Environmental protection in Mianyang

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Environmental protection in Mianyang

Water quality

In 2018, the water quality of Fujiang, Kaijiang, Zijiang, Anchang River, Furong River, Tongkou River and Luban reservoir in Mianyang City accounted for 100% of the total water quality. Among them, Fujiang River, Tongkou River, Zijiang River and Anchang River have excellent water quality; Kaijiang River, Furong River and Luban reservoir have good water quality. The average annual water quality of Luban reservoir is class III, but it still can't meet the requirements of class II water quality. The annual average water quality is in medium nutrition state, and the main pollutant is total phosphorus. The water quality of centralized drinking water source in Mianyang City is good, which meets the requirements of environmental quality standard for surface water (GB3838-2002), and the water quality standard rate is 100%.

air quality

In 2018, there were 352 days of effective monitoring in Mianyang City. According to the ambient air quality standard (gb3095-2012), there were 90 days of excellent, 189 days of good, 58 days of mild pollution, 12 days of moderate pollution and 3 days of severe pollution. The proportion of days reaching the standard in Mianyang city was 79.3%. The average concentration of PM2.5 in the urban area of the city was 45.0 μ g / m3, down 5.9% year on year. The frequency of acid rain is 2.4% and the average value of precipitation pH is 6.24. The urban and suburban areas are non acid rain areas. Compared with the previous year, the pH value and acid rain frequency in Mianyang Urban Area have no obvious change, which is basically the same as that in 2017.

Acoustic environment quality

In 2018, the compliance rate of daytime and nighttime points in class 1, 2 and 3 functional areas in Mianyang City was 100%, and that of class 4A functional areas was 100%. The average daytime noise level is 56.8 dB (a), and the quality level is level 3 (general); the average value of nighttime noise is 47.7 dB (a), and the quality level is level 3 (general). The daytime average value of urban road traffic noise is 70.3 dB (a), and the quality level is level 3 (general); the average value of urban road traffic noise at night is 61.5 dB (a), and the quality level is grade 3 (general).

Safe production

In 2018, there were 105 kinds of production safety accidents in Mianyang City, with a decrease of 12.5%, 103 deaths, a decrease of 1.0%, and 0.045 deaths due to production safety accidents of 100 million yuan GDP. Among them, there were 62 industrial and mining business accidents, 58 deaths; 43 road traffic accidents, 45 deaths.

urban construction

On April 27, 2020, the State Council agreed to set up a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone in Mianyang City.