Golden Sands Beach

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Golden Sands Beach

Golden Beach is located in the southern end of Shandong Peninsula, the Yellow Sea coast of Qingdao Huangdao District, Golden Beach Road. It is bordered by the Yellow Sea in the South and stretches in crescent shape. It is more than 3500 meters long and 300 meters wide.

The golden beach is flat, the sand is fine as pink, the color is golden, the sea is blue, the water and the sky are uniform, so it is called "golden beach". Qingdao Golden Beach is the finest, largest and most beautiful beach in China, known as "the first beach in Asia". At the end of 2008, it was awarded AAAA class scenic spot.

Scenic spot Entertainment

The golden beach has a pleasant scenery, with all kinds of tourism functions such as seaside leisure, entertainment, catering, sports, consulting services, vacation tourism and so on. Visible seascape, sand sculpture, kite flying, wave-by-wave treading, battery car tour of the beach shoreline, or by the beach plane, speedboat, water bicycle, hovercraft, skyscraper ride, but also experience water walking ball, merry-go-round, pirate boat, air cushion children's Park and other rich recreational projects.

Bathing Beach

Golden beach is more than 3500 meters long and 300 meters wide. It stretches East and West in crescent shape. It is one of the finest, largest and most beautiful beaches in China. Beautiful natural environment, a series of delicate wooden sketches such as coastal wooden trestle road, landscape corridor, high-end clubs, pavilions, waterwheels, fishing boats and so on are integrated with the sea and beach, showing a beautiful coastal picture scroll. In 2007, the Golden Phoenix Award of the Chinese Academy of Film Performing Arts permanently settled in Fenghuangdao, Qingdao. A large-scale sculpture "Xiangfeng and Yun" of the Golden Phoenix, designed by the mascot "Fuwa" designer and renowned artist Han Meilin of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, also stands on the beach and becomes a landmark building of the scenic spot.

The golden beach has Qingdao's most beautiful beach and waves. The east side of the golden beach is open trumpet, which makes the strong sea breeze from the Yellow Sea always pour into the beach in groups, making the long and narrow beach particularly spectacular.

"Golden beach flat, looking at the sky surge. Surfing is full of water and traveling thousands of miles. In his poem Golden Beach, the poet describes the beautiful and moving pictures of the golden beach bathing beach.

Golden Beach has three treasures, sea cucumber, abalone and crab. Three treasures of Golden Beach are big, fat and nutritious. It is said that after eating, they have the effect of prolonging life. Whether this statement is accurate or not remains to be determined scientifically, but one thing is true: the residents around the Golden Beach live a long life, people over 80 are everywhere, and they are healthy and have a clear ear.

Scenic facilities

The tourist and service functions of the scenic spot are perfect. It has one large underground shower center and six small bathrooms, which are officially opened to the public from July 1 to September 15 every year. It has set up Activity Exhibition area, landscape recreation area, shower service area, catering and shopping area, sports and entertainment area, car camping area, high-end VIP service area, carrying out beach volleyball, beach football, surfing rotary boat, speedboat, sailing boat, canoeing, diving, flying ring car, collision car, beach bonfire, battery car sightseeing and other rich coastal recreational activities, which is the largest outdoor pleasure in the area. Garden. A large gourmet Entertainment square, many high-end leisure clubs, characteristic seaside kitchens and theme bars in the scenic area can simultaneously meet the different catering needs of thousands of people, such as high, middle and general public. The tourist consultation service center can provide services such as consultation, tour guide, shopping guide, travel agent, VIP reception and emergency rescue for tourists.

Cultural Tourism Festival

The full name of the Golden Beach Cultural Tourism Festival is Qingdao Golden Beach Cultural Tourism Festival in China. With the Golden Beach as the carrier, it adheres to the guiding ideology of "taking the festival as the medium, displaying the image; attracting attention and improving influence; expanding opening up, promoting investment; developing tourism and prospering culture", further highlighting the openness, internationality, fashion and popularity, and further highlighting beach culture and marine culture. With the golden beach as a tourist attraction as a medium, integrating cultural, forum, economic and trade, sports and other plate activities, and through holding national scale and level activities, the golden beach cultural tourism festival will become a festival with national influence and popularity, making it an important window for opening up and displaying the image of Qingdao Development Zone.

With the continuous development and gradual improvement of the Golden Beach Cultural Tourism Festival, it has become not only a cultural grand gathering that embodies the cultural taste, open consciousness and construction achievements of the development zone, but also a famous brand festival in Qingdao, and a large-scale festival activity closely followed by all sectors of society.

Every year, the opening ceremony of the Cultural Tourism Festival invites many famous singers, hosts, song and dance troupes from home and abroad to attend, so that you can meet these stars.

Football Culture Festival

The 2010 China-Qingdao Golden Beach International Beach Football Cultural Festival is an important part of the 2010 China-Qingdao Phoenix Island (Golden Beach) Cultural Tourism Festival. It relies on competition, regards happiness as the keynote, redefines traditional sports activities in the form of Carnival which is popular all over the world, and promotes beach football, a new sport, into a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. The beach football match of "2010 China Qingdao Golden Beach International Beach Football Culture Festival" came into being following the successful hosting of the first Qingdao Golden Beach International Football Match in September 2009. We gather beach football fans from all over the world and invite 32 teams from the United States, Canada, France, Korea, Japan and other countries, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Qingdao. In addition, this cultural festival has added the beach football baby contest, which makes the content of the whole football Cultural Festival more vivid and exciting.

Music Festival

From September 12 to 14, 2009, sponsored by the Organizing Committee of Qingdao Phoenix Island (Golden Beach) Cultural Tourism Festival, and sponsored by Qingdao Xihai Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd., the "2009 Qingdao Phoenix Island Golden Beach Music Festival of China" co-sponsored by December Records, Bing Ma Si Records, NOJIJIJI Records and DM Records was performed passionately on the Golden Beach of Phoenix Island, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. More than 30 famous Chinese bands such as Xie Tianxiao, Suyang, Wanxiaoli, Zhou Yunpeng, SUBS and Demerit will join forces with several international bands from the United States, Britain and Norway to bring a full three-day musical Carnival to the Golden Beach in Qingdao. Qingdao Golden Beach Music Festival is not only the first time in Qingdao, but also the first time in Shandong Province to hold a large-scale national outdoor music festival. Xie Tianxiao, the "New Godfather of Rock and Roll in China", and many Shandong musicians, such as the famous street punk band Demerit, have joined the festival in a passionate way. Li Yang, the Qingdao lead singer of Demerit, created the theme song "ROCK'N BEACH" for the Qingdao Golden Beach Music Festival.

Environmental protection

With the improvement and improvement of traffic conditions in Huangdao, the scenic spots in Huangdao District have encountered the impact of human flow, and the pressure of free and open visits to the golden beach is unprecedented. By the end of May 2015, the environment of the Golden Beach has been deteriorating. The original clean beach is becoming dirty and messy because of "overloading". The original fine sand of the beach often contains broken glass, hard stones and other items. People who visit the Golden Beach barefoot are being threatened. The shells, starfish, crabs and so on, which were originally visible everywhere, are now scarce. While reminding tourists and friends to pay attention to safety, it also appeals to everyone to pay attention to protecting the environment of the scenic spots. Protect our scenic spots.

Traffic tips

Take Tunnel 1, Tunnel 3, Tunnel 5, Tunnel 6, Tunnel 7, Tunnel 8, North Ship Workers'Apartment Station or Haiyun Jiayuan Station (569 meters to the south), Huangdao District, Metropolitan Sightseeing Line 2, 808, 18, 1 and 4.

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Scenic Spot Level: AAAA

Ticket Price: Free

Natural landscape: hills, lakes, wetlands, sea areas, spring pools, protected areas, rare plants

Suitable for the crowd: family, individual, couple, company, friends, children, old people

Best time: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Travel modes: self-help, self-driving, City

Scenic Spot Type: Leisure Holiday