Ginseng Chicken Hotpot

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Ginseng Chicken Hotpot

Wash ginseng, boil it in a little water, take out slices, and cook it in the original pot for 15 minutes. Still soak it in the original soup. All the above ingredients except hen nuggets and ginseng slices are put into plates and served separately.

Making materials

Materials used

Hen meat 1000 grams, pig lean meat , pig tongue 150 grams of water, sea cucumbers, pig ring throat each 200 grams, carrot, lettuce each 150 grams, pea seedling tip, green onion each 100 grams, ginseng 20 grams.


15 grams of salt, 50 grams of cooking wine, 15 grams of soy sauce, lOg of pepper, 15 grams of ice sugar, 5 grams of monosodium glutamate, 100 grams of mashed grains juice, 200 grams of lard, 15 grams of scallion, 20 grams of ginger, 2000 grams of fresh soup, and 3 grams of pepper powder.


1. Wash the hen meat, wipe it dry, chop it into 4 cm square pieces, and put it in a boiling pot to remove it. Pig lean meat to remove muscles, boil in boiling water for a while, slice out. The pig's tongue is scrubbed clean and boiled in the boiling water pot for a quick slice. Wash the sea cucumbers carefully, follow the slices and soak them in water. Pig's torn throat is torn and skinned, tendons, flowers and moon, cut open and cut into about 8 cm long strips. Peel and slice carrots and lettuce. Wash pea seedlings. Shallots are patted and cut.

2. Place the frying pan on the fire, heat the lard until 50% hot, fry ginger, scallion and pepper first, then chicken nuggets, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, mashed grains juice, ice sugar, fry for a while, add fresh soup to boil, add pepper, monosodium glutamate, boil for 10 minutes, remove bubbles, ladle into the hot pot and serve on the table, light the fire, then add ginseng slices and their soup juice, boil for lO minutes, then all kinds of ingredients can be scalded.

Taste dish

Mix with sesame oil, garlic paste, vinegar and salt, one dish at a time.


Ginseng can be foamed first, which is conducive to boiling soft and sliced. Ginseng can be boiled without abandoning its water. When fried ginger and scallions, the fire should be small, not scorched. In the meantime, soup and seasoning can be added to keep the strong flavor. It is better to use casserole hotpot to make it.

Nutritional analysis

Chinese edible ginseng has a long history, and its magical effect is highly respected. According to historical records, ginseng has the effect of "tonifying the five Zang organs, calming the mind, fixing the soul, stopping palpitation, enjoying the eyes and wisdom".

Appropriate dosage

1. Ginseng should not be abused. Ginseng is a tonic. It is not appropriate to take ginseng casually without Qi deficiency. People with strong physique and no weakness need not take tonics and misuse this product. If misused or multi-used, it often leads to gas closure and chest tightness and abdominal distension. Some people think that ginseng is a tonic and that eating it is always good for your health. This is a wrong idea. Whether red ginseng or sun-dried ginseng in the process of eating must be gradual, not too hasty, overdose. In addition, we must pay attention to seasonal changes. Generally speaking, in autumn and winter, the weather is cool and eating is better, while in summer, the weather is hot, it is not suitable to eat.

2. Avoid radish (including carrot, white radish and green radish) and various seafood after taking ginseng. Ancient medical books say that radish "goes down into the atmosphere and disappears the valley...". Modern research on radish digestion and diuresis is the same as the ancient point of view. Ginseng is the most important function of invigorating vital energy. The two, a big boost, and a big stink, just offset. So there is this taboo.

3. Avoid drinking tea. After taking ginseng, do not drink tea, so as not to damage the role of ginseng.

4. Whether it's fried or stewed, don't use hardware cookers.

5. Ginseng avoids nutritional damage when eating with grapes. Grapes contain tannic acid, which easily binds with proteins in ginseng to form precipitation, which affects its absorption and reduces its pharmacodynamics.

Nutritive value

Hen meat protein content ratio is high, variety, and digestibility is high, easy to be absorbed and used by the human body, has the role of strengthening physical strength, strong body. Hen meat contains phospholipids which play an important role in human growth and development, and is one of the important sources of fat and phospholipids in human dietary structure. Hen meat has a good dietary effect on malnutrition, fear of cold, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness and so on.

Supplementary information

1. Many postpartum mothers have good nutrition, but lack of milk, which can not meet the requirements of breast-feeding infants. There are many reasons for the lack of milk after childbirth, one of the important aspects is eating stewed old hens after childbirth.

2. Why does stewed hen cause milk shortage after parturition? This is because the concentration of estrogen and progesterone in the blood of parturient women is greatly reduced after parturition, prolactin will play a role in promoting lactation and promoting milk secretion. However, due to the presence of estrogen in the ovaries and eggshells of the hens, the concentration of estrogen in the blood increases and the efficiency of prolactin decreases, which leads to insufficient milk and even complete return of milk.

3. Androgen has the effect of anti-estrogen. The testicles of cocks contain a small amount of androgen. Therefore, if a parturient eats a big cock stewed in clear after childbirth, together with the testicles, it will undoubtedly promote the increase of milk secretion; but if the nipple is found to be impassable, that is, when the breast is swollen and without milk, do not eat the cock to milk, otherwise it will cause mastitis.

Suitable for crowd

Common people can eat it

1. Hen, sex is Yin, suitable for the elderly, children, women, mothers, weak and sick people to eat.

2. Cold fever, excessive heat, excessive phlegm and dampness, obesity, heat poisonous furuncle, hypertension, high blood lipid are avoided; chicken broth contains more fat, which will further increase blood cholesterol, cause arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, make blood pressure continue to rise, which is not conducive to the condition; people with cholecystitis and cholelithiasis are avoided eating. Lest stimulate gallbladder, cause gallbladder colic attack. Gout patients should not drink chicken soup.

Dietary therapy

Old hens have the functions of warming the midst and tonifying qi, tonifying deficiency and fatigue, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

It can be used to treat deficiency of body and food, fatigue, weakness, thirst, edema and other symptoms.

Practice guidance

Chicken is more nutritious than chicken soup. Chicken buttocks are the places where lymph nodes are most concentrated. They are also warehouses for storing germs, viruses and carcinogens. They should be discarded.