Ertan National Forest Park

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Ertan National Forest Park is located in Yanbian County and Miyi County, the northern suburb of Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, with a total area of 732.4 square kilometers (109.86 million mu), including 101 square kilometers of Pinghu Lake in Gaoxia, with forest coverage of 87.15% (aquifer).

Ertan National Forest Park is located in Chengdu-Emeishan-Xichang-Kunming tourism hotline, with eight small islands with beautiful scenery in the lake and more than 10 ethnic minorities living nearby. Its quiet environment and suitable climate make it a tourist attraction integrating tourism, exploration, vacation and recuperation.

Ertan National Forest Park has nine scenic spots: Tongzilin, Bodhisattva Rock, Gaoba Pinghu, Maluzhai, Baipo Mountain, Laojunmiao, Lake Island, Tianshengqiao and Xianrendong, with nearly 100 high-grade scenic spots.

Ertan National Forest Park was assessed as a national 4A-level scenic spot by the National Tourism Scenic Area Quality Grade Assessment Committee in 2008.

Ertan National Forest Park is located in the transitional zone between Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau Province and Hengduan Mountains. The typical subtropical forest ecosystem and the Dry-hot Valley shrub-grass ecosystem are well preserved. The types of biological communities and the natural ecosystems of water and land in the area are of outstanding representativeness and typicality all over the world.

Development history

Ertan National Forest Park originated from the Yalong River in the Bayan Hara Mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Along the way, many beaches were formed. After entering the salt border, the Yalong River formed a beach at the confluence of the Honglong River. Local villagers called it Toutan, and then went down into the original Jinhe Township to form a beach. People called it Ertan, and then down there were three beaches. The dam site of Ertan Hydropower Station was built in Ertan, where the surging Yalong River flowed like a shiver, stopped by the waist of a 240-meter-high dam, and then poured down from the spillway tunnel. Ertan Hydropower Station is the largest hydropower station built in the twentieth century in China. Construction of the main project started in September 1991, the river was successfully cut off in November 1993 and the first unit was connected to the grid in August 1998. The reservoir has a normal storage level of 1200 meters and a total storage capacity of 5.8 billion cubic meters. The overflow parabolic hyperbolic arch dam ranks first in Asia with an installed capacity of 3.3 million kilowatts and an annual power generation capacity of 17 billion degrees.

Main attractions

Red Beach Scenic Area

Hongbitan Scenic Spot belongs to the south subtropical climate. It has dense forests, distinct seasons and pleasant climate. The forest coverage rate in Hongbitan Scenic Spot reaches 93%. As high as 100 meters, Hongbitan Waterfalls are covered with snow-like waterfalls, with light yarn hanging on them. Up the valley, the L6 waterfalls are distributed in a ladder-like way, like a swimming white dragon. Good natural ecological environment, primitive forest scenery, primitive and strong Yi customs, amazing natural landscape constitute an excellent eco-tourism line. Natural landscape resources are mainly as follows: 1.6 cascade waterfalls, 100-year-old pine forests in Songtao array, mysterious and deep Xianyin cave, red and gorgeous color, sweet and mellow ten ten thousand mu wild litchi, rare plant Middlewood, wild and interesting black bear, rhesus monkey, small panda, red belly pheasant, yellow muntjack, wild boar and other wildlife, sunrise, cloud sea, sunset and so on. Like wonders. The highest peak of Dianzi Cliff is 2360 meters above sea level. It is towering, steep and magnificent. The mountain is dangerous, the peaks overlap, the momentum is magnificent, and the spectacular top of the mountain is high and meadow hills undulating and rolling for thousands of miles. The cattle and sheep flock in groups, the sky is blue and low, the air rich in oxygen ions is fresh, the forests and seaweeds are green all the year round, and the landscape is changeable, which constructs a beautiful mountain meadow. There are also rich Yi culture and ecological orchards, primitive forests, caves and geysers with legendary color in the scenic area.

The electrification transformation of Panzhihua-Chengkun Railway has been completed, the airport has been officially opened in December 2003, and the Xipan Expressway has entered a tense construction stage. It is expected to be completed in 2007. The improvement of traffic conditions will make it more convenient for tourists to enter and leave Panzhihua City. In addition, Ertan National Forest Park is located on the golden tourism line from Panzhihua-Sara Ecotourism Zone to "Daughter Country" Lugu Lake. It is an important part of the joint efforts of Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet to build the "Shangri-La Ecotourism Circle in China".

Ertan Hydropower Station

Ertan Hydropower Station is located in the Ertan Gorge area of the lower reaches of Yalong River. The slope along both sides of the river is 300m-400m high, the slope on the left bank is 25-45 degrees, and the slope on the right bank is 30-45 degrees. The Yalong River flows through the dam area in the direction of N60 degrees W.

The low water level of the riverbed is 1011m-1012m and the water surface is 80m-100m wide. The dam site is located on a relatively stable Republican fault block in the western part of the North-South structural belt of Sichuan-Yunnan. There is no seismogenic structure in the fault block, and no strong earthquakes have been recorded in history. The basic seismic intensity of Ertan dam site area is_, which has been approved by the State Seismological Bureau. Ertan Project is the largest hydropower station in China built in the 20th century. The total installed capacity is 3.3 million kW and the single capacity is 550,000 kW. Before the completion of the Three Gorges Power Station at the beginning of the 21st century, it ranked first in China and top 10 in the world. Ertan arch dam is the highest dam in China with a height of 240m. In the ranking of Double-curvature Arch dams, the height ranks first in Asia and third in the world, and the total load is 9.8 million tons, ranking first in the world. The total discharge is 22 480 m3/s, ranking first in the world in high dams. The largest diversion hole. Two diversion tunnels on the left and right banks are the first in the world, with the lining section 23m high and 17.5m wide. The largest spillway tunnel. The cross-section is 13.5m-14.9m high, 13m wide and the maximum velocity is 45m/s, ranking first in China. The height of intake is 80m and the height of surge tank is 70m, ranking first in China.

Bodhisattva rock

Bodhisattva Rock Scenic Area is one of the nine major scenic spots of the park. It is located in the main entrance area of the southern end of Ertan National Forest Park, on the southwest Bank of Yalong River. It covers an area of about 60 square kilometers, from 12 kilometers of Ertan Hydropower Station Dam to 26 kilometers of Panzhihua City.

The main attractions of the scenic spot are a huge rock, Bodhisattva Rock, which is close to the peak, like a Buddha's head, more than 100 meters above and below, with magnificent momentum. The most important human landscape, the European Camp and the Photoelectric Exhibition Center of Ertan Hydropower Station, shows the history of the development and construction of Ertan Hydropower Station with pictures, models and acoustic power equipment, and reproduces the principle of power generation. Yanbian Forestry Bureau has invested more than 1 million yuan to complete the construction of a 2.5 kilometre sightseeing trail in the gate area of the scenic spot, a production plant of "Bodhisattva Rock Mountain Spring" in the area, and projects such as Guangfu Temple and Wanfotang in the scenic spot are under discussion. The construction contents include: the main gate of Ertan National Forest Park, the gate of Bodhisattva Rock Scenic Area, parking lot, sightseeing walkway, water, electricity, communication and other supporting infrastructure construction; the restoration of Guangfu Temple, the construction of new ten thousand Buddha Hall, Bell Collision Tower, Rock Garden, Botanical Ornamental Garden, hunting ground and other projects.

Bai Po Shan

Baipo Mountain Nature Reserve, 1200-3400 meters above sea level, has a vertical distribution of soil climate and vegetation. Primitive forests are dominated by Pinus yunnanensis. The fundamental problems are numerous vine knots, ancient Musensensen, azaleas, and rare birds and animals.

The climate is warm and there is no snow all the year round, but Puwei is the exception. Because of the high sea level and the wide distribution of primitive forests, the water vapor is abundant, there is snow almost every year. The snow in the south is different from that in the north. Although it is snowy, the snow is still green and red. The sunshine of climbing branches is abundant. It is almost natural to clear up after snowfall. It must be sunny. After snow, we should call on friends and walk up the mountain with snow. The snow is clear and the air is pure. There is no bitterness in winter in the north, and there is also the delight of traveling through the snow to find the green. If you come back after the thriving season, sweep the venue, split loose branches, roast the whole sheep, drink the pole wine, sing folk songs, dance on the pot village, and get drunk, you will be lost in all directions, but you will see the twilight hanging around and the green hills wrapped in plain. Perhaps at this time, the lights in the small city are beginning to light, the sound of distant dogs, the distant words, the campfire is bright, teach people a little loneliness, a little gentle, there is. The mood of returning home, and wandering feelings, will rush through the life of dust-laden heart for a long time, easily lost in this small mountain city snowy night.

Pinghu Gorge

The beautiful and spectacular high gorge Pinghu Lake is displayed in front of the world. The turbulent rivers in the past are replaced by the rippling lakes. Some scenery "hidden in the boudoir" is displayed in front of tourists. The newly added gorges, lakes, islands, drifting, river sections and karst caves in the reservoir area merge with the original gorge scenery into the rich content of the new Three Gorges Tour. According to incomplete statistics, after the initial impoundment of the Three Gorges Project, the Three Gorges reach will form lakes such as Zigui Lake, Baidi Lake, Pingtian Baidi Island, Shuangjiang Island, Huludao Island and other islands, with vast smoke waves, beautiful lakes and mountains, magnificent and vast meteorology.

Tourism information

Ertan National Forest Park is a national AAAA scenic spot, located in Chengdu - Emeishan - Xichang - Kunming this tourist hotline.

Opening hours: 9:00-18:00

Dam viewing platform: 10 yuan; Exhibition center: 10 yuan

Specialty of Ertan National Forest Park: Ertan Cloud and Mist, Jinjiang Beer, Panzhi Flower Core

Food in Ertan National Forest Park: Delicious Yajiang Fish, Reservoir Shrimp, Sand Climbing Worm, Panxi Poria Cocos

geographical environment

Ertan National Forest Park is located in Yanbian County and Miyi County, the northern suburb of Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province. The boundary starts from the eastern margin of Baipo, Miyi County, to the west of Qinghe Township, Yanbian County, to the Tianwangou, the junction of Miyi County and Dechang County in the north, and to the Wula River Bridge, which extends 1.6 kilometers below Tongzilin Bridge in the south. It consists of a large area of mountains and forests around the reservoir area of Ertan Hydropower Station with a total area of 732.4 square meters. Kilometers (109.86 million mu), including 101 square kilometers of Pinghu Lake in Gaoxia, with forest coverage of 87.15% (aquifer). Scenic areas are vast lakes, densely forested; clear green water, fresh air; multi-ethnic mixed habitation, a wide range of animal and plant species; winter without severe cold, summer without severe heat, four seasons of sunshine, is a winter and summer resort; a national forest park integrating sightseeing, holiday leisure, water sports, national customs, science popularization, exploration and natural protection is the ideal poem of tourists. Home.

The vegetation in the park is vertically distributed. From bottom to top, the order is evergreen broad-leaved forest, Yunnan pine forest, oak pine mixed forest, mountain coniferous forest and subalpine coniferous forest. There are more than 700 species of higher plants, abundant plant populations and superior geographical environment, which provide a good habitat for wildlife. There are more than 400 species of wildlife and 19 species of rare animals. It consists of nine scenic spots, Tongzilin, Bodhisattva Rock, Gaoxia Pinghu, Baipo Mountain, Maluzhai, Laojunmiao, Lake Island Scenery, Tianshengqiao, Qihe Xianren Cave and so on. It is a tourist pearl in South Sichuan with beautiful scenery and beautiful lake scenery.

Composition of scenic spots

Ertan Scenic Area is mainly composed of four parts:

Dam: This dam is the first in Asia and the third in the world. Its height is 240 meters, its crest height is 11 meters, its width is 56 meters, its crest length is 778 meters, its total reservoir capacity is 5.8 billion cubic meters, and its maximum discharge capacity is 23,600 cubic meters per second with a single machine capacity of 550,000 kilowatts.

2. Exhibition Center: The main pictures and objects show the construction process and beautiful scenery of Ertan.

3. Reservoir Scenery: A giant reservoir formed after the closure of Ertan Hydropower Station. The lake is 1200 meters above sea level, 145 kilometers long and 700 meters wide. There are five islands and more than 10 peninsulas echoing each other. The farthest point can be reached by boat to Yanyuan County. The scenery of the lake is not worse than that of the famous Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

4. European Camp: International bidding has attracted a large number of foreign experts for Ertan. More than 600 foreigners from 43 countries around the world participated in the construction of Ertan, which is nicknamed as the Multinational Force and the Small United Nations.

With the completion of Ertan National Forest Park, Ertan National Forest Park is composed of Ertan Reservoir and a large area of mountains and forests around the reservoir area. The magnificent power station, the vast blue lake, the green mountains around it, the barren primitive forest, the eight beautiful islands in the lake and the strange customs of more than 10 ethnic minorities living nearby are quiet. The quiet environment, suitable climate and fresh air make it an ideal tourist area with many functions such as tourism, exploration, collecting, entertainment, vacation and recuperation.