Golden Peacock Hot Spring Resort

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Golden Peacock Hot Spring Resort

Anhui Jinpeacock Hot Spring Resort is a commercial resort hotel which integrates vacation, fitness, leisure, entertainment, catering and accommodation. It covers an area of more than 3564000 square meters. It has medicinal meal bath, famous wine bath, SPA sanatorium, drifting river, artificial beach and large-scale hot spring bathing center, which are the only aesthetic places to recuperate body and mind.

Practical information

Ticket information

The market price of adult tickets from Monday to Sunday is 148 yuan.

(2) The market price of adult tickets for statutory holidays is 178 yuan.

Children's ticket 68 yuan

Children's height is less than 1.2 meters free, and children's tickets are purchased between 1.2 meters and 1.4 meters.

Traffic information

Hefei-Jinguo Hot Spring Self-driving Line: Jinzhai Road Viaduct-Hefei Circumferential Highway-Entering Hefei Highway towards Anqing-Lujiang Toll Station-S319-Chaohu Island-Jinguo Hot Spring

Hefei to Jinpeacock Hot Spring Bus Station: Hefei South Bus Station (South Gate Transfer Center) to Tangchi Jinpeacock Resort bus departure time: 7:308:309:3010:3013:3015:00 16:3017:30, high-speed, fare 27 yuan, running time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Brief introduction of scenic spots

geographical position

Anhui Jinpeacock Hot Spring Resort is a commercial resort hotel which integrates vacation, fitness, leisure, entertainment, catering and accommodation. It covers an area of more than 3564000 square meters. It is located in Tangchi, Lujiang, Anhui, a famous hot spring town, near Lujiang Railway Station, Hean Expressway and only 40 minutes away from Luogang Airport in Hefei.

Golden Peacock Resort aims to provide 100% satisfactory service to customers, and strives to create a new concept of health and leisure. With medicinal meal bath, famous wine bath, SPA sanatorium, drifting river, artificial beach and large hot spring bath center, it is an aesthetic situation for you to recuperate your body and mind, bringing you a brand new bathing concept and culture. The catering department, which can accommodate 800 people at the same time, is an ideal place for you to enjoy local dishes in Huizhou, Guangdong, Sichuan and other places. More than 200 luxury rooms allow you to experience the new international hotel standards. Advanced and complete fitness facilities, conference center to meet your different needs.

In addition, the Golden Peacock Resort also has natural bars, Acacia forest, idyllic fishing center, ostrich garden, Jintanghu and so on, which make the whole resort full of charming original flavor.

Beautiful Acacia forest, built with a unique Hui style features and modern design concept of paradise. Specially used to receive high-end customer groups, there are rare hot spring swimming pools in the country, luxury enjoyment.

Visiting the Golden Peacock in person, enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature, feeling the human landscape, listening to the sounds of nature, as if in a paradise.

Hot spring features

Indoor hot spring hydrotherapy area (including nine function pools): mainly through a series of machinery, using high pressure to make hot spring water present various radioactive water columns, high pressure impact on human acupoints, promote blood circulation, accelerate the development of capillaries, effectively absorb hot spring minerals, while having the effect of massage, conducive to skin lubrication, relieve fatigue and so on. Items include: electronic pulse bath, body wave bath, torrent bath, spring bath, cold water bubble bath, supersonic spray bath, whirlpool bath, impact bath, hydrotherapy chair chair bath, electronic pulse massage bath, spray bath, foot acupuncture point bath, water type float bath, sitting bath, etc.

1. Gu Hot Spring Pool of Chinese Medicine: Yao Wang Dong, Jingxin Spring, Pine Needle Soup, Mingmu Soup, Green Tea Soup, Huangbai Soup, Shenbao Soup, Mint Soup, Bazhen Soup, Qugan Soup, Gujin Soup, Yunu Soup, Sini Soup, Crude Salt Soup, Skin-care Soup;

2. Outdoor hot spring pools: Waterfall Spring, Wangjing Spring, Xianzi Spring, Ancient Tangquan, Companion Spring, Jiefu Spring, Baihua Spring, Hometown Spring, Daqiaoquan, Xiaoqiaoquan, Gongjin Spring, Zhongqing Spring, Lanzhi Spring, Watch Spring, Cold and Hot Double Waterfalls, Ranhuaquan Spring, Happy Spring, Huichun Spring, Qinfang Spring, Yongxin Spring, Jingquan;

3. The hot spring pool of the Summer Palace: beauty soup, Shengyang soup, Ganoderma lucidum soup, ginseng soup and a big pool.

4. Spa pool: one spa pool, one ice bath and two hot massage springs. The drifting river is more than 400 meters long and 1.5 meters deep. The deepest part of the wave-making pool can reach about 1.8 meters. The drifting River and the wave-making pool can contain about 3000 cubic meters of water.

5. There are five Panlong slides, three of which are straight and two are curved. Dead Sea hot sand bath, slate bath (geothermal corridor, thermal zone), very distinctive;

6. Hot Spring Fish Therapy Hall in the Central Water Bar of the Park is the largest fish Therapy Hall in China's Hot Spring Resort at present.

This is a kind of small fish which lives in hot springs and is only 3 centimeters long. Because of its special living habits, this fish can not only survive in hot springs with water temperature as high as 28-42 degrees Celsius for a long time. The most peculiar thing is that when people enter the pool, the small fish will become your bathing messenger. When these small fish peck the skin, people will not feel the slightest itch, but a very pleasant feeling, interesting, endless fun. This kind of medicine-free pure natural therapy has a unique effect on common skin diseases, scars, beriberi, and no side effects.

7. In addition, there are also medicinal hot springs in the hot spring area with various rare and famous Chinese herbal medicines as adjuvants:

Ganoderma lucidum Decoction: It has such wonderful effects as clearing heat and detoxification, nourishing kidney and protecting liver, strengthening heart, strengthening viscera and cold resistance, anti-bacterial, cough and phlegm, sedation, anti-cancer, anti-allergy, etc. It has curative effects on human dizziness, deficiency of yin and yang, deficiency of both spleen and kidney.

Ginseng Decoction: Dabu Yuanqi, Gutuo Shengjin, tranquilize the mind. At the same time, it can regulate the central nervous system, promote the use of energy substances in the brain, improve the heart function, reduce blood sugar, enhance the immune function of the body, enhance the resistance to harmful stimuli, enhance the body's stress ability, adaptive anti-tumor, anti-oxidation and many other functions.

Local specialty

Golden Peacock is located in Tangchi Town, Lujiang County. People say that Tangchi has three treasures: mountain treasures, hot springs and good tea. There are hundred cauliflower, fern and so on. Tangchi small orchid: "a cup of small orchid, a hot spring bath" reputation is well known.