Four famous Chinese embroidery

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Four famous Chinese embroidery

The characteristics and artistic value of Chinese embroidery are directly reflected in the four famous embroidery.

Suzhou embroidery is famous for its fine stitches, elegant colors and fine embroidery. It has the characteristics of flat, light, even, harmonious, fine and dense. The theme is mainly about small animals. Such as "cat play", "wind through flowers", "fish and shrimp" and so on. There are similarities and differences on both sides of the embroidery. Like cat's eyes, two sides of the color is not the same, very attractive, the superb embroidery skills, is a fine embroidery.

Most of the Xiang embroidery is realistic, with bright colors. It is based on Chinese painting, with the corresponding clouds, mountains and rivers, pavilions, birds and animals, and its style is bold and unconstrained. It is characterized by embroidering tigers, lions, etc. the animal hair embroidered with unique needling method has strong roots. Xiang embroidery is known as "embroidery can produce fragrance, embroider birds can hear sound, embroider tiger can run, embroider people can convey spirit".

The composition of Shu embroidery is concise, and most of them adopt traditional ethnic patterns such as squares and stripes, which are full of decoration. It has rich and bright colors, rigorous needling, suitable for virtual and actual conditions, strong three-dimensional feeling, smooth and smooth. The embroidered objects are butterfly, carp, panda, etc.

The gold and silver embroidery thread is smooth and smooth. The composition layout is close, decorative and full of three-dimensional sense. The embroidered face is magnificent and dazzling. It is mostly used for costumes and wedding dresses. Litchi and peacock are the traditional themes of Yue embroidery.