Green Island Tourist Villa

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Green Island Tourist Villa

Green Island Tourist Villa is one of the eight new scenic spots in Chaozhou, the national demonstration sites of leisure agriculture and rural tourism, the base of science and technology education for young people in Guangdong Province, and the ten destinations of Xiamen citizens'weekend self-driving tour. Located in Wanshan Red Farm, Qiandong Town, the Villa covers an area of more than 3000 mu. The original natural ecological landform was retained, and the forest land coverage rate was as high as 95%. The mountain is surrounded by water, and the scenery is picturesque, like a green pearl inlaid on the land of Eastern Guangdong. Now, five major theme parks have been built, including folk culture experience area, Villa Hotel Resort area, Qianzhu lakeside recreation area, wetland Lake Scenic leisure area and characteristic agricultural experience area.

geographical environment

Green Island Tourist Villa Chaozhou (Guangdong Province, China) Green Island Tourist Villa is located in Qiandong Town, Raoping County. It is a large-scale eco-tourism resort built according to the national 4A-level scenic spot standards, which integrates geological popularization, cultural relics and folk customs, leisure vacation, business meetings and recreational shopping. It has been awarded the National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site, Guangdong Ecological Demonstration Park, Xiamen Top Ten Best Destinations for Self-Driving Tour, etc.

Main attractions

Forest oxygen bar

The Villa fully relies on the primitive natural landscapes, skillful and meticulous layout. Strange rocks and ancient trees are interesting, mountains and lakes are perfectly integrated, new green and red wildflowers are blooming in the mountains, the water of the lake is shining brightly, the bamboo is waving and dancing in a variety of ways, and the fruits of the lush fruit trees for a hundred years are abundant... It forms a fascinating picture of ecological nature. Being in the Green Island villa in spring all the year round makes you like walking into the legendary paradise. The noise and prosperity of the city are quietly disappearing, and you are deeply intoxicated with the natural charm of the green world. Green Island wetland landscape takes surrounding mountains as natural barriers, forming artificial and natural habitats, aquatic to terrestrial transitions and delays, providing a wide range of living space for many organisms. All kinds of animals travel to and from lakes and wetlands, not only as a landscape for tourists to enjoy, but also as a lively base for ecological science popularization.

Yongsi Stele of Ming Dynasty's Official Road

Green Island Villa is the ancient Raoping County (Sanrao) to Fengcheng Chaozhou "official road" through the land. The past dynasties'government officials went back and forth to Raoping to handle official business, and most of them passed through this ancient road to observe the people's conditions. Legend has it that Yang Ziliang, the master and servant of Chaozhou Opera, went along this road to Jieyang Xichuan to "beg for relatives". This "official road" through "Daozai" section needs to cross a stream called "Wuxi". Every spring, rain, summer and flood season, mountain torrents occur frequently, streams swell, past inconvenience, and livestock casualties often occur. During the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, the then Chaozhou Prefecture stopped waiting for Xu Xueyan and often passed through the "official road". One day, Hou Ye passed by this place, parked around, carefully inspected the situation, and sighed with emotion. So he discussed with the villagers to build roads to avoid the difficulties of his followers. Xu Hou Ye donated his salary for the new road construction. After a lot of efforts, the road has been completed, pedestrian access is convenient, and it benefits business and traveling students. In order to thank Xu Xueyan for his efforts to build roads for the benefit, the villagers carved stone inscriptions to achieve immortality. After the legend "Yongsi Stele" was completed, the audience heard the legend. Soon an olive tree grew beside the monument, with thick branches and leaves, towering high in the sky and fruitful branches. It was known as the "auspicious tree". It implies that predecessors planted trees and later generations planted shade. "Drinking water does not forget to dig wells." Of course, this is a myth and legend, but people will never forget Xu Hou Ye's virtue of advocating road construction and benefiting the people. "Yongsi Stele" has become a rare cultural landscape of Green Island Villa, attracting a large number of tourists to stop and watch every day to remember the past.

Green Island Glacier Geopark

Green Island Glacier Geopark is located in Qinglan Canyon near Green Island Tourism Villa, about 10 kilometers away from Green Island Villa. It is the first provincial geological park in eastern Guangdong. The natural geological landform covers many unrepeatable natural wonders such as volcanic profile, typical granite landform, fossil and glacial wonder. From late Jurassic to early Cretaceous about 150 million years ago, volcanoes frequently occurred in Qinglan area, and hot magma intruded into the early strata, forming a large-scale granite. Under the uplift of the Himalayan movement, the granite bodies buried beneath the surface protruded on the surface, forming the peculiar and magnificent granite landscapes of the Qinglan area, such as glacial moulds, stone peaks, pillars, caves and V-shaped canyons. Qinglan Canyon Glacier Group is a rare Cenozoic Quaternary low-altitude marine glacier relic in China two or three million years ago. During the melting of Quaternary glaciers, under the "closed" and "semi-closed" conditions covered by thick ice, glacial melt water flows downward along the glacial crevices. Under the pressure of the glacial layer, the glacial melt water acts as a "cylindrical water drill". Under the pressure of the glacial layer, the glacial melt water is formed by intense impact, swimming and grinding on the overburden bedrock and glacial debris downward, and has extremely high geology. Popular science and aesthetic appreciation value. Covering an area of about 20 square kilometers, the total number of mortars is more than 1600, which is one of the areas with the lowest altitude and latitude and the largest number of mortars in China.

Agricultural experience

The Villa highlights the characteristics of Chaoshan's agricultural culture. Under the green 100-year-old olive tree, it collects various agricultural customs, farming and farm tools with regional characteristics of the times, and reproduces the increasingly lost agricultural culture. Through ancient vegetable gardens, watermelon shed lotus ponds, waterwheel mills and old well workshops, the ancient and simple farms are more attractive. Visitors can not only visit, but also experience the rich local flavor and simple folk customs. In the past, the living conditions in the countryside made the elders look back on the past and feel the vicissitudes of life, while the younger learnt from popular science knowledge and benefited a lot.

Scenic spot honor

Chaozhou Green Island Tourism Villa has won successively:

National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site

Guangdong Provincial Ecological Demonstration Park

Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Base in Guangdong Province

Agricultural Leading Enterprises in Guangdong Province

Forestry Leading Enterprises in Guangdong Province

Best destination for self-driving in Guangdong

Guangdong Provincial Ecological Demonstration Park

The Most Beautiful Rural Demonstration Site in Guangdong Province

Guangdong National Tourism Leisure Demonstration Unit

Demonstration Site of Food and Drug Relief Project in Guangdong Province

Guangdong Youth Science and Technology Education Base

Top Ten Destinations of Weekend Self-driving Tour for Xiamen Citizens

Chaozhou Agricultural Popular Science Education Base and other honors.

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Donald Tsang, Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Wang Yang, and important leaders of various ministries, provinces and municipalities have visited.

One-day tour of scenic spots

At 8:00 a.m., we will concentrate on driving to the Green Island Tourism Villa located in Qiandong, Raoping, to visit the "Agricultural Culture Zone" with the local flavor of the farming home, the former farmhouse, the kiln chicken workshop, the auspicious tree, the ancient well area of the farming house, the farming paradise and the Green Island post station. "Ganquan tea-tasting area" - Triangle Meishi Forest Landscape, Ganquan Wheel, Acacia Forest, Kailu Yongsi Stele, Zhiqing Garden, Dongpo Teapot... Have lunch in a farm restaurant.

After lunch, gather friends and drink tea in "Ganquan Pingming District", then visit "Qianzhu Lake Recreation Area" to feel the excitement of the recreation project, experience the passion and joy of Yobo and skateboarding - Lingguitai, Woopo Bridge, Pearl Curtain Corridor, Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park, Wetland Landscape Park, Country Villa Resort, and then return to Shantou by car.