Guan Tang hot spring

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Guan Tang hot spring

Guantang Hot Spring is located in Tangtou Town, Linyi City, Shandong Province, on the East Bank of Yihe River. The hot spring covers an area of nearly 260 Mu and has a construction area of 100,000 square meters. It consists of four parts: a large open-air hot spring park, a hot spring hotel, a hot spring resort residence and an international conference center. The hot spring park covers an area of more than 60 mu.

Practical information

Ticket information

Adult ticket 138 yuan per person, child ticket 69 yuan per person, child height less than 1.2 meters free, 1.2-1.4 meters between the purchase of children's tickets.

Traffic information

Self driving

1. Mengyin to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: down to the east along the south of Beijing and Shanghai, down to the south of 227 provincial highways at the export of Yinan, 14 miles south to the West and up to the fourth Wen Road.

2. Yishui to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: 60 km south of 227 Provincial Highway, accessible from West to Fourth Wen Road

3. Yinan to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: 28 kilometers south of 227 Provincial Highway, accessible from West to Wensi Road

4. Junan to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: along 342 Provincial Highway westbound to Hedong Jiuqu to 206 National Highway (Dongxing Road) and 20 km northbound to Huatai Road westbound to 5.

5. Linshu to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: along 327 National Road westbound to Hedong Sesame Dun to Dongxing Road (206 National Road), 20 km northbound to Huatai Road westbound.

6. Tancheng to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: Go north along 205 National Highway to Hedong Jiuqu, take Dongxing Road (206 National Highway), turn west to Huatai Road after 20 kilometers northward, Cangshan to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: Go north to Luozhuang along 206 National Highway, go northward after crossing Yihe Henan Bridge, and then turn west to Huatai Road.

8. Feixian to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: Go eastward along National Highway 327 through the city to Hedong, turn east Xing Road (National Highway 206) northward for 20 kilometers, then turn west to Huatai Road.

9. Pingyi to Guantang Hot Spring Resort: Follow National Highway 327 to Dongqixian and refer to Feixian route


From Linyi Railway Station, take Bus No. 9 to Bus No. 36 in Jinyi. After going to Tangtou Town, you can take a taxi to Guantang Hot Spring. It's very cheap. The cost is less than 20 yuan. If you take a taxi from the railway station to Guantang Hot Spring, the distance is 30 kilometers, you can calculate it. 40 minutes by taxi

Play item

1. Free access to dozens of indoor hot springs SPA spa bath, swimming pool.

2. Children's Water Play Area includes Children's Water Paradise, Dream Water House, Red, Yellow and Blue Water Play Slide.

3. Enjoy all kinds of open-air hot springs; Free fruit, snacks, health tea, lounge TV, newspaper reading, reading, etc. on the third floor.

Provide services

1. There is a free storage room for valuables in the hot spring front desk.

2. The dressing room provides sterilized towels, bath towels and slippers free of charge.

3. Free indoor hot spring pool and sauna.

4. Free cigarettes.

Introduction of scenic spots

Guantang Hot Spring is planned according to the national standard of AAAAAA tourist attractions, mainly consisting of the large open-air hot spring park "the first in Jiangbei and the leading in the whole country". The second part is to build a hot spring hotel according to the five-star standard, a modern Chinese style hot spring vacation residence and an international conference center.

Over 60 acres of open-air hot spring park, more than 100 adult camphor trees shade the sun, eight series of famous soup health preservation, Tang Fengquan charm, green Yimeng, precious flowers and rocks, exotic customs, 66 different styles of hot spring bubble pools are distributed among them. Here, we fully excavate the thousand-year-old Tangtou hot spring culture and Confucian culture, combined with the extensive and profound folk traditional Chinese medicine characteristics of Mengshan Mountain in 800 Li Yi, and endow the hot spring with profound and unique cultural connotation. On this basis, there are large indoor swimming pools, dynamic SPA, hot spring slides and karst cave landscape areas.

The Guantang Hot Spring Hotel, designed according to five-star standard, has more than 201 standard rooms and high-grade vacation suites, 8 large, medium and small conference rooms. The conference rooms can accommodate more than 500-1000 people for meetings. Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, various VIP rooms and multi-functional banquet halls are all available and can meet the dining needs of 1000 people at the same time.

The construction of Guantang Hot Spring Resort and the creation of a new era of Tangtou Hot Spring development will become the benchmark of Shandong Hot Spring Industry.