Gold medal suckling pig

Home Food 2018-11-14

Roasted Suckling Pig. Characteristic: It has won the "Golden Ding Award" by the national commercial department. It is a precious Cantonese dish at the banquet.  the technology of roast suckling pig was also excellent in the northern and Southern Dynasties, and it has a history of more than 1400 years. The way of doing this is to take * * pig from the pig to the internal organs, and to gain 5 kilograms of pig body. After curing, sugar and the upper fork are turned into barbecue on the * clear charcoal fire, it is called "Ming furnace suckling pig". Guangzhou burnt suckling pigs have two ways: one is to burn the skin with light, slow fire, less oil when burning; the other is to burn it into sesame skin (or chemical skin), burning vigorously, continuously oiling when burning, and loosening the skin of suckling pigs with bubbles bursting out of oil. The sesame-skinned suckling pig has golden skin, sesame-like bubbles uniformly and densely distributed, the surface is uniform in size, the cortex is more crisp, and the entrance disappears. When eating *, they often use white sugar, thousand layer crisp and sweet sauce.