Fang te tourist area

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Fang te tourist area is elaborately built by Huaqiang Fontewen Technology Group. It is a comprehensive leisure tourism resort integrating theme parks, Hotel catering, leisure and entertainment. Fonter Tourist Resort has six major product categories: Fonter Happy World, Fonter Dream Kingdom, Fonter Water Paradise, Fonter Oriental Spiritual Painting, Fonter ASEAN Spiritual Painting and Fonter Hotel. Among them, the four major theme park brands are built by Chinese people with their own intellectual property rights and are the largest high-tech enterprises in China. The fourth generation theme park of technology has been built and put into operation in Shenyang, Tianjin, Jiayuguan, Jinan, Tai'an, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Wuhu, Chongqing, Zhuzhou, Xiamen, Shantou, Datong , Ningbo , Nanning . The area has become a happy city, and tens of millions of tourists come every year. Among them, Wuhu Fangte Tourist Resort is a national 5A tourist attraction.

Happy world

Unlike other traditional theme parks in China, which mainly consist of mechanical amusement facilities, Font Happy World takes the characteristic animation theme culture as the core, and uses the leading international high-tech pounds to create a super-large theme project area emphasizing atmosphere creation and interactive experience, gathering top amusement facilities such as fireball, flying over the limit, magic castle, etc. Make a happy and exciting feast.

A Paradise of Science and Technology and Fantasy

Modern computer, automatic control, digital analog and simulation, digital film and television, acousto-optic and other high-tech means and the perfect combination of art, create a new type of high-tech theme park.

Theme Park Built with High-tech Gives Tourists a New Experience

New ways of participation, thrilling excitement. History and future blend, reality and illusion overlap, this is a dream park.

Have complete independent intellectual property rights

Invested by Huaqiang Fonter Group , this is a theme park brand which is completely controlled by Chinese people from design to manufacture, from software to hardware, from management to operation.

Font Tourist Resort is a large high-tech fourth-generation theme park designed and developed by Huaqiang Font Culture Science and Technology Group.

Huaqiang adheres to the strategy of integration of culture and science and technology, and has mastered the key technologies in various industries. It has formed such competitive products as cultural science and technology theme parks, special movies, digital animation and so on, and has established a strong brand of Chinese culture and science and technology in the international market.

Huaqiang Font is a domestic enterprise that operates the whole industry chain from creative design, research and development, content production, construction and market operation of theme parks, as well as large-scale cultural and technological theme parks with complete sets of design, manufacture and export. It has created two "Font Happy World" and "Fante Fantasy Kingdom". The theme park brand has been successfully put into operation in Wuhu, Taian, Qingdao, Zhuzhou, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Tianjin and other places, and exported to other countries.

Huaqiang Font put forward the development idea of building "Beautiful China Cultural Industry Demonstration Park". With Chinese culture as the core, the development plan of "Beautiful China" trilogy was formulated, which was constructed by "China Historical Civilization Heritage Innovation Demonstration Park", "Patriotism Education Base of Renaissance Road" and "Tomorrow China Theme Park". Cheng will display China's splendid traditional culture, glorious revolutionary process, great achievements in reform and bright future development with brand-new cultural, scientific and technological and artistic means, and create a demonstration zone of cultural and technological experience with distinct theme, magnificent momentum and popular with tourists.