Eight treasures fragrant glutinous rice

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Eight treasures fragrant glutinous rice

Babao Xiangnuo is a famous dish in Zhejiang Province. It is cooked with glutinous rice as its main ingredient. It has the characteristics of soft glutinous rice and fragrant teeth.

Menu name

Eight treasures fragrant glutinous rice

Subordinate cuisine

Making raw materials for Zhejiang cuisine

One and a half cups of black glutinous rice, 10 dried mango jujubes, 100 grams of flour, 2 tablespoons of fresh lily, 5 black jujubes, 2 tablespoons of crispy pine nuts, 2 tablespoons of crispy walnut kernels, 7-8 beanskin, 2 pieces of high-flavor spices, 1/2 cups of 100 wine, 1 cup of clear water, 1 cup of peanut powder and 2 tablespoons of sesame salt

Making process

1. Put the jujube and black jujube in a small bowl and steamed for 15 minutes with medium and small heat, then peel and dice them. Rinse the lily head and tail petals by petals, and reserve them with the jujube. 2. The washed black glutinous rice is cooked in an electric pot with Changchun wine, sugar and water until soft and ready. 3. Steamed black glutinous rice is stirred vigorously in the same direction for 5-6 minutes while it is hot. When the black glutinous rice is sticky, sprinkle dried fruits and chopped dices and mix well. 4. Sushi uses bamboo curtain to spread a half-moon-shaped bean skin, spread the mixed eight-treasure glutinous rice thin on the bean skin and roll it into barrels; mix flour paste to seal the opening. 5. Put oil into the pan and heat it over medium heat to 6 minutes. Deep-fry the waxy rolls until golden. Deep-fry the waxy rolls over high heat for about half a minute, then extinguish the remaining oil. 6. Drain the oil from the sweet glutinous roll and cut it into 1. Five centimeters thick, small segments, dipped in peanut powder or sesame salt edible.