Folk Stories in Guangyang Town

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Folk Stories in Guangyang Town

"Guangyang Folk Stories" is the general name of folklores and stories widely spread in Guangyang Town. Guangyang folk tales are popular in the local area. "Putting the Dragon Gate Array" is a daily life habit in the eyes of local people. From the content of the story, there are myths and legends, local scenery stories, stories of historical figures, life stories and jokes, etc. There are many kinds.


Guangyang folk tales contain a large number of types, of which the number and integrity of local legends, local place names and other stories are particularly prominent. For example, mythological stories include "breaking drums to save the moon" and "Why cock calls in the morning" which reflect the phenomenon of the sun and the moon; the origins of place names include "The Origin of Guangyang Dam", "The Chicken Planer of Mingyuetuo" and so on; the legends of Luxian Temple and Dafo Temple which reflect the river culture; and a large number of stories related to the Anti-Japanese War. After two surveys of folk literature in 1987 and 2009, more than 4800 folk stories, 800 folk songs and more than 2000 folk proverbs have been discovered.

3 inheritance

There is also a group of narrators in Guangyang folk tales, whose age ranges from 80 years old to teenagers. They can basically tell and like to tell stories, and they regard storytelling as one of their pleasures in life. According to the statistics of the number of living storytellers, there are five storytellers in 100, three in 200, two in 300, one in 500, one in 800 and one in thousand. After Guangyang Folklore was awarded as Municipal Non-Heritage Protection Project in 2011, the local government has done a lot of work for the protection and inheritance of Guangyang Folklore, especially in inheritance. At present, the main inheritors of Guangyang Folklore Fair are Du Zhibang and Qiu Daxing.

4 transformation

The total building area of the renovation is 348.11 square meters, mainly upgrading the story hall, facilities and equipment and the surrounding environment. Story hall will add storytelling wall, use infrared human body induction directional sound, automatically and quickly tell stories to tourists. In addition, there are new studios and recording studios in the guild hall to facilitate the concentrative creation of Guangyang stories and ensure high-quality voice materials. In terms of facilities, equipment and surrounding environment optimization, hydrophilic platforms, water walkways, rest pavilions and corridors are added, together with irrigation, trees and a variety of greening flowers and plants.

Ultimately, the transformation and upgrading will form a pattern of "one belt, one axis and four groups". "One zone" refers to the landscape belt of the block, and "one axis" refers to the central landscape axis. The "four groups" are story hall, exhibition hall, cultural square and story Park respectively. The rebuilding of story base is expected to be completed in 2017 and open to the outside world. By then, tourists will be able to fully and deeply appreciate the charm of folk stories in Guangyang Town.