Geographical environment of Guangyuan

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Geographical environment of Guangyuan

Location context

Guangyuan City is located in the north of Sichuan Province. Its geographical coordinates are 31 ° 31 ′ n to 32 ° 56 ′ N and 104 ° 36 ′ e to 106 ° 45 ′ E. in the north, it borders Wudu County, Wen County, Ningqiang County and Nanzheng County of Shaanxi Province in the north, Nanbu County and Langzhong City of Nanchong City in the south, Pingwu County, Jiangyou City and Zitong County of Mianyang City in the west, and Nanjiang county and Bazhou District of Bazhong City in the East. It covers an area of 16314 square kilometers.

topographic features

Guangyuan City is located in the northern edge of Sichuan Province, and the mountainous area is transitional to the basin. Motianling and Micang mountains span the north of the city from east to west, which are Sichuan Gansu and Sichuan Shaanxi border mountains respectively; Longmenshan mountain is synclinally inserted into the west of the city; the south of Guangyuan city is covered by Jianmen mountain, Dalan mountain and other Arc Mountains in northern Sichuan. The terrain is inclined from north to Southeast, and the relative height difference of ridge is more than 3200 meters. The altitude of Motianling ridge decreased from 3837 m (big lawn) in the west to 2784 m in the East and 800 m in the south. Longmen Mountain is connected with Motianling, which is in the whole territory of Qingchuan and the west of Lizhou district.

From north to south, the elevation of the ridge decreased from 3045 meters (sedan chair top) to 1200 meters. The top of the mountain is sharp, the slope is generally above 25 degrees; the river valley is deep, and the relative height difference is between 600-800 meters. Micang mountain is located in the north of Wangcang County to Guangyuan line in Chaotian district. The elevation of the ridge decreases from 2276 meters (guangtou mountain) to 1368 meters (Shijialiang) from north to south. The slope is more than 25 degrees, and the peak is round. The relative elevation difference of deep valley is generally between 500-800 meters. The arcuate mountains in northern Sichuan are located in Yuanba District, the south of Wangcang County, and Cangxi and Jiange counties. The altitude dropped from more than 1200 meters to more than 600 meters from north to south. The river valley is also deeply cut, mostly in "V" shape. The relative height difference is 200-500m. The top of the mountain is gentle, mostly in the shape of platform beam, and the slope surface is generally about 12 degrees.