Fangte Fantasy Kingdom Scenic Spot in Qingdao City

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Fangte Fantasy Kingdom Scenic Spot in Qingdao City

Fangte Fantasy Kingdom of Qingdao is located in Lannan Road, Hongdao Street, Hongdao Hi-tech Zone, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It is the core high-tech cultural amusement project in the industrial base of Huaqiang Fangte (Qingdao) Culture and Technology Co., Ltd. There are more than 10 thematic project areas, including more than 200 thematic projects, recreational projects, leisure and landscape projects, supporting services and so on.

Qingdao Fangte Fantasy Kingdom, invested by Shenzhen Huaqiang Group, is a large-scale high-tech theme park of the fourth generation. The greatest feature of Fante's dream kingdom is that it uses modern high-tech means to deduce the ancient Chinese culture, and creates a dream feeling through high-tech interactive experience. Fante Fantasy Kingdom is elaborately built with world-class concepts and technologies, which can be compared with the most advanced theme park in the West and is known as the "Oriental Fantasy Paradise".

Paradise theme

Fangte Dream Kingdom is the fourth generation theme park, representing the mainstream of today's international theme park. Qingdao Fangte Dream Kingdom is composed of more than ten theme project areas, including theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape, including flying beyond the limit, light of life, Liaozhai, Shuiman Jinshan, cosmic exposition, terra-cotta palace, dream trip, escaping from dinosaur island, Tanggula Snow Mountain, fireball and so on. More than 200 projects. It covers modern science and technology, future science and technology, science fantasy, myths and legends, etc. Creative use of high-tech means will animation, cartoons, film stunts and other international fashion entertainment elements and traditional Chinese cultural symbols subtle integration, will allow visitors to experience the situation, shout addiction!

As a fourth-generation high-tech theme park with complete intellectual property rights, Fante Fantasy Kingdom has successfully realized the localization of large-scale science and technology projects by means of computer, acousto-optic, artificial intelligence, automatic control and other high-tech means. The construction of Fangte Dream Kingdom and Huaqiang Industrial Base in Qingdao has filled the gap of high-tech theme park project in the peninsula area, and will greatly promote the upgrading of high-tech cultural industry in the island city. At the same time, Font tourism will become another bright spot after the traditional coastal tourism and natural and cultural tourism in the island city! The diversification of thematic projects can meet the tastes of tourists with different cultural backgrounds, ages and hobbies.

In the early stage of planning and construction of Fangte Dream Kingdom in Qingdao, a large number of three-dimensional simulation modeling experiments were done. On the beach in front of Hongdao, the design of amusement park was integrated into the urban landscape of garden and seaside, making it one of the landmarks of Qingdao. When Fangte Dream Kingdom opened on July 28, the cross-sea bridge had been opened. Zhengfei clam, the citizens drove through the cross-sea bridge and stepped off the bridge from the end of Hongdao Bay Bridge. They could enter Fangte Dream Kingdom. They could go to Hongdao clam festival to catch clams and tide, but they could also go to Fangte Dream Kingdom to see it first.

Qingdao Fangte Project will cover three major theme parks, Qingdao Fangte Dream Kingdom and Qingdao Fangte Film and Television Paradise and Qingdao Cultural Industry Theme Park, which will be constructed in the later stage. It will meet the tastes of tourists from different cultural backgrounds, different ages and different hobbies with diversified theme projects, and create a magical search for tourists from Qingdao City, Shandong Province and even the whole North China region. Fantasy adventure, the best place to challenge the peak of self.

Practical information

Business Hours

Seasonal period, specific time, business hours

Holidays: New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, November and July 8:00-18:00

Weekdays and weekends 9:30-17:30 weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) except the above dates

Double weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) 9:00-18:00

Ticket Price

Ticket type, unit of calculation, fee standard

(RMB) Scope of Application

Adult tickets 280 yuan per person, adults and children over 1.4 meters in height, ticket-free children must be accompanied by adults with full fare. Each adult holder is limited to one ticket-free person.

Preferential ticket: 200 yuan per person. Children's height: 1.1 m < height < 1.4 m;

Elderly Age: Age over 65 years old, need to provide my valid certificate

Ticket-free, free of charge, children less than 1.1 metres in height

Notice to Visitors

1. There is no additional charge for all recreational items and entertainment performances in Fante Dream Kingdom Park (except for special performances held in special periods, ghost boats and shooting range items). However, other means of transportation, such as battery cars, scooters and Huanyuan trains, need to be paid separately.

2. Tourists enter the park one person one ticket, the ticket is only valid for one time within the validity period stipulated on the face of the ticket. If they want to re-enter the park after leaving the park, they need to buy the ticket again. Tickets sold are not refundable.

3. Items in the park will perform or receive according to the schedule. Please pay attention to the announcement or consult the staff of the park in order to arrange your tour routes reasonably. Due to the large area of the park and many projects, visitors may not be able to play all the projects in one day. Please arrange the time properly or choose your favorite projects. The Park does not promise the number of projects that visitors will visit in the park. The park will not refund tickets or undertake any other compensation or compensation liability for items that visitors can not visit.

4. Because the park involves a large number of high-altitude, high-speed, dynamic and other thrilling projects, for safety reasons, children under 1.4 meters or elderly people over 70 years old and disabled people need to be accompanied by adults with full fare tickets to enter the park, and require adults to take care of or accompany them when experiencing such projects.

5. If visitors encounter equipment failure in the process of participating in the project, please do not panic, and leave the scene orderly according to the guidance of staff.

6. According to the relevant safety regulations, the park's amusement projects will be regularly inspected daily, weekly, monthly and annual. The relevant maintenance work may cause delay or suspension of the operation time of some amusement projects for tourists. For details, please refer to the park announcement or notice.

7. According to the regulations of the safety and technical supervision department, in the case of bad weather and other natural disasters (such as thunder and lightning, sand, rain and snow, hail, fog, etc.), the equipment and performance in the park will be closed or partially closed without prior notice. The park will not be liable for refund or any other compensation or compensation.

8. For the sake of safety, roller shoes, skateboards and bicycles should not be worn in the park.

9. When you wait in line to participate in the project or watch the performance, please do not jump in the queue or do other dangerous acts. Every tourist has to queue and can not stand in line for others. In addition, in order to meet the deadline and closing time of the project, according to the waiting time, sometimes the queue or entrance of the project will be terminated in advance, please understand.

10. Do not bring food or drinks into the garden. Do not bring pets into the garden.

11. Video surveillance and video recording devices are installed in the park for security purposes. We may take, photograph, videotape, record or reproduce any images and/or sounds of visitors entering the park within the park. We have the right to use such images and/or sounds for any purpose without paying any fees to tourists.

Traffic information

Train station:

1: Take No. 702 bus from Qingdao Railway Station to Sifang Long-distance Station, and then take No. 765 to reach the terminal: Fangte Fantasy Kingdom.

2: Take No. 325 (or No. 5) from Qingdao Railway Station and get off at Sifang Railway Station. Then take No. 765 to reach the terminal: Fangte Fantasy Kingdom.

3: Take No. 902 from Chengyang Zhengyang Road, namely Dafangte Dream Kingdom .

Self-driving route:

Hangan Expressway (Qingyin Expressway) - Jiaozhou Bay Expressway - Hongdao - Fante Fantasy Kingdom

Chongqing Road (Heilongjiang Road) - Zhengyang Road - Landong Road - Hongdao - Fangte Dream Kingdom

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge-Red Island-Fante Dream Kingdom

Qingdao Railway Station, Xinye Square, Sifang Liqun, Chengyang North Bus Station and Huangdao, Jimo and Jiaonan all have Fangte through buses from travel agencies!