Eight treasures bean curd

Home Food 2019-03-25

Eight treasures bean curd

Babao bean skin is a delicacy. Main raw materials: bean curd 6 white sesame 25 grams pig meat 120 grams of letinous edodes.

Materials used

Vegetable Babao Bean Skin

Special taste, delicious fragrance

Seasoning: 50 g edible oil, soy sauce, 1 tbsp cooking wine, 1 tbsp pepper, 1/2 tbsp

1 teaspoon of refined salt


Pork filling is put into a bowl, mixed with soy sauce, shrimp and rice are put into a bowl, soaked with cooking wine, steamed in a pot, drained and reserved.

White sesame seeds are stir-fried in a pot, then put out; carrots are peeled and minced; coriander is washed and cut off; mushrooms are soft and shredded;

Put all the above ingredients into a bowl, add soy sauce, salt and pepper, mix well and make filling for reserve.

Bean skin half-cut, respectively wrapped in a suitable amount of glutinous rice and fillings, fried in a pan, put out, cut into pieces, put into the plate can be.

Keke can add a small amount of salt to the glutinous rice, which will taste better.