Fish Swallow in Bazhen Fresh Soup

Home Food 2019-03-27

Fish Swallow in Bazhen Fresh Soup


Ingredients: Six or two fish swallows are served well. Lentinus edodes, crab willow, Jinhua ham, clam, shrimp

Supplementary Material: Soup Material: Appropriate amount of Laoji Soup

Seasoning/pickling: salt, monosodium glutamate, white pepper

Characteristic: Fish swallow is refined from natural fresh eel into fresh skin, filling with fresh shellfish, abalone head, dried fish, etc. It has excellent material selection, high calcium content, low fat, and contains a variety of amino acids. This product is a combination of Fujian and Hong Kong and Guangdong flavor products, can be called a gourmet one! Fish and swallow products are very popular in the catering market recently. Because of its simple operation and generous sales, and delicious taste, it is very suitable for this season, so it has been recommended by many restaurants.


(1) Reserve the fish swallow for flying.

(2) Fly mushrooms, crab willow, Jinhua ham, clams and shrimps together for reserve.

(3) Boil the old chicken soup, add fish swallow, mushroom, crab willow, Jinhua ham, clam, shrimp, season and then start the pot.

It is suggested that the best way is to use open stove, because the fish swallow is cooked fresher and fresher.