Eight Zhai ditch

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Bazhaigou, located in Dongli Village, Guitai Town, the hinterland of 100,000 mountains, more than 50 kilometers northwest of Qinbei District, Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is one of the headwaters of the Dasi River in Qinzhou. It belongs to the Dalongling watershed system of 100,000 mountain branches and is located at the northern foot of 100,000 mountains.

Bazhaigou climate belongs to the south subtropical monsoon climate, with beautiful scenery, profound cultural heritage and rich historical relics. It can carry out patriotic education and revolutionary traditional education.

Bazhaigou tourist area has convenient transportation, abundant tourism resources and convenient transportation. It can reach the scenic spot directly by high speed. The roads entering the scenic spot are all concrete and asphalt road pavement. The mountains overlap in the scenic area and the forest sea is vast. It is a better area for forest vegetation protection and restoration in southeastern Guangxi.

Historical evolution

Bazhaigou has a long history and beautiful scenery. It is said that there were eight villages in Bazhaigou. Villagers live by picking anise in the eight kilometers long mountain ditch. Bazhaigou is named for it. Before liberation, because of the long-term banditry and looting, the villagers fled in succession, coupled with the rugged mountain roads, and even the lack of people, here has become a secluded deep mountain canyon. After liberation, it belonged to Qinbei Dai Autonomous County.

After the reform and opening up, Bazhaigou became more and more famous and attracted the surrounding people to come and travel.

In 2004, the Bazhaigou Scenic Spot in Qinzhou was built through the joint development and protection of the governments of Guangxi and Qinzhou. Like Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan, there are many intoxicating landscapes.

Traffic information


You can take the Bazhaigou special line bus at Qinzhou bus terminal and go directly to the scenic spot.

Self driving

You can choose G75 (North-South Expressway) to transfer to Hona Expressway (Qinzhou-Chongzuo) on S60 and leave Bazhaigou Toll Station.

geographical environment

Location context

Bazhaigou Tourist Area is located in the hinterland of 100,000 mountains, more than 50 kilometers northwest of Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Dongli Village, Guitai Town, is one of the headwaters of the Dasi River in Qinzhou. It belongs to the Dalong Ridge watershed system of 100,000 Dashan Branch, which is located at the northern foot of 100,000 Mountains. It is bordered by Yongning in the north and Shangsi County and Fangcheng in the northwest. The scenic area is diagonally oriented from northeast to southwest, spanning 9 kilometers from east to west and 11 kilometers from north to south, with a total area of 3262.22 hectares.


The climate of Bazhaigou tourist area belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. There is no severe cold in winter and no hot summer in summer. The annual average temperature is 21.3-22.4 C, the lowest temperature is 18-19 C, the highest temperature is 26.1-26.5 C, the annual average rainfall is 1203.6-2820 mm, the annual average relative humidity is 82%, and the annual average sunshine hours are 1783 hours.


Bazhaigou, a hundred thousand mountains, mainly consists of Indosinian granite porphyry, granite and rare sand shale. The Himalayan movement was affected by the intrusion of granite and flexed to form a tortuous mountain stream landform, forming the unique geographical structure of Bazhaigou.


natural resources

The vegetation of Bazhaigou Scenic Area basically belongs to primitive shrub forest, subtropical broad-leaved forest and bamboo forest, with pine, Maonan bamboo, fir, banyan and other vegetation. There are also rare tree species such as Ficus ficinalis, Gemu, Bauhinia, Tieling, Sightseeing wood, and many other rare medicinal materials such as honeysuckle, Huangqi, Lycium barbarbarum, etc.

There are many kinds of rare animals in Bazhaigou. Such as monkeys, wild boars, civets, pangolins, pythons, as well as a variety of birds, dragonflies and other insects.

Main attractions

Dragon Lake

Located outside the gate of Bazhaigou Scenic Spot, it is a man-made lake with wide surface, surrounded by mountains on three sides and beautiful scenery. It can take a wooden boat to visit the scenery of Longzhu Lake. There is a man-made waterfall outside the concrete dam. Under the waterfall, there is a deep pool and an antique water truck, which rotates continuously under the driving of running water.

Interesting Water Playing Area

Behind Bazhaigou Hotel is an interesting water amusement park. The main body is Merlin, Cherry Blossom Forest and Peach Blossom Forest. There are stage, water trolley, swing bridge, flower gallery, folk wall and so on, which can be used for tourists to play and rest.

Grandpa Shen Shu

After entering the scenic spot, there is a gentle slope, the gate goes straight 80 meters, beside the temple of Grandpa Mountain of Shenshu. According to legend, Grandpa Shenshu is the patron god of the local people. Blessing can bless the mind and accomplish everything.

Subtropical amorous forest

Located near the entrance of the scenic spot, there are cobblestone paths, winding paths, a large number of bamboo forests and subtropical juniper forests, lush primitive forests, humid climate, high oxygen ion content, which is a good place for health.

Fairy Pools

It is the first big pool in Bazhaigou. Starting from the amorous forest, it can be reached after passing the stone bridge. It is said that there were fairies bathing here. Its water can make the skin more delicate and smooth, the environment is deep and the water is not deep. It is most suitable for women to bathe.

Mandarin Duck pond

Located on the top of the fairy pool, where the spring is clear, shaded, there are small waterfalls formed by running water, is where couples bathe.

Crescent Lake

Bazhaigou is the largest mountain spring bath, which can accommodate many people to play and swim together.

Huixian pool

The pool here is clear and shallow, suitable for children and water-poor tourists.

General pond

It's the deepest natural pool in Bazhaigou. The pool is green and dark, clear and cold. It's a good place for swimming in summer. There's a mountain terrace beside it. You can experience diving activities. There are springs and waterfalls flying down on it. Tourists can stand or lie down in the spring.

Lucky Tree

Bazhaigou is a hundred-year-old tree. Legend has it that red silk is hung on the tree to pray for blessings, but the family is happy and everything is possible.

Hongyan Beach

Bazhaigou is one of the unique scenic spots, where the pool water is shallow, the water is gentle, the bottom of the pool is a large area of red and yellow rocks, and surrounded by green mountains and forests each other, beautiful scenery.

The Jade Pool

Located at the highest point of Bazhaigou scenic spot, Tianchi is the main water source of Bazhaigou, where the lake and mountain scenery are unique.

Bazhaigou, one of the main rivers in the scenic area, is a tributary of the Maoling River, which flows into the Beibu Gulf of the South China Sea.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Bazhaigou is no more famous than Jiuzhaigou, but it hides the southern country. It is small and exquisite, delicate and charming. Although the difference between the two is a word, but there is no comparability, the same beauty, but far from the world, Bazhaigou unique Lingnan and subtropical rainforest characteristics. Bazhaigou is a virgin land hiding in the boudoir and treating people's knowledge. It's a cool world of exploring valleys and releasing summer mood.

Mountains overlap, clouds cover the fog barrier, and the forest sea is vast. It is a good area for forest vegetation protection and restoration in southeastern Guangxi. In Bazhaigou, the trees are green cages, streams are rippling, beautiful scenery and quiet waterfalls of different sizes can be seen at any time with the extension of the mountain streams, and deep pools at the bottom of the stream are daunting. Can accommodate 100 people shelter fairy stone house, ancient legendary thieves Wang Zhai, cloud around the mountains around the camp pan landscape, fairy play pool, Niulang Zhinu Bridge (ancient stone bridge), and pine and tamarind entanglement, beasts and birds singing, covering the sky and earth of the original forest and so on.

Bazhaigou has a sandy shale mountain stream about 8 kilometers long. The whole scenic area is dominated by water. It rains a lot in summer. So summer is undoubtedly the best season for tourism in Bazhaigou. However, because of the heavy rain, we should choose a sunny day to play. The clear spring water in summer gives people a very refreshing feeling and is an excellent place for summer vacation. The subtropical rain forest bamboo forest in the gully has clear mountain streams, waterfalls, springs, pools of different sizes and peculiar sandy shale landforms, which have formed a well-known tourist resort of exploration, adventure, adventure, recreation and summer sightseeing in the area of southern Guizhou.

Bazhaigou has exotic rocks as the bottom, clear spring water gurgling through, 8 kilometers of the valley is covered with nearly 100 stone pools of large and small, these stone pools from low to high into a stepped arrangement, forming a natural bathing pool, the depth of up to three or four meters, can accommodate hundreds of people to play at the same time; small bathtubs, like a bathtub, only one or two people into the bathroom.

Festival activities

Qinzhou Characteristic Literary and Art Performance

In the Golden Week of May 1st, 2014, the Bazhaigou scenic spot ushered in the peak of passenger flow. The scenic spot held a literary and artistic performance with the unique characteristics of Zhuangxiang, Qinzhou. It was held in the square at the entrance of the Bazhaigou scenic spot. The performance included performances of songs, dances and musical instruments of the Zhuang nationality. The performers also sang Bazhaigou's original local song "Beauty of Mountain and Water". It is understood that during May Day, there will be a performance every day at 10:30 a.m. and 14:00 p.m.

Travel Tips

1. When you go to Bazhaigou, you must go into the water to enjoy yourself. You must bring your swimsuit, swimming trunks and sandals.

2. Eat Chinese food before traveling, and then go to the scenic spots for sightseeing, or bring dry food and mineral water with you.

3. Generally speaking, tourists recommend to visit the Tieshao Bridge. Those who have plenty of time and energy can go directly to the source along the valley, but it takes a long time.

After arriving at the scenic spot, you can take a wooden boat tour of Longzhu Lake (at your own expense, 10 yuan per person; 30 minutes); have lunch in a restaurant (1 hour); then walk in the bamboo forest and subtropical amorous forest, breathe oxygen, and feel the fresh smell of the primitive forest (20 minutes) to Shiqiao. Visitors can take photos, watch wild fish in mountain streams (15 minutes) and then walk for 10 minutes to reach the first mountain spring bath point, fairy pool. Legend has it that its water can make skin more delicate and smooth, most suitable for women to bathe. (40 minutes).

The couple can walk for another 5 minutes to Yuanyangchi Pool Spring. The spring water is clear and shaded. It is a good place for couples to bathe (1 hour). Then the largest mountain spring pool, Crescent Moon Pool, Huixian Pool, General Pool, Crescent Moon Pool and Huixian Pool are shallow. They are suitable for children and tourists with poor water quality. The General Pool is deep.

Next to the General Pool and Lingguichi Pool, there are mountain springs and waterfalls that flow down. Visitors can stand or lie down to Chongshan Spring.

The local custom is to hang a silk red silk on the tree to ensure the safety and health of the whole family; businessmen strive for a smooth career and prosperous business; young couples strive for an early birth of noble children and enrichment. (20 minutes)

Next up is Tongzichi, suspended cable bridge, stimulating fun, suitable for young people. In addition, there are many animals and plants in the original forest in the scenic area. (30 minutes) You can get to the top of the mountain, Tianchi, and have a look at the scenery of the alpine lake.

Cultural details

Sun Yat-sen led the Anti-Qing Uprising

Bazhaigou is the "outpost" of Mount Ma Shikou ("corpse" Bao "mouth"). Ma Shikou Mountain is an important peak among the 100,000 mountains, which is closely linked with the Bajiao Mountain in Bazhaigou. In modern times, the famous uprising of Mashikou Mountain in Qinzhou (historically known as the Battle of Qin Lian Shansi) took place here. On March 27, 1908, following Sun Yat-sen's instructions to "re-enter Qinlian in order to gather the local comrades", Huang Xing led more than 200 members of the alliance and the Qinzhou People's Army of the overseas Chinese in Vietnam to form the South Army of the Chinese National Army, which entered Mt. Ma Shikou from Vietnam, and launched another armed uprising after receiving the Ordnance provided by Feng Liberty and others of the Hong Kong League. Huang Xing led the team to take advantage of the victory and occupy Ma Shenkou Mountain in Qinzhou. The Revolutionary Army has a quick succession of battles and expanded its ranks to more than 600 people.

Sun Yat-sen was very happy to hear about the uprising. He wrote to Deng Zeru, president of the Overseas Alliance Association, and spoke highly of the uprising in Mashikou Mountain, Qinzhou.

revolutionary base

In March 1944, Lu Wen was transferred to the post of Special Commissioner of Qinxian County of the Communist Party of China. In June, the Special Committee of the South Road of the Communist Party of China held an expanded meeting and decided to strengthen the leadership of the armed struggle, establish an independent armed force led by the Party, organize secret armed work teams and guerrilla groups in the Kuomintang-ruled areas, and arrange the counties to prepare for the armed uprising against Japan. In November, in order to prepare for guerrilla warfare, Qinxian Party organizations established two working areas in 100,000 mountainous areas: Ludong District is under the responsibility of Lin Guoxing and Luxi District is under the responsibility of Zhou Caiye. The main strongholds of Luxi District are Dunmin, Nasang, Nahuang (near Bazhaigou) and Naluo (near Guitai). In January 1945, Lu Wen held a meeting of Party members in Liushrimp Village, Bancheng, to convey and study the preparations for the uprising. After the meeting, Wang Xulin, Zhong Xiquan returned to Guitai and Dongli organized Shangsi Revolutionary Forces. On February 17, under the leadership of Lu Wen and Zhu Shougang, more than 150 people of the Qinxian People's Anti-Japanese Liberation Army held an armed uprising in Xiaodong. The uprising was a turning point for the CCP organizations in Qinxian County to shift from underground secret activities to open armed struggle.

Film location

In 1958, produced by the "81" film studio, a highly influential "Hero Tiger's Gall" was set against the bandits of 100,000 mountains. The sinister and poisonous female bandit leader Li Gui took Zhang Ruigui's wife, Wei Xiuying, as the prototype. Wang Xiaotang, a famous actress, plays Miss Alan, a close friend of the bandit leader. The exterior of Hero Tiger's Gall is mainly shot in Guitai, Pingfu and Dakan on 100,000 mountains.

By describing the early liberation period, our army scouts broke into a bandit of 100,000 hills. They were brave and wise. They fought skillfully against the enemy, cooperated inside and outside, and eliminated the bandits. They praised the historical achievements of the Communist Party, Chairman Mao and the People's Liberation Army.