Eight claw Fish Powder Pueraria Decoction

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Eight claw Fish Powder Pueraria Decoction

Eight-claw fish meal Pueraria soup is a soup method.

Material Science

500 grams of Pueraria Thunb, 50 grams of octopus, 400 grams of pork legs, four candied dates, and 1/6 peel.


A little salt.


1. Peel and wash Pueraria lobata and cut into pieces.

(2) Soak the peel softly, scrape off the pulp and wash it; wash the jujube.

(3) The Octopus was immersed in clear water for 30 minutes and washed.

4. Pork legs into boiling water, high fire for 3 minutes, pick up and wash.

6 minutes to the right amount of water and high heat for a long time, then put down the Pueraria lobata, octopus, pork leg meat, jujube and pericarp. The medium heat for 30 minutes, then seasoned with salt.