Grand hyatt Chengdu

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No. 8 South Chunxi Road, Jinjiang District

Chengdu, China, 610021


+86 28 6666 1234


Chengdu Grand Hyatt Hotel is located on Chunxi Road, a famous commercial street with a history of more than 100 years. The hotel is adjacent to the fashionable Taiguri and historical landmark - wide and narrow lanes, which can be regarded as the new fashionable landmark in the city center. It adopts French style architectural design.

It took four and a half years for Qunguang Square, which was completed in 2011, to show the whole world. It has been built repeatedly with Tony Chi for several years. I look forward to it and I firmly believe that it will fascinate me. So I quickened my pace to be spoiled by her as soon as possible.

The hotel gate is facing the East Street, but it is hard to isolate a separate entrance and exit courtyard. Hyatt's low-key logo is unique at the beginning of the night. Potted plants have been seen before entering the main building. This is the master's usual means, but never tired of seeing.

Pushing aside the low-key glass door is like opening a road to a private residence. In front of the concierge stand, the handsome and invincible concierge greeted me with a tiny jaw, and signaled to me that the lobby elevator was on one side. Potted plants, mirrors and abstract oil paintings representing style are not luxurious, but more like furnishings at home. It's just a "everybody".

The elevator was parked on the 15th floor. The decorative flowers in the elevator room, the carefully modulated ambient lights and the hand-drawn maps on the walls attracted my attention all of a sudden. From here on, the design which combines the essence of French culture and Chengdu cultural heritage is perfectly unfolded by Master Ji Yutang. I seem to have entered a French palace and found the subtlety of Chinese ancient customs everywhere. They will never exist abruptly, but peacefully as if they were born like this. The delicacy has entered my heart.

At the end of a turning corridor is the front desk. Walking into the front desk gives me a strong sense of ritual. This nearly independent space was created by the master with light and shadow into a stage full of mime. On the way, I saw the gates again, but at this moment, they changed color and identity, the same is the attitude of continuity. Grand Hyatt's front desk is as friendly as ever. Yes, I went home.

As the quiet and leisurely "living room" of the hotel, the "salon" is arranged on both sides of the corridor and seems to be a perfect whole. "Salon" design not only highlights the atmosphere and style of the Grand Hyatt, but also creates an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, similar to the living room in the home of relatives and friends. There are elegant Chinese blue and white porcelain bowls, exquisite hardcover books and Steinway Essex triangle piano. Everything seems to be telling the extraordinary here, but it gives a warm feeling. Whether you are sitting on the landscape sofa by the window, the bar seat by the bartender, or like me, choose a spacious sofa to sit down, order a latte, taste a mango tart, and enjoy the quiet time here. Only here can you thoroughly feel the beautiful space created by the Master, and even have controlled the breath of every fanatical fan, for example, I.

The common space next to Kaifei Cafe is Tea Garden, which is a Chinese-style tea drinking space, fully reflects the essence of Chengdu's local tea culture, and directly moves back the bamboo chair from the local tea house, instantly sublimating Chengdu's long and ancient tea culture. More than 100 kinds of Chinese tea are delicately tasted here. Tea is slowly appreciated and danced freely in the traditional delicate cup-covering tea set. Perfect.