Eight treasures Orange Cup

Home Food 2019-03-25

Eight treasures Orange Cup

Babao Orange Cup is a delicacy. Its main ingredients are mushrooms, horseshoe, ham and chicken breast.

raw material

Lentinus edodes, horseshoe, ham, chicken breast, winter bamboo shoots, lotus seeds, peaches, green beans 50 grams each

Making process

1. Wash the orange, carve the cover from the pedicle with a flower knife, and take out the orange petals to make an orange cup.

2. Cut mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, horseshoe, ham and chicken breast into dices, steamed lotus from depilated cage, scalded peach kernels with boiling water and broken into fine dices, boiled green beans with soup until tasted, and cooked in 60% hot oil.

3. Mix all the ingredients well and put them into the orange cup. Steam in the cage and heat them.