Ertan scenic spot

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Ertan scenic spot

Ertan National Forest Park is located in Chengdu Emeishan Xichang Kunming tourist hotline. The majestic power station, the misty blue lake, the surrounding green mountains, the wild virgin forest, the beautiful eight islets in the lake and the odd customs of more than 10 ethnic minorities living nearby, the quiet environment, the suitable climate and the fresh air make it an ideal place for tourism, exploration, wind gathering, entertainment, vacation and recuperation The tourist area.

Ertan National Forest Park is located in Yanbian County, northern suburb of Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, with a total area of 732.4 square kilometers (1098600 mu), including 101 square kilometers of Gaoxia Pinghu Lake and 87.15% of forest coverage rate (including water surface).

Ertan National Forest Park has nine scenic spots such as Tongzilin, nearly 100 high-grade scenic spots, and Ertan Bird Nature Reserve.

Ertan Bird Nature Reserve is located in the transitional zone between Yunnan Guizhou Plateau province and Hengduan Mountain range. The typical subtropical forest ecosystem and the dry hot valley sparse shrub and grass ecosystem are well preserved. The types of biological communities in the area, as well as the natural ecosystem of water and land, have outstanding representativeness and typicality in the whole world.

brief introduction

Ertan scenic area is composed of Ertan National Forest Park and Ertan Reservoir area. Among them, 150000 mu of T-shaped lake formed in Ertan Reservoir area. The forest coverage rate can reach more than 50%. It includes the Ertan Hydropower Station Dam, the first ridge of Yalong River water system in the city, and the Tengqiao River Estuary in Yanyuan County. After the dam is completed, an artificial lake with an area of 145 kilometers, a total area of 102 square kilometers, and a storage capacity of 5.8 billion cubic meters has been formed.

Ertan National Forest Park is located in Hengduan Mountains, with high mountains and steep slopes, with an altitude of 1200 m to 4196 m. It is a high mountain and Canyon landform, and belongs to a three-dimensional climate based on the south subtropical zone. The vegetation in the park is distributed vertically, from bottom to top are evergreen broad-leaved forest, Yunnan pine forest, oak pine mixed forest, mountain coniferous forest and subalpine coniferous forest. There are more than 700 species of higher species, rich plant populations and superior geographical environment, providing a good habitat for wild animals. There are more than 400 species of wild animals and 19 species of rare animals. It is composed of nine scenic spots, including Tongzilin, Bodhisattva rock, Gaoxiapinghu, Baipo mountain, maluzhai, Laojun temple, lake island scenery, Tianshengqiao, Qinghe Xianren cave, etc.

Geographical characteristics

Ertan Hydropower Station is located in Panzhihua City, 33 kilometers away from the intersection of Yalong River and Jinsha River. It is the first cascade hydropower station developed in the lower reaches of Yalong River and one of the major national energy construction projects. The hydropower station is the first hydropower station in Asia with an average capacity of 2.3 million cubic meters and a total installed capacity of 2.3 million kilowatts in Asia. The total installed capacity of the hydropower station is 1.7 billion cubic meters, which is the first hydropower station in China Higher standards.

Composition of scenic spots

Ertan scenic area is mainly composed of four parts


The dam is the first in Asia and the third in the world. It is 240 meters high, 11 meters high, 56 meters wide, 778 meters long, with a total storage capacity of 5.8 billion cubic meters. The maximum flood discharge capacity is 23600 cubic meters per second and the unit capacity is 550000 kilowatts.

exhibition center

The main pictures and objects show the construction process and beautiful scenery of Ertan.

Reservoir scenery

There are only two lakes with an altitude of more than 1 200 meters, which are the longest when they reach the Three Gorges Reservoir and reach the source of the Three Gorges reservoir.

European Camp

International bidding has attracted a large number of foreign experts for Ertan. More than 600 foreigners from 43 countries all over the world participated in the construction of Ertan, which is called the multinational force and the small United Nations.

admission ticket

Dam viewing platform: 4 yuan, underground powerhouse: 35 yuan, exhibition center: 10 yuan.

Ertan Hydropower Station

Ertan Hydropower Station is located in Ertan gorge area of the lower reaches of Yalong River. The riverside slopes on both sides are 300m-400m high, the left bank valley slope is 25 ° to 45 ° and the right bank valley slope is 30 ° to 45 ° and the Yalong River flows through the dam area in the direction of N60 ° W. The dry water level of the riverbed is 1011m-1012m, and the water surface width is 80m-100m. The dam site is located in Gonghe fault block, which is relatively stable in the west of the middle part of the Sichuan Yunnan north-south structural belt. There is no seismogenic structure in the fault block, and there is no strong earthquake record in history. According to the approval of the State Seismological Bureau, the basic seismic intensity of Ertan dam site is Ⅶ.

Ertan Project is the largest hydropower station in China built in the 20th century. The total installed capacity is 3.3 million KW, and the single unit capacity is 550000 kW. Before the completion of the Three Gorges power station in the early 21st century, they all ranked first in China, and the single unit capacity ranked top 10 in the world.

Ertan arch dam is 240m high, which is the highest dam in China. In the list of double curvature arch dams, the height ranks first in Asia and the third in the world; it bears a total load of 9.8 million tons, ranking first in the world. The total discharge capacity is 22480 m3 / s, ranking first in the world among high dams.

The largest diversion tunnel. The two diversion tunnels on the left and right banks are 23m high and 17.5m wide after lining, ranking first in the world. The largest spillway tunnel. The section is 13.5m-14.9m high and 13m wide. The maximum velocity is 45m / s, ranking first in China. The height of water inlet is 80m, and the height of surge chamber is 70m, ranking first in China.

Bodhisattva rock

As one of the nine scenic spots in the park, Bodhisattva Rock Scenic Area is located in the main entrance of Ertan National Forest Park in the South Bank of Yalong Jiangxi Province, covering an area of about 60 square kilometers. It is 12 kilometers to the world-famous Ertan Hydropower Station Dam and 26 kilometers to Panzhihua urban area.

The main scenic spot of the scenic spot is a huge rock Bodhisattva rock, which is close to the mountain peak. It looks like a Buddha's head and is more than 100 meters up and down. The most important cultural landscape - oufang camp and the photoelectric Exhibition Center of Ertan Hydropower Station. The exhibition center records the development and construction history of Ertan Power Station with pictures, models and acoustic and electrical equipment, and reproduces the power generation principle. Yanbian Forestry Bureau has invested more than 1 million to complete the construction of a 2.5-kilometer sightseeing trail in the gate area of the scenic area; there is a "Bodhisattva rock mountain spring" production plant; Guangfu temple, Wanfo hall and other projects in the scenic area are under negotiation.

The construction contents include: the main gate of Ertan National Forest Park, the gate of Bodhisattva Rock Scenic Spot, parking lot, sightseeing trail, water, electricity, communication and other supporting infrastructure construction; the restoration of Guangfu temple, the construction of Wanfo hall, Bangzhong tower, rock garden, plant ornamental garden, hunting ground and other projects.

Expert investigation

From September 3 to 12, 2007, accompanied by Xia Daiyun, director of Ertan National Forest Park Management Office of Panzhihua City, Dutch tourism expert Ms. pruijp. E, accompanied by director Xia Daiyun of Ertan National Forest Park Management Office and relevant personnel, visited the project of Bodhisattva Rock Scenic Spot, Gaoba Pinghu scenic spot, Lake Island Scenic Spot, Ertan large industrial tourism area, Ertan Gaoxia Pinghu strange scenery route and Ertan water leisure sports center This paper makes an investigation on the six tourism elements of Ertan tourist area, including food, housing, transportation, tourism, shopping and entertainment.

On September 13, 2007, Ms. pruijp. E, a Dutch tourism expert, used multimedia technology to make strategic planning for Panzhihua's tourist destination operation, public engineering planning in destination operation, project design in destination operation, investment promotion operation planning in tourism project, destination marketing operation planning, destination tourism management operation planning and Ertan Tourism in the conference room on the fifth floor of Panzhihua Tourism Bureau A special lecture was given to 30 cadres and employees of Panzhihua Tourism Bureau, Ertan National Forest Park Management Office and Ertan tourism enterprises in Panzhihua City from the aspects of core attraction building, recreation mode design and project planning, destination element allocation and matching, operation strategy, development direction, and current management and operation problems.

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