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Fouriers Magic

Fu Tenglong, a national first-class actor and famous magic performer, is a member of the art team in the 1950s. Fu Tenglong was born in a magic family. He is an international magician who integrates performance, design and theoretical research. He is the vice president of China Magician Association and is known as the "Chinese Magic King" at home and abroad.

On the morning of August 1, 2013, Fu Tenglong held a "truth" conference in the National Convention Center, with the intention of revealing some of the so-called Masters'magic skills in society, and also giving special functions to the truth.

December 28, 2017, was selected as the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative project representative successors recommended list.

Character introduction

Personal profile

Fu Tenglong's representative works include Calligraphy and Painting Illusion, Telepathy, Gecko Shengong and so on. Fu Tenglong can not only create new magic and perform magic, but also has a good research on the theory of acrobatic magic. This is second to none in China.

As a result of his academic achievements, the state appointed him to lead a delegation of Chinese magicians to participate in the European Magic Competition of 16 countries held in Bulgaria in 1989. He served as an international judge and achieved a breakthrough of zero gold medal in Chinese Magic Competition. In 1998, the Spring Festival Gala of CCTV and Xu Qiu performed acrobatics "Changing People". His son, Fu Yandong, was born in 1975. He is the fourth generation heir of Fu's illusion. He graduated from the International Finance Department of Shanghai East China Normal University. He is the most educated young magician in China. He has studied magic since childhood and served as a member of IBM Magicians Association of America and a director of China Magicians Association.

family background

Fu Tenglong was born in 1943 in a magic family in Sichuan. His grandfather Fu Zhiqing was one of the founders of Chunliu Society in China. He brought magic to the East after returning to Japan. As a university professor, his father Fu Tianzheng was not only proficient in Chinese literature and law, but also one of the "four great magic kings" in China during the Anti-Japanese War. His uncle Fu Tianqi was also the elder generation of Chinese magic circle and his sister Fu Qi. Feng is a theorist specializing in acrobatics and magic. His son Fu Yandong graduated from the Department of International Finance of Shanghai East China Normal University, and is the most educated young magician in China up to August 2013. The Fu family has a history of magic performances for over a hundred years, and Fu Tenglong himself has been active on the magic stage for more than 40 years.

personal statement


A magician named Fu Yandong appeared at the Shanghai Book Fair. The new book My Dad's Dad is his autobiographical novel, telling the legendary stories of his great-grandfather Fu Zhiqing, his grandfather Fu Tianzheng, his father Fu Tenglong and his four generations.

Fu Yandong said that although he came from a magic family, he only knows how hard he has worked to achieve today's success. He revealed that his first magic teacher was not his father, "a doctor in Beijing, a devoted magic enthusiast, I am a professional step by step from the rest of my life." He said that the book recorded the rise and fall of "Fu Fantasy" in the past 100 years, which is a record of the development of Chinese magic from one side.

Fu Yandong showed magic skills at the book exhibition site, performing rope knotting, poker changing, displacement and other programs, which attracted applause from the audience. Asked if he would continue to perform magic in the Spring Festival Gala, he answered confidently: "I haven't been informed yet, but I'm ready for it."

Growth course

Road to success

Curiosity about magic

Apart from drawing, Fu Tenglong likes to listen to his father telling magic stories. One of his favorite stories is the underwater escape performed by American magicians. Xiao Tenglong always wants to try it himself. At that time, only seven or eight years old and a group of small partners came to the Yangtze River. He took advantage of the high tide to dive into the water. His mother learned that Xiao Tenglong was very worried when he came to the river. She came to the river with her sister to look for him. She found him under a cabin, which also showed us his curiosity about magic.

Magicians reveal special functions: "Master" can do anything magicians can do

Fu Tenglong was very naughty and active when he was young. Not even in school. The students gave him a nickname "Shaking Fan". Once, while the teacher was writing on the blackboard, Fu Tenglong picked up the big top on his small desk. All the students in the class were enjoying themselves secretly. The teacher turned around and saw Fu Tenglong sitting there with good manners, just like nothing had happened. Make the whole class laugh. The head teacher's home visited him, but he saw that the naughty Fu Tenglong was drawing quietly. It was a bitter summer, and Fu Tenglong was still wearing thick clothes in autumn and winter. Painting with great concentration. It turned out that he was helping his father sort out magic materials. Fu Tenglong's father, Fu Tian, is a famous magician in China. Most of the illustrations and illustrations in my father's magic theory books were written by Xiao Tenglong. Since then, the teacher's views on Fu Tenglong have changed, and gradually fell in love with him. Painting was Fu Tenglong's greatest hobby when he was young. His greatest dream at that time was to become a painter, not a magician.

Following the teacher's recommendation, Fu Tenglong entered the Children's Palace Art Group of China Welfare Association and Chen Yifei as a small partner. But later, for various reasons, Fu Tenglong failed to develop in the field of painting, but he never gave up his love for painting. Later, he combined painting with magic to create a magic program "Calligraphy and Painting Magic", which stirred up the whole country in the 1980s. 。 He also gradually became China's "magic king" - the king of magic.

Achievement honor

Fu Tenglong's first stage performance was accidental - it was a magic trick performed by his father and sister. After her sister got into a prop box, she opened the lid and turned it into a lamb! Just before the performance, my sister suddenly fell ill. Dad was very anxious. The rescue was like fighting a fire. Xiao Tenglong on the other side said that he would not let me try, but at that time Fu Tenglong had never received his father's training, could he? It is necessary to know that the change of the dark passage in the box can only be accomplished by some flexibility training and skills. Time was running out, so Dad had to give Tenglong a try. Before going on stage, my mother dressed Tenglong up as a little girl like her sister. The performance was very successful! The audience didn't realize that the magical little girl was actually a naughty little boy.

Since the day when Fu Tenglong stepped on the magic stage, he spent many nights thinking under the lamp. For decades, he invented and created more than 100 kinds of new magic, and participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala many times. Fu Tenglong often said that magic performance is actually an intellectual contest between the audience and the magician. Only by constantly introducing new people and magic can we win the audience. Due to the enhancement of economic strength (in order to better develop the magic cause, Fu Tenglong and enterprises jointly formed a new joint-stock theatre troupe, and the whole magic program was conceived and packaged entirely, named Happy Magic Cube). At present, Fu Tenglong is designing some large props and creating some large-scale magic (can ask him to introduce the demonstration live). He is going to tell the world about it. The best magicians have challenged to give Chinese magic a place in the world. This is Fu Tenglong's wish today.

Since the day Fu Tenglong stepped on the stage of magic, he has been devoting himself to making magic bring wisdom and happiness to the audience. After years of hard thinking and exploration, he has invented many new magic tricks, of which the large-scale special "Happy Rubik's Cube" is one of his masterpieces. Under the combination of sound, light and electricity, in the perfect combination of scientific and technological means and traditional art, magic becomes elegant and graceful, full of various scientific suspense, contains innumerable mysteries, and then enters the palace of art.

December 28, 2017, was selected as the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative project representative successors recommended list.

Review opinion

Fu Tenglong was born in the family of "Fourier Magic" and has a clear line of inheritance. Over the past 60 years, he has devoted himself to the creative performance, theoretical research, prop development and teaching popularization of magic art for a long time. On the basis of inheriting the tradition, he has created such high-quality magic programs as Calligraphy and Painting Magic, Telepathy, High Water Escape, Backward Walking Road, Blue and White Charm, Fish Every Year, and other popular magic books as Chinese Magic, Chinese Acrobatic History, and has trained a number of young magicians who have more influence in the country. After evaluation, the declarer is considered to be in line with the evaluation criteria of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative successors, and agrees to recommend the fifth batch of representative successors of intangible cultural heritage.

Representative works

Together with his sister, he has compiled many magic articles and books by collating the artistic materials and textual research of historical relics of his father's generation (Fu Tianzheng). Their "History of Chinese Acrobatics" has been translated into many languages and published in Japan. Fu Tenglong has published more than 100 papers and popular science articles, including 20 monographs such as "Chinese Magic", "Magic kaleidoscope", "Acrobatic Magic Clown", "Magic World".


Take snakes from space, drink from empty glasses, move your mind... "Qigong Master" Wang Lin's special functions declared in the form of magic performances make people in magic circles, such as Fu Tenglong, known as "China's Magic King", very angry: "Qigong that can be performed is false, just like a magic performance of Qigong, and magic can never be used to cure diseases."

On the morning of August 1, 2013, Fu Tenglong, the head of Fujiaban, a magician known as "China's Devil King", and members of Fujiaban, together with him, held a "truth" conference in the National Convention Center through on-site performances of related magic in order to reveal some of the so-called Masters'magic skills and special functions in society. "Wang Lin's so-called Shengong is only the lowest entry-level magic, which some magicians disdain to change. "

Mr. Fu Tenglong said that while conveying positive energy to the society, the live performance will face up to the truth of the facts - the special function does not exist in fact, and the special function is magic at all!