongs to the category of" Bu Bu "and" Peng Yue ". He can keep pace with Zhang Yide, but he is not as good as you are. Guan Yu had a beautiful long beard, so Zhu Geliang called him a beautiful beard. After seeing Zhu Geliang's reply, Guan Yu was very happy and handed it to the guests and his staff.

Guan Yu was hit by a stream of arrow, and his arrow pierce his left arm. Later, though the wound healed, his arm bone often suffered pain in rainy weather. The doctor said, "the arrow is poisonous, and its poison has infiltrated into the bone. It is necessary to re operate on the arm and scrape away the toxin on the arm bone so as to completely remove the patient." Guan Yu immediately stretched out his arm and asked the doctor to operate for him. At that time, Guan Yu was inviting people to eat wine, blood on their arms, full of dishes on the bottom, while Guan Yu was cutting meat and wine and laughing with everyone.

Jianan twenty years (215 years), Sun Quan knew that Liu Bei had captured Yizhou, hoping to get back to Jingzhou. Liu Bei said, "get it." Liangzhou It will return Jingzhou. " Sun Quan resented so much that he sent Lu Su to claim Jingzhou. Sun Liu's two generals argued against each other in front of the battle, but eventually broke up. Sun Quan Ming LV Meng Ready to attack southern Jingzhou. Lu Su More than ten thousand people will be there. Yiyang To restrain Guan Yu, Liu Bei sent troops back from Yizhou. At that time, Guan Yu claimed that there were thirty thousand men, and five thousand of them were prepared to cross the river from upstream. Gan Ning Led one thousand people to the other side of Guan Yu's garrison. LV Meng , Sun Jiao , Pan Zhang The number of Wu Junzheng and Lu Su Troops and horses diverged. Guan Yu thought that Soochow had prepared for the war and did not cross the river. The camp was built on the other side of the river, which was later called "Guan Yulai". At this point, Cao Cao is making progress in Hanzhoung. Zhang Lu Liu Bei quickly followed Sun Quanxiu. The agreement is divided into Jingzhou, that is, Jiangxia County, Changsha county and Guiyang County, which belong to Jingzhou, belong to Sun Quan. Jingzhou County, Lingling county and Wuling County belong to Liu Bei, which is famous in the history of the Three Kingdoms. Delimitation of Xiangshui River


Jian an twenty-three years (218 years), Tai medical order Gibbon Shao Fu Geng Ji Shi Zhi Wei Shan Others rebel. But soon afterwards, several people were killed by Cao Cao. Cao Cao Yu Shizhao Cao Ren For the general of the south, to punish Guan Yu. During the period of Cao Ren Tun fan, the army and people in Nanyang county were miserable. So, Wancheng guard Hou Yin and Wei Kai Hijacked the rebellion and joined with Guan Yu. Cao Ren went to the rebellion and broke the Wan City in the first month of next year, killing the Hou and killing the city.

Jianan twenty-four years (219 years), Liu Bei army and Cao Cao army compete for Hanzhoung, Wei will Xia Hou yuan General Liu Bei Huang Zhong Cao Cao was forced to bring up a large army to fight for Hanzhoung. Liu Bei kept it. Zhao Yun also robbed the hay in Hanshui. Cao Cao had no choice but to quit Hanzhoung, and Liu Bei occupied Hanzhoung.

In July of the same year, Liu Bei called himself Wang Zhong Wang and appointed him. Xu Jing Tai Fu, FA Zheng For the Shang Shu order, Guan Yu is the former general, Zhang Fei is the right general, Ma Chao is the left general, Huang Zhong is the latter general, and the former part of Yizhou is Sima. Qianwei people Fei Shi Guan Yu was stationed in Guan Yu's official seal, and Guan Yu heard Huang Zhong's status as he did. He said angrily, "a man does not share the same old soldier." Refuse to accept the appointment. Fei Shi said to Guan Yu, "those who establish Wang Ye can not use all the same people. before Xiao He , Cao Shen And Hanko had a good relationship when they were young. Chen Ping , Hanxin Han Xin was the last person to be in a desperate position; he could be ranked in the highest position, and no one heard of Xiao He and Cao Can's resentment. Now, the king of the Han Dynasty revere Huang Zhong for a moment's credit, but how can Huang Zhong compare with you in his heart? Besides, the king of Han Dynasty is just like you. I don't think you should care about the official number, the number of titles and salaries. I am just an envoy, the person under orders, if you do not accept the appointment, I will go back. But I feel sorry for you. I'm afraid you'll regret it later. " After listening to what he said, Guan Yu was greatly moved and awakened and accepted the appointment immediately.

Then Guan Yu stayed in the southern county. Fang Fang Guarding Jiangling, general Fu Shi Ren He stationed himself in public security and led his own army to attack Lu Chang in Xiangyang and Cao Ren in Fancheng. In the battle, Guan Yu was once adopted by Wei. Pound I hurt my forehead. After he withdrew from the Hanzhoung battlefield, Cao Cao immediately dispatched thirty thousand troops to Fancheng. Since then, it began to rain for more than ten days. Guan Yu used the opportunity of the surge of Han Shui to flood the seven armies, and then attacked them by boat, forcing them to drop in and capture Pound. Guan Yuyu appointed Pound, but refused, so he killed Pound. At this point, the rescue of Fancheng's army was completely annihilated, and Fancheng, where Cao was stationed, was also at risk. Guan Yu's army went to Fancheng by boat and the number of besieged cities was heavy.

In October of the same year, Lu Hunmin Sun Wolf It was hard for him to be in the army, rebellion and rebellion. Many of the mountain thieves, who are all in the south, have been subjected to Guan Yu's seal. Even Cao Wei's Jingzhou history. Hu Shu Nanxiang prefect Fu Fang And also to Guan Yu. Guan Yu's momentum was once. Megatron


At the end of twenty-four years (219 years), Cao Cao thought that Emperor Xian of Han In Xu, he is close to Guan Yu army. Sima Yi , Jiang Ji And so on discourage, think Sun Quan is bound to want to see Guan Yu's ambition, can promise to Jiangnan seal to Sun Quan as the condition, let him send troops to attack Guan Yu from behind. At the same time, Cao Cao dispatched Xu Huang , Zhao Yan The equal rate army rescues Fancheng, prepares personally to discuss Guan Yu.

Rescuing Fancheng Xu Huang Because of the shortage of troops, it was difficult to compete with Guan Yu, but after that, Cao Cao dispatched chiefs such as Xu Shang, Lv Jian and so on. Yin Department Zhu Jai and other twelve battalions reinforcements of Xu Huang. Guan Yu was stationed in the army of Wai tou and stationed in four mound. Xu Huang threatened to attack, but secretly attacked four mound. When Guan Yu saw the four grave, he personally led the steps and cavalry five thousand men, and Xu ran against Guan Yu. Guan Yu was surrounded by ten antlers in front of the trench. Xu ran chasing Guan Yu, and the two entered Guan Yu's encirclement of Fancheng. The encirclement circle was broken, and Fu Fang and Hu Xiu were killed. Guan Yu then withdrew, but Guan Yu's ships remained. Mien Shui The road to Xiangyang is isolated.

At first, Sun Quan had sent for his son to ask Guan Yu's daughter to marry him. Guan Yu insulted him and refused to marry. Sun Quan was very angry. Kanba Soku treated the soldiers well, but he was right. Scholar bureaucrat But they are very Arrogant Mi Fang and Shi Ren were disgusted with Guan Yu. Slight Attitude. When Guan Yu took charge of the troops, MI Fang and Shi Ren were responsible for supplying two army supplies, and two were not. Careful Help Guan Yu. Guan Yu released his words and said, "go back and punish them!" After listening to Mi Fang and Shi Ren, they were all scared. After hearing Sun Quan, he secretly sent people to induce Mi Fang and Shi Ren. Sun Quan Ming LV Meng The chief commander attacked Jingzhou and personally returned the army for backup. Jiangling in Jingzhou Mi Fang (Liu Bei's brother-in-law) Shi Ren He fell because he had no sympathy with Guan Yu.

At that time, Guan Yu was informed that after losing the South County, he immediately withdrew to the south. On the way back, Guan Yu sent messengers to LV Meng for a number of times. Lu Meng always waited for Guan Yu's envoys every time. He allowed all kinds of tours in the city to express his condolences to the relatives of Guan Yu. Some people wrote handwritten trusts and took him away as proof of peace. When the messenger returned, the Guan Yu secretly asked him about his family's condition. He knew that his family was safe and treated more than before. Therefore, Guan Yu's officers and soldiers had no intention of fighting again, and the soldiers were gradually dispersed. Mai Cheng In December of the same year, Guan Yu ran out of dozens of vehicles and broke through all the way to ten or twenty minutes from Yizhou, near Hubei (Nanzhang County, Xiangfan city). Pan Zhang Ministry Ma Zhong The ambush, the captured, and the eldest son. Guan Ping He was killed in Lin Ju.

Sun Quan gave Guan Yu the head to Cao Cao, and Cao Cao buried him in Luoyang with the honour of the princes. Sun Quan also buried Guan Yu's body in the Dangyang. That is Guanling, also known as the big Tomb of Dangyang. Shu Han built Guanzhong tomb for Guan Yu in Chengdu, namely the tomb of Guan Yu in Chengdu, offering sacrifices to the soul. Therefore, people also call Guan Yu "head pillow Luoyang, lying down Dangyang and soul returning home" (or "soul to Shanxi").

Jing Yaosan year (260 years) September, Master of Shu Han Dynasty Liu Shan In pursuit of several important ministers, Guan Yu was posthumously named "Zhuang Miao Hou". His son Guan Xing The title has been inherited. In 263 ad, Pound Son Pang Hui With the clock cutting down Shu and killing the family of Guan Yu.

Character evaluation

Cao Cao: you don't forget your name.

Zhang Liao The plume is accepted by the public, and then it will be reported to the public and then to go.

Cheng Yu Liu Bei has an English name, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are all enemies.

Guo Jia Zhang Fei and Guan Yu are all enemies, and they are also dead.

Dong Zhao Feather is a strong beam for man.

Liu Ye (1) Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are fighting for the third army. 2. Guan Yu and Bei are righteous monarch and ministers.

Fu Guan Zhang Fei and Guan Yu are brave and righteous.

Zhou Yu Liu Bei is a hero, but Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Xiong Huzhi will not be long bent.

Wen Hui Guan Yu Xiao Rui, who gains by way of profit, will surely suffer.

LV Meng (1) the people are long and studious. They are all good at reading left, but they are very handsome. Second, although this thing is a family, and Kanba Mikumakoya, Ji An Ke is not determined?

Zhu Geliang Monk and Chiu, both men and women are strong and strong. They are the heroes of the world, and the disciples of Peng and Peng.

Li Li It is the feather and the parents who are brave enough to be able to do so.

Yang Drama Guan and Zhang Jiujiu came from the world to support the wings and carry the strong tiger. Fan screen around, flying electricity, to help hardship, praise the Lord Hongye, trace Han, Geng, unison double virtues. To be rude and to commit adultery.

Chen Shou (1) he is proud of being a scholar bureaucrat. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are all called Be highly skilled in military drill For the world's tiger ministers. The feather serves the Cao Gong, flies the release Yan Yan, and has the national minority's wind. However, feathers are just proud of themselves. They are violent and have no grace.

Yuan Yuan Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and Liu Bei are the ministers of the heart and the warriors.

Zhang Fu Zhang Fei and Guan Yu are all heroes.

Ge Hong Salty means that the person who is brave and mighty is the instrument of the admiral; when we hear about the disturbance, we have 39 talents. However, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, was the enemy of all enemies.

YAN Dan , Liang Shu Bravery and more power, attack must take, war must win, Guan, Zhang Zhiliu.

Zhang Zhong Xu Zhang Liao's operation can be attributed to the first track, and the effect of Guan Yu Qi can be explained in the footsteps.

Huang Maocai: courage and strength. Among all the people, Yan Liang is the thorn.

Chen Liang Fu Guan Yu is brave and unambitious, but he is arrogant and arrogant.

Chen Yuan Liang The sword is Lingyun, actually called Tiger Chen. Courage is like a country. Shu spread its wings and Wu folded its scales. It is a great pity for us.

Hao Jing Feathers, Fei Zhao Li, blood uprising, determined to distinguish between the emperor and the minister. Kan, such as two tigers, howling from the dragon and flying by the dragon, is a man who has been shocked by the world. The feather serves for the exercise, sends the book to go, flies the eye to cross the spear, but with decides. The sedan chair has been passed on to heaven, and the Han never dies.

Yang Bo The Vic is loyal to the universe, its achievements are recorded in history, the shrines are everywhere, the yellow hair is young, the teeth are extremely poor, and the sea is poor. And the spirit of the emperor is great.

zhi Yun Chang Xinyi does not have machinery, so it can be seen by Xu Gongming. After all, he is a gentleman, no less than a villain.

Zhong Jingbo: Yun Long's faith and sex are not mechanical, so Xu Huang is self deceit and self honesty. The town of Wei, China, is loyal to the ancient and modern times.

Wang Fuzhi In the end of Wu and Shu, Guan Yu was dead, and Jingzhou lost. Cao Cao took the two nations away, and he was eager to usurp it. Yu Shou Jiangling, the number and Lu Su suspicion, then Zhuge's ambition is not declared, and the Su is also bitter. How can we not be so proud of the feather? Its desire is to fight against violence, the bandit tongue is out, and feathers do not understand.

Cai Dong Fan To be loyal and vow to Liu, to cross the river to beat the thief and to die; to stop Dongfeng from Dongwu, and to hate the stream.

Mao Zedong Guan Yun did not understand the United Front on growing up. He was not brilliant enough to handle closes and policies.

Birth dispute

In the book of the Three Kingdoms, there is no record of the birth of Guan Yu, and the birth of Guan Yu has always been controversial. In the Guandi Temple of Changping village, Yuncheng, Shanxi, there is a tomb inscription of Kangxi, a former general Guan Zhuang, who was born in the nineteen year (1680) of Qing Dynasty. It was recorded in the three years (160 years) June 24th of Huan Emperor Yan Xi. Chong Zhen In the two year (1629), "Guan Dizhi", which was written in the memorial tablet of the sacrificial field and the Qing Dynasty Qianlong twenty-one years (1756), was considered in the three years (160 years) in June 22nd.

Later status

Official belief

The emperors of all dynasties took Guan Yu as the embodiment of loyalty and became the material of patriotic belief in loyalty and patriotism.

In the three years (Yong Zheng) of the Qing Dynasty, in 1725, the court ordered the Guan Yu Temple to be a martial temple. Worship hole of Too prison Sacrificial ceremonies carry out two sacrifices in spring and autumn. From then on, Guan Yu became the main god of the state sacrificial offering. Confucius The status of being neck and neck.

Folk beliefs

The "Guan Gong" worshipped by the folk is also called the "benefactor" by the believers in Taiwan, that is, the Savior. In Southeast Asia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries, and even the United States and the British Chinese region, the belief of Guan Gong is also very popular. Overseas Chinese have many businessmen in foreign countries.

Cultural belief

Taoism regards Guan Yu as "Guan Sheng Di Jun", that is, "Guan Di", often referred to as Taoist. Law enforcement four handsome One of.

Buddhism's belief in Guan Yun is limited to offering sacrifices, without prayer, praising and offering rites. In Tibetan Buddhism, there are many masters who offer praise, such as master Zhang, master of earth and the king of Dabao, Rinpoche, and Aqing temple. Rinpoche, who knew much about him, also gave a brief compliment on cloud length.

Member of family


· grandfather

Customs examination The word asks. Yong yuan Geng Yinsheng lived in two years. Jie Zhou Changping Village Bao Chi Li. He was said to be "good at the way". Book of changes "," spring and autumn To train his son Yongshou Two years, Ding Youzu, sixty-eight.

· father

Guan Yi The word is far away. Sexual filial piety, after the father's trial, he died in the tomb for three years. He was born in June, three days in June.


The surname is unknown. In 198 years, Guan Yu had asked Cao Cao to marry him because his wife was unable to give birth. Qin Yi Lu Ex-wife, but refused.

" Romance of the Three Kingdoms "Set Guan Yu to take a wife in Jingzhou, give birth to a son and a daughter (that is Guan Xing and Guan's).


· Guan Ping Kanba Noriko, who was a son in the romance, was cut off with Guan Yu.

· Guan Xing Kanba Noriko, the word is peaceful. Famous for his fame as a young man, Zhu Geliang was highly valued. He was twenty years old, serving as a servant and a member of the army, and died a few years later.

· Guan, the daughter of Guan Yu, is known as Guan Ying Ping Also known as Miss Guan three, Sun Quan had proposed marriage for her son and was rejected by Guan Yu. Later Li Li Hui's son Li Yu.

A fictional story in Hua Guan Suo Zhuan Guan Suo No information is available at present.


· Guan Tong The son of Guan Xing, his wife is princess. The elder brother of the heart of the tiger No child.

· Guan Yi Guan Tong's son, Guan Tong, inherited his position after death.

Historical records

Three Kingdoms, volume thirty-six Shu Shu six. Guan Huang Huang Chief Chao.

Grave site

See: Guan Yu tomb.

Guan Yu tomb has three in China and one in Henan province. Luoyang City Of Guan Lin It is located at the village of Guan Yu village, Guan Zhuang village, Yanshi County, Luoyang City, Henan province. It is located in Hubei province. Dangyang City Of Guan Ling And in Chengdu, Sichuan province. Chengdu Guan Yu tomb

Artistic image

Literary image

In the novel masterpiece. Romance of the Three Kingdoms In the book, the author (Luo Guanzhong) molded Guan Yu into an image of a loyal and benevolent hero holding the Qinglong moon knives. He was tall and mighty, and Wu Yi was extraordinary. When he came out, he made a tie with Zhang Fei and Taoyuan, and built weapons to participate in the war to suppress the yellow towel uprising. Then, although he was running around with Liu Bei, he could still kill the enemy and show great power in the future.

In the eighteen towns, Warm wine and cut Hua Xiong , ThreeHero Liu Bei was defeated in Xuzhou. There were about three things to do to bring down the Han Dynasty, and to solve the confining of the white horse for Cao Cao. Chai Yan Liang , Punish the ugly Knowing Liu Bei's whereabouts, A long distance ride After five passes, six will be cut, and Cai Yang brothers will be cleared up, and three brothers will gather together in the ancient city. In the battle of Chibi, Huarong road could not bear to kill Cao Cao and let him go. Liu Bei called queen, Guan Yu official worship. Five Tiger-like Generals First, the leader took Xiangyang. Drowning the seven armies Chopping Pound Capture Yu ban In the war, Fancheng was poisoned and poisoned by poison and arrows. After that, Lu Meng crossed the river in Jingzhou to win the battle. Mai Cheng After being killed, Shu Wu Wei held funeral arrangements for three countries. Several times after death, he swore in the spirit of Lu Meng, scolding Sun Quan and startled Cao Cao.

In addition, the narration of the romance of the Three Kingdoms in narration is usually referred to as Guan Yu's "cloud length" or "Guan Gong" and rarely calls him by name. But in the whole romance of the Three Kingdoms, only Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhu Geliang have the same treatment.

Yuan Kuocheng Storytelling " Romance of the Three Kingdoms Roughly the same as the novel, it only adds to the description of Guan Gong's life.

In traditional operas, Guan Yu belongs to "Sheng Jiao". Facial make-up is also very distinctive, with seven nevus on the face, three grains in the middle of the eyebrows, two grains around the nose, seven grains of cinnabar nevus, and red like blood, so it is particularly dignified. Guan Yu's main role in Peking Opera story is "chopping bear tiger" and " Oath of the Peach Garden "," Warm wine and cut Hua Xiong "," Tiger prison "Tun Tu Shan", "under the moon chopped Diao Chan", " Pass five passes And so on.


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