Education in Panzhihua

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Education in Panzhihua

By the end of 2018, Panzhihua had 2 ordinary colleges and universities, 56 ordinary secondary schools, 7 secondary professional schools, 60 primary schools and 194 kindergartens. There are 26617 students in Colleges and universities, 72372 students in secondary schools, 62035 students in middle schools, 67922 students in primary schools and 31738 children in kindergartens. The total number of full-time teachers is 13962, including 5722 full-time teachers in ordinary secondary schools and 4891 full-time teachers in primary schools. The enrollment rate of school-age children is 99.98%, and the qualification rate of primary school teachers is 100%.

Higher education institutions: Panzhihua college, Sichuan electromechanical vocational and technical college, Panzhihua radio and TV University.

Provincial model high school: Panzhihua third senior high school, Panzhihua seventh senior high school.

Provincial Level 2 model high schools: Panzhihua No.12 Middle School, Panzhihua No.15 middle school, Sichuan Miyi middle school, Panzhihua Dahe middle school.

National secondary vocational education reform and development demonstration school: Panzhihua construction engineering school.