Furong mountain

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Furong mountain

Furong mountain in Sichuan Province is a snow mountain, stretching for hundreds of miles. Furong mountain scenic area is composed of Furong mountain, Shunan hot spring, hanging coffin, Aikou stone square and GUANBAOSHAN forest sea. Dinosaur ruins reveal the mysteries of paleontology, paleoclimate and paleogeology for you. Sulfur rich hot springs are water lubricated and refreshing after bathing.


Furong mountain in Sichuan Province, from Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, belongs to a Snow Mountain vein, stretching for hundreds of miles. When we arrived at the inspection site, we saw the nine nine peaks, rising from the ground. The main peak was 1221.3 meters high, surrounded by clouds and clouds, and the mountains were undulating, like lotus flowers and hibiscus plants, so it was named.

Environmental Science

Due to the high mountains and dense forests, gurgling water, there are often white cranes and warblers singing, which is a good place for tourism and summer vacation. When the sky is clear and the sky is clear, standing on the top of the main peak, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, houses, factories and gardens, as well as the White Pagoda in Yibin and the Fulai mountain in Changning. It is really a feeling of "seeing all the small mountains".

"Furong competition show" is one of the eight scenic spots in Gongxian County and a provincial scenic spot in Sichuan Province. In particular, Dadonggou on the hillside looks like Matou, mazui and Ma'an, now known as "Anzi village". It is a beautiful and rich place on the hillside of Furong mountain. The mountains are green and the flowers and fruits are fragrant. The sunny day is the morning sun and the evening glow, and the forest is full of dye. On rainy days, the clouds are hazy and turbid. It is a good tourism resource with high development value. The Anzi village committee and Furong Mining Bureau jointly invested 340000 yuan to build shuilian cave, plank road and road into the mountain.

Famous scenic spot

Furong mountain scenic area consists of Furong mountain and Shunan hot spring. In Furong mountain scenic area, which is composed of six scenic spots, such as human hanging coffin, Aikou stone square and GUANBAOSHAN forest sea, dinosaur ruins reveal the mystery of paleontology, paleoclimate and paleogeology; sulfur rich hot spring water is lubricated with water, refreshing and refreshing after bathing, which is a bathing place and tourist attraction for health and wisdom. Furong mountain is majestic, which is a giant lotus in bud. The whole mountain is full of marvelous stones and green trees. This mountain was once one of the Buddhist resorts in southern Sichuan in history. There were dozens of temples in the mountain, but the site is still there. In the area of matangba, there are many coffins hanging on the cliff. These are the famous relics of hanging coffins. The living conditions in history are so hard that they never give up the pursuit of beauty and the yearning for happiness. This scenic spot is a national radio protection unit, and the whole scenic spot is a provincial scenic spot.

Legend of scenic spots

It is said that a long time ago, there lived a family named Ding in the north of Bingyu. The husband and wife lived in poverty and begged for a living. Later, he gave birth to a son. Because he begged for food and dealt with dogs every day, he named his son doggie. Although the little dog was hungry and full, he was also naive, lively and charming. When the dog was 7 years old, he went to beg with his parents in the spring. He met a gentleman on the road. After looking at the dog, he said to his parents, "when the child grows up, he will meet a lucky fate." Mom and Dad were skeptical and didn't take it seriously. In the autumn when he was 12, his parents died of illness. The dog was so sad that he asked his relatives and neighbors to help him bury his parents. From then on, he begged along the door alone. One day, on the road, he met the gentleman, he asked the dog why his parents did not come, the dog with tears to tell the truth. This gentleman listened, sigh to express sympathy, he asked the dog: "you did not name?" "No," said the dog After thinking for a while, Mr. Wang said, "I'll give you a name named Ding Liang. I'll do good things all my life, and don't do bad things." Mr. Xiangmian comforted Ding Liang and left.

On a windy and snowy day, Ding Liang begged for food and went back. He was lost in the snow. He came to a rich man's house to look for lodging. The housekeeper told him to stay in the man's house. Wang Dafa, the head of the family, heard that a young beggar was looking for a lodging. He was very beautiful. His heart moved. He went to see Ding Liang in the man's room. He was pretty and strong. Wang Da asked, "what's your name? It's more than ten years this year. Who are there in my family? " Ding Liang said, "my parents are dead, and I am the only one who lives by begging. My name is Ding Liang, 12 years old. " After hearing this, Wang Dafa said, "Ding Liang, you can herd sheep in my house. I will provide you with food and clothing. Good job. I'll give you some pocket money every new year. Will you do it?" Ding Liang agreed to it. Although Wang Dafa was not an official, he was the first rich family in shiliba village. Wang family set up private school and boxing workshop. Ding Liang is clever. Not only does the sheep keep well, but also the Wang family does the chores diligently. Wang Dafa is very satisfied, so he takes time to learn literature and martial arts. The child is smart and grows fast. Ding Liang used a big wax stick to practice martial arts. His martial arts became more and more proficient. He went to the mountain to herd sheep. No matter what kind of wolves, insects, tigers and leopards he met, he was not afraid. Sometimes he could catch several wild animals back. Wang Dafa was very sad and rewarded Ding Liang with a lot of money every new year and festival.

Ding Liang's favorite place for sheep herding is the mountain north of Bingyu Yinna River Valley. Why? It's a coincidence. There was no name for that mountain. From northwest to Southeast, pine trees grow in the north, green barbels and variegated trees grow in the south, and there is a wide grassland on the ridge, not even a tree is long. Ding Liang used to pass through the grassland and saw half of the pine trees and half of the variegated trees on both sides of the ridge. He was puzzled. What made Ding Liang even more surprised was that when he looked at the red flowers on the ridge, there was still a green grass in front of him. Ding Liang couldn't figure it out, and no one could make it clear. In the autumn of Ding Liang's 18-year-old, a sheep lost incident happened suddenly. Ding Liang drove the sheep out of the pen. He rushed to the mountain to eat grass. He didn't see the wolf, the tiger and the leopard coming out and no one stealing the sheep. However, the number of sheep decreased day by day. Ding Liang didn't dare to tell the head of the family and wanted to look for it again. Later, not only did he not find one, but he lost more and more, leaving only the majority of the group. Ding Liang had no choice but to tell the owner. When Wang Dafa heard that many sheep had been lost, he was furious and said in a sharp voice: "Ding Liang, the more you treat you, the more daring you are to lick the cat, and you have no more sheep. After breakfast the next day, Ding Liang drove the sheep to the original mountain. Just walking along the ridge, none of them was found. Ding Liang was so scared that he began to cry. He thought, "I can't go back now."

I was crying, and there was a song in the distance. Ding Liang looks around, even has no personal shadow. He walked southeast along the ridge to find it. He went to the middle of the hillside, to the east of Shilazi, and saw a big hole in the cliff, where there was a big tree full of hairy red flowers. Ding Liang's heart pounding, he thought: "in the past, looking at the red flowers on the top of the mountain is just like the flowers on this tree. What's the matter with this cave? Even if wolves, insects, tigers and leopards are in it, I will go in and have a look. Ding Liang stood at the entrance of the cave and saw that the grass in front of the cave was flattened. It seemed that some animals often passed by here. When he entered the cave, he took a turn, and his eyes suddenly brightened. In front of him, there was a stone Kang on his right, which was covered with satin quilts. Beside him was a bronze mirror, which was embedded in a wooden frame. A silk rope, wearing a big bead, hung on the frame. There is also a dressing box under the mirror. It seems that the master here is a woman. I don't know where to go. Ding Liang was afraid and quickly withdrew from the hole. As soon as he came out, he suddenly heard the girl's singing in the distance. Looking for the reputation of the song, I saw a beautiful girl watching a flock of sheep in the depression not far away. Ding Liang immediately thought: did she steal all the sheep I put? Thinking of this, he stealthily touched it. The girl's eyes were very sharp, and she had found that Ding Liang had already seen her. She called out, "Ding Liang, there is no less sheep you lost. They are all here. But I have something to tell you today She threw the sheep away and ran over. Ding Liang saw that the girl was wearing ordinary clothes, but she looked like a flower like a jade, like a heavenly daughter descending from the earth. The girl said with a loud smile, "I have nothing else to look for you today. I just want to settle the account. Please pay the debt right away." Ding Liang was confused. You don't have to say to me that it's funny for you to repay me when you come to Dingshan for many years Ding Liang said, "elder sister, I don't know you at all. How can I repay you?" The girl said, "you don't repay me?! The sheep grew up eating my grass, and I should be the sheep. " Ding Liang asked, "whose daughter are you? What's your name? How can you live alone in this deep mountain forest The girl did not answer directly. She raised her hand to the flowering tree beside the hole and asked, "silly boy, I don't know anything. This is a treasure tree, ordinary people can not see it, it is called hibiscus tree, I am Hibiscus fairy. This mountain is called Furong mountain. I can see that you are honest, honest and lonely. Today, I've attracted you here. I want to make a hundred year friendship with you. What do you think? " Ding Liang blushed and his heart beat. He stammered, "what should we do with the flock of sheep in our master's house?" Before Ding Liang finished, the lotus fairy interrupted and said, "do you dare to go back? If you go back, you will be killed. " With that, the girl drove up a breeze and took Dingliang into the cave.

When Ding Liang didn't come back, he sent his servants to search all over the mountain. Finally, only the sheep were found, but not Ding Liang's whereabouts. All of a sudden, in the middle of the mountain, a big hibiscus tree was found, and the hole beside the tree disappeared. People let go of the noisy door and yelled: "Ding Liang ·······" shouting, suddenly heard the echo of Ding Liang at the foot: "I'm here, don't look, I'm going with the lotus fairy." after that, there was no reply.

In order to record this miracle, people named the mountain Furong.

Lianhua Cave

Lotus cave can be summarized by the word "strange danger". Say it strange, odd in the diameter of more than 10 meters, up to 93 meters of a straight hole, hole two stalagmites juxtaposed. On the first day, the "Lotus column" was 28 meters high and 3 meters in diameter. It was located on a lotus flower with a lifelike shape, and its surrounding was inlaid with petals. On the second day, the "crystal column" is crystal clear and transparent, 5 meters high. There are many small holes on the wall half waist of lotus cave. There are "iceberg promenade, Crystal Palace, crystal column and magma similar to waterfall" in the small cave on the left wall.

Furong Town, 18 kilometers north of Xinhua Town, Huadu City, is 47 kilometers away from Guangzhou. The tourist area covers 22 square kilometers. This is a scenic spot with mountains, forests, lakes and springs, beautiful natural scenery, myths and legends, and numerous cultural relics.

Furongzhang, also known as Furong mountain, is 360 meters above sea level and tens of miles around. All the rocks on the mountain are in the shape of hibiscus flowers, so it is called Furong mountain.

The scenery of furongzhang is beautiful. In the south of the mountain, there is a waterfall of Xishan, the first of the eight ancient scenic spots in Huadu, with a drop of 90 meters. Under the waterfall is an artificial swimming pool that can swim for 10000 people at the same time, covering an area of 33000 square meters. Beside the pond is furongzhang reservoir, with a water surface area of 2.2 square kilometers and a water depth of 24 meters. It can store 17.37 million cubic meters of water and irrigate more than 1300 hectares of farmland. In 1987, Huadu government decided to develop tourist resorts in furongzhang tourist area. Fu Chuan gang in the village is the place where the Tropic of cancer passes through. The tree coverage rate is 89%. The air is fresh and pleasant. There are scenic spots such as Liyugang, Shishan and Xiangshan, as well as barbecue area, fishing area, hot spring area and orchard.

In addition, three resorts will be built in the three peninsulas in the tourist area: the lakeside peninsula is characterized by Western European customs; the Dragon arm resort is built with Chinese folk customs; and the peninsula resort is mainly built in tropical Pacific island countries.