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Located on the north slope of the old boundary ridge of Funiu Mountain in Luanchuan County, Luoyang Funiu Mountain Skiing Resort has the highest elevation of 2200 meters and an elevation of 1700 meters. It covers an area of 10 square kilometers. It is a four-season resort integrating outdoor skiing, indoor skiing, skating, Alpine sightseeing and leisure vacation. The Resort Park mainly consists of four seasons skiing hall, outdoor skiing area, lakeside sightseeing area, Alpine sightseeing area and ice and snow cultural ecological park. The ski resort is the largest ski resort in the central and Western regions, with the most advanced facilities, the most complete types of ski tracks, the richest entertainment projects and the most perfect management services. It is known as the first ski resort in the Central Plains.

Traffic information

Self-driving line

1. Luoyang-Songxian-Luanchuan County Town-Luanchuan Shimiao-Skiing Ground (175 km).

2. Zhengzhou-Xinmi-Dengfeng-Yichuan-Songxian-Luanchuan County Town-Luanchuan Shimiao-Skiing Ground (260 km).

Public transportation

1. Take a bus to Luanchuan County Town in Zhengzhou Jingguang Station, Luoyang Jinyuan Bus Station, Luoyang Second Transport Station and Sanmenxia Station. Transfer to Luanchuan County by tourist bus to Funiushan Skiing Ground in Luoyang. The fare is 8 yuan.

2. The ski resort has a reception desk (skiing hotel) in Luanchuan County Town. The company has tourist vehicles to the scenic spot, and the fare is 5 yuan.


Henan Province is located in the Central Plains of China. It has abundant real estate resources and beautiful natural environment. Driven by many favorable factors, the development of all walks of life in Henan Province has changed rapidly in recent years. Mang eight hundred miles Funiu Mountain, the earth's spiritual elite. The magic of thousands of years has bred the bright tourism pearl of Funiushan ski resort in Luoyang. The establishment of Funiushan ski resort in Luoyang has not only injected fresh air into the sports and entertainment industry market in Central Plains, but also brought new vitality. It marks that tourism, sports, entertainment, commerce, real estate and other related industries in Luoyang are embarking on a new road of mutual integration and common development. It also enriches the winter tourism projects in Henan Province and fills the void of ski tourism. Bai pioneered skiing tourism in the Central Plains.

Funiu Mountain is a famous mountain range with the highest average altitude and the largest distribution area in Henan Province. It also has the largest forest area, the highest coverage rate, the largest stock and the richest species of animals and plants in Henan Province. It stretches 400 kilometers from east to west, known as "800 Li Funiu Mountain".

Play item

Four Seasons Skiing Hall

Provide four seasons skiing, in the cold winter, can scatter wilderness on the snow, become a fashionable choice for many people to travel in winter. But can you imagine what it would be like to ski in the hot summer? Here, visitors can experience the fun of ice and snow sports all year round. The elliptical skating rink of 600 square meters can better satisfy the tourists'desire for skating. Lighting and audio equipment can also meet professional performance.

Outdoor skiing area

Five skiing areas, five ski paths and a wide range of entertainment projects meet the different needs of people at different levels. Let you enjoy skiing here.

Lakeside sightseeing area

It is composed of three connected lakes (listening to snow lakes) and the surrounding mountains. Listening to snow lakes built by mountains, the natural scenery of lakes and mountains is natural. The road around the lake is winding and travels among the lakeside forests. Pavilions and terraces are colorful, lakes are clear, sparkling, the sky and the earth float, birds sing and fish leap. Boating across the lake, fishing alone, snowing, watching the rain and flowers, walking among them, full of fun.

Alpine sightseeing area

When you take the No. 1 and No. 2 hanging chair ropeway continuously, you arrive at the Funiushan Old Territory Mountain Sightseeing Area at an altitude of 2200 meters. The first thing you see is the viewing platform and the hilltop garden. Upon the viewing platform, you can fully appreciate the ups and downs of the 800-mile rolling Niu Mountain, the vast sky and the vast earth, and the meteorology. In the south, you can enjoy the scenery of Huangshan Mountain, which stands like a sword, greets the visitors with pines and clouds. In the east, you can see Laojun Mountain, the holy place of Taoism in the Central Plains. In the north, you can overlook the four-season Ski Resort Park and in the west, you can see the lush primitive forest. The corridor along the west side of the Peak Garden can enter the western part of the Alpine Tourist Area and the corridor along the east side can enter the eastern and southern parts. Traveling through the mountains and forests, here ancient trees towering, elegant and quiet, fresh air, relaxing and pleasant.

Ice and Snow Culture Ecological Park

The ice and snow culture ecological park under construction makes the colorful ice and snow culture and the natural ecological environment of Funiu Mountain form a perfect integration, which presents people with a new picture and a new feeling.

Featured flagship

summer ski

A new four-season skiing hall with steel structure and glass curtain wall, a 200-metre-long and 60-metre-wide artificial ski track and passionate ski posters are built on both sides of it, which seems to blend into a world of ice and snow. Let people feel the fun of ice and snow in hot summer!

Skiing is a combination of fitness, sports and fashion. For many ski enthusiasts, because they can not resist the temptation of skiing, they drive thousands of miles to the northeast to enjoy their hobbies. In spring, summer and autumn, some people can't stand waiting for a long time and even go skiing abroad.

In recent years, in order to meet the needs of different ski enthusiasts, Funiushan Indoor Skiing Resort has introduced the world's most advanced snow-making equipment and management mode, its scale and professional level occupies the leading position in the industry. Funiushan Indoor Skiing Hall covers an area of nearly 8000 square meters. The ski track is 200 meters long and 60 meters wide. It can accommodate 300 people skiing at the same time. The indoor temperature is kept below - 2 C all the year round. Funiushan Indoor Skiing Ground has a strong team of professional skiing coaches, which can maximize your safety. Here, you can ski, play and enjoy the snow, fully appreciate the moving atmosphere of the ice and snow, and enjoy the pleasure of flying on the snow! uuuuuuuuu

Funiushan Skiing Resort has a capacity of 5000 people a day, including single board, double board, snow circle, play snow and other entertainment projects. Unique style pattern, spacious and bright site, carefully designed gradient, for beginners and snow experts are very suitable. Funiushan Indoor Skiing Hall is unique in that it is not subject to temperature restrictions, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, it can fulfill your dream of flying in the snow all the year round!

The vast snow, under the lu; slightly cold, hidden in the door. Henceforth, you no longer have to regret that it is difficult to keep snow. Four Seasons Ice and Snow Paradise on Funiu Mountain - the Ice and Snow Kingdom built for you!

Five highlights

1. Five skiing training areas have been set up for the care of beginners and children, with a total area of 50,000 square meters. (Five districts)

2. In order to meet the needs of skiers at different levels, there are 1 primary, 1 intermediate and 2.5 kilometers in length, 1 performance track, 1 viewing track, 150,000 square meters in skiing area, and 5 lanes in length.

3. Entertainment and snow projects are abundant: 1) snowmobiles (800 meters cycle); 2) flying saucers (250 meters); 3) German dry land sledges (1500 meters); 4) Italian Alpine sledges (1200 meters); 5) children's entertainment projects; climbing snow slopes, snow trojans, bouncing flyers, Korean sledges. (5 items)

4. Skiing service system is complete: 1. Perfect lifting system: 1 rolling escalator, 2 skiing conveyor belts (magic carpet), 4 skiing large towing ropeways, 2 small towing ropeways, 2 double chair ropeways, 1 skiing ropeway, 8,000 people/hour lifting capacity; 2. Artificial snow system with 100% coverage, the main facilities are: 200,000 cubic meters of snow-making water storage, 2 skiing pools. It has 5,000 cubic meters of water storage, 3 snowmaking pumps, 20 snowmaking machines, 2 snowrolling cars and 10 kilometers of snowmaking pipelines. (3) panoramic electronic monitoring system; (4) panoramic broadcast background music system; (5) electronic management system. (Five Systems)

5. Complete supporting service facilities.

(1) Indoor Skiing and Ice Skating Hall: The building area is 15,000 square meters. (2) Accommodation: 600 standard beds (including 100 beds in County ski Hotel and free transportation service from county to ski resort), 500 five-star standard beds (under construction). (3) Food and beverage: There are Chinese and Western restaurants and bars on the top of the hill, on the hillside and under the hill, with a total number of 1200 meals. Entertainment: There are chess and cards, table tennis, billiards, tennis, indoor swimming pool, KTV dance hall, disco dance hall, bath, foot bath and other entertainment facilities. Shopping: There are two supermarkets, one snow clothing store and one snow clothing store.

Accommodation in the snow field

Flying snow Hotel

Feixue Hotel has 230 standard rooms (sets), which can accommodate more than 500 people. The rooms are mainly double standard rooms. Its main facilities are independent toilet, 24-hour hot water, uninterrupted heating, TV (digital TV), broadband interface, luxurious facilities and reasonable room price. It is an ideal home for family and community skiing vacation.

Food and Beverages

The catering department has a unique decoration, modern Chinese restaurant has fast food, banquet hall, box and so on. The variety of dishes is rich and colorful. There are Cantonese dishes with fresh cooking, light taste and nutrition; Sichuan dishes with fresh seasoning and equal color; Shancheng Luanchuan characteristic farm dishes, with special cooking methods, which are favored by guests at home and abroad. Food and beverage department fast food restaurant has very local characteristics of beef steamed bun, mutton steamed bun let you eat happily. The banquet hall of catering department can provide 600 people with meals at the same time, and has conference reception function. The disco hall, chess and card room, KTV room and other entertainment facilities are complete, which is your first choice for holding meetings, collective training and entertaining guests in Funiushan Skiing Resort.

Listen to the introduction of Snow Lake Hotel:

Listening to the snow lake hotel is located in the Lake Resort area, its facilities mainly include nine-storey hotel main building, entertainment restaurant building, auxiliary building, parking lot, Hotel square, logistics square, etc., with a total floor area of 15,000 square meters.

Rooms: 210 standard rooms and 6 suites;

Conference Room: 200 people's conference room, 50 people's conference room, 20 people's small conference room;

Banquet hall: 10 people with 25 tables;

Food and beverage services: three tables, one, two and eleven single tables;

Leisure services: performance hall, gym, billiards room, table tennis room, chess room, fishing, boating, standard outdoor lighting tennis court, etc.

Project introduction

Following the completion and opening up of the second phase of the Funiushan Skiing Resort, the brand of "Four Seasons Skiing Tourism" as a powerful force in Luoyang tourism and even Henan tourism, its product differentiation and personalized characteristics have highlighted irreplaceable leading advantages in the central and western regions of China.

Mountain Tourism

Spring stepping on fragrant grass, snow melting, flowers blooming, heart dancing with spring swallow, love with flowers blooming, let us embark on the road of hope, indulge in the mountains and rivers!

Summer green shade, mountains and forests, clear wind, close to the mountains and waters, enjoy life, hot with the cool wind away, refreshing start from climbing!

Autumn red leaves, autumn frost fall season, thousands of ridges and valleys were surging red tide, was overwhelmed by the sky of red clouds, red leaves, yellow leaves, blue sky, nature with three primary colors for you to draw a colorful world!

Winter snow, snow, ice waterfall, fog, everywhere presents the fairy tale world of snowflakes dancing!

Take the No. 1 and No. 2 cableways, go straight to the mountain sightseeing area, walk through the primeval forest, listen to the warbler song and bird talk, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, and then take the German slideway down the mountain.

Price: 100 yuan (including 20 yuan + 20 yuan for cableway No. 1 and No. 2, 30 yuan for German taxiway, 30 yuan for admission), and 90 yuan for package ticket.

Four Seasons Skiing Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Experience the fun of indoor skiing, experience the atmosphere of snowfall all year round, avoid sunshine radiation, such as Linlin Haixueyuan, fully enjoy happiness!

Ski tourism

Experience the pleasure of speed and drop synthesis in indoor skiing, share the four-hour scenery of the mountain sightseeing area, while enjoying the relaxed romance of the two-person hanging chair sightseeing ropeway and the pleasant drifting of the 1.5 km long German ski track dry land sled.

Price: 220 yuan (including ski suits, ski gloves, 120 yuan for 2 hours skiing, 30 yuan for entrance fee, 20 yuan for ropeway No. 1 and No. 2 + 20 yuan, 30 yuan for German taxiway), 200 yuan for package ticket

Food and beverage, accommodation (200 yuan for double standard room, 260 yuan for three standard room, 40 yuan for bed for ordinary room), indoor skating, indoor Italian sleigh, indoor flying saucer, karaoke hall KTV, billiards, table tennis, chess and card room, foot bath, tennis, basketball, jumping flyer, grass skating, lawn yo, lawn motorcycle, lawn single board, lawn double-wheel pulley, lawn four-wheel pulley, fishing, rowing Ships, motorboats, lakeside sightseeing, etc.

Conference and Performing Arts

Conference Room: 200 people meeting room 1 (500 yuan per day), 150 people meeting room 2 (400 yuan per day), 50 people meeting room 1 (300 yuan per day), 30 people meeting room 1 (300 yuan per day), 20 people meeting room 2 (200 yuan per day).

Performing Arts: Open-air or indoor performances are held on weekends and holidays.

Ski School

In order to better serve the public, Funiushan Skiing School has been set up specially. Professional coaches teach you how to ski by hand. Baotuo Baotou Club is to your satisfaction.

Scenic spot road condition

The 13-kilometer long road from Guanxing Village in Shimiao Township to the scenic spot, with a total investment of more than 13 million yuan, is paved with asphalt roads, complete with signs, fences and convex lenses.

Funiu Mountain Culture

Located on the north slope of Funiu Mountain, Shimiao Township, Luanchuan County, Luoyang Funiu Mountain Skiing Resort is a four-season resort integrating outdoor skiing, indoor skiing, skating, Alpine sightseeing and leisure vacation, with an elevation of 2100 meters and an elevation of 1700 meters.

The Resort Park mainly consists of ski resort (area), lakeside sightseeing area, Alpine sightseeing area and ice and snow cultural ecological park. The ski resort is the largest in the central and Western regions, with the most advanced facilities, the most complete types of ski paths, the richest entertainment and entertainment projects. It is known as the first ski resort in the Central Plains. It has formed five ski training areas, including five primary, middle and advanced ski paths, performance paths and ornamental paths, five Entertainment projects, five service systems and five supporting facilities.

Up to now, the scenic spot has a relative position in the skiing industry, and has formed a unique product image with four seasons skiing, skating and gliding as the main body, which has been subjected to the industry.

People and all walks of life generally praised.

Tourist Service Purpose of Funiushan Skiing Resort in Luoyang

Service purpose: All for the sake of tourists, so that every visitor can experience the fun of skiing tourism.

Development Policy: Enriching projects, improving facilities, strengthening management, upgrading services and expanding impact.

Goal: To build a first-class ski resort in China.

Customer Service Concept

Customer satisfaction runs through the whole process of work and behavior.

Maintain cordial etiquette and full mental outlook in service places

Appropriate and professional guidance and advice

Price: 150 yuan (including ski suits, ski gloves, 120 yuan for 2 hours skiing, 30 yuan for admission), set price 135 yuan

Overview of Funiu Mountain

Located in Yangshuping Village, Shimiao Township, Luanchuan County, Luoyang Funiushan Skiing Resort is 18 km away from the county town. It is adjacent to Jiguandong, Huangmi Temple and Pantaoshan Scenic Area, the first hole in North China. The total area of the resort is 6 square kilometers and the total area of the building is 40,000 square meters. Through the continuous efforts of the government, the green area has reached 5.5 square kilometers; the green coverage rate accounts for more than 95% of the scenic area, and the daily reception is more than 5,000 people. It has formed a diversified tourism pattern with skiing, skating, accommodation, catering, leisure, vacation and entertainment as one, and has become a model of the perfect combination of winter tourism and landscape in Luanchuan.

Skiing Resort Park is divided into five project areas: Shanmen lakeside sightseeing area, comprehensive service area, skiing area, Alpine recreation area and alpine sightseeing area. From the gate of the scenic spot to the ski resort, there is mainly a 2 km long, 8 m wide and less than 8% slope sightseeing road. Along the way, in a green sea ripples, lakes and mountains, small bridges flowing water. In the scenic area, there are patches of Japanese larch, red oak trees, ghostly sad patches sprinkled in the meantime, other kinds of trees are lush and overwhelming. The comprehensive service area has indoor skiing and skating hall, No. 1 hotel, No. 2 hotel, catering service building and staff catering and lodging building, which greatly meet the various needs of visitors. Alpine recreation and snow area has a complete scale of primary, middle and advanced snow tracks, while there are two touring suspension chair ropeways, one German dry ski pry, can meet the requirements of different ski tourists at the same time. Alpine sightseeing area is located in the high mountains around the ski track. Its topography and physiognomy have the characteristics of "male, open, wild and secluded". The forest coverage rate reaches 95%, rich in resources and vast forest sea, which forms a unique "forest climate", dust removal, noise elimination, oxygen sterilization, and provides a good environment for recreation and recuperation for tourists.

The environment of Funiushan Skiing Resort in Luoyang is excellent and there is no pollution source. The air quality, water quality and noise all meet the national standards. Domestic garbage in scenic spots has been treated and purified to meet the national standards.

At the beginning of the construction of the Funiushan Skiing Resort in Luoyang, the new theory, new viewpoint and new method of modern tourism science were applied, combining with the economic status and local economic characteristics of the scenic spot, and gradually developed into an economic gathering area where the local people actively participated in and promoted consumption. It has become a new growth point of the local government's economy, greatly promoted the development of the local economy with remarkable results. 。

Relying on the economic entity of Funiushan Skiing Resort in Luoyang, the residents near the scenic spot increased the tertiary industry, family hotels, catering, local specialty sales and so on, which played a leading role in the development of the local economy.

Since June 2007, after the restructuring of the company's assets, Luoyang Ancient Architecture and Landscape Architecture Design Institute was hired in time to carry out the overall design of the development plan of the scenic spot. Planning concept: pursuing fashion, using the four seasons, maintaining the perfect ecological environment, strong interaction of visitors. All-weather tourism provides tourists with a new mode of food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, information and other emerging tourism economic services. It has gradually developed into an economic gathering area where local people actively participate in and promote consumption, and has become a new economic growth point. All the development and construction of ski resorts are carried out around the overall plan. The renovation and expansion of mountain gates and squares, comprehensive service facilities, snow lakes, snow lakes and snow lakes have been expanded and beautified. Large-scale ecological parking lots, four-season ski resorts, hotel renovation and expansion, comprehensive renovation of ski tracks and beautification of the environment have formed a service body integrating skiing, vacation, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment. Department, can meet the requirements of the majority of ski tourists, the future development and construction will still be implemented in stages according to the master plan.

Development History of Funiu Mountain

Located in Yangshuping Village, Shimiao Township, Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Funiushan Skiing Resort is 120 kilometers away from Luoyang City and 18 kilometers from Luanchuan County. It is adjacent to Jiguandong, Huangmi Temple and Pantaoshan Scenic Spot, the first hole in North China. It covers an area of 6 square kilometers and receives more than 6,000 people a day. It is called "the first ski resort in Central Plains". Now it has basically formed a diversified tourism pattern which integrates skiing, sightseeing, vacation, leisure and entertainment, and has become the best model of the perfect combination of skiing and landscape.

Luoyang Funiu Mountain Skiing Resort is located at the north foot of Funiu Mountain in Luanchuan County. It consists of three beams and four broad gullies extending downhill from a circular ridge. Finally, it converges in an open area at the bottom of the slope. The terrain conditions are very suitable for carrying out four-season skiing and water and grass sports in spring, summer and autumn. Especially in winter, the low temperature weather below zero at night exceeds 120 days, which not only guarantees the winter skiing operation period, but also guarantees the snow quality of the high standard ski resort. In June 2007, the scenic spot built the Four Seasons Skiing and Ice Skating Hall. The completion of the project will form an uninterrupted operation throughout the four seasons and a complete business industry chain. The good forest vegetation and abundant surface water make the climate here cool and humid, and the scenery pleasant. It is also a summer resort.

At the end of 2003, the scenic spot was officially opened to the outside world. It pioneered winter skiing tourism in Henan Province and filled the gap of winter tourism. Especially the successful holding of the "Funiushan Skiing Festival in Central Plains" sponsored by Henan Tourism Bureau and Luoyang People's Government for four consecutive sessions has exerted a great influence in China. Beijing ski charter flights, Henan Olympic champions and world champions, Beijing New Silk Road Model Team, Cui Jian rock concert, Russian hot dancer, Henan TV "Liyuan Spring" column have all come here one after another, and the wave of Funiushan skiing has risen and fallen one after another.

With the improvement of people's living standards, skiing has become a fashionable sport in winter urban life. According to a survey by the China Skiing Association, 70 million people in China have the ability to become "enthusiasts" of skiing, and the skiing market has great potential. Jia Lianchao, Vice Governor of Henan Province, visited the scenic spot and gave guidance to it. He was very optimistic about its development prospects.


The Chinese love snow, but they have not formed their own unique skiing culture; the people of Central Plains love snow, but they do not have their own charming ski resort. We invest in the construction of the Funiushan ski resort in Luoyang, in order to promote skiing culture in the Central Plains, explore the development of tourism and vacation industry from a new perspective, and provide a high-quality winter tourism and leisure resort for tourists.

Lin Hai ice and snow scenery, heroic spring, summer, autumn and winter!

Welcome to Funiushan Skiing Resort in Luoyang!