Flower Drum Opera

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Flower Drum Opera

Huagu opera, a kind of local opera in China, has the most identical names in the national local opera, usually referring to Hunan Huagu opera. Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Shaanxi and other provinces also have the same name of local operas. Among the many local operas called "Huagu Opera", Hunan Huagu Opera is the most popular and influential.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Hunan Huagu Drama Art has developed greatly. Dramas such as "Striking Bronze gongs", "Repairing pots" and "Liu Hai Chopping Woods" compiled and created by Hunan Huagu Drama Academy have been deeply loved by people all over the country.

In 2008, Huagu Opera was selected as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Brief introduction of operas

Huagu Opera is the most famous local opera in China. Although it belongs to Hunan Huagu Opera, it is the most famous one. However, Hunan Huagu Opera is a general concept, because Hunan Huagu Opera can be divided into six schools according to the different popular areas: Changsha Huagu Opera (Yiyang Huagu Opera), Yueyang Huagu Opera (Linxiang Huagu Opera), Hengzhou Huagu Opera (Hengyang Huagu Opera), Shaoyang Huagu Opera, Changde Huagu Opera, Yongzhou Huagu Opera (Lingling Huagu Opera). Therefore, strictly speaking, "Hunan Huagu Opera" is not a single local opera. The classical representative plays of Hunan Huagu Opera such as Liu Hai Cutting Wood, Da Tong Gong and Bu Guo are actually the ones of Changsha Huagu Opera which represents Hunan Huagu Opera. But most people can not clearly understand these concepts in detail, so what people generally call Hunan Huagu Opera is actually Changsha Huagu Opera.

Changsha Huagu Opera was formed in the early stage with the old Changsha Prefecture (now Changsha County) as the center, and gradually radiated to the surrounding counties and cities. It was not only popular in Changsha, but also widely spread in the province. Relatively speaking, the other five schools were far less popular and well-known than Changsha Huagu Opera. Therefore, Changsha Huagu Opera has become the representative of Hunan Huagu Opera. In addition to Yueyang Huagu Opera, almost all the other four schools are only representative or symbolic inheritance in their county or city or region. In addition to Hunan Huagu Opera, there are Jingzhou Huagu Opera (Hubei Huagu Opera), Huangxiao Huagu Opera, Donglu Huagu Opera, Fengyang Huagu Opera in Anhui Province, Southern Anhui Huagu Opera, Southern Henan Huagu Opera (Guangshan Huagu Opera), Tongxiang Huagu Opera, Baoshan Huagu Opera and Pinghu Huagu Opera in Hubei Province.