Floral water bay hot spring resort

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 Floral water bay hot spring resort

Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort is located at the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain in Dayi County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, surrounded by mountains on all sides. National AAAA scenic spot. It covers an area of 13.5 square kilometers. It belongs to the geographical region of southern China. Huashuiwan Hot Spring Tourist Area is a hot spring tourist area which integrates tourism, sightseeing, recreation, vacation, leisure, business, conference, exploration and entertainment.

Historical culture

Huashuiwan Hot Spring was discovered in the early 1970s. Feasibility study began in 1992, and hot springs were successfully drilled in August 1994. At the end of 1996, the first hotel with hot spring recuperation as its main form officially opened, and now it has become the largest professional hot spring recuperation and vacation center around Chengdu.

Huashuiwan hot spring water temperature as high as 68 C, daily flow of 8400 cubic meters. According to the survey data, the total reserves of Huashuiwan hot spring water are 200 million cubic meters, which can guarantee water supply for more than 100 years, and can produce 3900 cubic meters of natural gas per day. The water temperature, total hydrogen sulfide and lithium of Huashuiwan hot spring water have reached GB/T13727-92 medical mineral water quality standard. The hot spring water is rich in trace elements such as fluorine, iodine, bromine, boron, strontium, magnesium, sodium and metaboric acid which are beneficial to human body. It belongs to high salinity, heat, lithium and hydrogen sulfide mineral springs containing fluorine, metaboric acid. It has high medical value. According to the type of bath hot spring, it belongs to the compound spring of "hydrogen sulfide spring" and "sodium chloride spring", "hydrogen sulfide spring" has considerable curative effect on various skin diseases, such as scabies, ringworm, chronic eczema, itching, neurodermatitis, and has good effect on the heart, especially on chronic rheumatoid arthritis; while "sodium chloride spring" is like sea water bath, it has a significant effect on various systems of the human body. The body produces good effects, promotes human metabolism, adjusts the tension of vegetative nerves, and improves human body's physique.

Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort is located in Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. It is 82 kilometers away from Chengdu and only 16 kilometers away from Xiling Snow Mountain.

The geographical environment of Huashuiwan is mainly composed of hills, gentle terrain, cliffs and valleys, with an average altitude of 1000 meters. The average temperature in summer is 3 to 5 degrees lower than that in Chengdu Plain. Because it is located in the temperate zone and in the basin, it has a pleasant climate and good weather all the year round. The weather is cool in summer and warm in winter as spring.

Huashuiwan Hot Spring is famous for its "Yao Chi on Earth" and is well known throughout Sichuan. Huashuiwan Hot Spring, a natural and unique geothermal mineral water, belongs to the ancient sea spring water and is the only large-scale hot mineral water named after medical hot mineral water in Chengdu. It has the characteristics of large flow, high water temperature and good quality of medical mineral water. The scenic spot has become the nearest large-scale tourist resort to the metropolis in China, with a total area of 13.5 square kilometers.

Main attractions

There are many rare plants such as Davidia involucrata, Ginkgo biloba and rare animals such as pandas and golden monkeys in Huashuiwan hot spring area. There are numerous large natural caves, cliffs and rocks, and exotic flowers and herbs. The climate in the area is pleasant. There is no hot summer in summer and no severe cold in winter. The average temperature in winter and summer is 3-5 degrees Celsius lower than that in Chengdu Plain. Huashuiwan scenic area is the only large-scale geothermal water resources area named after medical hot mineral springs in Chengdu. Huashuiwan has become a classic brand of Chengdu tourism, filling the gap of long-term non-thermal mineral water convalescent tourism in Chengdu. And several other scenic spots complement each other. It is complementary to the Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot and forms a unique tourism spectacle of "one hot, one cold" and "one static and one dynamic". It is also a multi-functional scenic spot with the National Forest park, Qianfo Mountain Scenic Spot and Hot Spring Park. Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Town has been built into a large-scale hot spring recuperation and vacation base integrating tourism, leisure vacation, hot spring bath and recuperation. The reasonable allocation of hot springs and skiing tourism brand has formed the resource integration of "skiing on the mountain, soaking in hot springs under the mountain", and "snow mountain hot springs, holiday leisure" has become the tourism brand of Dayi.

Tourist guide

Tickets for scenic spots

Hot spring fares range from 98.00 to 238.00 yuan.

Traffic guide

Self help tour

A Chengdu Jinsha Station - Dayi Station: an average of 10 minutes;

B Dayi Station - Xiling Town: 20-30 minutes, via Heming Mountain-Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Town.

C Chengdu Jinsha Station - Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot: Start at 9:30 a.m. punctually through Hemingshan - Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Town. Return time is 14:00 and 16:00.

Self-driving travelling

Chengdu departure - Shangcheng Wenyong Expressway (full fare, Sichuan A license plate free) - through Jinma, Yangma, Chongzhou - Dayinan Expressway Exit - turn right to T-junction of Shell Gas Station, turn right to Dashuang Road - Heming Mountain - Huashuiwan

Time and kilometers: Chengwenqiong Expressway Section: 50 kilometers, about 40 minutes.

Dayi County South to Huashuiwan Section: 40 km